Revolving door


Kris Ajer will succeed in England, well beyond the regain fodder he joined yesterday.  He was crucial for Celtic with an ability to break through the lines better than central defender we have seen in years, and that includes van Dijk.

If he can figure out how to complete in the air he will go right to the top.  Without wanting to sound churlish, his parting would be sweeter of he had been available for selection this preseason.

Within hours the revolving door bright Carl Starfelt to Celtic, or at least to a hotel where he can continue isolation.

After a traumatic season watching Celtic’s defence, Carl will be a success of he competes at set pieces and clears his lines.

Welcome to Celtic, Carl.

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  1. Years Team Apps (Gls)


    2014–2016 Start 54 (9)


    2016–2021 Celtic 115 (4)


    2017 → Kilmarnock (loan) 16 (0)


    2021– Brentford 0 (0)

  2. what I’ll remember about Ajer



    thinking he was a future Celtic captain, his fist pumping tackles Italian style, his goall against Aberdeen where he ran like a race horse from right back and cooly slammed the ball into the net (D.Mcinnis words) , his penalty for the quad treble, his will to win!



    what I’ll also remember – his lack of areal threat defensively and offensively.



    Overall its difficult to say if he’ll progress beyond Brentford – depends on who he plays beside. Players like him need a big commanding ball winning center. Then he can thrive in a sweeper type role. Kinda like denayer did. good luck to him



    Happy we have brought in a defender – the big Japanese guy would be incredible for celtic and another physical presence would be great. Young Murray and Leo H can then go on loan for a season coz they look like they will be stars!

  3. STx2 @ 5.49



    He would never have got the 10 goals @ L/pool if RC had been taking the corners.

  4. RC, the guy who posts on here ?



    I never knew he played for Liverpool.



    ps, Celtic have more boxes and premium seating users than rangers do,

  5. wooft, that is some amout of praise Ajer heaps on John Kennedy.



    Fulsome and then some and straight from the big horses mouth,

  6. timmy7_noted on

    Saint stivs if you can be bothered would love to see same stats for goals lost from corners/free kicks.

  7. Something that was circulating at end of the season was celtic lost 55% of goals conceded from set pieces.

  8. MM ( ages ago )



    Yes, you did but its still Apples and Pears comparing Celtic and Sevco in any context other than we play in the same league and they have 10,000 less match day supporters than Celtic. They have inherited other advantages which weren’t openly tupee’d over, but inherited, they seem to have been.



    I appreciate your ole CQN expand to profit but you haven’t told us how to manage it, or where the old board with 29 trophies in PL’s era ‘failed’. If that’s unsuccessful and the basis of daily negative diatribe ( not you ) then thank the lord we did it.



    KA was bought via Ronny Deila for £650,000 and sold for a potential tops of £18M with all the add ons. Ajax of Amsterdam our Dutch masters in this art, would be proud of those figures, and raging that we stole VVD from under their noses at Groningen.



    RC is on relative ‘fantasy money’ peanuts £8K ? – I agree he’s been played out of position and posted as such in the live updates.



    ON will be spirited away to Ligue 2, or the like in summer IMO




  9. “Five years ago I travelled to Glasgow not knowing what to expect,” Ajer wrote. “The stories I got told seemed incredible, but the very first time I walked out at Celtic Park I truly understood how big a club Celtic really is.



    “Football without fans is nothing,” and I want to thank every supporter that has contributed to making my time at Celtic so special.



    “I also want to thank the managers that have developed me as a player, back room staff that has helped me through ups and downs, and also my teammates that have become great friends that will last a lifetime.





    “A special mention also to John Kennedy, the most important person for me during my time Celtic. Without him we would never win the quadruple treble.



    “I wish everyone that loves Celtic a successful future, I will always support the club,” signing off as Kris.

  10. We need to get rid of Eduoard quickly. He is not trying a leg for Celtic and is rapidly reducing his transfer fee, Like his friend N’tcham, their attitude stinks and clubs watching them will not be impressed. Julien should also be moved out, I believe he was also one of the want aways who went missing after a mystery injury from Duffy, It was supposed to be a back injury which no doctors could identify. He started only 9 league games for us. Boli needs dumped. He was already troubling before his Covid trip to Spain, His subsequent Loans were not successful.



    Christie needs to go because of his performances Last season. We wont get much of a fee but he cannot be relied on, Tuesday was a good performance and I hope it creates interest.



    Barkas, Ajeti, Bitton, Griffiths should also leave for various reasons,



    We need players in who will perform for us

  11. TIMMY7_NOTED on 22ND JULY 2021 5:48 PM


    Coneynhoy I hope you have a great time and see a hoops victory.


    As you know I chucked it this year and so far no regrets but to be fair I am in crete at the moment 🥵.




    Cheers, so glad to be back. Enjoy Crete, met my missus there.



    i assume you have to take tests both ends (ooh missus) but still great to get away. I reckon i am OK to travel with my GP cert on vaccine, no tests. Not 100% sure I’m right though😎

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Stewart Robertson from Sevco, elected to SPFL Board,the same cretin, who was asked to leave a meeting last season, after accusing Doncaster and SPFL lawyer of lying,and being corrupt………this is one cesspit of a country we are living in, rotten to the core.Celtic have no representation on the Board.

  13. SLÀINTE ANGE will have a look thanks, it’s on an estate, boats bike rides etc so will have a look at that for days out HH

  14. CardboardCSC on

    Another one questioning Julian’s injury. Because he is French and the other French players want away he automatically wants away? HH

  15. Go tell the Spartim on

    Watching Big Match revisited, can we buy Viv Anderson, he looks like a great prospect at right back. I’m expecting a reasonable turnover of players this window and the next two, we should concentrate on a solid first 11 before we let anyone go

  16. Tom McLaughlin on

    I really wish one of the many football experts on here, especially the ones who can read players’ minds, would explain to me how a footballer achieves a move go a bigger league by deliberately playing shit for his current team.



    Thanks in advance.

  17. Kris Ajer or VVD? Both good players but for now, big Virgil by a distance. Not to say that Ajer won’t improve, a lot. While we’re comparing centre backs (or sweepers),


    George Connolly was a better player than both.

  18. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 22ND JULY 2021 7:04 PM



    We were simply lucky to have got those idiots at. Bournemouth to sign him. Well-known for signing rubbish and losing money on their recruitment.

  19. fairhill bhoy on

    Everyone could see vvd was only going to go to the top,how we got him is still unbelievable.


    Ajer is a good player and I hope he goes onto better than Brentford.

  20. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Very sorry to see Kris Ajer go. He made a wonderful contribution to Celtic’s history and will always be welcome back at Celtic Park.



    I wish him nothing but the best.

  21. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    His goal against Aberdeen sums him up – playing right back he never gave up; burst his lungs to to get up with play and cool as a cucumber slots home a last minute winner.

  22. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Then again, there was THAT penalty to seal a quadruple treble.

  23. CardboardCSC on

    FB. I don’t think anyone suggested such about Jullien. My point was he was not faking it and nobody knows if he wants out. As for Big Bobo Celtic fans were well aware of his capabilities. HH

  24. IniquitousIV on

    Ferguson, with a superb goal, makes it Sheep 3- Hacken 0. Brown economizing on energy levels so far.

  25. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 22ND JULY 2021 7:04 PM




    What you say makes perfect sense….however, there’s always a however….



    There is a saying ” if you have a reputation for getting up early in the morning, you can lie all day in your bed”.



    Talented players are touted by their agents on a continuous basis, whether in contract, or, out. Their assets will be known by many managers and directors of football.



    If Christie, or indeed anyone else, e.g. Edouard, or, Ntcham are interesting(fancied by) some clubs, it will be because of their perceived ‘class’, what they have shown, not on current form. Celtic had a bad year, this will be factored in. The fact that these players are not currently ‘firing’ will inevitably reduce the fee that they will fetch as there will be fewer buyers in the market, ergo less competition.



    I agree with you that it makes no sense if you want a move, not ‘show off your wares in the shop window. But this is football, normal rules don’t apply.

  26. IniquitousIV on

    Larne beating Aarhus of the Danish Superleague 2-0 after 78 minutes. Technically ( after one game ) sitting above Midtjylland.

  27. INIQUITOUSIV on 22ND JULY 2021 9:17 PM




    I find it quite strange that you would want to post that .

  28. Bitton’s first yellow card and the free kick that led to the goal showed how difficult a job being a center half is these days



    Bitton was so high he was in the opposition half, presumably under instruction, when the striker ran past him. He knew he didn’t have a chance of catching him



    Welsh’s tackle seemed perfectly legitimate but under the new rules the referee was probably correct to give it as a foul.



    It’s a very different game from when Bobo could strike fear into anyone he cane within ten yards of

  29. Tom McLaughlin on

    JHB –



    Thanks for that considered response. Food for thought.



    On Europe, I see Joe Newell of Hibs got an early red card tonight with Hibs leading 1-0. Seems to be catching with Scottish teams.



    FC Santa Coloma since shown 2 reds cards in 5 minutes in 2nd half. Hibs 2-0 up.

  30. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 22ND JULY 2021 9:25 PM



    Is that some kind of record?


    FIVE red cards in two games involving Scottish Clubs in European qualifiers !!

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