Risky Ronny, win a new Celtic shirt


I can’t argue with John Hughes winning the Manager of the Year award.  Without glossing over the obvious semi-final issue, he’s taken Inverness to stick-on favourites for the Scottish Cup and, for a while, stuck with Aberdeen in the Best of the Rest fight.  The second half of the season have seen fortunes fade, but this reflects the resource paucity he has, compared to Dundee United or Aberdeen.

What’s just as clear is that Ronny Deila would have been a contender for the award.  Appointing a manager is always a risk.  Gordon Strachan was as safe a pair of hands as you could hope for in 2005, but it took nerves of steel for him to cope with some early reversals.  Tony Mowbray was also a known quantity, who should have done better, but rookie Neil Lennon pitted against experienced Walter Smith was highly risky.  Neil could have sunk without a trace, instead of winning all those trophies.

At least Neil knew the club and the club knew Neil.  Appointing a guy from one of the smallest professional clubs in Europe, totally unknown in the Scottish game until Celtic scouted Stefan Johansen, was an almighty risk.

What we recruited was a philosophy.  Celtic knew how a football team should be prepared, how to recruit, what tactical intelligence was required in a manager, and they travelled to Strømsgodset to find their man.

Had he qualified for the Champions League group stage, I reckon Ronny would have won Manager of the Year, but as this is the standard Celtic managers are judged by, he missed out.  There are no guarantees in football, so qualifying next season cannot be taken for granted, but he should be better prepared.  As should the players.  This is the target, Ronny.


Celtic sponsor, Magners, have offered two of the new home shirts, launched yesterday, as competition prizes.  To win one, all you have to do is answer the following question:

Who is the Celtic assistant manager?

Email your entry to celticquicknews@gmail.com with the name of the assistant manager in the SUBJECT line of your message.  Competition closes at 1pm tomorrow, so you have one day to get your answer in.  Terms and conditions apply.

These are two fabulous prizes.  While you are entering the competition, you might want to donate £1 to our Mary’s Meals school kitchen campaign.  You can do so here.  Thank you.

Many thanks to Magners (who get what we’re about).

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  1. Hootsman claiming club Brugge sniffing around for Bittttttton



    Let’s get a pair of golden shinguards on to tie the Bhoy to the might Tic



    HH jamesgang

  2. WeefratheTim on




    I know not wot you mean, whats smoking??? Hahaha



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  3. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on




    13:04 on 5 May, 2015



    Don’t quite understand why he would be interviewed for the top job if, as rumoured at the time, he was only a candidate for the assistant post…….wouldn’t be the first time someone targeted for the assistant in any Company got the main job instead…..surprised you don’t recall the detail……



    You DO like a wee argument but, at least you are not as disgustingly sarcastic as one Who shall remain nameless ….HH





    I know your personal and professional thoughts on that subject. And I genuinely respect them.



    WEEFRATHETIM could have been the same height as you had he chucked the fags fifty years earlier,for instance. I might even have been able to run and catch you when I said it was your round…



    But the smoking ban was a disproportionate hit on working class people-those more likely to vote Labour.



    In your line,you know the demographics. And you also know that no-one likes being told what they cannot do.



    I stand by my earlier statement. Timelines suggest there is some truth in it.

  5. Weefra



    IMHO bobbio’s usual wise perception is clouded by a fug of fag smoke on this one.



    Labour partially lost the scottish parliament to the minority snp govt as a smack in the chops to teach labour a lesson. Then scottish voters concluded that labour was no longer the only party who run the parliament.



    Meanwhile all around the world smoking restrictions were introduced without huge impacts on voting patterns.



    And bobbio, tobacco control has been contd by subsequent Sco Govts with cross party support (apart from Sco cons) and with no discernible impact on voting intentions.



    Away oot for a fag. You know I’ll always come out to talk to you. Ya roaster!






    HH jamesgang

  6. WeefratheTim on




    I happen to agree with you on the smoking ban. McConnell only imposed it because he could, political correctness and all that. I still have’nt been in a pub for a drink since the ban came in, even though I’m off them now. I only go in the Machan in Larkie because the csc bus leaves f om there and I have to drive home on return.



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on



    14:17 on


    5 May, 2015


    Hootsman claiming club Brugge sniffing around for Bittttttton



    Let’s get a pair of golden shinguards on to tie the Bhoy to the might Tic



    HH jamesgang



    Seen that mate,the fee ? £1.2 million ? Widnae buy his dug.


    From the same clowns who told us Leo MacLeod and Lee Wallace,were worth £5 mil each……..

  8. jamesgang



    Mrs RWE says I talk like that all the time.



    My answer usually is “How would you know, you fall asleep after the first two lines?”



    Cough Sweeties CSC





    Why was the smack in the chops delivered from an electorate whose votes previously had to be weighed,rather than counted?



    WEEFRATHETIM,for one,backs me up. He won’t be alone.



    The smoking ban was coming,maybe. But it was introduced early in Scotland. No reason for that. And the results are clear.

  10. Bobbio



    Unusually for CQN (!) the following is a question without any hidden agenda. Genuinely would value your gut feeling/reaction.



    How did you feel about john reid’s comments on smoking and inequality.






    Drop me a line. Or chat over a fag (1) and Guinness (1+1) some time!



    HH jamesgang





    Listen and learn,that’s what I would tell her.



    Of course,I’m single…

  12. Bobbio



    It was introduced earlier in Ireland.


    And earlier still in other parts of the world. And almost immediately after in all other UK nations.



    Your point about the earth shattering change in voting can therefore surely not be attributed to something so specific? More. Much more to it than that surely?



    HH jamesgang

  13. Rwe



    From Twitter. So true!



    @SteveStfler: don’t start an argument with a girl because they all have 45030194 GB memories and will bring up something you did at 14:27PM on 23/04/2008



    HH jamesgang

  14. Stringer Bell on

    In the run up to the election, why not contact your local SNP candidate and ask them their view on the FAC petition and the OBF Act.



    A couple of football fans have contacted the SNP candidate in Coatbridge on twitter, asking him his views on the legislation.



    Unsurprisingly, he won’t give an answer on line, the SNP’s internal rules prohibit any criticism of the party, policies or individuals. Don’t think any of the current hopefuls will find the spheres to go against this diktat.



    He tried to swerve an answer by saying its a Scottish parliament matter, when they weren’t dissuaded he then invited the twitteretts into his SNP shop for a chat.



    By all accounts the SNP guy is a lovely fella and a Celtic fan to boot. Would be amazed if he could support this trashy legislation. But then again, you never know. And he isn’t saying.





    My employer ran a front-page article about his comments. They pulled it out of context,that only working-class single mums smoked.



    First time I’ve ever written a letter to a newspaper. Tore the reporter to shreds for a totally subjective line of questioning.



    She demanded I be fired when the editor printed it.



    Point being,John Reid was following a similar argument to my own. Smoking is more prevalent amongst working-class people,many of whom are on benefits. They canny look forward to a fancy holiday wi our pals,but they can look forward to a wee fag and a cup of coffee wi their pals after dropping the kids off.



    John Reid made the point that their lives were stressful enough without denying them one of their few pleasures-company of their own sort,a wee few minutes to talk and relax.



    He wasn’t being patronising. He was right. Ask any single mum from about that time what she missed.

  16. Cheers Bobbio



    Appreciate your take on it.


    I do work with lots of single mums and many others in really stressful situations.



    I hope you trust me to empathise not patronise.



    HH jamesgang

  17. South Of Tunis on




    I suggest that Blairite Labour sold its soul in exchange for being elected.Once elected it concentrated on spin and selective populism targeted at potential swing constituencies..It ignored its core vote / it took its core vote for granted..The core vote have rightly taken the hump.

  18. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    I’ve no problem with John Hughes, ex Celt and quite a likeable guy. But manager of the season – based on what? A top 6 league finish and a cup final? Laughable. I’m not too keen on Derek McInnes, a wee bit too sleekit for my liking but nevertheless a good manager and more deserving of the award than John Hughes. Ronny on the other hand has come from nowhere to guide us to a double and just missed out on the treble. Quite an achievement in what we can now see along with everybody else was a transitional season. But hey ho who cares, we’ve won the league again, fly the flag, fly the flag…

  19. Keeping The Faith on

    All politics aside .. Look at that odious scumbag Cameron with his sleeves rolled up to save the working man.



    On that we can all agree surely



    14:42 on


    5 May, 2015



    That argument doesn’t really fly for me. Certainly not for those in the ‘pack a day’ category. I don’t smoke but a quick google suggest £6/pack as a low price and that’s over £2k/year.



    That’d get you a reasonable holiday I think (maybe not, I don’t have enough money for that kind of thing so I don’t look at the price *sob, oh woe is me etc*).

  21. keeping the faith



    14:58 on 5 May, 2015


    All politics aside .. Look at that odious scumbag Cameron with his sleeves rolled up to save the working man.



    On that we can all agree surely






    Not entirely sure pal. Thought delaney’s had a wee confession earlier. Founder and sole member of clydebank conservative & unionist club.



    Eh Delaney’s???






    HH jamesgang

  22. weeminger



    You’re correct with the sums.


    But ironically and tragically being poor is often a high cost way of life.






    HH jamesgang

  23. WeefratheTim on

    keeping the faith



    Agreed. :-)



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  24. Geordie Munro on




    If the poor stopped smoking they could easily afford a foreign holiday…….where ironically, they can pick up cheap fags :)








    Nae offence,but it’s not for us to decide what gets you through a day.



    My habit is about £6 a week,btw. 50g and some papers. When I no longer enjoy a fag,I’ll save £6 a week.



    Till then,naw.



    Btw,I’ve never encouraged anyone to take up smoking,nor talked them out of giving up. The smoking ban means it is less likely that my niece and nephew take it up. Canny argue wi that.



    I disagree with its draconian execution. And I stand by my comment about the effect on the Labour vote in Scotland.

  26. glendalystonsils on

    This Hannan character certainly seems to have caught a lot of people’s attention, so from his point of view, it’s job well done.





    Absolutely correct. I ripped up my membership the day Blair became leader and refused to vote in elections until he left.



    Oops,Blair and left in the same sentence,how did that happen?

  28. glendalystonsils



    What price being able to look yourself in the mirror?



    (With no offence to really short people with high mirrors.)



    HH jamesgang

  29. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Just renewed my Season Ticket by phone. Very annoyed. Tried to renew it online but it would only let me go so far so I decided to renew by phone. Gave the guy my details and the sale was processed. I told him I wanted to remain a member of the Home Cup Ticket Scheme but he had no information on this and told me I would have to phone Celtic Park to do so.



    I told him that I wanted to cancel today’s transaction and that I would just send in my form via snail mail. He told me that the transaction had been processed and that he couldn’t cancel it but my money was now with Celtic. Very poor show as far as I’m concerned. Celtic have contracted this out to TicketMaster but haven’t given them all the information they need to answer supporters’ queries.



    They need to get their act together and sort out the online renewal process.

  30. glendalystonsils on



    13:11 on


    5 May, 2015


    Eddie Izzard


    Jim Murphy


    Or ed milliband trying to post in pure Weedgie street patois?






    HH jamesgang




    Didnae know that Weegies had patios. You’ll be telling me they have barbecues next.



    Mind when we moved to Easterhouse we had a verandah , right enough :)

  31. Geordie Munro on




    I might be wrong but I think you’ll remain a member until you tell them otherwise



    Hope it’s easy resolved




  32. Afternoon Champions!



    Just back from a weekend in Berwick-upon-Tweed. Didn’t see much tweed, but noticed Sports Direct had Crocs for as little as £12.99 a pair. Got myself a nice green pair with a single white hoop. Weather made for an interesting stay – high wind, hard rain. Had me humming all weekend…

  33. glendalystonsils



    My hackles rise with ‘movies’



    We’re going to the pick-chures to see a filum. Aw right!



    HH jamesgang



    15:09 on


    5 May, 2015



    I agree but for me it’s not a valid argument to say I can’t afford this pleasure, but I can afford the other – if the cost of the missing one is covered by the other. A choice has been made. If I gave up wine, I might be able to go on a foreign holiday but I really like wine, and the caravan holidays I we have are great, so why bother.



    It’s a far stronger argument to question the lack of education on the addictiveness and the dangers and the connections between those who profit and those who legislate.



    Estimates suggest that the tax revenue generated more of less breaks even on the (very shaky) estimates on overall cost (NHS, lost work days due to sickness etc) to the economy as a whole. So it doesn’t cost us per se to have it legal vs illegal. And prohibition doesn’t work anyway.

  35. glendalystonsils on

    I see the sleekit SMSM ‘unsettle Stefan Johansen’ stuff is in full swing.


    We must have a player there, right enough.

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