Risky Ronny, win a new Celtic shirt


I can’t argue with John Hughes winning the Manager of the Year award.  Without glossing over the obvious semi-final issue, he’s taken Inverness to stick-on favourites for the Scottish Cup and, for a while, stuck with Aberdeen in the Best of the Rest fight.  The second half of the season have seen fortunes fade, but this reflects the resource paucity he has, compared to Dundee United or Aberdeen.

What’s just as clear is that Ronny Deila would have been a contender for the award.  Appointing a manager is always a risk.  Gordon Strachan was as safe a pair of hands as you could hope for in 2005, but it took nerves of steel for him to cope with some early reversals.  Tony Mowbray was also a known quantity, who should have done better, but rookie Neil Lennon pitted against experienced Walter Smith was highly risky.  Neil could have sunk without a trace, instead of winning all those trophies.

At least Neil knew the club and the club knew Neil.  Appointing a guy from one of the smallest professional clubs in Europe, totally unknown in the Scottish game until Celtic scouted Stefan Johansen, was an almighty risk.

What we recruited was a philosophy.  Celtic knew how a football team should be prepared, how to recruit, what tactical intelligence was required in a manager, and they travelled to Strømsgodset to find their man.

Had he qualified for the Champions League group stage, I reckon Ronny would have won Manager of the Year, but as this is the standard Celtic managers are judged by, he missed out.  There are no guarantees in football, so qualifying next season cannot be taken for granted, but he should be better prepared.  As should the players.  This is the target, Ronny.


Celtic sponsor, Magners, have offered two of the new home shirts, launched yesterday, as competition prizes.  To win one, all you have to do is answer the following question:

Who is the Celtic assistant manager?

Email your entry to celticquicknews@gmail.com with the name of the assistant manager in the SUBJECT line of your message.  Competition closes at 1pm tomorrow, so you have one day to get your answer in.  Terms and conditions apply.

These are two fabulous prizes.  While you are entering the competition, you might want to donate £1 to our Mary’s Meals school kitchen campaign.  You can do so here.  Thank you.

Many thanks to Magners (who get what we’re about).

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  1. Delaneys Dunky on




    True. What thanks do we get though?


    Away for a smoke outside in the Clydebank torrential rain. :)

  2. Captain Beefheart on




    Hopefully we will progresss in the summer but remember that our domestic opponents are dross.



    I keep banging on about it but everything revolves around the CL for me. It gets us noticed. Spoke with fans from Spartak, Dynamo and CSKA Moscow the other day. They knew about us because of the Cl and because of 67. These were knowledgeable young guys. Oddly they mentioned somebody called Barry Ferguson.



    We must progress in Europe.

  3. ernie lynch on

    Keeping The Faith



    14:58 on 5 May, 2015



    ‘All politics aside .. Look at that odious scumbag Cameron with his sleeves rolled up to save the working man.’







    Quentin Hogg, later Lord Hailsham, wore a cap when canvassing on Tyneside.



    Alex Glasgow wrote a song about it.




  4. Geordie Munro on

    “Think moonbeams is posting less often since he started dating Nicola benedetti.”






    And no wonder.



    There’s many a fine tune to be played on an auld fiddle :)




  5. An tearmann



    Thanks. I’ll pass that on to Him.



    He was raving about the quality Bhoys and ghirls at the corner. And he game was ok too!!



    HH jamesgang

  6. WeefratheTim on




    How you buddy. Read back through last night and I was wondering who got your back up so much he/she got called a nonentity. I know who it was, just wondered why you lost your normal cool. Interesting. :-))



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  7. Scottish leaf



    Can see your point on the voting.



    Took Mrs LB to the Camp Nou today. What you think?


    Her response is not for this site.


    Wummin eh?




  8. On Friday Morning The Labour Party will be finished in Scotland that’s the price they will for not going along with the yes voters on Independance’,I’m positive the Torys and the S N P will govern the Country.

  9. If the off load debate has commenced. It looks odds on that Wakaso, Tonev & Zaluska plus Denayer (unfortunately) are gone before we even start, Most would agree that Balde, Pukki & Derk have no future at the Club. I would also suggest that McGeouch and Fridjonsson have no future with us either.


    After that it becomes contentious, names bandied around as possibilities include Ambrose, Mulgrew, Stokes & Scepovic and I’ve even seen Matthews and Lustig mentioned.


    I have no problem with any in the first list apart from Denayer, who is outside our control. However I would not actively want to lose any of the other six.

  10. PeteTheBeat on

    As for Sevco, what do people think Ashley will do if Newcastle are relegated ?

  11. For CL qualification it is not 100% Ronnys responsibility.



    Our CEO has also a significant responsibility to ensure the Team and squad are strengthened. This is far from a given.



    Together Lawwell and Ronny must deliver. They succeed or fail as a Team.

  12. long haired yins man on

    Almost two days to go and I still have no clue who I will vote for. Being a Clydebank man it would have always been a stick on to vote red but in the last ten years the working mans party has now shamefully simply become part of the establishment…



    Has the world changed or have I changed…




  13. Just received the following from an Italian friend in Milan who is an absolute mad Celtic supporter



    “This evening the famous and lucky Italian bandits (Juventus) will play Real Madrid. I hope in a win of Ancelotti’s team against the bandits.”



    Takes all kinds, but he is one of us.

  14. corkcelt


    17:18 on


    5 May, 2015



    Lustig apart, I don’t see any of them being 1st choice in their positions so much will depend on their own opinion of that. Mulgrew in particular I see wanting 1st team football to keep his international appearances up.

  15. An Tearmann



    A great read and not unlike some series of The Wire. Thanks.



    BumpOn CSC

  16. As its awards time of the season here are the CQN “Hate Figure of the Year” results :



    5)Benito Mussolini


    4)Adolf Hitler


    3)The Yorkshire Ripper


    2)Maurice “Mo” Johnston


    1)Jim ‘the Warmonger’ Murphy.



    So congrats to Jimmy .



    Don’t get too distressed about the OB Act. I fully expect Rupert to dig his lackey , wee Eck, firmly in the ribs ( naturally I genuflect at the mention of his name) and – hey ho – the Strictly No Papes reverse the legislation. Meanwhile “Wee Nicola” aka Mother Teresa , will ensure the offending legislation vanishes even faster than the oil projection brief from last September .

  17. Delaneys Dunky on




    I am the same as yourself. Going by the manifesto’s of all standing in West Dunbartonshire, I am drawn to the Green Party. Any party bar Labour or Tory for me.

  18. LB aye wummin indeed!



    Will take my wife and Conor to the Camp Nou in August, renting a villa in Torredembarra for 2 weeks for the wifes 40th – can’t wait!

  19. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    Strømsgodset – what a great name !



    I’m voting labour btw – loads of UKIP posters around me – not joking loads of them !

  20. Greeninbingley on

    The Battered Bunnet


    16:26 on


    5 May, 2015



    “The ticking time bomb of the ageing population…”



    In Norway, you have a choice come pension time.



    You retire, draw your pension sine die or



    You retire, opt for a far more remunerative pension which has one snag: it runs out completely at the age of 84.



    That last one is known over here as the “Logan’s Run option”.



    Funny place, Norway.

  21. HT. No word from Roseanna yet. Will not hold my breath, but she will receive a letter after the elections. I have signed the petition.

  22. theglasgowcelticway on

    As I said earlier waking up on Friday morning to a Conservative,UKIP,DUP(sic) coalition strikes fear into my heart. It’s Labour for me.

  23. Hamiltontim on

    How do I find out all of the possible candidates for the constituency where I live?

  24. Hamiltontim on




    It might be an idea just to focus on your local MP/MSP. Most SNP members are avoiding discussing it.

  25. theglasgowcelticway on




    I’ve already voted by post.We had a candidate for the “cannabis is safer than alcohol” party. How right he is,I choked on my whiskey, dropped my splif and nearly burned the house down.

  26. theglasgowcelticway



    18:16 on 5 May, 2015



    If HT is in the same ward as me, the only alternative to the 4 main parties (and UKIP) is the cannabis party. They’d get my vote if I could be bothered getting off my couch.

  27. South Of Tunis on

    Italian tele warming up for tonight’s Rube v Real Madrid with film of Real Madrid 0 – Rube 2 @ 2008.Del Piero scored twice and was given a standing ovation by Real Madrid Fans.Many Rube fans are of the opinion that it was his finest game for the club.Great player !.



    Good interview with a jovial Ancelotti earlier. Asked about Pirlo saying he regarded Ancelotti as a father figure , Ancelotti replied – ” Mmm – I prefer to see Pirlo as a brother “

  28. ernie lynch on




    17:15 on 5 May, 2015



    ‘Ernie – enjoyed that. Did you listen to the Socialist ABC? The last line sums up the Labour party beautifully…’







    I’ve heard them all. Got then on vinyl. Nothing to play the vinyl on now right enough.



    The Socialist ABC is a classic. The Labour Party mentioned in the song is off course the Labour Party of old that people on here get so nostalgic about when they declare themselves as nats. It’s a funny old world.