Rogic, defending, Derk, Ability Counts


Whatever maligned Celtic during the recent dark days when they dropped points to Hamilton and Dundee has cleared up. Hearts made the very best of a chance in the opening minutes on Saturday but the response was swift and conclusive.

Patrick Roberts deservedly picked up the accolades for his goals but the contribution of Tom Rogic should not go unrecorded. In creating the second goal he demonstrated ball-winning skills and creativity, a priceless package for a midfield player. Let’s hope he’s over his head knock for tomorrow night.

Mention should also go to Stefan Johansen, who played the deep-lying midfield role until Rogic went off, when he moved into the advanced position. His blind flick onto Roberts at the third goal was sublime.

The most pertinent comment I heard on Saturday was “It’s good to have the goalkeeper making saves again”. Craig Gordon appears to have his confidence back, perhaps as a consequence of the defence performing better.

For most of the second half Celtic defended more deeply than we’ve seen throughout the league campaign. With a two goal advantage, Griffiths and Johansen were asked to run into space, while the rest of the midfield became compact. As a consequence, Hearts had plenty of the ball, and created a few half chances, but they never carved Celtic open.

Had we been that compact during the European qualifiers our season could have been different.

There’s a process I go through when we sign a new foreign player: do I add his name to the spellcheck or not? I decided long ago I wasn’t prepared to pollute my dictionary with the names of transient players. Derk Boerrigter’s name still appears with wavy lines below in my word processor three years after his arrival.

His name will go down in Celtic annuls alongside Rafael Scheidt. We spent millions on them, they both went down with innocuous injury moments after starting for Celtic and that was pretty much that. In his opening 30 minutes for Celtic, Derk produced evidence that there was a football player hiding inside his psyche, but he soon found the rigors of the professional game too challenging.

He leaves Scotland with millions in his bank account and with a lot of frustrated people at Lennoxtown.

Did you read during the week that the Association of Irish Celtic Supporters’ Clubs raised €500 for the Foundation’s Ability Counts Ireland Project? The Ability Counts Project offers children with Downs opportunities to develop motor skills and team-working through football and dance. This is one small frontline of all the fundraising, badges, buckets, zip wires and dinners Celtic fans participate in.

It’s an important part of the relationship thousands of us have as Celtic supporters.

Consider getting involved. The Foundation is holding a H.E.L.P. Pilgrimage on Bank Holiday Monday, 30 May. Participants will walk the 17 miles between St Mary’s, Calton, Barrowfield, the Jimmy Johnstone statue and gardens at Viewpark and back to Celtic Park.

A 17 mile walk is no small feat, but most feet are capable of it, so get involved here.

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  1. Gerryfaethebrig on




    No bother at all, I knew what you meant, Boyata, Siv & Simu defo have the makings of a good partnership (not sure what 2 of the 3 is the best yet) if stuck fling in Mulgrew who has never let us down at centre back

  2. An Teach Solais on



    Agree with your assessment of our CB options. They are beginning to gell and hopefully improve covering for each other. Hail, Hail

  3. I’ve been asking Tom English on Twitter whether Rangers were demoted. I just wanted a yes or no answer.



    Lots of people took an interest in this as Tom considered the matter over the past 24 hours.



    He did get back to me to say no.



    Do Rangers weren’t demoted! How strange.



    I’ll need to find out if they were relegated.

  4. fergusslayedtheblues on

    sipsini on 4th April 2016 7:40 pm


    Not selfish at all ,it’s called being a parent


    I think we all know how they can react when things don’t go their way and the LL have been building the bread man up that much they will take a defeat very badly IMO .


    Tell your bhoy to get himself in a celtic pub with his mates ,local if possible



  5. @shitesmearingbollox



    If you listen to it they make money,


    Listening figures determine their advertising revenue.


    You dont listen it hurts them whereas it irks a lot if you do listen.


    Your all good Celts have confidence in the game you watch week in week out


    Your knowledge of the

  6. Dubaibhoy-Ur they still deid? on




    I can sympathize with Derk – everybody has probably worked with an overpaid underachiever in the past.



    He was offered a contract he couldn’t refuse which most of us would also not refuse. I would hazard a guess that all possible constructive dismissal tactics have been applied and that he has been completely ostracised in the process.



    Responsibility for this failure is clearly with those responsible for signing the guy who obviously didn’t do their due diligence and clearly didn’t know what they were doing (PL/JP?).

  7. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Who is this Rangers you and Tom English are discussing ?



    Am not in Twitter can you ask if Clydebank or Third Lanark were demoted

  8. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Gerry, Keevins, despite being retired as a working reporter, still likes his bit of attention.



    An old friend used to work with him at the same paper in the early eighties. He always said the Shugster was a good guy and big Celtic fan.



    I wonder if he has the same opinion of him now?



    Keevins just wants to have his nice wee retirement top up from Clyde with as little hassle as possible.



    The fact that some of our support and that of other clubs ( not companies) won’t play along with the fairy tale being spun by Level5 , will annoy him greatly. Plus , he will please his bosses by possibly getting more of us to phone the most ill informed, agenda ridden pile of crap on the airwaves with his verbal mince.

  9. saltires en sevilla on

    Delighted with the result at the weekend and how our bhoys stood up to the minis



    Reading the cricket chat with interest. Always been a huge fan and my earliest memories of mass ( we called it mass …. Never Chapel! not sure why but my mum gave us all a row for saying chapel or god forbid, pineapple .. Which we did often, just to wind her up ) at Saint Peter’s in Glenburn then a wander down with all the family to Ferguslie Cricket Club to watch the cricket. I kid ye not!!



    Men with newspapers and beer, women on benches nattering away, kids trying to move the huge white bowling screens a few inches to disrupt the tail of the visitors… Dareisay lashings of ginger beer and corned beef & tomato sandwiches… and cake. Cricket people love cake. Which isn’t helpful if you plan to do Ventoux. That is a story for another day. Mebbe the Fifth day of the first test.



    In later years my, sort of interest, in cricket turned into love when I watched Botham’s Ashes on tv avidly as I watched Connors v McEnroe or any of the wonderful Open contests.



    Then the Windies and Viv Richards ..sheer poetry in motion, languid and unhurried, seemingly disinterested but somehow we sensed, knew, he was totally switched on … Sweet, effortless pleasure. Imagine Solomon Burke or Al Green with a bat!



    Then the sounds of cricket. The crunch, the hopeful appeal, the urgent appeal and soft ripple of applause…



    All captured by the unmistakeable Hampshire burr of John Arlott.



    I must have been in love with John Arlott at one point in the late 70’s and early 80’s. His knowledge of cricket and instinct for what his listeners needed to know was a joy. Long silences and munching of cake sent in by an old spinster from Hartley Witney where they were sending boys to bat for Hampshire & England before Trafalgour



    When I bought his autobiography, Basingstoke Boy, little did I know then that I would spend some time working in that town. Then bought a house in nearby Hook ( where Enid Blyton was a schoolteacher and wrote many if her 5 and 7 books). Edward and Mrs. Simpson had a tryst in the local station hotel. I had to stay in that same room or at keast the one they advertised as same… Don’t say you wouldn’t!



    He is one of only two people I know of, who joined the Hampshire Constabulary based in Southampton. The other was Celtic’s first keeper Dinning or Dunning ( his birth cert. is Dinning as I have a copy..) he was born in the Parish of Saint Margaret’s in Johnstone. Renfrewshire. I’m willing to wager there are not many CQNers who knew that ( apart from Berr.. Of course)



    Neil Dinning left Celts after 9 games and ended up at Aston Villa where he won a League badge in 1893 or was it 1894?. He had played in a Johnstone Harp team c 1887 that included the wonderful Peter Douds (sic aka Dowds) who went onto become one of the first Celts to win the Scottish cup in 1892 then the league in 1893, although he played only a few games that season due to the lure of English gold.



    The reason I know this mainly, is due to the diligent research of Peter Farmer, now sadly departed almost 2 years, I will be forever grateful for a picture Peter published in his history of Johnstone, Woven in Cotton, Forged in Steel. It had a group of young men resplendent in the hoops ( long before Celts wore hoops) and alongside Neil Dunning on the back row was my Great Grandfather and lounging across the front row , in the style of the day, was future Celtic great Peter Douds. God rest you Peter, yiu must have known everthing that was worth knowing!



    So back to Arlott. As a direct consequence of my growing infatuation with the man, I picked up anything in print that I could find. ‘Arlott on Wine’ was a collection of articles he had written for the Observer or Guardian on the subject of his second love, French wine. His gift for description was perfect for writing on wine. If I could pick any job now it would be to follow his footsteps around the vineyards of France. They wouldn’t even have to pay me.



    Arlott spent his latter years on the island of Aldernay. Still writing about wine, but unable to partake due to his doctor advising him to completely abstain due to a serious medical condition.



    Imagine that? A huge, almost insatiable, love of wine and not a drop passed his lips for many years. Until a chance conversation with another doctor, second opinion variety, revealed his original prognosis was flawed. He could drink after all.



    Dull yin!

  10. Gerryfaethebrig on

    An Tearmann



    I will stop listening if you nip round to mine and make the dinner, do the dishes and tidy the kitchen …..



    I am afraid I know my place (in the kitchen) and SSB might make my blood boil but I still enjoy it….

  11. Thomthetim@7.33


    Great repost. Hope you’re keeping well.


    Injustice heaped upon injustice and then that plank Keevins says we’re a pain.


    Disgrace to the occupation of journalism. I know some on here don’t like the term “soup taker” but cannot think of a more apt one to describe his hagiography.



  12. fergusslayedtheblues…



    He will probably be in the Brazen with his face tripping him, que sara sara.



    I’ll sleep well in the heat of Spain…twelve of us going, all Tims bar one and to be honest he couldn’t give a monkeys :)

  13. Been on the ‘phone most of the day with my bank manager in Panama City.



    He advised me to come out asap with a large suitcase.



    Hoping to head out in the next few days.




  14. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I concur, you put it far better than me



    Hope you enjoyed having a wee Monday off…. I loved the fact there was no rat race train journey today

  15. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Sipsini said:



    ” At least big fat D has the balls to back his team.”



    I take your main point, Sips but it does not take balls to back your team in public in Scotland if your team is Sevco,




  16. Thomthetim



    Appetite isn’t constant. When considering the various parties here it seems that a mistake is being made in setting other particpant’s appetites.



    Where they say little I’d say great and growing.



    Where none, plenty.



    Everyone has a tipping point.



    Stand back and look at this afresh forgetting the fixed positions you believe to be true and you may see an entirely different picture.



    A good chess player is always a few moves ahead.

  17. South Of Tunis on







    I strongly recommend this LP.-



    John Arlott Talks Cricket ( Charisma Records )



    Cover is by Ralph Steadman .



    An absolute treat.!!!!

  18. Soz b


    Your knowledge and opinion is paid for unlike the agent provocateurs whose job is to vomit ‘ persecution


    and paranoia.


    I think the interesting thing is they want thr narrative back


    Gideon the Eton fag should levy a penny for every mention n of the old fraud the books would be balanced in no time!


    Its associativ tosh.I dunno Celtic old fraud fan’s



  19. ——-




    RACIST TBJ has no trust in the PL Con




    4th April 2016 6:59 pm



    Rock tree




    The duck has previous racist behavior under another name .









    Cease And Desist With Your Outrageous Alleegations..



    My Philadelphia Lawyers….



    Wish To Speak To YOUR ‘Brig Lawyers






    Oops….I’ve Omitted My Racist Pal,TBJ..



    From The List of Bolshevik Marxist PLACE-MEN oan this Sainted Blog…



    In My Earlier Post



    Mea Culpa….!






    Only Question Is…..



    Should Racist TBJ be classified in the “Fellow Traveller’ Category….



    Or in the ‘Useful Idiot’ Category…



    Along wi’ Lonesome Mags McGill…



    [ The DONALD…..Add the RACIST TBJ !!



    To both Categories…? Ed ]






    OK….Ah’ve Sorted It For You, BIG MAN…



    Don’t Be A Stranger…!






    Meanwhile,Comrade SFTB & The Clique…



    Are Convening A COBRA Meeting In



    The Saracen’s Heid….



    To Plot How To Take Down The DONALD….



    Well We’ll Use The 10,000 Coconuts…




    Declined By Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on 1st April 2016 4:47 pm…



    And Drap/Deliver Them From TrumpJet#4…




    Fae 40,000 ft.



    Direct Tae The Sarie Heid….



    And Oor Agent, RanchoFranco……



    Will Polish Aff The Stragglers…?






    Oh…The Humanity….!







    weebobbycollins on 4th April 2016 3:23 pm




    Does Dave King own a Panama hat?



    Answers on a £20 note to Charlie Green….






    Jings..! Crivvens..! Help M’boab..!



    Yon….Mossack Fonseca !



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    Pinch Me….Virginia !



    Mind How You Go.. ;-}





  20. Saltires@8.03


    Lovely piece of writing.


    In my teenage years going over to watch the Celts always stayed in Ferguslie (take it it’s the Paisley Ferguslie).


    Can’t remember too many Cricket clubs (truth be told don’t remember too much of anything from those trips). We used to drink in the Bowling club or the Chrysler club obv associated with the car factory. Drink ridiculously cheap, company ridiculously brilliant.


    What was not to like?


    Thanks again. Spoilt today with that and RCs musings of the Rapid Cheats game/U2 gig.



  21. Gftb



    Na fanks mate.I laugh more than get angry.its a surreal parody,


    Crap radio


    Crap crayon scrollers acting as jou…


    Na I cant call them that


    His opinion is not as valid as yours


    Why give it kudos


    Its shite.


    Dont listen.



  22. we have poor defenders within our first team squad, defenders with no pace,heading ability or positional sense, a bad combination and add to that defenders who clearly are past their best thank goodness we don’t play against high tempo forward moving teams with pace up front every week, or we would be in trouble.

  23. fergusslayedtheblues on

    sipsini on 4th April 2016 8:07 pm


    Think yer bhoy will be ok in the Brazen


    E noy your hols and I hope your toasting the celts in the sun



  24. JJHS…



    To put it in context…he backs up his beliefs right or wrong!


    I have no time for him or Hugh Keevins ,both play the game to earn their corn.


    It’s their job and their income. I have no problem with that.


    My main problem is we don’t seem to have anyone fighting our corner, on fear of being dismissed. HH

  25. saltires en sevilla



    Enjoyed your John Arlott post……………..


    Been to a number of Tests – spent a most enjoyable few days at Lords when Gooch scored his famous 333 .v. India (a lot of folk forget Lamb hit 175 the same day).


    In terms of cricket commentary – hard pressed to beat guys like:


    The inimitable Henry Blofeld;


    The knowledgeable Richie Benaud;


    The stoic Brian Johnston;


    and the amusing trio of; David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd, Tuffers and Aggers.


    Commentaries were often more entertaining than the actual Innings!

  26. saltires en sevilla on




    I’ll try to find that thanks






    Yes same town – there are a few cricket clubs in Paisley mate. I certainly know Feegie well enough with some of my dearest friends born there and the old Rootes/ Chrysler club but too young to drink there before they closed.



    Canny whack nostalgia buddy :-)




  27. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Saltires, I hope you are enjoying your stay in the Czech Republic.



    It must be a family thing with a liking for cricket. As I posted last night, my dad has been a cricket liker since secondary school.



    Did you get a copy of my mum and dad’s wedding group photo with your gran and grandad in it?’

  28. Just catching up.



    Roy C and Saltires.



    Two fantastic posts lads.






    I agree with you on how easily Hearts were given chances on Saturday but I also think Eddieinkirkmichael is correct, we had plenty of chances ourselves. I’m

  29. Gerryfaethebrig on

    An Tearmann



    I know exactly what you mean



    The Donald (Findlay ?)



    Funny you mention the Sarecens Head, for a short while I played for their team in the Sunday league, whooft….. Eastenders karaoke on a Sunday late afternoon, the gallowgate at its finest/worst…. a very fine line

  30. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    From Phil’s blog





    Agree completely with your comments re brother Madden. I notice that BT Sport in the build up to the Aberdeen game today elected to focus on the Brown tackle, but managed by some editorial wizardry to totally ignore the most controversial moment of the game……the, as Billy Davis on SSB described, stonewall penalty when Roberts was barged off the ball in the box.


    Pundits on SSB and BBC Scotland agreed it was certainly a penalty. Also, credit to Davis, for pointing out two fouls in the build up to Hearts goal. Firstly, the hand ball, which as the new interpretation of the hand ball rules says, gave advantage to Hearts, then the foul on Sviatchenko. Madden was grim, but he will not get the SF, that will go to Brother Thompson, who thinks a player over hitting a ball 15 yds from goal against RC any Hampden is an obvious goal scoring opportunity, but Griffiths 6 yards from goal against Aberdeen at Pittodrie is not.


    I only second in line is brother Muir, who seems to be struck by temporary blindness when confronted with a stonewall penalty for Celtic, ITC being the classic example, when as proven on Sky he had direct vision of a hand ball from six feet, and when he denied a stonewall penalty when Griffiths was chopped down against Motherwell, making it two unseen pens in one game.



    Like you, my only apprehension is that officials will fabricate a dismissal of a Celtic player for looking at a Sevco player in a funny way.


    For these reasons I refused to buy the ticket available for the SF. I refuse to pay to be cheated for the third SF in a row.


    Brace yourself. Sevco need access to EL monies, if they can overcome the new club coefficient. I anticipate the SFA doing a Res12 and awarding Sevco a European licence against UEFA regs, as the did for the former club as four law lords and four courts to date have described them.

  31. saltires en sevilla on

    PRAECEPTA on 4TH APRIL 2016 8:36 PM



    Jonners – had a double cassette tape but misplaced on a car journey.



    Yes remember and was it Gooch that had his nose smashed in and playing with his black eyes and plaster across his nose. Tough lads to face some of those bouncers time after time..

  32. Young Hoops lead one nil about 6 or 7 minutes left. Very young side out, not one of senior panel involved. Archibald the goal scorer.

  33. The Donald…



    I found that post funny, I reckon it took you a while write it going by the timespan from your last post.


    Anyways, well done. :)

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