Ronny introduces an edge on Celtic languid style


Ronny Deila introduced an interesting edge following yesterday’s preseason friendly against Rapid Vienna, saying his players’ “body language wasn’t good.  I can accept not playing well but the most important thing has to be the attitude and that was lacking”.

Noting a “lack of energy and that players “looked tired” is par for the course at this time of year but adding “we need to do something with their attitude” gives you an indication of what is expected of the players this season.

Celtic players have for a while now been criticised, fairly or otherwise, for languid body language.  Caught between Premiership games against teams they are vastly better than, and Champions League games they need to raise performances for, coaches would need to work hard to raise the heartbeat for domestic football.  I suspect its’ this Ronny was targeting, instead of a preseason warm-up.

Does anyone know how to stretch hamstrings prior to kicking the ball?  It’s incredible that professional footballers, and Celtic players in particular, are so commonly afflicted by this injury.  All it takes is one incomplete warm-up routine and a player is out of action for weeks.

Bids for the European Cup canvass, signed by Billy McNeill, close shortly after noon today.  Keep an eye on the action here.  You can buy a raffle ticket for the second canvass for as little as £1 here.

Funds are going towards the Cookie Jar Foundation and Glasgow the Caring City.  Many thanks for your fantastic help.

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  1. Just reading israel confim more air attacks on Palestine tonight, sad sad situation. Palestinians are going theough absolute hell.



    Good to see solidarity protest in derry being organised.



    Have palestine no close allies in other countries or just silent symithiers who are sfraid to speak out ?

  2. Todays opposition is on paper the weakest one to date. I expect that Ronny will go with a more development squad today and the Friday team will most likely mirror the team he has in mind for Iceland. I most certainly agree with TD67 that he must be given reasonable time to mould his team and there should be no knee jerk reactions regardless of how the next few weeks pan out. The pain will come if and when some much loved regulars are moved on and we need to be prepared for that.

  3. Magnificentseven on






    09:04 on



    8 July, 2014





    KevJungle… not sure if this has been asked before…but are you Gerry Mcnee ?





  4. corkcelt 1233



    A good, fair and realistic assessment of where we are at. I am looking forward to the game tonight and am excited at the prospect of seeing a few more of the youngsters (with a big shout out for Atajic).




  5. corkcelt



    I am visiting your fair city for a long weekend from 24-28 July for the first time. Any recommendations welcome – thank you. Also a good place to catch the match v St Pauli on the Sat.




  6. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts on

    this westminster thing…




    my thoughts are on a poster on here who is a brave man with a story to tell…..








    Not yet,but as soon as I see him posting I’ll ask him to get in touch.



    Then I just have to track down your addy!

  8. West End of East End on

    Corkcelt – I agree with that, not sure who he will move on though. Personally I think Derk & Amido have run their course, Dylan as well. Not sure who else at this time though. I feel sorry for Amido, but I don’t want to have sympathy for him, I was hoping for more but just can’t see it with the big guy. Derk I just don’t have any feelings for at all….

  9. From reading what Ronny Deila has said previously. I’m guessing that when he talks about “languidity” — he wants Celtic to press together. He’s a student of Athletic Bilbaos Marcelo Bielsa and proponent of Bielsification.



    “ethos of aggressive defensive pressing with a high line, ball retention and verticality – not keeping the ball for its own sake”



    Scott Brown used to do partly that himself: chase around the pitch like a dog after a tennis ball he wanted back. Of course if you are the only one doing it you leave gaps people pass it in little triangles round you and you look mental.



    But if you are really good like Barcelona, Bayern … or even quite good like Athletic Bilbao or Chile – then your opponents will struggle to use the ball when they win it back. Indeed they maybe at their most vulnerable immediately after they intercept the ball and are rushed into mistakes in their own half by smothering.



    But this tactic needs super-fit players and total commitment by everyone to hunt in packs – including forwards – all the time. And it needs midfielders all willing to join attack and overload the defence then recycle. Any “languidity” will leave you exposed.



    Its demanding but Celtic have a relatively big squad and if they are to play that way will have to use them all so they don’t get fatigued over the season.

  10. BMCUW



    ‘Caveat-vested interest. I never missed trains under British Rail!’



    In other words old BR trains were never late they were just waiting for you!!!






    Agree 100%. Swarming defence from the moment you lose the ball. Love it. Barca did it with huge energy at their height. And a certain Mr Larsson wasn’t averse to closing down defenders in the blink of an eye.



    HH jamesgang








    The driver was having a pint in the same pub!

  12. I just LOLed you!



    And I’m on a train!! Hope this one’s sober!



    HH jamesgang

  13. @Bada Bing


    Is there a way to get BBC Scotland on IPlayer if you are in England? Or do you think it will be on the BBC Sport website too?

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    malarkey- not sure mate,trying to navigate their website to get Sportsound is a nightmare…

  15. I remember the old Liverpool teams BMU (before Man U) they hunted in packs of three all over the park, I loved that kind of football, and fit as butchers dogs, that team also has a couple of passengers but they did their shift to the strengths that they had and it all knitted well, my kind of football, to make my point I mean there’s Nobby Stiles won a World Cup and European cup winners medal, who’d a thunk?

  16. Malarkey



    Have you got Sky?



    If so you can get the various bbc national channels that way. I watch nutters on the Nolan Show on BBC NI sometimes.



    You kinda have to wade through all the porn channels to get to the end of the list so be sure to let any mrs of yours know what you’re about to do or it can look pretty incriminating!!!



    HH jamesgang

  17. Malarkey


    12:53 on


    8 July, 2014



    Look under categories when in the bbci player

  18. Friesdorfer, The Friars Walk Tavern is in my opinion the best Celtic Pub in Cork, you can Google it online and your best option for watching any Celtic Game. Cork is a charming City, lovely to stroll around by day, but like many places late at night City Centre, I would be cautious and stick to main streets. If you have a car and are moving around a bit there are some lovely wee spots not too far away. A trip down around Fota & Cobh, maybe lunch in Fota Golf Club take in Fota Wild Life Park and on to Cobh where Titanic sailed from would be a nice trip. Or on the South side a trip to Kinsale. Unfortunately I no longer live in Cork so I’m not up to date on latest trendy nightspots. There is a wee pub in South Main Street in City Centre called The Spailpin Fánach which has good trad Sessions but if you Google Discover Ireland or Cork Tourism you will get a list of what’s happening and Sessions in different Pubs on different nights. I hope you enjoy yourself and don’t bump into any langers. A langer is a Cork term for an eejit.

  19. whitedoghunch on



    I hear what you say about Scott Brown but I don’t think he neglected his main role when attempting to break down opposition play or win back the ball. I’m sure he learned a lot from Neil and is a better player for it. He had a very good season and will be the ideal type of player/person to see the new management teams methods are carried out on the park.


    In the games so far when receiving the ball it is head up move it on just what the footage of training has been.

  20. Let me mention once again my Dud of the tournament, Fred and his contribution to the Brazil team…



    In the quarter final he touched the ball a total of 5 times yet he is still selected for the semi final. In the semi final it was 27 minutes before he touched the ball for the first time , going on to touch the ball 3 more times before the half time whistle goes. How on earth can a player only touch the ball as little as he did in the semi final of the World Cup and continue to be selected ?



    Total madness and surely Scolari’s last game.

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