Ronny introduces an edge on Celtic languid style


Ronny Deila introduced an interesting edge following yesterday’s preseason friendly against Rapid Vienna, saying his players’ “body language wasn’t good.  I can accept not playing well but the most important thing has to be the attitude and that was lacking”.

Noting a “lack of energy and that players “looked tired” is par for the course at this time of year but adding “we need to do something with their attitude” gives you an indication of what is expected of the players this season.

Celtic players have for a while now been criticised, fairly or otherwise, for languid body language.  Caught between Premiership games against teams they are vastly better than, and Champions League games they need to raise performances for, coaches would need to work hard to raise the heartbeat for domestic football.  I suspect its’ this Ronny was targeting, instead of a preseason warm-up.

Does anyone know how to stretch hamstrings prior to kicking the ball?  It’s incredible that professional footballers, and Celtic players in particular, are so commonly afflicted by this injury.  All it takes is one incomplete warm-up routine and a player is out of action for weeks.

Bids for the European Cup canvass, signed by Billy McNeill, close shortly after noon today.  Keep an eye on the action here.  You can buy a raffle ticket for the second canvass for as little as £1 here.

Funds are going towards the Cookie Jar Foundation and Glasgow the Caring City.  Many thanks for your fantastic help.

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    What’s this I hear you’re calling off next week?



    Damned disappointed,my Dad has wangled a pass as well.



    Btw,my history of run-ins with the law do not include being lifted at the gemme.



    You’re obviously a hooligan.

  2. Proudbhoy



    Sorry they are a style of trainer popular in the 80’s but have recently made a comeback co insiding with the whole ‘retro 80s revival’ thing going on at the minute



    I have a nice pair of green white and yellow Adidas!





    BTW,it is because of the Red Card to Thatcher that WEST WALES CELT became a most unlikely TIM.



    And like most converts,a bloody good one!

  4. Jude 2005 is Niel Lennon



    I cant c&p your post at 12.49


    Or?the tweet I seen linking the witch and royalty not gettin same media attention as bbc and nhs were.the common factor was Saville.i tried to give geest of it in my post of


    13, 34.



  5. bhoylo83



    14:21 on 7 July, 2014





    Get u now, recently thru out me addidas sambas.. Heartbreaking.



    New pair be getting ordered.



    Must go her pal.. Bedtime. In oz



    Saw u mention donegal festival … Heard its great weekend. When i get home iv promised meself bundoran festival and the st pauli weekend.



    St pauli one id highly recommend, great trip

  6. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Davie Provan was diagnosed with ME during his career not after. He had to retire because of it. He had no energy after doing anything remotely physical. I can remember him saying things like he was the fastest man at Celtic Park and could beat anyone over 100 yards but he would then have to go home to bed and set his alarm to wake him up at 5pm next evening. We lost a great player because of ME. It was little understood at the time.

  7. fanadpatriot on

    The players should be using exercise bikes before the games and subs. Should be using them during games,instead of talking between themselves behind the goals,or sitting on their bums in the dugouts.

  8. Bheaver


    No probs. whatever it takes I will sort something out. Def see you at weekend.

  9. Geordie Munro on

    Are we really losing all that many players due to inappropriate warm ups?



    Broony must be the earliest injury my tiny mind can remember.



    Agathe v raith rovers umpteen years ago is the only other one I remember but that was in the warm up.

  10. The Token Tim on




    you mean me?



    If you mean anniversary……17 years.






  11. A wee aside.



    I have the family in Athens, first stop on hols. Weans and myself resplendent in the hoops. Never been to a Euro city where there is such active recognition of Celtic. Every bar, restaurant and shop someone comes over and speaks knowledgeably about the club with most mentioning Sami.



    Feeling kinda sentimental about one of our most frustrating players ever. He certainly did a PR job over here.




  12. Joe Fillipi’s Haircut


    “but at the moment he has to go with what he has.H.H.”



    Or he could go with players who have the RIGHT attitude that we already have por cierto.

  13. gcctim


    14:56 on


    7 July, 2014





    A problem with an easy solution. I hope we sign him.

  14. Paul67 et al



    22 Reasons for the Bedroom Tax



    Because the Badgers are moving the goalposts


    The Ferrets are bending the rules


    The Weasels are taking the hindmost


    The Otters are downing tools



    The Hedgehogs are changing the game-plan


    The Grass-snakes are spitting tacks



    The Squirrels are playing the blame-game


    The Skunks are twisting the facts



    The Pole-cats are upping the ante


    The Foxes are jumping the gun


    The Voles are crashing the party


    The Stoats are still reading the Sun



    The Rabbits are taking the biscuit


    The Hares are losing the plot


    The Eagles are kicking the bucket


    The Rats are joining the dots



    The Herons are throwing a curveball


    The Shrews were taken aback


    The Field mice are sinking the 8-ball


    The Seagulls are under attack



    And the Pheasants are draining the oil from the tank-


    but only the Bustards have broken the bank




  15. Gearoid1998 @14:51



    Good man. look forward to it.



    BTW the blogger the Onlooker is also a good friend from the Cliftonville.

  16. Dear this talk of the 80s, Thatcher and child abuse has reminded me that children living in poverty is the biggest scandal in this country of ours.



    A friend and colleague of mine Chris Myers is taking on three challenges this year:



    1.The Edinburgh Marathon


    2.Cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats


    3.Cycling the breadth of Scotland



    A total of 1,033 miles. He has completed the Edinburgh marathon and is now moving to the second challenge. This is all in the aid of raising money for Child Poverty in Scotland.



    Some of you may wish to sponsor Chris is this exceptional feat of endurance and this worthy cause. You can do so at his just giving page






    I’m sure Chris would appreciate any donations received.




  17. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    When broony runs out with the team he races onto the park and sprints across to the opposite corner



    I often thought that was bad practice and surprised he didn’t pick up any hamstring strains



    James Forrest seems to have picked up more injury time outs than anyone of the current squad but derk is “running ” him close . Obviously I haven’t included moykoulo as I think he’s off ski now

  18. From the Beeb website –



    Orange Order defence


    13:01: The Orange Order has defended its right to hold large parades in Scottish city centres.



    The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland has faced criticism after a 12-year-old girl was injured in a disturbance during a parade in Glasgow on Saturday.



    But its grand secretary, Eddie Hyde, denied the parades were provocative and he claimed sectarianism was a “myth” that “doesn’t exist” in Scotland.



    Eighteen people were arrested at the annual parade.




    Deluded. Methinks Mr Hyde has a darker side and I don’t mean Dr Jekyl. Does he walk about with his fingers in his ears whilst blindfolded? Fool.



    Apols if already posted.




  19. tommytwiststommyturns on

    TOSB – I stand corrected. Could have swore he wasn’t diagnosed until much later on.



    borgo – looks like it’s my mind playing tricks, not yours (hic)!




  20. Here’s my take on Derk Van Vossens miss, Anto’s running through with the ball and looks like scoring, Derk being a good professional is following up in case of a rebound, Anto on seeing him and hoping to inject a bit of confidence in him decides to give him his chance, as the ball arrives Derk not expecting it goes WTF and promptly stabs at it.



    Not as bad as van vossen or big Yogis and Stevie Chalmers both against the Hi Hi (I think).



    overthebarfromthegoalline csc

  21. TTTT



    No worries my friend .


    Could be worse , a guy came into my shop today and asked me what day it was , then he asked the time , started crying and left.


    Maybe he had been at the golf and the pool tournament :)

  22. Regarding the OO and their so called defence by denying that sectarianism exists. I look forward to the SNP condemning this denial and pointing out that anti Catholicism is the main form of this sectarianism. Also to them admitting this problem and creating a focus group to tackle it starting with outlawing the OO as a sectarian organisation.



    What’s that?



    Oh they’ve lost or destroyed all the figures proving this but will find them again when the OBAMA evens things up.



    Scotland’s shame and they are denying it…..

  23. Benefits of warm ups are entirely related to how much the player does/how much he pushes himself once the game starts. If he’s a slow starter or a lazy git, he can have fag during the warm up. If he starts like an Olympic sprinter he needs to warmed up (whatever warm up).



    Seems odd to be having this discussion when Ronny speaks of lack of effort – & Scott Brown is regarded as the fittest guy at the club who trains hard & warms up fully.



    Have we ever seen the Celtic team cool down (not with a pint) at the end of a match?




  24. traditionalist88 on

    Tontine Tim


    15:30 on


    7 July, 2014


    Here’s my take on Derk Van Vossens miss, Anto’s running through with the ball and looks like scoring, Derk being a good professional is following up in case of a rebound, Anto on seeing him and hoping to inject a bit of confidence in him decides to give him his chance, as the ball arrives Derk not expecting it goes WTF and promptly stabs at it.






    If I was Ronny I would promptly say GTF:)




  25. WilliamKentigern67 on

    I saw a number of og’s scored by Celtic players i.e. Frank Munro and a double by Andy Lynch (left before the second). The best (worst) one though was Big Shuggie at Firhill. What a strike, the keeper, probably Latchford, had no chance.




  26. Derk van Vossen.


    I have searched around blog and Youtube, in vain.


    Does anyone have link and, if so, please post.



    Ta in advance.

  27. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Hoopslegend Willie Garner struggled to remember which way we were shootin’.

  28. Marrakesh Express on

    I’d appreciate some help guys.


    Mrs ME and me are going to Amsterdam and Brugge at end of this month (2 days in each). Looking for decent hotels that wont eat into the drinks budget too much. Also fancy catching some live pub music and trying some local grub. I’m in Dam friday saturday 1st and 2nd Aug which might help. Thanks.

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