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  1. A kinda super league is coming, I imagine Pedro is talking to the people who matter, he should be cos that’s why the big bucks he gets paid will come to fruition, else he walks, sort it Pedro, sport is effed as we knew it, totally effed, to deny that is hun like, IMO of course, mark my words, and anytime I have said mark my words I have been 100% correct, look back if you don’t believe me :>}

  2. stpatricksbhoy on




    I think you should give and stop being unhappy most real supporter I know are just happy qualify. The world has moved on these teams are solid ,hard to beat or maybe you should be watching another team.

  3. At least the Albanian President enjoyed that win, tweeting “indescribable emotions .. let’s celebrate this magical night”. What has he been drinking?;)

  4. SAINT STIVS on 1ST OCTOBER 2020 9:17 PM





    there is another prize in play. If the Scottish reps beat the tTurkish Reps , the winners of the Scottish league go directly into the CL Group stages season after next.



    I think.



    cmon the deady bears






    Hope you are right.




    The way they are improving while we are going down hill at a rate of knots it could end up helping them

  5. THE BLOGGER……………………….



    Oh ye of little faith.



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. rangers need to taken very very seriously this season. They matched us last season until the morelos carry on and then going off the boil. No they have added depth to most positions, have varied firepower and have grown in confidence. Like it or not they have turned in fine euro performances and are improving and threatening.



    If the win tonight – the title becomes MASSIVELY important due to auto qual for the 30-40m . If we win, we will bury them for years to come. if we allow them to win, our GOD will be over!



    Dear Board, If ever there was a time to speculate to accumulate (for ONCE) – IT.IS.NOW.

  7. CorkCelt,



    I could say likewise. I get the shallow ‘the result is all that matters’ you and others peddle but the turgid crap we see against a series of mediocre teams are underwhelming. I want to see us progress in Europe but that pre-season looking mess out there will be beaten if it doesn’t correct the constant failings.. We carry luck which ran out against the mediocre Hungarians. It will again, home or abroad.



    The Huns are no great shakes but I wouldn’t be surprised if they beat us in a few weeks. Our season is always defined by small margins at home and abroad and maybe that’s what some of us see not being addressed.



    Happy for the win and into the groups but I see little that Neil is correcting when we step up in opposition.



    Yours respectfully




  8. StPB @ 9.26



    Finished your homework I see.



    The optimism of youth — when it fades it fades quickly.


    All happy clappy until things start to wrong and then the tears begin.


    Grow up and see how bad we have become.

  9. !!BADA BING!! on 1ST OCTOBER 2020 9:27 PM




    If Wolfsberg or Sporting get beat we go into pot 1 is this info correct???






    I was looking at the direct entries and the winners tonight and thinking we must be a pot 2 team

  10. Anyone that ultimately takes delight in a teams travails yet never expresses that unreserved euphoria of the winning supporter…………….







    How many insults will you hand out tonight?



    Are the veins in your neck throbbing as you batter the keyboard……………………..



    Oh and the one in your left temple?

  12. dearie dearie , not much to get excited about after that performance , tonights opponents poorer than Riga , we desperately need to improve our left side , lost count of the number of times Taylor gave the ball away in a forward position tonight another poor performance from him , Ayer never a left sided player in a back 3.


    Once Eddy started to get a bit of space and came on to a game we subbed him , something lacking with the team just now, we are getting results but the performances are poor , oh and by the way if Julien is a slow starter as per Lenny’s comment does anyone know when he will be up to speed following his injury , maybe the new year.

  13. Go tell the Spartim on

    Bedwetters are back



    Game was rotten to be fair but given the nature of the tie we played with little freedom, still no settled team which doesn’t help matters.



    We’re in the group now maybe that’ll release some of the pressure we’ve been under now we’ve actually qualified.



    As for Triggers Broom, Dutch mob we’re only in it as cup runners up and Galatasaray is only a big name the past couple of seasons, cause they’ve got 11 letters (at least how i spelt it) played a shadow team.



    Packie Bonner is a walloper, he’s as good a pundit as he was a keeper (though he did have one good season as a keeper )

  14. back of the fag packet quick analysis ,,,,,,,,,,,, get ready for this,……….. due to same countries not being drawn in the same groups, …………. if we remain a pot 2 team, there is a 1 in 3 chance we will meet …….



    pot 3 team



    leicestier city

  15. stpatricksbhoy on

    MADMITCH on 1ST OCTOBER 2020 9:31 PM


    Usual junk, I started following Celtic in the mid 1950’s .I know more about bad times that you will ever see I actually wonder if you go to games. You moniker fits well .Hail Hail

  16. Comfortable win for the huns vs a quoted team again, good that they have those games to play same week as us



    Great for Dundalk, well set up club , edgy on debt to improve and now in the money

  17. Big Wavy, you can be respectful or rude, makes no difference to me,


    Hibs played football, we beat them & looked very good in the process.


    Both Riga & Sarajevo packed their defense, result turgid unattractive games but the important thing is we won both and we deserved to win both.


    As a Celtic Supporter that makes me happy and I make no apologies about it,


    As far as the Huns are concerned, I’ll worry about them when we play them, all concerns me now is the St. Johnstone game,

  18. lets all do the huddle on

    i know this sounds mad



    but how good would it be if we played our best players from the start? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  19. PHILBHOY on 1ST OCTOBER 2020 9:28 PM



    Funny how that’s your slant.



    Austrian team goes to Portugal and wins 4-1.



    In this equation are we closer to the Portuguese or Austria team?

  20. Why are some of you concerned about the Huns ,It’s Our team we should be talking up ,personally I thought we were the better team to night and deserved the win ,and that’s all that matters.

  21. Packie Bonner is a walloper, he’s as good a pundit as he was a keeper (though he did have one good season as a keeper )



    watching the ajax 82 games again, he was at fault for all 3 against us goals, i kinda forgot how rubbbish he was.