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  1. Philbhoy – based on what I have seen and their results, the huns European record under Gerard is excellent considering how they performed before he arrived.


    Like us, they can struggle domestically to break down packed defences.


    We have a better squad, we have better quality. We have better options.


    They have the advantage of being the underdogs, having won nothing, which should make them hungrier for success.


    That pressure, however, has got to them badly the last couple of seasons. Players like Duffy and Ajeti will be key for us, players who have won nothing and are desperate to get a slice of the pie.

  2. in ither news……….



    scoddland’s finest are aye keen to portray victories slightly differently…………



    Thems it’s awe ” The Gers did this, the Gers achieved that….


    Most of our victories are attributed to the individual efforts of the scoring player – in this instance Eddy Bhoy……..



    It’s as if admitting Celtic as a team win stuff is too harsh for thum……….. but assigning victory to singular individual effort is more palatable in some way……….dunno.


    Also , if Eddy is highlighted are they also opening the thought regarding his permanence in the Hoops? A subtle but effective piece of sleekitry.






    BTW, did Fat Charlie score last night?




  3. Deniabhoy



    I probably agree with you re Huns in Europe and wonder if teams, because they feel they can attack and win, are less likely to play a packed defence against them ?


    Also,and this might just be my Celtic bias, they seem to get a bit of luck re teams playing weakened selections.

  4. In te end it is the lack of sophistication that gets you — the lack of a plan / the lack of coaching / the lack of leadership that wears you down.



    If we had been playing well then it would have been different but what was on offer last night is our current form writ large — yes Sarajevo were playing for penalties / yes the were stuffy cloggers who lacked a cutting edge / yes the ref did his best to ruin the game.



    But that is not enough to explain the current malaise both of and on the park.


    We are currently buying in talent and ruining it within 12 months.


    Duffy came to us as a limited but very effective player who would offer something different / a bit of quality.


    Four weeks training and playing with us and he looks like bambi on ice — not a pretty sight.



    We have quality in the squad but we either don’t use it or we reduce it to SPL standards.


    We do not appear to be in control — events hurt us all the time.


    At no stage do we look to be working the game to our advantage.


    Very passive — both on the park and on the sidelines.



    There is no use in paying out £50mill plus in players wages if we are not going to coach them — either individually or as a team.



    NL has been described as an old school manager — in the office not on the pitch.


    Which is fine if that is the way the club wants to work it and he can offer other strengths.


    But for this to work we need top drawer coaching on the pitch at training and I don’t think we have that.



    The gulf in coaching extends to a gulf in off pitch support.


    The stories about the gulf in support for injured players is both shocking and shameful.


    The whole ethos of the club is not strive to be the best you can be — just do enough to get by.


    We are turning into a football backwater and too many don’t care as long as we are less bad than the TFOD2 in Govan.



    For the record I think football will take a back seat to the CoViD19 outbreak.


    Maybe that is the reason for the lack of drive in the club — they know they are farting against thunder and we are all at the mercy of the virus.

  5. I tuned in a wee bit late to the game and booted up Shortie…….


    the introductory puff piece on the website’s landing page trumpeted a great start for the teddies while the Tims were ( inferred as usual) being ” held”………..as I read on gingerly I expected to see 3 nil wi’ two penalties for the huns and was surprised to see both teams at nil-all…………………..



    Thems the choices they make…………..

  6. ….oh, and with little to do last night I casually googled their Refs name and added The Dallas Kowboy in there for good measure and waddyaknow – something called The Referee pooped up with the bold boy biiging up thye Dallas Kowboy’s teachings…………..



    I know he is shamefully involved at a high Level anyway but still…..makes ye think, eh?

  7. Broonstigator,



    Has to go the coaching route, right here…. right now.




    CALLUM will easily take care of Business the defensive side of things.

  8. Hot Smoked – yep, and the fact that last year in Europe every team they were about to play sacked their manager :)


    Reality is they have played some decent teams and showed up well, both home and away.


    I really thought they would have been hammered a couple of times by now but it doesn’t happen.


    Next game against them will be very cagey. Can’t see either team going out all guns blazing.

  9. Neil Lennon & McCartney on




    Thanks for your response. All data C&P from UEFA website. I was hoping it might generate some interest among those CQNers who say they are not that interested.


    Possibility of:












    bring it on!

  10. Melbourne Mick on




    ” Big Shane like Bambi on ice ”


    Did you not mean like a raging buffalo on ice and not the


    frozen type ? lol.


    H.H. Mick

  11. UEFA for once seen sense.



    The number annoys howevaaaah.



    20000 CELTIC supporters singing their hearts out.



    Throw yer Television set ooooooot the Window.




    Forgiveness is the, Forgiveness is the Ultimate Dave.



    The Devil will find………….

  12. @Neil Lennon McC .Aye ye got me mate lol…


    Says that very group to the wee man this morn…


    Apart from we seem destined to get Cludgie….????







  13. @hot smoked



    Sevco are just better organised than us. They are the sum of their parts.



    It’s difficult to argue that their coaching team is not overarching. Could the same argument be made of us in a European context?

  14. Good post MadMitch…



    Big Shane is just playing out as planned. Terrific competitor in the air, great when under the cosh and a good presence but ill-suited to a footballing and possession side (which is what we are in Scotland), as shown by his demise at Brighton.



    No harm in that but has created a new problem to solve around Julien, unfairly characterised in recent months as a fearty. He’s our best central defender and a better footballer, however if the side has been coached to play it short to Scott then you get slow, slow, left, left and back. Competent managers will reward him with all the possession in the world and then you get the cognitive bias here that he was ‘terrific’ when he was just ok, neither penetrating or defending against the more amibituous younger, fitter and faster throguh the middle. Last night’s opposition looked semi-pro at best.



    There’s a lot of doubling down on here and from Neil too recently. People deal with the pressure of 10IAR their own way and whilst I’d categorise myself as seeing a car crash coming, others are happy to pass off each win as ‘the result is all that matters’ . Fair play to them. We are all wired differently.



    HH and here’s to a kind draw and 3 points on Sunday.

  15. madmitch 9am



    your making your own assumptions(rathwr incorrectly) and knocking them out.


    your negative.your in a malaise.


    no one else.


    you had a mare last night.:-))


    rest your thumb a little



  16. Well done Celtic, but I never saw the game as I was in my local Pub…drinking many beers.



    I am not too fussed about Europe this season to be honest but winning games is a good habit to get into. I have most of my focus on Celtic doing the Magical 10..(.like some others) thats what really matters to me this season…and then going for 11, 12 in a row.




  17. big wavy



    strap yourself in mate



    Neil lennon is here this season



    no amount of girning is going to change that



    but keep up the hun work of constantly nipping



    support Celtic…try it



    hun narratives on a celtic blog


    aaay wi them

  18. I have no idea about ( health problems ?) The Exiled Tim and his good lady and if they are going thru a bad time just now…but I do wish to add my good wishes to both of them whatever the problem may be .



  19. ROLLING_STONE on 2ND OCTOBER 2020 9:30 AM



    Sevco are just better organised than us. They are the sum of their parts.





    They’re the most organised team to have won sod all. Nice use of sevco though :-)