Scottish Government’s confusing policy relents


My appetite for circulating in public diminished after hearing news of how the virus has taken hold in several towns across the country.  Public health always comes first, with the consequences of the economy and children’s education following closely.  Nothing else really matters.

Despite that, we have to learn how to navigate our lives through this and news that 300 people will attend Ross County – Celtic and Aberdeen – Kilmarnock on Saturday is very welcome.  Not much will be learned from such a low number, perhaps only that the temperature measuring equipment used works (it has already been tested in greater numbers, it works), but it feels significant that the Scottish Government acknowledge that controlled trials of any activity is necessary and responsible behaviour.

And be clear: despite being practically the last activity permitted, the health risks of socially distanced, well policed, outdoor gatherings is negligible to zero.  Pubs reopened for indoor custom in Scotland eight weeks ago, without police oversight or any prior trials.

Now that the concept of holding trials has been agreed, the next step must be to hold meaningful trials, when we will learn how efficiently thousands of fans filter through entry systems.  Who knows, maybe taking fans out of the pub to an outdoor stadium to watch the game will slow the virus.  If only the world’s entire scientific community would speak clearly that indoor meetings are more dangerous than outdoor, the Scottish Government’s Indoor Pubs First, Outdoor Football Last policy would be less confusing.  Not that policy from London is any better; I’m beginning to think the SNP’s strategy of shadowing Boris Johnson’s government on Corona planning is not such a great idea.

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  1. onenightinlisbon on




    You are more forgiving than me pal. I would chase him along the London Road!

  2. In other political news Mark Francois has been replaced as chairman of the ERG.



    Which maybe isn’t surprising, given the rumours.

  3. EL @ 9.31



    So he is the mystery MP?



    As for the ERG — 50% are true believers.


    And 50% are BoJo supporting astroturf.

  4. MADMITCH on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2020 9:34 AM



    I believe there is an injunction, and you wouldn’t want to breach it, even in a specific and limited way.

  5. BURNLEY78



    That must have been tough to post!



    Sincere best wishes to you both and a wee prayer said for a full recovery too!



    God bless.

  6. Burnley 78


    You have not had your troubles to seek lately.


    I pray for the best possible outcome for you and your family. God bless.

  7. So our Glorious Leader believes the solution is daily testing on a massive scale, 3 million a day by December and 6 million a day in the New Year. Costs around £100 billion. (Might be better spent on NHS itself)


    Now while I do not agree with the basic premise of the Exiled Tim’s post of last night on the question of Cui Bono, of such a programme, big Pharma, Corporations etc, he is bang on the money.


    Moonshot or Moonshine?


    I know which one I prefer

  8. EL @ 9.31



    OMG — he could have been my neighbour in the noughties …


    Basildon Tories are a breed apart — even in the right wing swamp that is A127 / commuter Essex.

  9. CM @ 9.46



    The Tory / Treasury / Establishment orthodoxy are happy to spend big bucks so that people can sit in the house.



    They are not happy to spend any kind of bucks to rebuild / expand the NHS to cover for all the gaps and weaknesses that CoViD19 has identified.



    The Moonshot nonsense is more of the same.


    A one time spend that will not increase resources to the NHS in the long term.



    We are in deep doo doo at the moment and BoJo and his austerity Tories can see no other way out — therefore they are happy to add another £100Bill to the debt pile and even more so if they can recycle some of this money into the pockets of their pals.



    To sort this out we are going to need Fever hospitals / Winter Wards / CoViD isolation units / managed quarantine — the problem is that once these units are built the public will expect them to be used every winter when seasonal flu appears and that is not / never will be the Treasury plan.

  10. Arron Hickey Going to Bologna fine that’s his decision,but what gets me about the Scottish Sports Media,is Celtic no matter the good intentions of recruiting or the transfers of footballers this media never print anything positive ,it’s always snide comments like Hickey Snubs Celtic for Bologna or better there than playing at Parkhead what does that tell you .

  11. TIMBHOY2 on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2020 10:00 AM



    ‘what does that tell you .’






    It tells you that Gramsci was right on the money.



    I deeply respect anyone NOT wishing to go to a Pub in these times…but I do wish to “Highlight” some of the COVID Issues that I have recently experienced, and also the “Case” for those of us who enjoy a few Drinks in a Pub….and who do NOT have any family to visit them etc…and the Local Pub is literally the ONLY opportunity for some of us ( including myself) to actually engage in conversation with other folk in Pubs.


    I fully respect anyones decision NOT to visit any pub during this time but please allow me to give you one example of Covid safety rules and how they are being observed in some places…but NOT in others ?



    I go and will continue to go to my local Pub…and other Pubs if need be…especially as my local Pub Staff are doing ALL they can to ensure that they “Enforce” the Law and Rules covering Covid, to the best of their ability………


    On the other hand… I have been in shops recently where there is very little ( If any ?)..safety measures being in place…


    My local newsagent shop just 50 yards from my home… I went in there a couple of weeks ago BEFORE heading to my local Pub across the street…I had taken a Mask with me and put it on BEFORE entering said newsagent shop….there were TWO Female Customers in the small shop….with NO Masks on…and who appeared to having a loud conversation with Two female members of staff behind the Till about ” Dieting” etc.


    While this was going on, the Owner/Manager of the shop was also in conversation with a Rep/Delivery Guy ( two Males)…….NEITHER were wearing a Face Mask.


    I was the ONLY person in that shop who was wearing a mask…so I didnt hang around too long and made my way to my local Pub.


    What a difference..Pub Staff ALL wearing Masks..I had to sign in etc…and staff provided waiting service at my allocated Table, as we are NOT allowed to stand/sit at the Bar. Social distance is in place, as much as possible.


    How can that be possibly FAIR ?



    In other words…I was CLEARLY feeling SAFER in my local Pub than some of the shops that I have been in recently…I believe that I WAS SAFER in my local Pub than that newsagents.


    So for selfish reasons, I will continue to visit pubs….although I do think that its only a matter of time before Pubs are instructed to close again…….and yet shops like my local newsagents will still be allowed to open ?



    That imho, would be a complete joke….and I also believe that another Lockdown will cause more illness and depression amongst folk…including myself…as I live alone….Largely through choice and circumstances.


    Sadly, I also think that the Pub Game is finished…so I am determined to make the best of it while I can……..if that makes me a Bad Guy…then so be it ?



  13. With the st mirren player testing positive I can see further postponements coming our way.


    I’m sure wee Nicola will be berating that player and club in her next press conference

  14. Paul Lambert ,As a football player ok ,as a person I don’t really know,but one thing I seen him doing when heading back to parkhead after training at Barrowfield there was always a crowd of fans me a old Bhoy there hoping to get his autograph,no chance always and I mean always he would just ignore them jump into his car and off he went,I Have never liked him since I seen him do that to the fans,also he wasn’t the only one that behaved that way,as for his comments about Sevco why didn’t he open his mouth back in the day ,instead off today ,and imagine some supporters wanting him to have a coaching job at Celtic, a failure of a coach at every club he has managed,and he can’t put two sentences together when he speaks to the media or even himself,just can’t stand the man,and a Bluenose to.

  15. onenightinlisbon on

    TIMBHOY2 on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2020 10:37 AM



    Totally agree, a badge kisser and journeyman manager of little talent, Must be desperate for cash taking to the Daily Rag….

  16. EL



    Individuals not residing in Scotland



    It is our stated intent that this app should not be used by individuals not residing / present in Scotland. In order to avail of the App’s functionality in terms of exposure notification, it is essential that users are tested in Scotland or by the Lighthouse Labs in the UK, in order for us to be able to deliver authorisation codes in relation to test results. During the on-boarding process, App users are given clear instruction not to use the App if they are not in Scotland, and that the App functionality will not be available to them. As a result, we can accept no liability for anyone ignoring the instruction and using the App improperly.

  17. mm



    Pretty sure that £100 bill could be put to better, but still health related, use.


    Put a classicist in charge, the Corporations will take him (us) to the cleaners.




    So do we need to repel the English in order to protect Scotland?



    And does Sean Clerkin know?

  19. Of course, for what it’s worth, my sympathy and thoughts go out to the family of Burnley 78 and all those who suffered during the Covid crisis.



    But he and TET and Bamboo, amongst others did raise a wider point that, apart from the speculation as to who benefited, deserves a more considered response. Infortunately, I do not have the time to do it justice at the moment, so I wil keep this mercifully brief and just give the outline of my views.



    There is no doubt that the impact of Covid has been less severe than the original projections suggested it could be. What is unknown so far, because of the absence of real comparable data, is whether we were saved from such an impact by our actions and it could have been worse or whether we over-reacted.



    The evidence from Brazil and USA suggest that, where the right-wing view held sway, the death impact was higher and that we did netter by being more cooperative. However, the Swedish experience suggests that being obedient AND keeping things going still manages to ride out the threat too, to an extent. And, the evidence from the really obedient Far East, governmnent controlled as it often is, is that the outbreak centre was quick to both control population movement AND sanitise to the nth degree.



    So, quick answer on who benefits? You could argue that the case has been made for more authoritarian societies but that only applies whilst under the threat of an alien bug. The Chinese authorities have been quick, well quicker than most, to get people back to nearer normal, than we in the West have managed.



    The moneyed elite, the ususal suspects, have been strident in saying get back to work- the risk is minimal, so neither the Capitalists nor the Semi-Totalitarian states are pushing to have extreme restrictions in place for ever and ever.



    So, I’m puzzled as to who is behind any “conspiracy” and why they are behind it. How did they persuade so many independently minded doctors and medical researchers to go along with them. Yes, there are “dissident” medics but they are not being suppressed in their views . You can read them easily but they remain a paplable and measurable minority opinion.



    We do well to question all of this but , while we are open minded, we need some filters to sniff out the facts that don’t fit the big picture.



    Have to go now

  20. Cm @ 11.02



    The main issue with the £100Bill is that it is a one time spend.


    When this is all over there will be nothing left in the public sector to show we spent it.


    That is the Treasury / Establishment plan.



    All this plan does is show how desperate they are.


    They know we are in trouble but through the lens of their ideology this is the best they can come up with.

  21. Sean Clerkin? 🤣😂


    Met him a few times. Guy’s a nutter, though his heart is in the right place.


    The Borrheid madman. 😂

  22. Paul Lambert…a Guy/Player that I greatly admired especially when wearing the Hoops…has now went right down in my estimation…to the bottom of the Pile that contains Nicholas, Walker , Bonnar etc etc.


    Another 1st class Chump !




  23. SFTB @ 11.04



    All CoViD19 has done is shine a very bright light onto the society we live in.



    The hospitals were all too happy to clear the decks and pass the issue onto the care homes.



    Too many GPs were all to quick to stop supporting care homes and phone it in / up the dose / close the door.



    How many organisations are using CoViD19 as the excuse to reduce services and are now very slow to try and get things back to normal?



    The education establishment cancelled the exams in March — no way and see just quick cancel and get a computer to sort it out — what could possibly go wrong?



    The education establishment wanted part time education for a full year in 20/21 and guess what JSw agreed until his boss was shamed into promising something better.



    The whole post 2010 austerity has shown that fewer resources into public services has not generated the response a similar episode did in the 1980’s.



    Then people were concerned and challenged it — now they accept it and just do / expect less.



    TB / GB putting more resources into the public services — 1999 / 2008 — just seemed to generate a mood of uncertainty.



    This is too good for the likes of us / we can’t afford it / other people don’t deserve it — we have stood around like sheep as the poor / the sick / the under employed have been made to pay for the sins of the bankers + spivs.



    And are still paying as the growth that has returned has been syphoned off by the elite and the super rich.

  24. I dread to think what will happen when Universities resume next week. Hope there is no Fresher activities this year.

  25. Further to my Post at 10.17am Today…I would ask others who want the Pubs closed asap…to try and remember that my local Pub ( and other Pubs)…is the ONLY source that I have of meeting and chatting to anyone on a Day to Day basis ?


    I was stuck in my house for over FOUR MONTHS during lock Down, and I only got to speak briefly to some Hospital staff ( when I was in hospital in June), and while I was at home…I dont get visitors apart from a Tesco delivery guy twice a Month, and someone from Boots once a Month delivering my medication….


    I havent forgotten DAVID66 and his visits to me with urgent food supplies.



    I dont drink in the hoose…as I like to get out to a PUB and chat to real folk…2 or 3 times a week…sometimes more depending on my health ?


    IF/When the Pubs are closed again…..its gonna be another nightmare for folk like me.



  26. Big Jimmy


    I am in the exact same position as yourself.


    The mobile phone to family and friends has been my lifeline. Not comfortable about returning to pubs yet though. It is a shit state of affairs, but a risk I am not willing to take yet. Take care and keep safe as possible big yin.