SFL delivers as SPL Ltd facing insolvency


The Scottish Football League today placed an upper limit on which division Sevco can play in next season – their Third.  We must now wait on the company providing sufficient information to complete their application to the SFL and for membership of the Scottish FA.  Although many Rangers fans want Sevco to join the Third Division, chief exec Charles Green was clearly hoping to start life higher up the food chain.

The overwhelming nature of this verdict indicates the solidarity between clubs and fans, throughout the divisions, on how our sport is governed.  This is a good thing but it leaves one burning question on the table:

Is the Scottish Premier League insolvent?

Last week SPL chief exec Neil Doncaster told SFL clubs that the Premier League would be unable to meet its contractual obligations if they did not vote Sevco into the First Division.  Unless this was a shameless lie designed to bully clubs into giving Doncaster what he wanted, the Scottish Premier League Ltd should seek to appoint an administrator without delay.

You can ignore comments about league reconstruction at some unspecified point in the future, Doncaster told us last year that “those who want 16 teams in the top flight are deluding themselves.”

The Scottish Football League does not need the SPL, or its money, to continue to thrive as a community-based sporting entity.  They will flourish.  What happens to the SPL remains to be seen.

As we have observed once or twice before, M. Platini, where are you?  We need the football world to assist with the survival of the game in one of its historic heartlands.

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  1. Kilbowie Kelt on

    Exactly HOW DOES Campbell Ogilvie manage to remain the INVISIBLE MAN as he goes from one shambolic mismanagement to another ?


    Rangers, Hearts, SFA,… have all had been turned into basket-cases by the man who , we are told, is the smartest operator in football.


    Let’s hope that at last he will get his just desserts, before he disappears to UEFA headquarters in Nyon in his ultimate escape plan.

  2. One of the massively frustrating things about Celtic fans is that you can never keep them all happy.


    No matter what the board do a certain portion of the fans will criticise them.


    The number of postings on here criticising the board, jumping to conclusions based on wild speculation and heresay is utterly ridiculous.


    You only have to look back at the days of The Bunnet to see what I mean. Even today many Celtic fans criticise him.


    Fact is, you will never get a perfect board. You will never get a perfect manager.


    I was a bit young to remember but I’d be willing to bet many Celtic fans expressed unhappiness about Big Jock on certain occasions.



    It is a sign of a healthy club that it can withstand criticism, even when it is not merited.



    Fundamental assessment: would you swap our board for the Govan death squad? How many Celtic fans used RFC as a guage during their glory years?


    Is there a single Celtic fan who would do so today?

  3. Kilbowie Kelt on 14 July, 2012 at 11:16 said:


    jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on 14 July, 2012 at 10:38 said:



    Bit late catching up.



    Could,t agree more with you.


    As proud as most and more than some, of my Irish Scottish heritage.


    Howeever we can all do without triumphalist coat trailing.

  4. Pure and simple to the questions of boycotts,having already renewed this years season ticket.If the the SPL becomes so much of a one horse race and we are able to predict with certainty the winners before a ball is kicked and there is is no entertainment value to justify the current price of a season ticket well I am afraid the the renewal of next years 2013-2014 season ticket will be well down the list of my priorities,possibly even binned altogether, and games at Celtic Park will have to be looked at on an individual basis.


    Value for money will dictate to me wether I attend matches in the future……nothing else.

  5. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    So let’s look at the logic from that intellectual giant Gordon Smith.



    The fact that Div 3 clubs voted against Sevco in Div 1 means that they will get no visiting Hun horde revenue because they will be boycotted.



    Contrast that with the option to vote Sevco into Div 1 and then get no visiting Hun horde revenue because they will have been leapfrogged.



    Hmmm – ole Wiggy really makes an erse of himself every time he opens hIs stupid Hun gob doesn’t he?