Shadow of Prodan, Jullien a different type of project


From what I see in photographs, Christopher Jullien, who completed his transfer to Celtic this morning, is 8’6”, chiselled, and already filling the Celtic Park tunnel.  We needed at least one central defender, so I am delighted he is in so early in the transfer window.

Second observation (after his stature): he is not a ‘project’, or at least, he’s an older and more expensive project than we normally buy.  We will continue to sign players for less than €8m, but there is also value in this space.  If this is the new norm, it is where we should be aiming.

Christopher will join Kristofer as our top central defender pairing, but we lost Boyata and Benkovic, so there remains a gap in the squad – perhaps one for a more traditional looking ‘project’.

The shadow of Daniel Prodan lingers in Scottish football.  Prodan was a £2.2m Rangers signing in 1998, but whatever was done at his medical, a knee injury was not diagnosed.  The player never played a game for the club, which was so chastened, it passed up the chance to sing John Hartson a year later.  Hartson had a perfectly good knee, which had recovered from an earlier operation.  Hartson went on to do well elsewhere, including against Rangers, who, having bought Prodan, lost Hartson, then punished by Hartson, were cursed by a unique treble.

Two years ago Celtic signed South African central defender, Rivaldo Cotzee, subject to a medical, which he failed, due to a knee injury.  The player has played only a dozen games since, all in South Africa.

What do we know about knee injuries?  Sometimes they get better, sometimes they don’t.  David Turnbull must now wait for the outcome of an operation next week, which will determine his future in the game.  Let’s hope he makes a full recovery; he was certainly a player I looked forward to seeing at Celtic.

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  1. CATMAN on 29TH JUNE 2019 9:20 AM




    Looking forward to meeting you as well Catman…


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  2. Just read the interview Jullien. He comes across very well. Celtic have been working on this deal for some considerable time. Including Neil travelling to Paris to meet the bhoy and obviously put him in the picture regarding his plans. People need to calm down and appreciate that the days of a rumour on Monday and a back page headline on Tuesday are long gone. I have no doubt Celtic will be working on a few deals some of which might come to fruition.


    I believe that Celtic go about business in a professional manner and it will bear fruit in time. Signing out of contract players and young players is a much simpler task than dealing with transfers in the millions that bring in the quality that we require.

  3. Have Celtic signed anyone yet ?


    Nothing on the BBC sport website, not even 6’5″ or £7m


    Can only assume the hurting Hun editor has something else on today.



    Now I’m in the Don’t entertain any bid for Kieran camp


    Why state Calum not for sale, yet not repeat statement for Kieran


    I know if given a choice which one I would be keeping



    Hail Hail

  4. Have a gut feeling that this will be good transfer window,no hard evidence , just a gut feeling. Hope Kieran stays . He must do what he thinks is best for him and his family. Thanks to Lennybhoy, Catman and Bada for staying ahead of the SSM. H H Hebcelt

  5. Quite a week for Celtic including a sparkling bounce game in our favourite training country, today will be a much tougher test .



    A good CQN source has been told that Celtic have assured David Turnbull that we’ll be back in for him in January, SMSM reaction quoting every anti Celtic source they could muster was inevitable.


    As was BBC’s pig sick reaction to Celtic’s new £7M Centre Back complete with negative form update caveat, the media in Scotland is the manifestation of the legacy left behind with the Gascoigne Laudrup Butcher brigade, they stiffed Scottish Football, whilst dining on succulent lamb.



    Every time Celtic spend record money it’s a dagger through Sevco, with their daisy chain of Bosman’s and a stake through the heart of dead Rainjurz, who died having spent twice as much of somebody else’s.



    I hope we shop in the big league for Mikael Lustig’s replacement, with the resource we now have, squad filling buys are unnecessary, go to a bigger league, pick your targets, get them to come, pay the money, preserve our status.



    Mind the gap CSC

  6. Ill go and have another ‘Luca’ on the BBC sport website


    To see if we have any interest in lighting a wee Connell

  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I don’t fully buy into the decision being all down to the player, the fact that the player is told to negotiate with purchasing team and he is no longer wanted at the club, heaps unfair pressure on a player that loves the club, his choice is basically, stay and cause division or go and have supporters believe it was all his choice which can be easily spun to he didn’t love the club as much as he declared.

  8. Melbourne Mick on




    Brilliant! lighting a wee connell.


    Just watched the bhoy on CTV there, a dream come true , signing


    for such a massive club.


    Glad to see the outside football world knows what a massive club


    lucas like, see what a did there.


    H.H Mick

  9. CanMan et al



    As they sat on the planes….



    ‘Lawell-level lighting will guide you to the exit….’




  10. CELTIC are delighted to announce the signing of highly-rated Republic of Ireland youngster, Luca Connell, who joins the club on a four-year deal.



    The versatile 18-year-old midfielder joins the Scottish Champions after progressing through Bolton Wanderers’ youth ranks before breaking into the senior side during the second half of last season.



    Connell, who was born in Liverpool but is eligible to play for Ireland through his grandparents, put pen to paper at Celtic Park before flying out to join his new team-mates at their pre-season training camp in Austria.



    @ CFC twitter

  11. Melbourne Mick on




    Yes, and your correct, but as far as i’m led to believe his family particularly


    his dad, are no mugs, and despite any spin to the contrary the truth will out


    in this special case.


    As i said ” the board will need to tread warily ”


    H.H Mick

  12. “Why state Calum not for sale, yet not repeat statement for Kieran



    I know if given a choice which one I would be keeping”





    ?Norrie – we’ve ALWAYS known your choice on that one!!!! ?????????❤️

  13. Silver City 1888 on

    The internet is fast moving. Luca Connell’s Wiki page very briefly had him “looking forward to singing the rebs down the Gallowgate with his pals. ” Accuracy was quickly resumed.

  14. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I doubt they would want to cause division and disruption in the club which is the threat the Plc hold over them it would easily be made to look as if they are the problem., forcing the better part of valour decision be made.

  15. To me, the Tierney story is simple enough.



    The club does not HAVE to accept any bid that comes in. But they do have to inform the player when their valuation of said player is met. And after that, the player himself has the decision to make. If Tierney goes I will not like it. Not one bit. Because we will not replace Kieran with anyone remotely as good, and by definition will be weaker on the left side of the pitch.



    But I will not blame only the board for allowing the deal to go through. Like it or not, no player can be sold against his will, it’s as simple as that. Those using the Bobo Balde situation to argue that we are an evil club which will push players out the door isn’t thinking it through.



    What are we going to do if Tierney says “I’m here for ten, and beyond”?



    Drop him? Kieran Tierney? You know what leaving a player to rot in the reserves does to his value, do you?



    It is nonsense to suggest that this is remotely likely. Celtic will offer him a new deal, tie him down on a longer contract than right now, and market the shit out of the fact that we have a world class player in the side who rejected the big money from England and wants to be captain when Brown goes.



    IF Kieran Tierney leaves it will be because Kieran Tierney wants to go, it’s as simple as that. And I would not otherwise allow him to leave for all the money in the world.

  16. Melbourne Mick on




    O.K then, i can see that scenario, then we come back to my original suggestion.


    If Kieran doesn’t want to go anywhere he should just come out and say it


    publicly, then the pressure is on the board.


    H.H Mick

  17. This discussion about KT is a classic CQN argument, everyone actually agrees but let’s fall out about it anyway .


    In the meantime we sign Luca Connell, seems like a nice lad. Good luck to him.

  18. JAMES FORREST on 29TH JUNE 2019 10:09 AM




    Well said mate ..agree 100%


    So much well meaning but ultimately utter nonsense gets spouted .


    The truth is that these things are in contracts and prepared for.


    Celtic will be acting in the best interest of Celtic whilst KT will be acting in the best interest of KT.


    I believe IF a bid is accepted then we will not in any way be pushing KT out the door.


    It has been clear for some time that KT had a rising value .Nobody will be making any panic decisions here and we certainly will not have a Moussa Dembelle toys out the cot type scenario.


    If a bid hits the sweet spot or beyond of what Celtic believe KT is worth then there will be a decision to make for KT because as we know £20-£30 million pound players get paid £20 million pound salaries which are incredibly huge and completely out of what we can pay anyone.

  19. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Agree, it would help if KT repeated his declared love of the club and he is going nowhere but that might conflict with his current contract terms on making public statements. It would also reduce any negotiating leverage they have.

  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Bottom line again, KT has not submitted a transfer request and the Plc are hawking for prices therefore by default they are forcing a decision the bhoy does not want to make.

  21. What would help is the club issuing a hands off warning, they haven’t.


    Those looking to shift the blame-decision to KT need to have a look at themselves, you should try working where you are not wanted.




    Maybe i’m just being naive and things are different now but how do


    i tell a young bhoy who’s parents have just bought him his first hoops top


    after a lot of brainwashing from our young celts, that Arsenal are a bigger


    club than Celtic.






    Morning Mick (always like to say that reminds of crocodile dundee)



    You don’t tell them they are a bigger club than Celtic cos they’re NO.



    They might have more money cos they play in that league but that’s all they’ve got.



    They have never won the big cup and never will. They have never won NINE in a row. ( we are about to do it AGAIN). They have never won a treble never mind a treble treble. The only advantage they will ever have over Celtic is geographical. You will never drive down any random street in the world and see one of their jerseys you will nver walk into a random bar and see more of their shirts than of the FAMOUS GLASGOW CELTIC. We are a big club but in financial terms against enlish teams we lack a bit. That’s why they won’t let us in their league cos they fear the gigantic club we would become.. Imagine that us getting they’re television levels of cash. We would be in the top 5 of the world never mind Britain.



    Love reading your posts keep up the guiness.







  23. If you don’t put in a transfer request,then the player gets a bigger share of the fee,do I think Tierney will go,at 30 million a cert,




    We’re doing no such. It’s nonsense to suggest that we’ve offered Tierney for sale. It’s not down to us that other clubs are interested. All we’ve done is say “If you want to talk to the player, this is the price tag you have to meet, and not a penny less.”



    Beyond that it’s up to KT himself.



    Hawking the player? I see no evidence whatsoever that this is true.

  25. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    So you’ve got KT marked down as a mercenary, when you estimate so little of the boys character then obviously you can have no other conclusion, what do you think the lowest price KT would accept ?

  26. Melbourne Mick on

    Right ghuys and ghals time for my cot, great wee discussions, and all


    very civil, as it should be, personally i don’t see the profit in point


    scoring, we’re all in this together.


    Nets to go up tomorrow morning early, breakfast for a lot of hungry


    bhoys to be put on, thats if we can round them all up after their


    Saturday highjinks.


    Luv it when i’m chapping doors in some obscure location and a hoops


    top emerges dishevelled, and very guilty looking bhoy emerges.


    Am i jealous? you bet i am.


    H.H Mick




    IF Kieran Tierney leaves it will be because Kieran Tierney wants to go, it’s as simple as that. And I would not otherwise allow him to leave for all the money in the world.






    Not being sarcastic James but that’s the first thing of yours I’ve read in a long time I agree with.




  28. Melbourne Mick on




    Thank you Tony, just caught your post before i go .


    You only have to travel a few miles into the bush here, o.k maybe quiet


    a few, and come across a small town which i have done ,and gone into


    the one and only hotel/pub, and there on the wall is a 70’s hoops top.


    Now thats what massive clubs have, big town, small town, worldwide




    Thats our Celtic.


    H.H Mick

  29. It’s always hard to take when our star players leave. I still haven’t gotten over Kenny going to Liverpool. Keiran is in that same superstar bracket and his salary at a top EPL club will be up to £100k per week. None of us would want to deny one of our own the chance to test himself against all these superstars at top wages.


    I love all the chat about us in the EPL with the huge TV cash to splash. If we made a mess of 2 transfer windows in that environment, we would soon be in severe trouble.


    Carefulwhatyouwishfor CSC

  30. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Aston Villa to pay £14mil to Southampton for left back Matt Targett…….me neither, roughly what Arsenal offered for KT….

  31. Hearing we are hopeful of securing another two in by the end of next week, one of whom will be a RB.


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  32. The No.13 Shorts on

    Of course he should be sold. Of course he should want to reach his professional peak. Injuries, hip-operations and being on the end of standard SPL agricultural tackling largely take the option to gamble on a year or two more in Paradise out of the equation. Otherwise Pedro and the Bank Balance (9.p.m. Old Burns Howff. Ticket only) could end up with a Turnbull scenario that would leave everyone; fans, player, and Pedro, with a bitter taste in the mouth.

  33. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    No 13…,


    Flip side of your argument is the team he leads become European Champions, if we’re going to have about what might happen then I’m optimistic if he stays.

  34. Does Celtic have a policy re carbon emissions? It’s only the most important issue facing mankind, and the club should be aiming to become carbon neutral, and encouraging others to do so.