Sky editorial standards. Transfer rules have not changed


Football in Scotland returns in front of full crowds on Monday.  The one wildcard thrown in by the First Minister yesterday is that instead of having to check the vaccine passport status of at least 20% of attendees, they will now be obliged to check at least 50%.  That’s a minimum of 30,000 vaccine checks at Celtic Park on Monday evening.

As we both know, politicians cannot backpedal in a way that looks like they are conceding, so the inevitable delays to fans of all those checks is a small price to pay to get back to following scientific advice.  It will also makes Monday’s game at Celtic Park a new worldwide record since the crisis began.  No event anywhere on the planet has required 30,000 vaccine checks.

One point for Sky Sports to consider.  10 of the 12 Scottish Premiership clubs voted to bring forward the winter break by a week to give fans a chance of attending instead of forcing two rounds of fixtures to be played before only 500 fans.  It was an overwhelmingly popular move that has proven to be wise.

Sky’s match summariser mocked the decision, explaining that the Scottish Government restrictions were likely to be extended, forcing the rearranged fixtures to be played before the same 500 crowd limit.  No one was convinced of his sincerity.  If Sky want to be taken seriously they require higher editorial standards.  Do not take your public for fools.

Our flush and easy January transfer window, which has so far delivered three Japanese players and a teenage Irish striker, hit turbulence yesterday when Middlesbrough attempted to sign Australian international, Riley McGree.

Despite all we have read on our new players from Japan, the only comment on their transfer fees has been surprise at how low they are.  There has been no confirmation they were subject to buy-out clauses, which would explain both the modest prices and the fact that they were all sold at the start of the window, not on the last day.

McGree clearly has no such clause.  Notions that we could get an in-demand player early in the window are fanciful, why would Charlotte sell before they squeezed the last juice from the fruit?  Whatever circumstances lay behind our three Japanese signings last week, they were exceptional.

You buy players early in a window when they have buy-out clauses, are when they are not valued by the selling club or when you patently pay over the odds.  Even the latter is no guarantee you will move the dial early in the window.  Transfer rules have not changed.


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  1. Tom McLaughlin on




    I didn’t know that. There were a lot of Celtic supporters on the seafront but assumed they were visitors like us.



    In one boozer the local neds were jumping around and throwing beer over each other. Near our hotel was a residential children’s home. As we returned to our hotel late at night we had 14/15 year-old girls offering to come to our rooms for money and booze. Pure jailbait.

  2. my garden in my house is an extension of the workspace, and we were just continuing our work outside,


    not a party at all.



    how many of you can



    drink in the workplace during working hours ?


    issue “invitations” to the work outside not an event hppenings.


    just go into work when the clear directive was “work from home” if you can.



    i bet it was claimed on expenses or funded by the tax-payer an awe.

  3. DAVID66 on 12TH JANUARY 2022 5:02 PM





    ‘Why not give boosters on the night/day of games for fans who do not qualify but want to see the game.’






    Because the booster takes a couple of weeks before it’s effective. You’d be as well wiping down fans with the physio’s magic sponge.

  4. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 12TH JANUARY 2022 5:05 PM



    Last I knew they were running a bus to most home games. Might be different now. I think they were mostly expats working in the steel works. A bit like Corby or Barrow in Furness.

  5. Tom McLaughlin on



    re the vaccine passport checking, are they actually checking or just looking at a phone screen before saying next?


    Just a cursory look has been my experience so far. They just checked that I had a passport. No detail was checked. But maybe this time the checkers will have hand-scanners, hence the recruitment drive.



    I say that because if they’re checking for 2 jabs and a booster, you don’t need the booster if your second jab is less than 4 months past. I can’t see checkers looking at dates and mentally calculating time since last jab etc.



    A hand-scanner will do that instantly.

  6. TMcL



    I am not allowed a booster yet due to having the Covid in Nov. Irish Gov site send you an electronic cert for this so I should be OK on 2 Feb. Just to be safe, I’ll have that extra pint in the pub so that the 50% checking is finished!

  7. GREENPINATA on 12TH JANUARY 2022 5:29 PM


    The NHS vaccination app on your phone can only be verified if the checker ask for ID.



    Do you see the day its all self cert and via season ticket?




  8. Douglas Ross has said the prime minister was infact offside and the only decision that can be made is a penalty to rangers.

  9. Oh and another thing Quorn mince is well mince.



    Mrs David66 just made spaghetti bolognese with it and it was pure shoite.



    She means well.



    Oh and I wish I had the bottle to tell her I hate Kale and spinach shakes.






    Laters bhoys



    D :)

  10. DAVID66 on 12TH JANUARY 2022 6:07 PM


    Oh and I wish I had the bottle to tell her I hate Kale and spinach shakes.




    the best way to cook kale is to fry it in a little coconut oil.



    Makes it easer to feck it straight into the bin……….

  11. DAVID66 on 12TH JANUARY 2022 6:07 PM


    Oh and another thing Quorn mince is well mince.




    Sorry mhate but, my wife says “she can’t be cookin it right “….don’t shoot the messenger :O)hh

  12. A quick look at McGree agency might be a clue …..he’s by far their highest profile player in the agency…and most valuable by a distance!!!……cash in time

  13. Tom McLaughlin on

    From what I can see, McGree has NOT turned his back on Celtic.



    Celtic offered £3m which was accepted. Middlesbrough subsequently offered £3.5m which is now obviously Charlotte FC’s preferred option.



    The player can of course refuse to go to Boro, but not a lot of reasons why he should.



    Celtic have the option to match or better Middlesbrough’S offer, but would we want to get involved in an auction?



    Anyway the point is, McGree has not snubbed Celtic as has been widely reported.

  14. INIQUITOUSIV on 12TH JANUARY 2022 5:01 PM



    Defoe leaves Sevco. Zombie club to bring back Itten.



    *he came over here to a great fanfare, ads all over the tele telling us “its a bloody great deal”, it was for him, he agreed to a four-year deal worth between £68,000–90,000 per week.



    They had been pursuing him for almost 5 months and even brought local celebrity Drake, who allegedly his mum was a big fan of, to call him several times in an effort to have him cross that big pond out there.



    He spent a lot of time in the sick room, only playing 19 games with 11 goals the fans started to get disenchanted with him, less than a year later he was on Wearside with Josy Altidore, who so far has stated 139 games scoring 62 goals, going the other way.



    Like the wee trackie seller, he is persona non grata over here.

  15. AT,



    I don’t think any vaccination status will go on Season Tickets. The majority of the population will be fully vaccinated in the near future.


    One week ago 90% of over 12’s in Scotland had the 1st jab. 90% had the 2nd jab. The 3rd jab numbers are steadly increasing.



    However under 12’s generally will not be vaccinated so risk will always be there.



    Many if not most employers are now asking about vaccination status. They want their employees vaccinated.


    My company ask about vaccination status, and although it’s not ( yet ) compulsory there are differing rules for fully vaccinated and non vaccinated employees who test positive.



    No matter what we will have to live with this endemic, but the overwhelming people attending games will have protection.



    Vaccination status will not appear on football season tickets the same way it will not appear on train season tickets.






    PS : I hope and trust that all our players will be fully vaccinated. Its an absolute disgrace the hypocrisy of Downing Street, I trust Celtic to be better.

  16. Guys thanks for the tips.



    Unfortunately I dont have the bottle to throw the kale shake in the bin, but that was funny.



    Or I dont have the bottle to tell her about her cooking skills. To be fair she said the Quirn was shoite so we wont be having it again…yippee.. I await her next healthy eating experiment or maybe I’m the experiment.. :)




    I see big Julienne played a closed doors game.



    D :)

  17. Iniqutous nd Coney…….



    ” can it put out fires?”







  18. even ange gets somethings wrong 0









    Jan 11


    “As I said after the St Johnstone game, we won, but I didn’t really enjoy the game, and I don’t think anyone does.


    I don’t think there would be a football club around the world or a football player who wants to play in empty stadiums.”


    Ange Postecoglou

  19. I read that Joe Aribo,a player I like,according the SMSM ,absolutely dazzled in Africa.Everyone was talking about his performance.Outshone Mo Salah.The gushing was endless.He even had an assist for a goal!!!!!!!!,there ye are.Wonder what this is all leading to?

  20. Gp


    Sound post mate,am no coming from the political angle and I agree that’s just chaos,what am fishing more for is could we do more,say as individuals.



    Just say I volunteer my info to share with Celtic


    -specific to what Celtic need to comply with law.


    Ie 2jabs + booster.dates time type etc as database attributes.


    – bosh my covid pass is on my SB.entry is smooth


    -or Celtic membership card.



    Ach maybe thinkin oot loud.





  21. An Tearmann on 12th January 2022 8:09 pm



    Ones personal Health records should always be protected.



    The sooner these Emergency Powers (lol) are binned the better.



    This particular Pandemic (the next one is in the post) is in its last stages, IMO, and all these Laws should then be repealed. There is no way that is gonnae happen.



    You are being Raped systematically of your Freedoms. Welcome to the Way of the Dragon.



    And the Dragon isnae good.



    I know this is my Last Season @ Celtic Park as they will incorporate vaccine status (unbelievable people are Welcoming this) into next Seasons ST.



    It’s only and All about Control.



    !!BADA BING!! on 12TH JANUARY 2022 8:44 PM





    Does Peter Lawwell count?




    Worth every penny !



    fightinanemptyhoose c.s.c

  23. I was in Hartlepool once.



    It was a night out to Cameron’s Brewery.



    Can’t remember anything of the town and can’t remember anything of the night although I was subsequently told it was a good one.

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