Slavia coach and players delighted at prospect of facing Celtic


Slavia Prague manager and players were delighted with yesterday’s Champions League qualifier draw.  Boss Jindrich Trpisovsky, said:

“If Celtic advance [against Cluj], which I hope they do, I will be very satisfied.

“Of the four likely teams we could face, I really wanted Celtic.  From a sporting perspective, Copenhagen was the most acceptable draw, but I had Celtic in first place, because it is Scotland, a great atmosphere.”

Captain, Milan Skoda, added: “I am happy with the lottery for the first time in my life.  I’m glad to get Celtic or Cluj.  I know these will be tough matches, whether we get one or the other, but in the third qualifier double header, I believe in Celtic.

“I don’t know if it is better for the first leg to be away from home but it paid off to start at home a few times in the past.”

Right back, Vladimir Coufal, said: “The draw was fantastic for me, a lot of us wanted Celtic.

“We would play in the UK again.  Unfortunately, I missed the game against Chelsea [last season].  If Celtic progress, it would be fantastic.

“There will be something unbelievable in Celtic Park, one of the best atmosphere in the world.  That would be a holiday for all.  So we will definitely be cheering for Celtic. I believe in them more than Cluj, even though I don’t know what to expect from Cluj.”

“We will try to get good result in the away leg and afterwards we will have a full stadium at home. If we advance to the Champions League, it will be something fantastic to celebrate with our fans. I think we definitely have a chance to advance, like Ajax.”

This is all very respectful, but you can be sure that having disposed of Sevilla, Bordeaux and Belgian league winners, Genk, Slavia will fancy their chances.  There is work to do.


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  1. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Gotta get past Cluj first. Probs a technically good side with a lot of self awareness and strategic know how but,we gots Lennie.

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    Congratulations to WEEBGFC, perhaps your Da will let have your own signon to CQN😱😂👍

  3. When I was at school I was a straight ‘A’ student.


    Average in most and Awful in the rest



    Well done wee bgfc

  4. BGFC


    Hope wee George isnae sittin’ his driving test soon, after watchin’ you make kick off on Saturday 😂


    Seriously, Well done pal – You should be proud.



  5. SMSM going into overdrive.Dragged out some never heard of mouthpiece to slaughter,Midgie land,and our ex-Centre half.”Sevco have no worries beating them.”.


    We,on the other hand,whooooooooooah,we are really up against it.”They know everything about us”.Their fans are wonderful,you know those fans with hundreds of Pyros?.



  6. quadrophenian on



    Should we feel for the Romanian sub-titler on tonights news clip !!


    WeeBeeGee; well done for your positive results; now onto our own Clujian test tomorrow.

  7. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    My brain is still in ‘BR euro mode’ – but g ask for Lennie to turn our awful recent form in Europe around so quickly but for fugg me he’s got them purring already

  8. After all that life threatening, (Ahem) crush,at the weekend,some Hun has demanded that “McDiarmid park should be closed until they can get their ticketing right”


    Bet that was a wasted trip.

  9. I think we should feel for Uber Tim,Paul the Tim,as Pog is on TV,and he isnae.


    A disgrace A tells ye.

  10. Wee BGFC


    Who`s a clever bhoy then?


    Very well done , indeed.





    PS I am with those who think you deserve your own Blog name now. Any suggestions. anyone ( Apart from TBB`s AAAAABGFC)?

  11. Arsenal are cutting it neat for buying Kieran Tierney and hopefully too neat, considering SMSM told us the deal was done, months ago.



    Window about to slam shut, and it looks like they’ll need to pony up the right money, or shuffle off, and buy a player they really want.



    What a boost it would be for our second nine in a row, if the player was still a Celt come Friday morning, ready to take his rightful place in the Celtic festival of fun.

  12. Anyone know how many sevco players were booked after running into the crowd?


    Hasn’t there been a problem recently with fake tickets at sevco away games? Seem to remember a game at tyncastle where this happened and led to crowds outside after kickoff

  13. Maybe it’s the cynic in me but if we are to believe all this flattery coming from Prague before either team have even negotiated the current round of two matches, could be a ploy to take our eye off the ball. Perhaps Slavia would really fancy their chances against the Romanians.



    Cluj people are also labelling Celtic an aggressive crowd of cluggers and this is probably a ploy to get the referee onside or East European dark arts at play. We wait and see.

  14. Fool Time Whistle on

    Koscielny of Arsenal sold to Bordeaux.



    Will this free up wages to buy other players….



    Arsenal also stopped talking to Leipzig after they quoted silly money (50million) for their right back.




  15. Fool Time Whistle on

    In case we all think that it’ll be only fun and games in Romania..



    Universitatea Craiova of Romania have been penalised bub Uefa for the conduct of their fans at the Europa Q game last Thursday. The referee was struck by object and couldn’t finish the game and game was delayed 30 minutes.



    Craiova won on penalties against Honved….






    Take care out there Pog and all other Tims.




  16. FTW


    I read that and the stadium will be closed for 2 games – contrast that with newco fans hitting linesman with a coin mmmmmm

  17. Brilliant WEE BGFC, well done. Always loved your posts the pure lack of cynicism and just absolute love & support of the team was like a breath of air to the Blog. Now that you are officially a genius I hope the posts keep coming and you don’t start to over complicate them.

  18. FOOL TIME WHISTLE on 6TH AUGUST 2019 3:12 PM



    People who report on Arsenal regularly say that the priority is a new CB



    They do still want Tierney as well. But the CB is the most pressing issue.



    They do also have a few who they hope to offload (Mustafi, Chambers, Jenkinson etc.)

  19. TAL


    Apparently he’s very good with the tactics white board and colouring crayons.




  20. The thing is, all it takes is an Arsenal club source giving an anonymous report that they are “confident” the deal will get done and it’s “close”



    That suddenly becomes fact and Arsenal fans flood twitter acting like its done. Loads of them have KT as their avatar!



    Arsenal have a lot of work to do in two days. It’s possible KT will leave but its no more likely than when the window first opened.



    Celtic will sell for the right price but Arsenal have to be prepared to pay it. Celtic are in no rush.

  21. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I don’t think Slavia are being loudmouthed or anything. They only enter the draw at the play-off stage, so unlike us, are not being presumptive, before the event.


    At the media scrum after the draw, their manager/staff/players (or whoever represented them) would have been bombarded with loaded questions, from representatives of the struggling gene pool that is the MSSM.


    “Which team would you like to play?”


    Well 2/1 shot it’s us.


    “Can you beat them?”


    eh… “Aye”


    Oor papers then turn that into headlines like…


    “We want Celts, as we’ll stuff them, they’re diddies”


    Respecttheopponent CSC



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