Slavia coach and players delighted at prospect of facing Celtic


Slavia Prague manager and players were delighted with yesterday’s Champions League qualifier draw.  Boss Jindrich Trpisovsky, said:

“If Celtic advance [against Cluj], which I hope they do, I will be very satisfied.

“Of the four likely teams we could face, I really wanted Celtic.  From a sporting perspective, Copenhagen was the most acceptable draw, but I had Celtic in first place, because it is Scotland, a great atmosphere.”

Captain, Milan Skoda, added: “I am happy with the lottery for the first time in my life.  I’m glad to get Celtic or Cluj.  I know these will be tough matches, whether we get one or the other, but in the third qualifier double header, I believe in Celtic.

“I don’t know if it is better for the first leg to be away from home but it paid off to start at home a few times in the past.”

Right back, Vladimir Coufal, said: “The draw was fantastic for me, a lot of us wanted Celtic.

“We would play in the UK again.  Unfortunately, I missed the game against Chelsea [last season].  If Celtic progress, it would be fantastic.

“There will be something unbelievable in Celtic Park, one of the best atmosphere in the world.  That would be a holiday for all.  So we will definitely be cheering for Celtic. I believe in them more than Cluj, even though I don’t know what to expect from Cluj.”

“We will try to get good result in the away leg and afterwards we will have a full stadium at home. If we advance to the Champions League, it will be something fantastic to celebrate with our fans. I think we definitely have a chance to advance, like Ajax.”

This is all very respectful, but you can be sure that having disposed of Sevilla, Bordeaux and Belgian league winners, Genk, Slavia will fancy their chances.  There is work to do.


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  1. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    I did a double take masel 😂. Ye got plenty Efes in for later?


    Andwhenthemusicstops CSC



  2. Greetings from a sunny Cluj. Possible high of 31*C today. I had a great day out yesterday with my Bhoys and the oldest lad’s girlfriend. We went for a fantastic meal and ended our night at Tim Central aka O’Peters Irish Bar. Great atmosphere and the waitresses were excellent. Also a big Hail! Hail! to my oldest lad’s friend Marius – a local lad who started supporting Celtic when we stopped the hun 10 IAR attempt. This Bhoy is a legend.



    Excerpt from a Daily Express article today. Usual guff trying to belittle the 9iar achievement if we do it, but encouraging reference to the L word, and the “Relegation” lie…




    “…Celtic’s run of dominance has in part been down to Rangers’ liquidation and reformation, the latter of which meant they had to start at the bottom tier of the Scottish football pyramid.”



    Allihaveisaredguitar3chordsandthetruth CSC









    PMSL here – on what is fortunately an old sofa!



    So it was a ‘Reformation’ now was it! How gorgeously Protestant in tone!!


    The irony of the zombies spawning thus, yet refuting the concept of transubstantiation!



    Bitter huns, desperately clinging to their white trash supremest narratives.



    HH jg

  4. Not big on statements but surely the club should be asking for clarification on the “running to the fans “ booking. Leaving it up to the referee’s discretion seems to result in Celtic players punished 100% of the time and sevco players rarely booked.


    Compare and contrast similar situations at rugby park.


    Last season Scott Brown scores a late winner, runs to the crowd, is booked and subsequently sent off – no complaints.


    At the weekend sevco score a late winner, three players run to the crowd, no bookings, why not?


    The reason for the punishment is that running to the crowd could encourage fans to run on to the pitch. This is exactly what happened whereby making the lack of punishment even more baffling. Let’s get clarification!



    Plenty.I have to go through the usual of sitting out with the Mrs TB on the terrace,with a couple of Pink Gins,yesI like,so Efes will start around 8.Problem here is the 2 hour time difference.I am usually pissed by half time.The one eye second half routine.






    A disgrace that none of them were booked.I mentioned this at the time.They had actually jumped the wall into the crowd.You just know this season we will get a good few booked for smiling at the support.

  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 7th August 2019 6:49 am





    Many in the Newco support are literally baying for Catholic blood from the word go, audibly so.


    They care not for the Catholics in their own club. “F*** the Pope” is their mantra they want heard, backed up by their favourite players, caught off guard often enough.


    National newspapers such as The Herald and Daily Record have now been reduced to playing the Orange Card in cahoots on the first weekend of the season.

  7. Show of hands.Would you rather have Andy Carroll,or Andy Cameron,playing up front.




    Did you ever read such bollox.

  8. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Right Mrs H is away Dan sarf for the week, so I’m heading oot to get some beer in for later.


    Hopefully celebrating rather than drowning my my sorrows.




    Hail Hail



  9. Pog



    Have you seen the warnings about swapping scarves, the Polis, taxis and those lovely waitresses who are surely eyeing up the big bulge in your jeans?



    Keep your hand on your wallet, mate!

  10. Come On Eileen’ reached number one closer to the end of the Second World War than to today.



  11. This article, from the `impartial` BBC, shows why I believe there is little need for negativity on here as the MSSM in Scotland provide more than enough of that.


    The article MIGHT not be blatant but it certainly does not promote Celtic, Scotland`s representatives in the CL:





  12. prestonpans bhoys on

    The Danes have put on a few extra security measures for the visit of the Hun but don’t expect any trouble, oh dear😵

  13. traditionalist88 on

    BOGNORBHOY on 7TH AUGUST 2019 11:01 AM


    Come On Eileen’ reached number one closer to the end of the Second World War than to today.





    Perspective eh.



    I once read that the first dinosaur to become extinct was about 170m years ago and that given the dinosaurs were wiped out in their entirety ~65m years ago, that means the last group of dinosaurs to roam the planet were closer to being alive today and seeing us pump Cluj than they were when their ancestral cousins first walked the earth.



    Although having seen and heard the huns at Kilmarnock you could be forgiven for thinking the last of them are still clinging on to life,




  14. Bognorbhoy



    That makes feel really. As does the scenario when think the me commending 80s music to my kids is chronologically akin to my parents trying to get into Glen Millar!



    HH jg 🙈👴🏻

  15. prestonpans bhoys on 7th August 2019 11:04 am




    The Danes drove most of their Catholics into the sea during the Reformation.

  16. glendalystonsils on




    Our media are always keen to talk up our opponents whether it’s a domestic or European game coming up .


    It’s always what ‘ (insert name) must do /aim to do etc to end Celtic’s domestic /European (delete as appropriate) run/hopes. Leading up to the Cluj game and beyond to Slavia though , it has been unprecedented.

  17. HOT SMOKED on 7TH AUGUST 2019 11:02 AM


    This article, from the `impartial` BBC, shows why I believe there is little need for negativity on here as the MSSM in Scotland provide more than enough of that.






    Can’t see what’s the issue. Point of the article is to give insight into Cluj and a couple of their players. The same type of thing you’d find in the match programme.



    “If it comes down to pure quality, Celtic, fresh from a 7-0 win against St Johnstone in Saturday’s Premiership opener, should have more than enough to win this over the two legs.”

  18. mullet and co 2 on

    Reading an exchange between John Bradshaw and a Rangers fanatic on Celtics Liam facility on twitter.



    Celtic’s loan is £9m which had cost Celtic £540k to service up to July.



    Rangers guy argues if we have all that cash at the bank why would we continue to pay £540k to service the loan. John argues it may have been renegotiated.



    My view is that it may have been renegotiated to fit a a zero net cost risk by balancing the interest earned from cash at the bank with the loan facility percentage fee. If Celtic earn 2% interest on cash this means there is a potential net profit between the loan facility and the interest on cash at the bank.



    The reason for keeping the loan is to service the cash flow over the year rather than dipping into cash at the bank.



    So if we paid of the loan our cash could drop to say £20m. If we then use that to service cash flow the cash at the bank will fluctuate down to a presumed £11m if the £9m loan is there to managed cash flow peaks and troughs. Doing that means the interest earned would be say 2% of £15m = £300,000.



    Whereas keeping cash at the bank at £30m and using the loan for cash flow bets about £60k.



    I don’t know how much the club earn in interest from cash at the bank to rationalise this- does anyone have that info?



    I would have thought Celtic would have been looking to renegotiate the loan fee to say 4% and hit closer to 2.5% to make the continuation of the loan stack up?

  19. Aniother day older.



    Another day closer to the likelihood of an O”Donnell and McKenna double swoop.

  20. mullet and co 2 on

    Just to add to my last post, if we get £25m for Tierney I imagine we maintain a net cash figure of £40m after the close of the transfer window.



    Accounts will be interesting in revealing what the future is for the club.

  21. El Paso’s congresswoman said Trump “put the target on our back.” She’s skipping his visit.

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