Slavia coach and players delighted at prospect of facing Celtic


Slavia Prague manager and players were delighted with yesterday’s Champions League qualifier draw.  Boss Jindrich Trpisovsky, said:

“If Celtic advance [against Cluj], which I hope they do, I will be very satisfied.

“Of the four likely teams we could face, I really wanted Celtic.  From a sporting perspective, Copenhagen was the most acceptable draw, but I had Celtic in first place, because it is Scotland, a great atmosphere.”

Captain, Milan Skoda, added: “I am happy with the lottery for the first time in my life.  I’m glad to get Celtic or Cluj.  I know these will be tough matches, whether we get one or the other, but in the third qualifier double header, I believe in Celtic.

“I don’t know if it is better for the first leg to be away from home but it paid off to start at home a few times in the past.”

Right back, Vladimir Coufal, said: “The draw was fantastic for me, a lot of us wanted Celtic.

“We would play in the UK again.  Unfortunately, I missed the game against Chelsea [last season].  If Celtic progress, it would be fantastic.

“There will be something unbelievable in Celtic Park, one of the best atmosphere in the world.  That would be a holiday for all.  So we will definitely be cheering for Celtic. I believe in them more than Cluj, even though I don’t know what to expect from Cluj.”

“We will try to get good result in the away leg and afterwards we will have a full stadium at home. If we advance to the Champions League, it will be something fantastic to celebrate with our fans. I think we definitely have a chance to advance, like Ajax.”

This is all very respectful, but you can be sure that having disposed of Sevilla, Bordeaux and Belgian league winners, Genk, Slavia will fancy their chances.  There is work to do.


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  1. Fool Time Whistle on

    It’s all kicking off in Salonika.



    The home team lead 2-1 against Ajax, having gone a goal down first.



    42 minutes gone and it could easily be 4-1.



    Interesting political banner too right across from the tunnel..


    “Macedonia is one and only and it’s here.”


    Will Uefa stand up and take action?



    In true Glasgow Fair fortnight tradition there are thousands in full ‘”aps aff” regalia.


    All of them leaping aboot haff nekid….



    There WILL be a red card in this game too – simulation abounds..




  2. Parkhead, Think that is why Man City didn’t sign him. The consensus at the time was that Scotland was not as strict as down South, & Celtic stood a fair chance of getting a visa.

  3. Celtic Colts, Team for to nights game against Queens Park: Mullen, Coffey, Church, Deas, Welsh(c), Connell, Miller, Robertson, Aitchison, Henderson & Oko-Flex (4-1-2-1-2). Subs: Hughes, Paterson, Burt, Harper, Savoury, Mazis & McBride

  4. Fool Time Whistle on

    Oh by the way…



    when you see the pix from Badabings link you’ll notice that none of the taps aff brigade in Salonika could be elgible for the Newco wummins team.



    Lads only it seems.

  5. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I admit I haven’t seen Cifuentes play, but having viewed a few sources online, I read that he is quoted as being between 1.75 to 1.78 metres. The higher figure there converts to 5’ 10”. He looks a fairly slim build, not exactly a beast.


    How exactly do the Wanyama comparisons apply? Is it because he has a hardman haircut? Some on here called N’tcham a “beast” before he arrived. I think he’s fairly lightweight, but again his photo looked hard (Sandman’s M’f**r).


    Are we judging players on their passport photos now? Not exactly the cutting edge of Sports Science 😃



  6. CELTIC are delighted to announce that talented young goalkeeper, Vincent Angelini, has signed his first professional contract with the club.



    Vincent has come through the Celtic Youth Academy’s successful partnership with St Ninian’s High School, Kirkintilloch, which he has been part of for the past four years.



    Vincent, who is the grandson of Celtic legend, Davie Hay, will be part of the 18s squad.

  7. Hearty Congratulations to WeeBGFC on another set of outstanding results, and to everyone else receiving envelopes, texts, mails, pigeons and mindmeld messages about their exams today


    There are no failures, just greater or lesser degrees of success 👍🍀

  8. Re: Cifuentes



    All Ecuadorians play at a higher level than Scottish players so a Visa shouldn’t be a problem

  9. glendalystonsils on

    Re Cifuentes , I read somewhere that his agent is demanding 40% of transfer fee which could turn that £3m up to £5m . Could be a sticking point.

  10. A wee story from my holiday this year ………When we were in the small town of Vinales, Cuba we met up with our guide for the day ( Alex) at the local hotel. He had previously been a cyclist for Cuba and then became a local sports journalist and had an interest in football especially Barcelona along with many other international sports. When I mentioned Glasgow Celtic and that they had won the European Cup in 1967 he immediately came back at me with the name McNeill. He then went on to mention 4 players he liked from the team in the 2003 final including of course Henrik Larsson. By the end of the guided tour this larger than life guy from a small town of 10,000 had impressed us with his local, international & sporting knowledge throughout the day. Alex has never traveled beyond Cuba and my parting gift to him was my Celtic Seville top which he was ecstatic to receive …….. hopefully one more fan for the hoops.

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Glen D- i think there’s a lot of 3rd party ownership issues, with guys from South America, a bit messy.

  12. The little shit Nevin being exactly what he has always been… a little shit!


    On Sky News, as a side issue, opining about the “relationship” between Celtic boys club


    and Celtic FC. A smarmy failure and a disgrace.



    A wee fanny.







  13. Celtic Colts take a one nil lead against Queens Park. Only 15 minutes gone and anything can happen but Queens Park were generally expected to be a way too strong for them. Aitchison the scorer. COYBIG

  14. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hello this is WEE BGFC. Since a dinnae huv tae sound lik a cliver guy anymare, im givin ma spellin a day aff. :)


    However, in the interest of sounding sincere,



    Thanks to everyone who has said they were thinking about me and giving congratulations, it means a whole big lot of green niceyness to me. :))



    God bless you all and all the other exam guys.





    (soon to be free) WEE BGFC

  15. Fool Time Whistle on

    So the EPL window has closed.



    I assume Arsenal and aothers there can still deal with other countries while their windows are still open?



    Unsure CSC

  16. When a window closes it means Clubs in that League cannot register any new signings, they are still free to sell players to other Countries whose windows are open.


    After Thursday no EPL or Championship team can buy players but they can continue to sell them.

  17. Fool Time Whistle on

    Thanks Corkcelt.



    After 14 years living in America I still read the bloomin dates in old money.



    8.6.19 still confuses my old brain.



    Calendar CSC

  18. Neustadt-Braw on

    (soon to be free) WEE BGFC



    smiley do you know something ithers dinae? thing



    Saor Alba





  19. Freddiebhoy – nice wee story.



    I wonder how many of us have let locals know about the Famous Glasgow Celtic on our travels around the globe???






    D. :)

  20. WEE BGFC..



    Congrats on your exam results, mind bumping into you and your dad in Munich before the game., if memory serves me right.



    Keep the heid screwed on and mind all us auld codgers when you make your first million. HAIL HAIL. ☘️☘️

  21. Fool Time Whistle on

    Neil Lennon in his media session in Cluj was stumped by this question from a Romanian lady journo.



    “Do you have the first chance?”


    Whit he replied



    “Do you the first chance?”


    First chance at whit? he replied.



    Lady asked the same question again with man speaking over her and Neil’s translator mumbling


    “Are you favourites?”



    That Google translate is no use from Romanian to English its eems.


    She was probably swatting up all night to get her one question right and relied on Google to translate it for her.



    Neil’s final answer was “I don’t know I’m not a bookie.”



    The lady journo went back to Google to translate Neil’s answer into something she could use.


    She found out that he did a Cantona on her.


    “I am not a book.” is how she took it.



    Puzzled CSC

  22. FTW


    Coincidentally, I have just this minute Googled an English to Romaian message to put on a wee present : For your daughters on Thursday.


    I hope that doesn`t morph into something libelous !!




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