So which journos were secretly being paid by Oldco?


How many people working as ‘journalists’ in Scottish football were secretly on the payroll of Oldco Rangers (or Rangers International, for that matter)?  Is this common practice in newspapers, did the Daily Record know about it? Wonder how they will play the news story…

Any suggestions as to who else might’ve been on the oldco/Sevco payroll?  Any ex-Celtic players?

Most of us have spent the last season trying to value Victor Wanyama.  If he goes, it’s important we achieve as high a price as possible, not for the money itself, but Victor’s value will be reflected in the value of the rest of the squad – and it’s important we move our player trading up the food chain.

SPL football doesn’t count towards a valuation but the Champions League does, and Victor’s five group games (less so the Juventus games) are the basis of whatever figures will be offered.

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Delighted Celtic are hosting a charity match in September for Stiliyan Petrov’s new charity foundation. The player has undertaken a remarkable fight over the last year or so and is an example to many.

Heart of a Lion:

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  1. What is now the lowest division in Scottish Senior football? If Hearts go into liquidation and the the “Phoenix” club apply to join the new SPFL, what league will they be admitted to?

  2. unionbearBhind on



    10:23 on


    24 June, 2013


    DR…………………………..Sevco 5088 set to play Sevco 5089 in money spinning zombie





    CashGenerators CSC



    would have to be a charity benefit




  3. Lionsroar67


    The SFA can rightly say they are bound by the clubs but they can show leadership by suggesting other ways to address the problem.


    A new rule that requires a potential owner to place say £x million based on a ratio to a clubs turnover in escrow as a bond before matters get too far would sort out genuine football men with the resources from the spivs.


    The conditions are now right to do something on those lines.


    And dont get me started on club licensing! Its not something that first turned up in 2010 and the SFA do have the power not to grant a licence.


    They were forced into using it in 2012 when Rangers by that time in April already in administration failed on a number of grounds to qualify for one. Even had Rangers come out of administration by the start of next season and stayed in the SPL the SFA could not have granted a club licence and it would have been interesting to see what contortion of the rules that would have produced to let them play in Scotland. Lucky for the SFA Rangers got liquidated.


    Rather than apply the rules the SFA did all they could to keep Rangers going and here is the key point, at the expense of other clubs.


    The SFA do have powers they have been reluctant to use but have neglected to weild.


    There was nothing to stop them making a licence conditional on a club cutting its cloth and allowing a couple of seasons to get their costs down.


    Nope the SFA failed the clubs and failed themselves and it is interesting they have come out with this defense as it means they are finally under attack in the mainstream and feel vulnerable.

  4. lionsroar,



    Totally agree.


    What I was trying to convey was that the bottom line, after all the shennigans, was that the SFA did not, have still not, applied the rules of their own Association.



    I take your point re the seeking of copy approval culture that has become evident.



    On the positive side, I have a feeling that the weight of Charlotte’s revelations will resonate within the game.



    There may not be any public acknowledgment of their effect, but, it will not only the bampots who are reading them.



    The scope of the material in his/her possession nows includes the transcripts of the FTT tribunal.



    There are more smoking guns here than there were at the Siege of the Alamo.

  5. Via twitter



    @scotzine @007bhoy I find the Orange Order repulsive and offensive yet there’s seems no need for a bill to curtail them. Hypocrisy?

  6. A trip to Wales would be good.



    FH Hafnarfjördur (Iceland), The New Saints (Wales), Sligo Rovers (Republic of Ireland), Cliftonville (Northern Ireland), Daugava Daugavpils (Latvia) or Nomme Kalju (Estonia).

  7. So the old Rangers didn’t pay Hearts the full money for Wallace and they’re now in trouble and now they won’t help them in a friendly.



    Whatever happened to the word DIGNITY ? :))

  8. Ciarán Ó Raghallaigh @Ciaran_O


    Sligo hosting Celtic in 125th year since a Sligoman helped put 1st team on the pitch in Glasgow would be a great story (& cash for Sligo.)

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    thomthethim 10:46



    Charlotte’s transcript of Murray at the FTT blows Nimmo and Bryson out of the water. eg



    1. By making contributions to the Trust, the company would be able to contribute a larger amount than an equivalent bonus or salary payment as no income tax or national insurance contributions would be deducted.




    2. I think it was a method of us acquiring, especially football wise, better players in a more cost effective manner than we would be able do so.




    3. As a club, we have been very successful, because we’ve been able to attract players of a certain standard that, perhaps, we may not have been able to do otherwise.

  10. KevJungle


    10:15 on


    24 June, 2013




    narrowly avoided being pushed over that collapsing wall, biggest cheer was when some of the horses came back towards the stadium minus their riders!

  11. Saint Stivs



    Great wee video clip. Reminds me of a day about 3 years ago. I had just received some bad news and was walking along the road feeling a bit down. I saw Steve Chalmers walking with his dog towards me. We do not know each other, although my mum knows him through the Church. As we passed, I said, “Hello, Mr Chalmers, I was feeling quite low just now, but seeing you has just given me a boost. Thanks for Lisbon.” He answered, “That’s great, son. No bother.” And we went our separate ways.

  12. Aberdeen,



    Stewary Milne now making a serious investment and attempt with Aberdeen to make them second team in Scotland. Decent signings and am i right in saying that second place this year gives you CL qualifiers?



    Good to see Aberdeen competing at the top again

  13. During last year’s ‘no to newco’ I joined Twitter just to get as much up to date information as possible. Along the way you get a good insight into what fans of other clubs actually think.



    In my youth I was a fully paid up subscriber to the theory that everyone in Scotland supported Celtic or Rangers. Some had a different club they actually went to see on a Saturday but when push came to shove they supported one or the other, really.



    The reality is that’s mince. There’s a vibrant disdain for both! I’ve known that for longer than the newco debacle but social media gives a great insight and affirmation that in fact the Scottish game would thrive with fair competition. A Premier League without Celtic would actually be fantastic and played to full houses, I truly believe that.



    Ross County went from 3rd bottom to joint second in a 4 week spell in January. Both highland clubs flirted with Champions League football. Incredible just to imagine that. Motherwell went on a fantastic charge, Hibs had their moments that threaten a renaissance, St Mirren won a cup and sent their fans delirious and Dundee United stole a top 6 place dramatically and again give their fans hope for next season. Aberdeen have fans bursting to back their team and may get what they deserve with new management, and St Johnstone dug in and got that last European spot. All that went on with one other team dominating the league and winning the Scottish Cup with a fanbase and budget that exceeds the aggregate of all the others.



    Many of us still rank teams by their hun factor. Hearts get almost full marks, next comes Kilmarnock for many. My experience is different. My big mate is a Killie fan through and through. A non RC, went to St Michael’s, Kilwinning becasue it was next door to his house, not a bigoted bone in his body, nor his dad’s, or uncles who all attend the games, nor his pals who I had the pleasure of getting blotto with in the Claremont. Just got a text that his dad died last night, a long fight with cancer. Last I heard was a couple of months back. He knew the day was coming and wanted one last trip to Rugby Park if the doctors and his back support and wheelchair could get him there. I don’t know if he got there, will find out shortly. Killie meant as much to him as Celtic does to us.



    The point being Scotland is full of football fans who eat and breathe the sport and their club, and not the traditional big 2.



    The messages of support from the official twitter feeds of every SPL Club to Celtic while in Europe were heartening. Celtic’s guard of honour to St Mirren was a nice touch.



    The “Armageddon” message is the biggest crime to be inflicted on the sport for generations. Scottish football is ready and willing to thrive in a meritocratic platform. What it needs is Celtic jettisoned to a place that can accommodate a Club that has developed in a way that others couldn’t. It’s just reality. Not condescending or superior, just a realisation that as football has changed the impact on the Scottish game needs to address that. The competition that would inject to the league would be pure adrenalin for the game here. A title decider between Hibs and Dundee United. Does anyone here think Easter Road and Tannadice wouldn’t have been packed for weeks and weeks in the run up? Not just twice a season. A Scottish Cup run for Aberdeen, Inverness, Motherwell and Kilmarnock, packed semi finals because getting to the final doesn’t loom large for a humping.



    I have more respect now for other teams than I’ve ever had and I hope all our European representatives do really well, I may even go along to one of the ties if time permits.



    Armageddon looms for Scottish football only while it bends rules, breaks rules and ties itself interminably to the fate of one club. It’s the people’s game, and we are all the people. When one body of people profess to be more than others, and the governance of the game accedes to that claim, that’s when your sport is broken.



    What does Scottish football really need? ‘A strong Rangers’ is the answer we hear, and that’s the philosophy what will kill the game completely.

  14. thomthethim


    10:46 on


    24 June, 2013



    The Charlotte fakes twitter campaign has silenced the SMSM tabloid section, output from Govan has practically ceased, SFA hierarchy sense the questions surrounding their governance of the game are growing within the social media world, I agree that the clubs whose representatives turned up at the recent SFA AGM will all have been lurkers and readers of both on here and Charlottes twitter output, i suspect the defeat to the recent sectarian proposal at the SFA AGM was a message from the clubs to Regan and Ogilvie, i am also of the opinion Ogilvie is a lame duck President he commands no respect or authority



    I await Charlottes continued haphazard scattergun output with anticipation and laughter, those in the SFA, SMSM and in charge at Sevco will be running counter propaganda like Mr Grants article in the Herald today

  15. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Ole Bomber Brown has turned up at Wimbledon, in full eyes bulgin’ rant mode , demandin’ to see the seeds.

  16. EDB – I just read your terrible news – my thoughts are with you and your loved ones.

  17. BlantyreKev



    I’m sorry for your friend’s sore loss and hope that good football man got his wish.



    Lots of us know people like that, whose passion for their club is unquestionable. However, what I have witnessed is that, no matter which club they really supported, when we played our former biggest rivals, almost every football fan in Scotland would prefer us or them, and usually them. Based on what? Demographics, a wee bit of residual anti-Irish, anti-Catholic bigotry? I don’t know. But I don’t think it was style of play or handsomeness of the team.

  18. Auldheid


    10:44 on


    24 June, 2013



    The SFA are under attack and if only Mr Grant and his journo colleagues would write a balanced article reflecting all of the excellent analysis and valid criticisms made from all fans (Sevco fans just do pure hatred)within the game we just might get an SFA worthy of the game in Scotland.



    Auldheid you and other internet bampots have served the game here better than C O has ever did

  19. Eldiegobhoy,


    Please accept my condolences on your loss at this awful time for you.

  20. twists n turns on






    Just got back to my desk and had a wee look back. Appreciated