Spineless, unacceptable attack on Celtic fans


Your reputation was dragged into the mud by Social Justice Minister, Humza Yousaf, MSP,on Twitter this morning.  He wrote:

“On upcoming Celtic Vs Rangers match, we need clear messaging from everyone that fans must stay at home. If Police intelligence tells us, despite clear messaging, that groups of fans are going to gather to square off with each other, we need to consider if game should be postponed.”

“If Police intelligence tells us groups of fans are going to square off with each other” is his technique of throwing the blanket of blame over Celtic fans to prevent him addressing the threat of further social unrest head on.  He feels safe saying adding “Celtic” instead of calling out the true problem.  It is as spineless as it is unacceptable.

Be clear: there are absolutely no plans to postpone this game and there is no police intelligence that fans will square off.  None.  What there is, is a significant threat that the problems of last weekend are repeated on 21 March.  As far as this SNP government is concerned, we dare not speak that problem’s name.

This has nothing to do with Celtic and nothing to do with Celtic fans but your government is happy to trash the reputation of both.  He is toying with the reputation of the innocent and the occasionally vulnerable young.  If a Celtic lad turned up wearing lipstick Yousaf’s head would explode.

A lead in the polls does not permit you a free kick at Celtic fans.  Social Justice Minister, give me strength, you are contemptible.


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  1. squire danaher on

    CQN Big Bad Proddy Clan out in force this morning.



    Are yeez no knackered banging that big Lambeth drum?

  2. SQUIRE DANAHER on 15TH MARCH 2021 11:26 AM





    Do you think people would be financially better off or worse off in an independent Scotland?

  3. I see Rodgers is urging Celtic to give the huns a guard of honour



    That proves to me that he was never a Celtic fan



    Never do that for the hun cheating scum

  4. Wee Bobby Collins



    I have no problem with the hardcore SNP supporters who want, and have always wanted, independence at any cost & under any circumstances – they are, & have always been, a bunch of eccentrics – the eccentricity has gone mainstream-cult in the last ten years with Gaelic names plastered everywhere in a country where less than 1% can speak this dying language.



    Calling people stupid….surely if someone votes for an independence party to spite others, knowing that if successful the outcome will impoverish their country – surely that is stupidity?



    If an individual considers leaving his safe & well-paid job to set up on his own, knowing that his family will be less secure & not knowing what remuneration he may draw & in what currency that remuneration will be in – is that stupid?



    You know the stupidest thing about voting SNP by our kind to spite the Ibrox legions. After the dust settles, these people and those like them, will be much bigger fish in a smaller pool. They will hold an unfettered whip hand over our 17%.



    In a de-facto bankrupt Scotland the scramble for a share of a smaller cake will be descend into the law of the jungle – the ‘big beasts’ always win……..who are the ‘big beasts’ I wonder?