Stokes mentor Hughes and O’Dea at Dees


Anthony Stokes joining up with John Hughes for a third time, on this occasion in Inverness, would be a great move for all concerned. Hughes knows how to get the best out of the player, who is wasting away in the stands at Celtic. There will be a financial consideration, as unlike a team in the English Championship, Inverness will not be able to cover all of Stokes’ wages, but Celtic are better having a contribution to his wages than nothing.

Anthony is still only 27, he could have several productive years ahead, but he needs to get back to putting the ball in the net somewhere (last goal was against St Mirren in December 2014).

Also delighted to see Darren O’Dea back in Scottish football at Dundee. As we discussed last week, Dundee are full of goals at both ends of the field at the moment. An experienced international like Darren (28) will help.


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  1. mike in toronto on

    starry … I agree with most of what you say … I just dont think that RD’s system works well with the players we have, and keep buying ….



    I think the system at present puts too much pressure on NB and SB, who, as has been pointed out, was more effective wide in a 3 man mid.



    Nb is a smart footballer … deployed in a team that moves, I think he would be the metronome that keeps us ticking …



    With our players 4 – 5 -1 might be more effective at present, and offer a bit more support for the defence ..I know that, in theory, the 3 in the 4231 are supposed to offer support, but in reality, that isn’t happening enough at the moment .

  2. mike in toronto on

    JJHS … since you were in Brockport, we were practically neighbours! You should have dropped by for dinner … I could have had the poutine ready for you!

  3. mike in toronto on

    Celtic mac … pun of the day!



    Hebcelt … LOVE DINAH WASHINGTON … that was the first song at my big bro’s wedding …



    and DW’s version of “I get a Kick’ ..one of the few instances of someone doing a ‘Frankie’ song that is almost as good as his … her vocals at the end are magic! enjoy…




  4. We need better wingers. We need a better backup striker. We need a better CB.



    Maybe Charlie would fit in well enough at CB for the short term but those are the priority positions.

  5. hebcelt not trying to agree or disagree just stating the facts


    but appreciate you telling me imaginative dishes can be made with black pudding.


    Top Glasgow restaurants is funny cheers

  6. mike in toronto on

    Timaloy …



    I think JF, if used properly, would be a revelation (of course, wingers are always a bit mercurial… but you get my point).



    And, having watched GMS before he joined us, that kid has TALENT! You dont lose that overnight…. his confidence is down, unquestionably… but that seems to be the case for most of our players.



    the right coach and system, and GMS and JF would terrorize teams across Europe!

  7. mike in toronto



    Or 4-1-4-1??



    Or players this season seem to lack awareness and tactical discipline and sometimes I am looking and thing WTF are you doing??



    If we continue as we are then it’s essential one of the “2” is a tackler and a reader of the game a la Neil Lennon not the fastest but then he didn’t have to be:))




  8. mike in toronto on

    Starry …



    in time, that might be the way to go, but for now, I think our confidence is down, and a 442 might be more secure …



    I am frustrated as I think we are bringing in some really, really promising young kids, but just not getting much from them, and not building a TEAM.



    In his pomp, I thought NL was one of the best and most underrated DM’s in the game … as you say, his reading of the game was superb… up their with Claude makalele (high praise) as the best in Europe for that … unfortunately, once he got the ball, he tended to slow our game down too much … but for that, he would have been a 20 million pound player…

  9. WDH OK Glasgow restaurants, food and tastes as you know are very subjective, no of course we will not fall out over such a petty thing. H H Hebcelt

  10. mike in toronto



    Do you remember these pages when we played 4-4-2:))



    That’s 4-2-4 he’s feckin playing:)) We’re swamped in the midfield, any manager knows to stuff his midfield to beat Celtic etc etc etc:))



    I’m not up to date with the latest tactics etc but our workrate really worries me, we’re half assed most games…



    And our shys don’t get me started:))

  11. mike in toronto



    JF really needs to kick on. He’s 24 now and we’re all waiting for something to click. GMS is 25!



    I don’t doubt there is some talent in there, but we’ve been waiting a while now

  12. mike in toronto on

    Starry … I agree… we were 4-2-4 … and right now, we end up the same way …. NB and SB in the middle, and 4 standing still across the 18 yard line…



    I think you are correct ….. systems are important but as important are speed and movement …. and we dont move enough/do enough work …. if we do, with the players we have, a variety of systems could be effective for us.



    we do have to work harder… but, more importantly, we have to work smarter …



    over to you RD, if you are reading! :)

  13. mike in toronto on

    timaloy … dont disagree.. but, if it was one young player, I would say it is the player …. but, with the exception of KT, it has been all of them … and was pointed out recently, GMS and SA looked great when they joined, lots of movement, but then they seem to suffer the same malaise as the rest of the squad ….



    that tells me that it isn’t the players, there is a problem at the club/coaching level … just my opinion.

  14. Stokes or Ciftci?



    Stokes for me.



    O’Dea isn’t any better than what we’ve got.

  15. squire danaher on

    Timaloy 16:43



    Mulgrew should never again be allowed to wear a Celtic jersey after walking off against Ajax.



    End of.



    Amazing how some Celtic fans overlook unprofessional behaviour from what some refer to as “our own” like Mulgrew and Stokes, yet haven’t a good word for Celts who clearly aren’t/weren’t good enough but try/tried their hearts out.



    Mo Camara? Efe Ambrose?



    Give me 100 of them before the likes of Mulgrew.

  16. squire danaher



    You do realize that Charlie went off injured don’t you?



    He hasn’t featured since.

  17. squire danaher on




    I need to go



    There’s a pink elephant flying over my house.



    Mulgrew may insult your intelligence but not mine.



    He walked off.



    Get hold of the BT sport coverage/replay of the Ajax winner.



    He walked off.

  18. In terms of natural talent, ability, technical ability. (Whatever way u want to phrase it)…. Stokesy will be in the top 2 or 3 currently at Parkhead.



    However, for me he has always been hit or miss. I don’t question his ability, I question his attitude and application.


    His time is up.


    His body language on the pitch at times is deplorable. Looks huffy, lazy, uninterested.


    Yet when he is in the mood, he is a certified match winner.

  19. squire danaher



    So why hasn’t he even featured in the squad since then? That was the 26th of November! We’ve had an injury crisis. The guy had just returned from injury (too soon obviously) and his season may be over.



    Mulgrew has played in some pretty awful European games and never walked off before. Do you think it’s a coincidence he did it after rushing back from long-term injury?



    You can choose to believe malicious rumors about Celtic all you want. Some folk love to stick the boot in to their own club.

  20. HT



    I think most Celtic fans would reckon that AS was a better bet than NC, at present, some even want Carlton Cole.



    Celtic fans doing so overlook the fact that AS’s career at Celtic was over a long, long time ago, and certainly as far back as January 2015 when we signed Stuart Armstrong to play a position, vacated by AS.



    I agree that either the system or personnel has to change.


    This casts a dark shadow on our recruitment process.


    We have an abundance of midfielders but can’t put one cohesive unit on the park.


    On Bitton i respectively disagree with you.


    I think he is a huge part of our problem in neither creating or protecting in his midfield role.


    He may well be a player as he shows an occasional glimpse of talent.


    But his tackling and positional sense is woeful and no one does more to disrupt our forward movement than Nir.


    We have a stalled engine room largely due to the role he occupies in the team.


    We need to find a positionally sound guy for this role and build around them.


    Scott Allen should be given a chance in central area as he has the ability to make a forward diagonal pass.something sadly lacking in present set up.

  22. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    SOUIRE DANAHER. Injured or not Mulgrew should not have walked off the pitch he should have shouted to the bench for the trainer and when the trainer said he was finished he should have gone off.He showed a complete lack of respect for the management team and if it was me he would never pull on the hoops again.A player must respect the management team. H.H.

  23. mike in toronto on

    BSR …. I’m not ‘blaming’ anyone , or any one person ..



    and I dont think we have very many bad players .. but we have too many players who are underperforming given their talents…



    and I dont think RD has been able to teach the players how to succeed in his preferred system, nor has he been willing or able to come up with a system that got more out of the players he was given …



    at the end of the day, Rd is the manager, and the buck stops with him.

  24. squire danaher on




    We are getting into dangerous territory here.



    I don’t think it’s a huge leap in the imagination to imagine why I think Mulgrew hasn’t featured since then.



    My own conclusion would be consistent with what I saw at the night of the Ajax game. Not malicious rumours.



    In my opinion it’s ironic you talk about putting the boot into Celtic in such circumstances.



    I think we should agree to differ as I will never convince you otherwise and vice versa.

  25. Just on to vent my anger……………i know i know i should know better


    polis scotland still investigating sectarian chanting during the secco v hibs game where they made 1 ARREST.


    SPFL are looking into it but its unlikely there will be any action taken!…..astounded of forehead.


    The wee bar steward that was arrested must have done a beach boys wall of sound 40,000 muti-track recording cos we all heard the whole stadium relish in his efforts….ffs

  26. I reckon John Hughes cannot believe his luck that he is about to get reunited with a player of Anthony Stokes caliber, a striker who has scored 40 goals for his former manager at Hibs and Falkirk. First team football again for Stokesy playing for a manager who likes his style and regular games could well see him link up with Martin O’Neill in France next summer.



    It’s not difficult to see why Carlton Cole is not getting more game time at Celtic. We were told he was a little behind in his fitness but I could not believe that the chap was so weak on the pins when he made his debut for the club, he is way past the old sell-by date, unfortunately.

  27. hebcelt


    appreciate you telling me what I know.




    You’ve got me on the floor with that one.


    Alas chardonnay calls



  28. MIT



    I think its wrong to suggest that after a good start with Jackie McNamara’s coaching freshly in their mind, that’s ( McNamara of York City Nil ) that Ronny Deila John Collins and John Kennedy and maybe even Hoopy the Huddlehound ☺️ it soon got knocked out of them.



    It’s not a system that causes either of both of unable to be unable to function properly, to the extent that they are dropped..



    It’s just much much more likely that they are both finding the standard required to satisfy a big club is much higher, especially so in the case of GMS



    Anecdotally, – I’ve relatives who support Utd, and both players blew hot and cold depending on the game, you saw them in.

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