Stokes mentor Hughes and O’Dea at Dees


Anthony Stokes joining up with John Hughes for a third time, on this occasion in Inverness, would be a great move for all concerned. Hughes knows how to get the best out of the player, who is wasting away in the stands at Celtic. There will be a financial consideration, as unlike a team in the English Championship, Inverness will not be able to cover all of Stokes’ wages, but Celtic are better having a contribution to his wages than nothing.

Anthony is still only 27, he could have several productive years ahead, but he needs to get back to putting the ball in the net somewhere (last goal was against St Mirren in December 2014).

Also delighted to see Darren O’Dea back in Scottish football at Dundee. As we discussed last week, Dundee are full of goals at both ends of the field at the moment. An experienced international like Darren (28) will help.


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  1. O’Dea was training with us, was he not? And we had a chance to pick him up on a free? Would PL not cream his shorts if he thought we could improve on what we had for nothing?

  2. Whitedoghunch with the greatest respect I think a few slices of Stornoway Black Pudding and some Salar/Loch Duart Smoked Salmon would represent better value/scoff than that. H H Hebcelt

  3. mike in toronto on




    not one said Stokes was the messiah, just a naught boy!




  4. hebcelt



    That’s very kind of you, I’m planning a wee trip back home in March so I will get meet with you at the game or something:)) Or arranged a Scottish address:)



    Thanks again for thinking of my poor deprived belly!




  5. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    I wonder what sort of meal we could come up with consisting of local ie where each of us lives produce. Hebcelt`s contribution is obvious and the Hot smoked salmon from Arbroath is superb. As, indeed, are the Langoustines.


    Anyone else?




  6. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Below was taken from https://johnjamessite.wordpress.com/



    Transfer Lies & RF Gifts



    Our resident Twitter correspondents and PR plagiarizers are spinning the line that Rangers are over-investing to bolster the squad for next season. The reality of the situation is somewhat more prosaic. Josh Windass and Matt Crooks will join Rangers on 1st July 2016 on free contracts. Matt Crooks is valued on Tranfer Markt at £70,000 should you wish to secure his services immediately. Josh Dean Windass was a free signing from Harrogate Railway. I have little doubt that Derek Johnstone will step forward on his paid cue to deliver his seal of approval with his customary “I like the cut of his jib.” Mr Windass is quite unique on Transfer Markt as no value is assigned to him. The total value of the entire Accrington Stanley squad, including Mr Windass and Mr Crooks, is £595,000, which somewhat contradicts the lie that the former free transfer recruit from Harrogate Railway has a £3.5m buy out clause. Might I suggest that figure has come directly from The Minister of Pishery, Mangetout Traynor at Level 5. Finances are so tight at Ibrox that they cannot pay £70,000 to secure Mr Crooks’ services immediately. The comparison with Paul Gascoigne is by far the most risible claim in these jumble sale acquisitions. Gascoigne arrived from Lazio and was a permanent fixture in the England squad. Mr Windass has only ever played for Huddersfield Under 18s and Harrogate Railway prior to his dream fee contract move to Accrington Stanley. His father Dean Windass, unsurprisingly has a much higher opinion of his son than any market value he may command, which is currently £70,000 less than that of Mr Crooks.



    I get the distinct impression that Mr Warburton played no part in their pre-contract signings. Mr Warburton is a polite individual who would have made a courtesy call to the manager of Accrington Stanley to inform him of his intentions. Mr Warburton was scheduled to appear on a BBC Scotland radio show yesterday, but someone in authority at the club put an end to this engagement. Mr Warburton tends to be honest. The club needed more time to conjure up the lies delivered to the red top rags prior to their deadlines.



    In summary Rangers have signed two free transfer players, one from Doncaster Rovers and one from a lower league club in Poland. If this is what passes for ambition at King’s Rangers I doubt Peter Lawwell had a sleepless night as his CL prospects in 2017/2018 are evidently enhanced.



    As predicted on this site, Rangers First intend to provide Rangers with the first of many loans to offset Mr King’s apparent shortfall of £30m that he promised prior to his hostile takeover. They are planning to loan £500,000 which will be unsecured on a promisory note of some equity at an unspecified later date. They have no idea when it will be converted, if it actually happens. Are they aware that they will have to join the queue behind the 3 bears who were unable to convert their loans to equity? Are they willing to wait until the next AGM in the hope that disapplication of preemptive rights garners the 75% it requires as a special resolution? The facts of the matter is this is a desperate punt on a desperate board and that this £500,000 might be best considered as a gift

  7. hebcelt


    whilst Stornoway Black pudding would probably make the top 100 of its kind in the u.k


    it certainly does not represent value


    Loch Duart hot smoked though is marvellous

  8. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on




    “made with french fries and cheese curds topped with a light brown gravy.”



    How`s the January weight loss going? 0:-))




  9. The criticism of Boyata is over the top.


    He has his flaws but most central defenders would struggle due to the poor central mids lack of protection.


    Bitton is a dreadful tackler with very poor positional sense.


    Whoever partners him often has to try and fill the huge gaps he leaves.


    The point of a holding midfielder is is to close of the area in front of the central defenders and break up play and distribute ball.


    Bitton does none of the above leaving lots of space for opponents to attack causing centre halves to


    be pulled out of position.


    Our engine room is stalled due to the personnel employed there.


    Because we create very few chances any mistake by defenders is magnified.


    Boyata is not brilliant but neither is he anywhere near as bad as portrayed on here.




    Well said. We pay players professional wages. They owe it to themselves, never mind anyone else, to act as professionals at all times. If they don’t, show them the door, no matter how good. No one is bigger than the team.

  11. mike in toronto on

    JJHS … you sneaky so and so … I just realized what you are doing! Talking about all this great food!



    CRC has put you up to this so that we will get hungry, all eat too much, and he will win the Fatbhoy Slimming contest! Sneaky!



    I’ll be keeping my eye on you in the future! (Particularly if you are bringing the pies!) :)

  12. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    Agreed. The way we play at Home leaves our defence exposed.Even the exceptional pair we had last year , especially before Jason really found his form, was also exposed on occasion. Boyata and Simunovic will be fine……if they receive some backing from TGFITW.




  13. fan-a-tic



    Agree with you there, I think DB and JS are decent young players with no protection in front of them, a proper DM would be top of my wish list for the January sales!

  14. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    It was only after I posted I remembered the Diet Bhoys. So sorry 0:-)




  15. Stokes joining ICT, a great move for Celtic ?



    Not in my view. Ship Ronny and Collins off to ICT and bring Hughes to Celtic Park.



    That would be a great move for Celtic.

  16. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on 7th January 2016 3:56 pm



    I can contribute tonnes of snails from our garden around October each year and truffles from Croatia when we come back from our (ever decreasing) holidays.

  17. mike in toronto on

    Fanatic – SP …



    Last year, both Denayer and VVD were comfortable with the ball at their feet, and with bringing the ball out from the back … it made the transition from defence to attack so much more fluid …



    Boyata still looks a bit nervous, and Joso looks promising, but is still bedding in …. so we are missing that fluidity that our CB’s provided last season …



    As a question to those who want a ‘proper DM’ … what would we do with NB and /or SB? RD wont play those two plus another DM. Are we assuming NB will be gone soon? If there is a proper DM, does SB get a start? I dont think he has the skill set to play the attacking mid role.




  18. mike in toronto on

    JJHS … does that mean …. gasp .. no pies?



    (can hardly see the screen through the tears!)

  19. MIT


    I always thought Scott Brown’s best position was right of a midfield three but not wide right

  20. SP not a problem put it in the diary. WDH we will agree to disagree SBP great value for money see most top Glasgow restaurants for imaginative dishes with it featured. Loch Duart Hot Smoked Salmon – no contest

  21. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    I didn’t get your joke. The one that considerably brightened Árd Macha’s first day back at school.


    The one about the Handing/ Hanging Lady.



    What am I missing, apart from a sense of humour?





    I don’t live in the Highlands!

  22. mike in toronto



    There in lies the rub, first we have too many midfielders who are samey, Bitton and Rogic, Allen and Christie, Johansen and Brown, so wither Scott drops back to be the defence midfielder or we buy a tackler, the problem I see with Celtic this year is not the defence, we have no one in midfield that can tackle. Johansen on his day can harry and retrieve the ball as can Scott, Bitton in my opinion would be better further forward as he can pass but as a deep lying midfielder I think he’s too slow of thought, cast your mind back to how Neil Lennon played the role.



    All of the above might be shite though as perhaps DM’s are out of fashion:)))

  23. Lack of protection for the CB’s? Lack of a big imposing holding player and tackler?


    Play Efe in the holding role!




  24. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Hrvatski Jim


    Not sure about the snails but feel free to supply the truffles 0:-)




    Bring your own.




    PS Did I ever mention that I spent a year at the other side of Lake Ontario? A wee place called Brockport, twenty miles from Rochester?

  25. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    She asked the nervous passenger: First time ( meaning flying)?


    He , misunderstanding,replied: No, I have been nervous before.



    Now don`t blame me because it is no longer funny. An explained joke never is!


    Cheerio for now,



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