Targeting development on the left back slot


For decades, some of us have wondered why we have been unable to develop a striker capable of regularly holding down a place in the team. While this remains so, we appear to have the magic formula for developing full backs.

Two months after Kieran Tierney left his 20s behind, Calvin Miller (19) and Anthony Ralston (18) look to have been hued from the same tree as the much-celebrated Tierney. And by the look for the three of them, that tree is oak. There is a physicality to them, which sets them apart from years of scrawny, but skilful, hopefuls.

I know the opposition was only Kilmarnock on Saturday, but Tierney came through a similar school only two years ago, marking his progress at the same staging posts.

Part of this apparent success may be explained by the fact that Miller (and Tierney, for that matter), was not always a full back. Calvin first emerged as a striker, but instead of burning out waiting for his chance there, was reprogrammed as a defender.

Celtic, and much of the world, had a vacancy at left back for years; we were always on the lookout. We targeted this position through the development system, which explains where the success has come from.

We might never be able to produce a top striker, but we have tolerate that if we are able to produce top talents elsewhere on the field.



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  1. Scotland squad picked, Snodgrass in who hasn’t kicked a ball and McGregor ommitted. Sums them up, doomed

  2. Turkeybhoy



    I actually posted that on Saturday afternoon – don’t let facts get in the way of propagand

  3. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    CMc, a very good player who plays in the CL, but cant get into a dire Scotland squad. Something far wrong there.


    I hope Scotland get humped.





  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    CQN article saying we have “secured” Roberts?. Seems to contradict Paul’s article from Friday.

  5. If Celtic sign the SA centre half,it will prove that Celtic could win this league playing with their Hatzees and Coatzees on.


    Nir Biton looks like he has been doing that for years.

  6. ‘Two months after Kieran Tierney left his 20s behind,’



    KT, the youngest-looking thirtysomething in the league :))

  7. GENE on 21ST AUGUST 2017 12:40 PM






    Reference was to the Jeff Sterling post on previous article.



    Same last week.Jeff Stelling can give out hundreds of facts on the programme,all accurate,but when it comes to the Huns,it seems only fat Traynors info has been fed to him.Tentacles everywhere.

  8. Stanimir Stoilov, Astana coach said twenty minutes ago.


    “We need to be the realists. Celtic Glasgow is for 99 percent in the Champions League group stage”.


    My P.S. There will be new dummy standing in Astana goal for that game.

  9. Glasstwothirdsfull



    ” CQN article saying we have “secured” Roberts? ”



    Where is said article ?




  10. GENE on 21ST AUGUST 2017 12:43 PM


    I would have been happy if no Celts were in the squad



    !!BADA BING!! on 21ST AUGUST 2017 12:44 PM


    I wish there was no Celtic players in any Scotland pool….



    Totally agree guys, the only thought that now comes into my mind when I see our guys listed there is “INJURED”. The CalMac stuff is ridiculous, WGS quickly running out of any sympathy.

  11. Apparently Big Ben being shut down for 4 years is headline news – of course 90% of UK population can’t hear them anyway.


    It was because of Big Ben that we won WWII – I didn’t know that

  12. International football’s garbage anyway,lucky escape Cal.If he’s desperate to play at that level he just needs to go somewhere for a month or more and FIFA will let you represent that place. ;)



    Saw some of Huddersfield v Newcastle earlier,why have they not signed any footballers for their squads?The EPL claim of ‘best league in yadda yadda yadda’ is a prime example of the post truth era.Mindnumbing mince.



    Good to see MPs showing reverance for a bell and didn’t think to do the same for human beings in Grenfell Tower.Priorities.

  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Not too many of the midfielders in that squad I’d trade Callum for.


    Think Shinnie could have been a decent shout too.



  14. ROBERTTRESSELL on 21ST AUGUST 2017 12:36 PM



    We will produce a striker in time




    In time for what??




  15. From the last page,






    They have a real problem here.



    According to Transfermarket Pedro’s record at Sevco is ;




    17 9(w) 3(D) 5(L)




    I make that 52% against BR’s 100%.



    Pedro had some success in Mexico with a win rate of 44%.




    Maybe Glibby etc looked at the UEFA Pro Licence and the apparent Masters Degree in Sports Science.



    Pedro’s bio makes him look like the next José.




    I always felt that Al-Gharafa didn’t seem to make too much of an effort to keep him.




    His record there was,




    33 16(W) 6(D) 11(L)




    As TGM believes maybe they have been sold a ‘pup’. A José on the cheap who will sell SB’s? He also didn’t want Bomber or Barry when when he went there.



    Pedro had no playing career and at best a managerial career which looked highly questionable.



    Looking at Glibby and Co. The shambles of Club 1872, PUMA, MASH, no NOMAD, Soft Loans…maybe this is just more of the same nonsense?














    Thanks I saw your post about the Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann 2018 in Drogheda. It’s a great event for the town. Hopefully we’ll see a few Dubs at Abhainn na Bóinne next year.


    (The Boyne is Ireland’s sacred river after all;)




  16. Hi Paul67,



    Great to see the youngsters get a chance and even better, they’re taking it.



    I saw Calvin Miller play left wing for the U20s a couple of years ago – of course he was a top prospect in his early teens – he was quick and Technically he was very good and could cross a ball but physically he was slight.



    Of course lhads develop at various stages but I can’t help but think it’s the training that has put the stones of muscle on Calvin.



    It is great to see this technique being utilised in Lennoxtown.



    If you see the teenage Neymar you see the same thing, but if a lad has the attributes to make a first rate Footballer then he can be physically developed.



    I first noticed this with Del Piero a while back.



    Hope we see a Lennoxtown boy in every position in the next few years… including Striker…



    Hail Hail

  17. Glasstwothirdsfull




    ” CQN article saying we have “secured” Roberts? ”




    Where is said article ?





  18. ZBYSZEK on 21ST AUGUST 2017 12:44 PM


    Stanimir Stoilov, Astana coach said twenty minutes ago.



    “We need to be the realists. Celtic Glasgow is for 99 percent in the Champions League group stage”.



    My P.S. There will be new dummy standing in Astana goal for that game.





    Their goalkeeper was woeful last week. Very surprised that Astana were able to knock out Legia, albeit I was a bit concerned in the first part of the game last week. Time difference and travel make it imperative that teams go there with a decent first leg lead.

  19. Scottish Football’s administration is dreadful.


    Scottish referees are dreadful,


    Outside Celtic, Scottish football is of a dreadful quality.



    The Scottish football media are dreadful. They are either completely biased or are under siege by Sevco’s lunatics.



    The Sevco fiasco illustrates the WWE style farce of the whole situation.



    Scotland senior team are now ranked 58th by FIFA. One place below Jamaica and one above Saudi Arabia.



    Unless we clean up our act Sevco and the knuckledraggers in suits will completely bankrupt the game in Scotland.



    You might as well make Glibby President of the SFA (Watch this space).




  20. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    No place for Rangers Captain Lee Wallace. Remember – he must be referred to as Rangers Captain Lee Wallace. Got that? No slip-ups!


    Rodgers steps up striker hunt


    Is that Noel by any chance


    Delighted Callum isn’t in the squad I’d do nothing for that shower

  22. Quick hit & run and back to work…



    Champions League Group (of death):


    Real Madrid


    Paris St. Germain







    I feel it in my water!



    If anyone goes to Naples for the away game and sees a Celtic scarf on the wall of Bar Nilo in the Centro Historico (the one with all the Maradona memorabilia), I know where they got it (the Celtic scarf). ;o)

  23. First team squad of 26 players into new season feel about right to everyone ?



    GK – Gordon, De Vries, (1 from 2)



    Def – Miller, Jozo, Boyata, Gamboa, Lustig, Ralston, Tierney, Ajer, New CB/LB, (4 from 9)



    Mid – Bitton, Brown, Armstrong, Sinclair, Rogic, Hayes, Benyu, N’tcham, Callum, Kouassi, Forrest, Paddy (5 from 12)



    For – Leigh, Moussa, 1 other (1 from 3)




    To come In – Paddy, CB, Striker



    To Go – Erik, Henderson, Cifci



    Moved down – Aitchinson, Mikey Johnston



    Question marks – 3 right backs ? Place for Nir in midfield ? Benyu to get game time on loan ?