Textbook in Trondheim, hope in our hearts


Celtic delivered a textbook performance in securing the win in Trondheim last night.  Rosenborg are bottom of the group and were effectively out of the competition before kick-off, but only a year ago Anderlecht came to Glasgow after five Champions League defeats and wiped the floor with Celtic (Anderlecht remain a poor side, accruing only two points in a weak Europa League group this season).

This was Celtic’s third away win in European group stages, but the second in two seasons.  If we have genuine ambition to progress in Europe, we needed to win games like last night’s.

The contrast between this performance and the one in the same stadium in Augusts’ qualifiers was stark.  In the earlier game Celtic were poor in possession, unable to impose themselves on a Rosenborg team who needed a goal to draw the tie level.  Instead we ground out a 0-0.  Last night, the passing, pace and control from Celtic was vastly better.  Rosenborg didn’t get a sniff.

James Forrest ended a spectacular month by creating the winning goal for Scott Sinclair.  Scott still had plenty to do to guide his header into the top corner of the net.

Defensively Celtic were imperious.  Any anxieties were limited to what potentially could happen when the home side were able to lob a set piece into the box, but chances were limited, giving Craig Gordon one of his easiest games on the road this season.

By full time, the players looked exhausted.  My mind immediately turned to Aberdeen players, who will have watched from the comfort of their homes.  It is easy to say, “Go again”, but players are not machines.  Sunday will be the seventh time they have climbed the domestic mountain in succession.

Legs and minds will be tired.  If Celtic lift the trophy at Hampden, heroics will be required.  But this is Celtic, so we have hope in our hearts.

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  1. !!BADA BING!! on 1ST DECEMBER 2018 5:31 PM



    The ole train timetables getting posted now….:)






    ? ? ?

  2. Evening all,



    The Jubilee hospital was the the place of my 3rd op in 3 years. 2 previous in Hairmyres in EK. Problem solved in August this year. Brilliant hospital and fantastic staff. HH

  3. nye bevans



    Cost you £20 to watch it! Also live on Radio 5, with Mike Costello, from 4am.


    Or in old money, early doors!

  4. For anyone interested after reading 16 Roads article, it’s half time and Naomh Eanna lead by a goal Score 1-5 to 0-5. Fairytale still on.

  5. Delaneys Dunky on



    The Glasgow diaspora are Irelands greatest allies. North men South men Comrades all, Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Donegal and Derry and Sligo and Glasgow ?



  6. Delaneys Dunky on



    We Glaswegians love our Irish brothers and sisters visiting oor dear green place Glaschu is green and white.



  7. Looking good 16 Roads just 7 minutes left. There will be some celebrations up there if they keep this going.

  8. For all lads coming on I would urge you to take time to scroll back & read 16 Roads Link, In a minute or two this team will be Ulster Champions.

  9. SOUTH OF TUNIS @ 3:24 PM,



    Well that’s highly interesting. Wonder how much they gleam from that.



    Twas reading a piece on Liverpool’s throw in Coach and the difference that makes. Football seems to the waking up to the fact that this level of preparation makes a difference.



    Rather frustrating when you get the feeling Celtic don’t seem to have enough time to practice set pieces…



    Hail Hail

  10. Congratulations to Naomh Eanna & thanks to 16 Roads for giving us that sad but uplifting article.


    Our revenge will be the laughter of our children.

  11. FRITZSONG on 1ST DECEMBER 2018 @ 3:26 PM



    This is glib and shameless trying to avoid paying out £3.39m to PWC who are liquidating Beaufort Asset Client Services Ltd. BACSL own 100% of BNL who in turn have > 16m shares in sevco.


    PWC will snap up all those 20 pences.

  12. DD


    I’ll give you some Scottish hauners, not that you’ll need them.


    I’m a bit conflicted tonight. Waiting on Man U for a coupon but one of the guys left in LMS has Man U.


    Ach, I’ll take the coupon and put all the winnings on -1 goal at 11/8 tomorrow.

  13. CORKCELT on 1ST DECEMBER 2018 6:27 PM


    Congratulations to Naomh Eanna & thanks to 16 Roads for giving us that sad but uplifting article.



    Our revenge will be the laughter of our children.




    Wonderful result for so many reasons.


    How true that quote is becoming.




  14. Stairheedrammy on

    I see Moussa scored a late equaliser for Lyon today, thought he had fallen out with them?

  15. evening bhoys, some of the posters the other night, were saying they were a bit worried about tomorrows game, well if celtic play the way they have been doing lately they will destroy Aberdeen.hh.