The Australia deal, Ibrox narrative and grievance complexes


Let’s clear this one out of the way, Newco are not being paid the same money Celtic will receive for competing in the Sydney Cup; Celtic will receive more than twice as much as their city rivals (figures reported elsewhere are accurate).  Confirmed.

The fee Celtic will receive, let’s call it, a ‘Jota’, is a lotta money.  The commercial department has delivered bigger deals – multi-year kit contracts, but as a one-off arrangement, this is exceptional.  The manager, who has not been home in three years, was also very keen on it happening.  The deal was not contingent on playing Newco or their participation in the tournament.  This payment is also not at risk if Newco get so much bad publicity from being filler in the Ange Homecoming Tour they decide to pull out……

I expect a couple of top English Premier League teams will also confirm games in Australia during the World Cup break, each working independently with the same promoter.

There is nothing particularly exceptional about this.  Ange Postecoglou is a sporting hero in Australia, the higher value offered to Celtic reflects this.  If he was at Ibrox, the story would be different.

This one does not suit the narrative from Ibrox, or from those peddling hoary old stories about Celtic and imagined partnerships.  It’s a lot easier being on the outside with a grievance complex and a keyboard, than being the commercial team that will put money on the table for the transfer window.

Tomorrow we might pick up on the vanity project that Chelsea has been for the last two decades.


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  1. Celtic were always getting more money as any sane person could have predicted. They’re so sensitive to being reminded of their position as Scotland’s second biggest Club that it’s genuinely funny.



    Chelsea looked goosed. Good riddance.



    Would it be a red card offence for me to say that I want The Ange homecoming filler team to go through to the next round of the Europa ?

  2. Paul 67,



    It seems as if you have changed your tune and finally realised the benefits of our anticipated Australian journey.



    It makes sense on sooooooo many levels.



    I also think you are doing remarkably well in avoiding world wide events that will impact on Celtic, Football and every single individual who reads CQN.



    HH to all, the journey continues.

  3. Watching Kamala Harris in Poland.



    It is only a matter of time and seems inevitable she will take over from an inept Joe Biden.

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  5. So glad you did this piece today, Paul.



    In Scotland, as elsewhere in football, money ‘keeps the show on the road’. For Celtic to be able to generate this kind of income during World Cup downtime is tremendous. You say “as a one-off arrangement, this is exceptional”, I agree. Those who rail against it and have a habit of costing the club hundreds of thousands of Euros in fines, now want to further deprive Celtic of much-needed revenue.



    “It’s a lot easier being on the outside with a grievance complex and a keyboard,(or, fancy flags & banners) than being the commercial team that will put money on the table for the transfer window”. Hear Hear to that!!!



    Sad to say, grievance-mongering is now a prominent feature of life in Scotland….sort of an I M Jolly culture.

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Who cares what “newco” are being paid?


    This thing is just another indication of a club with zero ability to think beyond the old firm.


    Nothing whatsoever to do with grievance – just want the club to operate to its maximum potential and we will never get anywhere near that as part of the old firm and with people who have no vision beyond that.

  7. I thought the point of the post by Paul was that Celtic negotiated on their own, it was the organiser that brought newclub into the mix?

  8. If you think Joe Biden is inept, God help us if Harris ever takes hit seat.



    Wouldn’t happen anyway, the real powers that be (or not the politicians we vote for) would veto her.

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Brilliant stuff Pablo.



    CQN at its best. Respect.



    Inside information meets intelligent analysis …



    … with a sprinkling of standard internet blog staples



    – bluntness


    – irreverence


    – oneupmanship

  10. Joe Biden has overseen a series of economic restrictions that look likely to see Russia default on their national debt for the first time since the October Revolution.



    I’m not sure what else he’s suppose to have done ? The last incumbent in the Oval Office would not have been anywhere near as effective as Joe Biden.

  11. More and more exotic stuff being discussed on CQN — P67 I salute you.



    … OCD @ length over the past 24 hours



    Bit coin mining — totally mental …


    By the way I have a tulip bulb / bridge that you might want to buy?



    Great Game view of politics that would make Lord Curzon blush …


    No problem about what the plebs think — VP and his chess game means that Ukraine is in play.


    While moaning to all concerned that it is the US Great Game strategy that is causing all the issues.



    It is not for Russia to determine the foreign / economic policy of Ukraine.


    If you think it is then what about Westminster imposing its will on the 26 counties?


    Really not such a great idea was it?



    China — next stop on a world tour because you know to expect nothing.


    And as we all know regarding democracy in the west — it is the hope that kills you.


    Mussolini must have been a god-send to any Italian older relatives …


    Up to the time that he used poison gas on the Ethiopians.



    Interesting stuff nevertheless — half baked / undercooked but worth a read.

  12. P67 — I think you have been sold a pup regarding our fee in Aus.



    One “Jota” aka 1 JNPF = £6mill / EUR 7mill.


    Gossip suggests that we will be getting half that.



    Care to respond?

  13. I think this invitation should be embraced. It is nothing to do with Old Firm. Celtic negotiated with the organisers separately. Ange supports this. Tom Rogic will be delighted. Aussie Celtic Fans will be in support



    We are being well financially taken care of.

  14. I know a handful of people who are now millionaires due to Bitcoin, they bought in when it was about $100, it hit the $60k + mark a few weeks back, I have to say I have a slight regret not jumping on the bandwagon at the time, but it’s now well regulated and taxable, hence folks are going for privacy coins like Monero and Pirate Chain to name a couple, untraceable and taxable, the way to go if you want to make some tax free dosh.

  15. We shouldn’t play thum, we shouldn’t encourage thum.


    The fee diferential would mean somethi8ng to me and some supporters i know if we refused to be on the same ticket as thum.



    I would see that as an investment in my interests as a Tim.

  16. TET @ 1.16



    Cyber currencies are for grifters / get rich quick merchants / quacks / ex pyramid scheme shysters.


    it shows a society with too much cash and not enough imagination.



    Fools gold would be one way of looking at it.



    The usual suspects get in quick and rake in the profit from steam.


    While the herd waddle in later and get their feet wet in the puddle.



    Not good.

  17. I do not think exporting old firm brand is a good thing.


    It is toxic


    Will the extra money being made balance how much Celtic took it up the arse from the criminal and cheating hun Paul67 during Mintys reign….maybe we are waiting for “the open goal” to be tapped in a la res12 etc.


    Its making money out of hate,thats simply it,its a joke.


    Stand…..alone….stands a lie.



    Its all about association with them and whoring any principles Celtic had.and when I say had deep down it went long ago.


    Yup I object to any old firm friendly,





    Wee roman in trouble.


  18. Tet @ 1.16



    Please don’t buy Tesla shares …


    Another betting pit for middle class Americans and the like.



    Will have the trajectory of Henry a century ago.


    Bestseller followed by the difficult second album syndrome.


    You have been warned.

  19. The vanity project that has been Chelsea for 2 years,now sanctioned at least 2 weeks too late by the Westminster Government should hopefully send a message to all clubs about being self generating, FFP has been ignored in their case by the English FA, Chelsea is a small club struggling under debt landlocked in a small stadium but after the Russian’s takeover they bought leagues and success, there are other examples withing English and European Football that need addressed as a matter of priority, Man City in particular.


    I hope they both find their true level in the game, take everything off him[ Abramovich] and his cronies, I heard he is hiding out in Monaco hopefully the French Government make life difficult for him as well.

  20. Toaty Trumper @ 1.28



    OMG — for once you have came off that fence that you call your day perch.


    For once I probably agree with you — however going to Aus is a no brainer.


    And you have the potential for a 1974 moment.


    They turn up and are ignored.



    74 moment — Egg chasers go to SA.


    Not good at one level — breaking the then de facto sporting sanctions.


    Other level — SA get gubbed and NM winds up his guards with egg chasing tactics chat.

  21. Hopefully Sevco pull out of this game in Sydney, just wish Celtic had refused to play them.Nothing good for Celtic will come of being associated with them, even 12000 miles away.

  22. Don’t……………………..







  23. Your a rich club ,but you went to far.


    And it really does matter today


    You can’t rely on Romans money,


    You can’t rely on Romans money

  24. MADMITCH on 10TH MARCH 2022 1:02 PM


    P67 — I think you have been sold a pup regarding our fee in Aus.




    One “Jota” aka 1 JNPF = £6mill / EUR 7mill.



    Gossip suggests that we will be getting half that.




    Care to respond?





    According to a report in the Aussie Roar, Celtic are to be paid $11m Australian (£6m) or A Jota copyright Paul 67.



    The Sevvies on the other hand are to be paid less than half of that.

  25. It’s the only source where exact figures have been quoted that I’ve seen. Mind you it came from Celtic News Now last week so I don’t have any real idea of how accurate it is.

  26. MM


    The only shares I have bought has been oil, I bought in a couple of years back when they couldn’t get rid of the stuff, if fact they were at one point paying co’s to take it off their hands, my son in law convinced me and I am glad he did.


    As for the privacy coins, you have your ideas, I have mine and we are never gonna agree.

  27. So do we believe Australian journalists or Sevco press briefings re the fees…?



    Let me see, the Australians have no dog in this particular race and so I fail to see why it would be in their interest to lie.



    The Rangers have an obvious motivation to lie.



    Then there’s the issue of credibility. Remember the victory over Big Mike ? The world record breaking merchandise deal with Castore ? The breaking even this season proclamation? The dossier of evidence??



    The Sevco don’t have much credibility I’m afraid. The Russian Foreign Office has more.