The beating of Barca, II. This time it’s Tony.


Where do we start discussing last night?  Perhaps the end of the night.  There was joy in abundance, not only inside Celtic Park, but in the streets surrounding the game and in a hundred thousand homes across the world.  This joy manifest itself into a great sense of community.  That performance brought tears, hugs, spontaneous jumping up and down, and not only from Celtic fans.  Messages have poured in from fans of other SPL clubs and beyond.

This is what great sport can do for people.

Brother Walfrid has excellent timing.  He managed to arrange our kick-off meeting to coincide with match day four of the Champions League group stage.  Those of us who attended the anniversary celebrations on Tuesday were reminded what Celtic is all about, the best team in the world were in Glasgow waiting to play, the fairy tale script was written, but could it be delivered?

It’s the details which are most impressive.  Mikael Lustig looked like he could play in any team in any league.  He was comfortable and composed throughout.  Adam Matthews, deputising for an injured former Player of the Year, played out of position flawlessly.  I watched him struggle at left back on his Celtic Park debut in a friendly against Wolves last year; it defies explanation how far he has progressed.

Please forget about Victor’s goal, it will only detract from his incredible midfield performance.  His composure, skill and assertiveness troubled Iniesta and Messi all game.  This was all the more impressive given the absence of captain, Scott Brown.

Georgios Samaras was crucial for most of the evening.  He was the one player Barca seemed afraid of, although a lack of training caught up with him before he was subbed.

I’ll not burden Tony Watt publicly with the comparison I made of him earlier in the season but he possesses an impressive array of attributes: upper body strength, pace-with-the-ball and a nose for goal.  I’m tempted to say he will continue to improve but, to what level?  Without injuries to Hooper, Lassad and Forrest it’s unlikely he would have enjoyed as much time last night.  Sometimes Fortune Favours the Celtic.

All of Europe would have been impressed with Fraser Forster last night, dubbed La Grand Muralla, the Big Wall, by a Spanish newspaper.  He will play for England, so too with Kelvin Wilson if he maintains this season’s form.

The only man with a problem today is Neil Lennon.  Tactically the two games against Barcelona have been as accomplished as any I have witnessed.  Neil needs to know how to follow that in Lisbon. I’ve no idea.

Happy Birthday Celtic!

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  1. Whats the bets the impending doom scenario for Hearts will be used by the Scottish football authorities as another excuse to rejig the whole setup to get Sevco back into the top tier again ?




  2. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Did the huns pay hearts what they owed them for the diddy fullback, wallace?

  3. So hungover today, just realised I have a betting slip in the house. £20 on Celtic +1 goal at 12/5.



    It just gets better and better…

  4. South Of Tunis on

    Last 16



    Porto / Malaga / Man UTD .



    Very likely —



    PSG / Barcelona / Schalke / Arsenal / Real Madrid / . Dortmund /





    Possibles – Milan or Anderlecht 2 from Shakhtar / Chelsea / Juve . Benfica or Celtic . Valencia or Bate. 1

  5. Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning!



    NO! Funny how none of the Laptop Loyal are mentioning that.

  6. Newcastle just gave their Chief Scout an 8 year contract,John Park is in a very strong position now.I hope we can keep him.

  7. Joan Poquí, writing in Mundo Deportivo, seems to have had a fine time at a stadium where supporters make lots of noise and seem enthusiastic about their team, something unfamiliar at the homes of Spain’s big two. “It’s not a legend: the stadium literally shakes,”

  8. @TPKearns: La Marca gave man of the match to the Celtic fans, saying “there’s probably no bigger home advantage in all of football than at Celtic Park”

  9. South Of Tunis on

    1 of Braga / Cluj / Galatasaray..



    So far ——



    Porto / PSG / Shakhtar look like really good teams

  10. George Foulkes live on Radio Shortbread on Hearts crisis”first of all i’d like to congratulate Celtic on last night’s result…..” steps back in amazement

  11. Whether we like it or not – and I do not – but all our prized assets are always going to be linked with just about every ‘major’ club in Europe – from Arsenal to Zenit.



    The LL will make sure of that!



    Celtic are receiving more praise today from the Europe-wide press and media than they are in their own ‘country’.



    Makes me sick!



    … and as for that fud Sardine coming out with that p*** on the very day that we are due to welcome the best team on the planet!



    … and the LL print it as well!



    Only in Scotland!




  12. Pod I


    16:47 on 8 November, 2012


    Anyone know what’s happened to *angersmedia?



    they walked away ;-)

  13. South Of Tunis on

    Hertz are done .



    Their support will not cough up the money .




    They will be liquidated .



    Hertz owe Mad Vlad big style . .



    Mad Vlad will punt Tynecastle .

  14. mearns 2 milton on

    Newcastle fans should be demanding their goalkeeping coach is sacked for letting FF go. What a bhoy!!

  15. Don’t know much, can’t say much, happily numb , last night was huge, need an american election style analysis with swingometers.

  16. •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on

    2012 is no longer the year that Rangers went bust.



    2012 is the year that Celtic……I don’t know how to finish it.


    2012 is the year that Celtic.

  17. Murdochbhoy, yermanfromMK on

    First opportunity I’ve had to log onto CQN today after such an emotional game, Rod wasn’t the only one near to tears.



    I think its a testament to the Celtic team and Neil Lennon they never targeted Lionel Messi for any rough treatment, indeed I don’t think he was fouled during the whole match which must have been a novelty for him.



    The other quick point I’d like to make is the admiration I have for the role Kris Commons played. Everyone played the game of their live but Kris caught my eye on numerous occasions with his steadying influence in what was an unfamiliar position for him.

  18. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on

    Still on a high..



    Last night fantastic.



    If those ugly hertz need advice look no further than Jardine the comic.



    Apparently you find no consequences , history remains intact and in fact life goes on.



    And the MSM print this rubbish.



    But over in paradise..



    All is superb..




  19. The Prince of Goalkeepers on

    According to Radio Shortbread, if Hearts liquidate they will lose their 138 year history!



    Has no one told them the newco can buy it for a pound and continue uninterupted?



    Obviously the news team haven’t been briefed by the sports reporters.

  20. Myself and a couple of Bhoys have booked flights and accommodation for the Benfica game.


    Anyone know the score regarding tickets ?


    Are they available to purchase in Lisbon?

  21. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    An oldie but a goldie



    Flats flats glorious flats :oD)))))

  22. Afternoon all,



    Still buzzing!


    How good is it reading the match reports from around the world?



    TET – It seems like I have to change my opinion on Dunphy and RTE! From what I have read here they were enthusing about Celtics performance…think i need a lie down :)



    Hail Hail

  23. South Of Tunis




    16:50 on 8 November, 2012




    Hertz are done .



    Their support will not cough up the money .



    They will be liquidated .



    Hertz owe Mad Vlad big style . .



    Mad Vlad will punt Tynecastle .



    *mibbees the Mad Vlad has looked across the country and thought if they can get away with it so can we and take the punishment of Division 3 and return as The Heart of Midlothian



    Killie next…..the gemmes a bogey