The Crown Office and the cover up


The criminal justice system in Scotland (and south of the border) is on its knees.  It lacks funds to appropriately prosecute crime, this week I spoke to a shopkeeper who closed a business which flourished for decades, citing, among other things, the inability to deter shoplifters.

So what does this have to do with football?  We learned yesterday The Crown Office has increased its allocation to deal with the malicious prosecution of Rangers administrators and those who purchased the assets.  By March this year, £51.7m had been paid out, and additional £8.8m has been set aside to settle on-going matters.

The Crown Office have accepted they maliciously prosecuted people involved in the Rangers period in administration.  High barriers normally have to be overcome to get the Crown Office to prosecute anyone.  This case is remarkable in that it was pursued without necessary evidence, an inquiry – of sorts – will follow.

The headlines will explain that Newco Rangers’ founding director, Charles Green, was one of the victims, as well as insolvency practitioners and others involved around the time of the failure of Oldco and incorporation of Newco.  No one yet is calling out who went after them.  Why they went after them.  Or on whose behalf they went after them.  The latter question is perhaps the reason no subsequent prosecutions have taken place.

I have no time for Green, Duff and Phelps, Whyte or any of the other characters involved in this tale.  But, in 2012 and 2013 the Scottish media led a campaign against those who sold Rangers assets to the stakeholders of Sevco Scotland.  It was partisan and it was coordinated.  It went hand-in-hand with the malicious prosecutions.

Innocent people were harassed, arrested and subject to years of pressure.  The guilty sailed off into the sunset, untouched by the law.  There is a custom for civil actions (like this compensation episode) to be paused while criminal prosecutions take precedent, it never goes the other way around.

The Crown Prosecution Service would rather we all looked the other way.  News desks across the country know all about it because they were foot soldiers in the game.   They are limited in what they can do, but if they could find 10% of the agitation they used a decade ago, the powerful might think twice before opting for a cover up.

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  1. I STILL have no idea why ST STIVS was banned and I havent read the “Offending ” Post ?



    However, I have met ST STIVS a couple of times, and he is a GOOD GUY, and a generous Bhoy.







    Has anyone seen the offensive post, did it warrant


    a ban.


    Anyone ?


    H H. Mick

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good morning CQN



    Now the competitive international windows are out of the way for a bit, am looking forward to a relative glut of Celtic games between now and 02 Jan.



    Re Asian Cup, by my reckoning …. we’ll lose up to five players for three league games in late Jan and early Feb.



    Will be interesting to see how we manage that.



    Have a good day all.










    Had a good gulp of the Guinness last night with Paddy





    He was asking how you were, told him “ battering the





    bookies “ lol





    He’s not been too good health wise, but still planning





    and plotting our Celtic away days.





    Really jealous of your Shipwreck meetups, they were





    made for me.





    Who knows,might make one before I go and meet up





    with wee Jinky.





    H H. Mick





    Cheers MICK, and I hope that PADDY feels much better very soon.



    IF I had a PASSPORT and I was somehow able to get rid of my fear of flying ( or Crashing more like), I would be over to see you and PADDY ASAP ?


    I am DESPARATE for a wee Holiday, but I have tried looking ONLINE to find out how I can apply for a Passport ?


    It appears to be quite complicated, as apparently I would have to produce several Documents to certain offices here in Glesga….Documents that I Do NOT have ?



    As for the ” SHIPWRECKS CREW “….it takes me all of my time to keep that RABBLE in line whenever we meet up. That auld Scoundrel ” BRRB” is the worst……





    We all love BRRB even though he is an auld Jakey………….LOL



    DAVID66 makes a GREAT ” MINDER”, with a Heart of Gold….just like many of the others.



    I do TRY to keep it as a ” CHUMP FREE ZONE”…..but we have many ” CHAMPS” in the Shipwreck Crew, so we have a LOT of LAUGHS with…… and at each other. We SLAG each other Rotten…..LOL.


    ALL in the Best possible taste, of course !



    YOU and PADDY take care and God Bless.



  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Meant to say ….



    …. The specific challenge being these five all operate in the same advanced areas of the pitch.



    Reo, Kyogo, Daizan, Oh, Yang.



    Just a punt – recent fitness concerns might rule out Daizan and Reo for international duty but they could still be available for us.



    The above more likely for Reo than Daizan.

  6. For all the head scratching, I guess that ra MOD draws a big thick line in the sand around the See You Next Tuesday barb…





  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Was interested to see other qualifiers for Euros so checked tables.



    (Slightly parochial perhaps but I always think having players in our squad from countries who are NOT at major championships in the summer sets the team up well for a long season ahead).



    Credit due to a couple of “minnows” – Andorra and Faroe Islands – who picked up points, avoided multiple thrashings and kept goal difference respectable.



    Not so for Liechtenstein, San Marino, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Malta who all did “Neil Pwan”



    I understand each is being absolutely slated in their national media this morning with refrains of “You are as bad as Sevco in the Champions League. Embarrassing !”



    For all the head scratching, I guess that ra MOD draws a big thick line in the sand around the See You Next Tuesday barb…






    Wrong mate.




    Prestonpans Bhoy



    I doubt St Stivs will be back on.




  9. Paul67 et al



    Saint Stivs has been on this site long enough to know the rules. There’s not many, but he broke one of them. I posted some time afterwards that he owed Paul67 an apology. Some on here do not agree with that position, indeed one stated he would not be back until Stivs returned. Shoulder to shoulder, in the trenches and all. That lasted about five minutes, before the white flag was flying, or was it the white feather, who knows. Stivs stood alone, his head above the parapet. And yet we now have a rear guard action, no names no packdrill, leading the charge, prepared to go over the top, all in the name of a lost cause. Sound familiar?




  10. AN TEARMANN on 20TH NOVEMBER 2023 10:41 AM



    ‘Wrong mate’



    The MOD posted a link to the offending page – that – in its shortform was the only slur I could see on the page.



    If not that slur, why he post it, and why’s anyone in the ken, so secretive about the reason?




    Bloody murder, these international break weeks !!

  11. CQN without SAINT STIVS…. Unthinkable


    CQN without SFTB ….. unbearable


    CQN without this maverick MOD….mmmmm…


    Yep, I can see that……….


    You see, for some people who can’t or are not able to post as much as they would like, CQN is a lifeblood to our daily existence and especially to our Celtic Connection.


    There are others, too numerous to mention and too valuable to this site, that I am eternally grateful for their company, knowledge and wit even though I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting a few dozen.


    Put some humble pie on the menu- I hear it’s delicious at this time of the year.

  12. Quadrophenian.



    Yup he did post the link,


    No links tho to mods own behaviour,


    They are long deleted by the person

  the position to do that


    b.doling out quite crass replies while drunk.



    Your getting part of the story,whats left after


    Give you one guess who that is.






    If we are going to have humble pie we have a full review of mods deleted posts when drunk,they comprimize Paul67 more than stivs ever could




  13. CELTIC MAC on 20TH NOVEMBER 2023 11:26 AM





    I am gonna ASSUME that YOU have never met ST STIVS ?



    I STILL havent seen the so called ” Offensive ” Post by ST STIVS, but IF ST STIVS was somehow ” out of order”, I have to ask….” WHO or WHAT PROVOKED ST STIVS” ?



    As I Posted earlier, I have met ST STIVS on a couple of occasions, and he came across as a really DECENT Celtic Man,

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