The Crown Office and the cover up


The criminal justice system in Scotland (and south of the border) is on its knees.  It lacks funds to appropriately prosecute crime, this week I spoke to a shopkeeper who closed a business which flourished for decades, citing, among other things, the inability to deter shoplifters.

So what does this have to do with football?  We learned yesterday The Crown Office has increased its allocation to deal with the malicious prosecution of Rangers administrators and those who purchased the assets.  By March this year, £51.7m had been paid out, and additional £8.8m has been set aside to settle on-going matters.

The Crown Office have accepted they maliciously prosecuted people involved in the Rangers period in administration.  High barriers normally have to be overcome to get the Crown Office to prosecute anyone.  This case is remarkable in that it was pursued without necessary evidence, an inquiry – of sorts – will follow.

The headlines will explain that Newco Rangers’ founding director, Charles Green, was one of the victims, as well as insolvency practitioners and others involved around the time of the failure of Oldco and incorporation of Newco.  No one yet is calling out who went after them.  Why they went after them.  Or on whose behalf they went after them.  The latter question is perhaps the reason no subsequent prosecutions have taken place.

I have no time for Green, Duff and Phelps, Whyte or any of the other characters involved in this tale.  But, in 2012 and 2013 the Scottish media led a campaign against those who sold Rangers assets to the stakeholders of Sevco Scotland.  It was partisan and it was coordinated.  It went hand-in-hand with the malicious prosecutions.

Innocent people were harassed, arrested and subject to years of pressure.  The guilty sailed off into the sunset, untouched by the law.  There is a custom for civil actions (like this compensation episode) to be paused while criminal prosecutions take precedent, it never goes the other way around.

The Crown Prosecution Service would rather we all looked the other way.  News desks across the country know all about it because they were foot soldiers in the game.   They are limited in what they can do, but if they could find 10% of the agitation they used a decade ago, the powerful might think twice before opting for a cover up.

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  1. The Celtic Christmas Vid is obviously a lot of Fun.



    We must dae better in Europe



    Seeing ma only Son Heartbroken _ know that wisnae Vanilla ICE



    Celtic arrive..

  2. Bigshuggy 10.06pm



    Was reminiscing with a few ex-Columba bhoys & Brycie … still love the the day he was called a fenian xxxxxxxx but showed the guy his Rangers socks underneath all of our green & white trips with the clover on our breasts …



    Whit a day a Bailleston juniors beating those St Patrick fenians fae the other end of Coatbrig … happy days

  3. Going back a bit then forward:



    Joe McBride from Motherwell


    Willie Wallace from Hearts


    Brian McLair from Motherwell


    Frank McGarvey from Liverpool


    Tommy Coyne from Dundee


    Dixie Deans from Motherwell


    Frank McAvennie from West Ham


    Lee Griffiths from Hibs.



    All of the above did us a turn.



    So why not Shankland from Hearts?

  4. Auldheid 10.45pm



    I would sign Shankland in a second .. he reminds me of Leigh Griffiths… a bit wayward early days then realises they have talent



    Even though we were garbage in the 90s .. I would put Pat McGinley & Oh Mikey Mikey, Mikey Mikey, Galloway



    Ekeren CSC 💚

  5. Kev 10.48pm



    The original Huns liquidated 2012



    Still the same fans



    Around the same shoite



    Different Klub



    Same stench



    I delight in beating both … life is far too short to let semantics govern your life … enjoy Celtic



    Celtic should always be our constant … otherwise why post on CELTIC quick news



    Enjoy mate … we will be a long time deid



    (Unless we rise again like the Huns and kid in death didn’t happen)




  6. MOATS no oan thi night?



    Your angry you gave up long b4 huns hit the u bend.


    Now part of the flying typists



    Kev easy on the self loathin,the toof enamel is reekin out yi.



    You could post your email,

  7. The Huddle



    If it’s that easy any possible names ?



    Or just … sign better players …



    A bit of a nonsense post without any credible alternatives … just better than Shankland ..



    Get your CV in for chief scout



    Remit = sign somebody better than the guy that’s scoring for Scotland … job done ✔️

  8. We have all that money, and all those scouts, and the best we can come up with is someone that plays a few miles down the road.



    Is Shankland really the best player we can get? Is that our ambition

  9. Bedtime …



    Before I go



    Why don’t we just sign a better goalie


    Why don’t we just sign 4 better defenders


    Why didn’t we just sign 4 better midfielders


    And may as well try and sign strikers



    I suppose it could be that simple …



    International breaks have a lot to answer for .. Hope Brendan is in the look out for all of the above … roll on Motherwell … still think we could get a result in Rome and take it to the final CL match … away to ma kip hoping the boss just signs better players

  10. The Huddle,



    We need a ready to go guy in January.What’s the problem.Saying ,why not get better is just ridiculous.You can always get better,its getting and paying for them.ACH,whats the point.Thank God Big Jock never thought”Wallace,I can get better than him”

  11. The Huddle



    Got a feeling Brendan will know a bit more than us eijits … Shankland scores goals in the league we play in, you might not fancy him, I think he’s decent (as a cover for Kyogo) that’s all …



    Defo … zzzzz time



    Hail Hail



    By the way I will not be disappointed if Lawrence never dons the hoops but will have my 100% backing if he does 🍀

  12. you really think Brendan wants to sign a player scoring some goals in the SPL? No chance.



    Turkey – we can postpone our games in January during the Asian cup, problem solved.

  13. Big Shuggy 12.07am






    The married part was a lot later … MissGFTB was the end of my fitba career…(although by then I had lost a bit of pace) MissGFTB was born the same year as your grandson …but as you say some terrific Saturday mornings in the ole espiside … by the way am now giving my daughter grief about studying for her pre-Lims …. I sound a bit like my old history teacher pulling me up for not studying before an exam 😂

  14. For the others on the blog … BigShuggy was my history teacher … and he gave me a hard time, with the approval of my mother who was a a cleaner in our high school … when the belt was banned my mother asked my teachers to still give me the belt as she says I probably deserved it … as per usual she was correct

  15. Awe f it … now Petec has appeared I may as well stay up



    Pete C



    True story went to Rethynemon (Crete) holiday already booked circa 1993 … ended up seeing a lassie just before we flew out … called Louise



    The whole holiday . KWS … Louise don’t go :-)



    Whit a tune

  16. Saltcoats wiz an ep eppie centre a few Abdul Qadirs ago – I know I Dinnae ken. There isnae the Madness (Baggy Trousers) on my Napper.



    I Stopped going when….. tbc





    Our Bhoys are really on it but I dinnae like driving @ night.

  17. It’s really simple sign Shankland AND another quality striker …We NEED the cover …and for £4m …won’t break the bank …we have a reserve left back and centre half who can’t get on the bench who cost the same …3 major reasons 1.He is Scottish ( helpful re CL ) 2.He is a proven goalscorer in Our league 3.Shafts Sevco ( because they want him ) …absolute no brainer 🤔🍀

  18. Think of the psychological impact …doon Govan way …Scott Brown mark 2 …best Scottish striker presently in the market …get it done Celts 🍀

  19. We are a very mixed family .. wife and two stepdaughters are all Huns followed both teams from Govan … wee granddaughter doesn’t like the men’s team but loves the Rangers ladies … you need to play the hands your dealt with in life ….. so glad MissGFTB is such a wee Celt it makes it all the sweeter her big cousin has always said this is your dads song, Clogher Celt even gave me more background on it … well before the Green Brigade started singing it



  20. I Trust 16 Roads (Jamesie) he can’t communicate anymore. His thoughts and I Believe him Wholeheartedly,I’ve forgot and it is our Lord,



    I really really dinnae wanna post this.



    Let’s get ?

  21. Petec 1.01am



    Pretty sure 16roads is in SC … think he went off here as he he got binned for some reason … I had to chuck SC for my sanity a good few months back … it was getting me down so many good Celtic bhoys getting so Diem about Celtic … sometimes CQN can be hard read as well but I think the good outweighs the bad and if you let the bad control then we are all f***ed



    By the way MissGFTB has said to me if we lose in Rome does that mean we will have a chance of tickets for Feynoord …. At 15 that is a Celtic logic … I think spending months on end during the Covid stuff has made her as daft as her old man 👴