The enormous building maintenance costs for Celtic Park


Over the years I’ve gone on about the cost of running a football club the size of Celtic.  Before you start to employ a footballer, coach, or someone to put the cones out at training, you’ll be pushed to spend less than £17m.  If you want to have appropriate resources in place, you’re going to spend more than this.

The club spend a lot of money each year on building maintenance at Celtic Park (have a guess?).  The fabric of the building, plumbing, painting the steps, fixing the locks, ensuring electrics and heating systems are safe, costs a small fortune at a stadium that size.

There is a tendency to think of Celtic Park as ‘new’, but it’s not.  It recently entered its third decade, and like any building that age, with large areas exposed to the elements, it requires a continuous programme of renewal and repair.

Structural damage can happen to any building during a storm, it’s not necessarily a sign the building’s been under-maintained or is otherwise dangerous.  But when parts of the roof hang free over the heads of spectators, as happened at Ibrox last night, lots of things need to be checked.  Starting with the maintenance records.

My preference would be that games are cancelled during high winds.  Better safe than sorry.

Annual building maintenance cost of Celtic Park is £800k (not counting Lennoxtown or the Superstore).  That’s a lot of money to find, if you were scrapping by on emergency loans.

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  1. Big thanks to PJBhoyNYC



    Last night/early hours he posted about being at a Glen Hansard gig..



    Embarrassed to say I had never heard of him till then..



    Watched some live stuff on Yachoob and he is very, very good…



    Wee bit Van Morrision and a wee bit Paul Brady with the added X factor…



    This song is called …”Her Mercy”



    Humility is such a rare commodity..






  2. MORAVCIK on 1ST DECEMBER 2015 10:33 PM


    Winning Captains



    You say plans are in place, we need all CQN to stand together ?



    Could you elaborate a bit on this ?



    We as a support should have been ‘mobilised’ long before now.



    The cheating really has gone on long enough, and has went unchallenged long enough, not just by us the fans, but more importantly by our board and the boards of all other clubs in Scotland.



    Enough is enough, the cheats must be stripped off their tainted trophies and punished accordingly.



    – See more at:

  3. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    you share your birthday with my brother; your and his other attributes are also the same



    Happy birthday TD & TF

  4. I feel silly with all the lovely wee fights on CQN to get involved in.. but the thing that gets me to post is…who is this Scott Allen people keep asking about !! :-) I know we haven’t seen his name that often on a team sheet but it’s Scott Allan ;-)

  5. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Por Cierto/JFH – There is hope for us all.



    Let us not be under any illusions though – the poor, the desolate, the hungry and the downtrodden will be first and foremost the priority,for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.






    The rest of us mere mortals can only try our best to do good and be faithful.



    You don’t have to be particularly intelligent to know right from wrong. Even a blind man can see that Christianity is always under constant attack from the evil that has taken humanity to the brink.



    Everybody is entitled to their own opinions.



    This is what I believe.



    If people happen disagree, then that’s alright – however if some people are offended by the teachings of Jesus, that’s their problem.



    New Testament btw, not Old – New.







  6. RWE on 2nd December 2015 2:29 pm,



    Thanks for posting that clip, I believe he has just released an album. He won an academy award for best song 2008 I think, for the film “Once” in which he played a lead role, good little time waster if you get the opportunity to watch it






  7. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    I’m surprised at the R&M costs at celtic park – in my last place of work I had a £960k budget to carry out all repairs / maintenance for buildings , plant and groundworks. I always considered this on the lean side and would honestly have expected double the number you give for celtic park.

  8. SIPSINI on 2ND DECEMBER 2015 2:26 PM


    Connaire 12…



    This man seems to have a conscience,



    Not something you’ll see very often. If he does he’s hidden it well up to now

  9. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    Seeing as you have mentioned him, let me continue 0:-)


    Should he play on Saturday?


    Hamilton are a decent footballing side so I would think this is a good game for Scott Allan to start. Team





    Lustig Boyata Simunovic Izaguirre ( I am a big fan of KT but I like the idea of both getting game time);


    Forrest Bitton McGregor Allan Rogic




    I will be amazed if Ronny picks that side but what does he know compared with a retired teacher?




  10. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    I expect your dad’s Facebook will reflect the fact that he is so proud of his favourite son and wishing him a very happy birthday today…..



    Happy birthday to your tam and to Tony D too







    Remember Cameron wanted that other terrorist executed in south Africa.

  11. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Canamalar – No worries chief, your welcome.



    I’ve been studying the conflict in Syria now, day and night for over four years, sad bassa that I am.



    My initial interest steemed merely from a fascination with war and conflict throughout history – not with any particular reason to do with religion, good or evil etc. have to admit.



    From all of the thousands of sources that I’ve read throughout this time – I’ve only bookmarked about ten articles. Like all war, the vast majority of material is mostly propaganda and lies.



    I would like to think that now I have a better understanding as to the reasons why this horrific conflict was sparked to begin with, complex though it is.



    It is difficult not to choose sides, same as any war.




  12. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Scott ALLEN, that’s right up there with DEFENSE with an S, and the wrong THERE/THEIR. Disnae really matter, but…………

  13. Rwe,




    Whoa whoa whoa. You mean you haven’t seen The Commitments!?










    Falling Slowly, from the movie is special.





  14. eddieinkirkmichael on

    An Tearmann, a few months before the Commonwealth Games a piece fell off the Broomloan stand narrowly missing some spectators who were entering the stadium. The game was delayed for about 15mins while the area was closed off and fans relocated. From the pictures I saw last night and at the previous occurrence it is safe to say that if a piece came off during a game it is very likely that a fan would be injured. I find it astonishing that moving fans a mere 10 metres or so reduces the risk.


    Contrast those 2 decisions with the decision during John Barnes era where Police Scotland and our own safety people took the decision to postpone the game against Inverness Caley due to similar issues re part of the roof not being secure.

  15. 16roads…,


    It must be frustrating meeting people that know much better than you without any of the research eh :)

  16. Makes sense for the Magic Hat to drop Sevco for Fulham and that way Sevco earn compensation; he can also plunder Sevco for their ‘stars’ – Lee Wallace for £2 million – cash up front, of course.



    Pays the repair bills and keeps the lights on

  17. I know that many will know all of this ..but what a shambolic indictment of the Safety at Football Grounds concept last night.



    At a public event where the club (ahem) have a duty of care, and where they are monitored by the Safety Team, the Police and the Council – where the Stadium Manager has complete control over what happens…



    The ground is full of members of the public and parts of a stand roof is blown off and lands in amongst them…



    At the very least that particular stand should have been evacuated and closed off immediately AND thus (since that would have taken at least 30 minutes) there is a very strong case that the game itself should have been abandoned at that point. The integrity of the roof had to be in serious doubt with every possibility that parts could land on the playing surface.



    No one could possibly know how the remainder of the roof(s) were likely to respond…



    To actually take such a risk during an event was the antithesis of all good and sensible H&S practice and theory and an abrogation of their legal responsibilities under the Act.



    Risk management is all about taking steps to remove and minimize risk to all, particularly the public.



    They got away with it… but it seems that the continuance of the game was more of a priority than complying with the required steps to secure the safety of people there.



    Had the game been cancelled would the fans have been entitled to a refund?



    Was cost and the dwindling cash a factor at all?



    I cannot think of any other public event where they would take such a casual and reckless approach to public safety.



    Riskier Management CSC

  18. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    I see they quote a £5mpa saving on maintenance costs in that article



    BTW – i think I may have volunteered my services at the time – still waiting on the e mail requesting my attendance

  19. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Was the structural integrity of the roof maybe compromised by the construction of the Hover Pitch?

  20. Geordie Munro



    Just checked out the Commitments on Wiki…and no I didn’t realize it was Glen Hansard with the frizzy LedZep hair.



    Jeez – 1991 is when that came out – couldn’t believe that either..a lifetime..




  21. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on





    You are spot on there mate … no way the hse would allow that in a workplace never mind an events arena ( a whole series of events over the last wee while )



    I wondered at the commonwealth games committee awarding them the rugby games at Ibrokes. … risk management indeed

  22. RWE on 2ND DECEMBER 2015 2:29 PM


    Big thanks to PJBhoyNYC



    – See more at:



    You are very welcome sir. He was playing last night at The Beacon Theater, the same first venue I saw him many years ago supporting Damien Rice. Love his music. Never fails to deliver in Live shows.


    Falling Slowly was a favorite I used to post on here on the run up to Tommy Burns Thursday. Very apt in those weeks.




  23. Bamboo can I ask you your source for the £800,000 per missile cost. The reason I ask is that I listened to an “expert” talking about them, his figure was £100,000 each. H H Hebcelt

  24. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    Aye oot Tam really is the quiet one of the family☘☘

  25. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Well Canamalar – that’s why I tend not to get involved in any debates on here that involve such issues anymore.



    No dis-respect to anybody but sometimes you are attempting to deal with people who quote Western msm like it’s the Gospel truth.



    A few wee snippets of misinformation that they watch on the news, or read in the papers is often presented as fact – very few seem to question the source of this information.



    As I have already stated, there is nearly always an agenda at work – not only from Western MSM, but also the likes of Al Jazeera and Russia Today.No doubt all these sources can be of some use, but they must always be questioned. Attempting to get a balanced and independent view is most difficult.



    Decent article here looking at that ISIS entity. It’s a long read though chief, so you might get fed up reading after the first few paragraphs.



    I’ll post it in a wee second.



    Not my opinion, or something that I agree or disagree with – just may be of interest, or give a better understanding.




  26. Geordie, didn’t realize he was part of that troupe either.



    Starry, you should watch the film if you get a chance, probably get it on Netflix or some other site






  27. HebCelt. Reading Bamboo’s post had me scratching my head too, even in the crazy world we live in £800k a missile seemed crazy. I’m no expert in missile prices and even £100k seems outlandish to me but no doubt you are probably correct.

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