The enormous building maintenance costs for Celtic Park


Over the years I’ve gone on about the cost of running a football club the size of Celtic.  Before you start to employ a footballer, coach, or someone to put the cones out at training, you’ll be pushed to spend less than £17m.  If you want to have appropriate resources in place, you’re going to spend more than this.

The club spend a lot of money each year on building maintenance at Celtic Park (have a guess?).  The fabric of the building, plumbing, painting the steps, fixing the locks, ensuring electrics and heating systems are safe, costs a small fortune at a stadium that size.

There is a tendency to think of Celtic Park as ‘new’, but it’s not.  It recently entered its third decade, and like any building that age, with large areas exposed to the elements, it requires a continuous programme of renewal and repair.

Structural damage can happen to any building during a storm, it’s not necessarily a sign the building’s been under-maintained or is otherwise dangerous.  But when parts of the roof hang free over the heads of spectators, as happened at Ibrox last night, lots of things need to be checked.  Starting with the maintenance records.

My preference would be that games are cancelled during high winds.  Better safe than sorry.

Annual building maintenance cost of Celtic Park is £800k (not counting Lennoxtown or the Superstore).  That’s a lot of money to find, if you were scrapping by on emergency loans.

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  1. Rwe,



    1991?? Wow.



    Where does the time go?



    Aye a cracking Wee movie which Ironically GH didn’t enjoy all that much







    Whatever happened to Ibrox maintenance?



    If the Hun tradesmen came from where I work God help them, as TBJ will verify.

  3. GSU



    Thanks for that link…just lovely..






    I have to believe that I was having one of my self enforced sabbaticals from Planet CQN when you posted “Falling Slowly” way back then…



    Sorry I missed it frankly.



    What’s even more disappointing is that I was in Manhattan last night and I missed the bloomin gig.



    Hopefully catch him next time round.



    Starry Plough



    Cheers, new ground for me too




  4. Greensideisup,



    Aye, I can’t remember when I first heard it but the radio presenter mentioned it.



    Saturday morning on shortbread is ringing a bell though




    Outspan csc




  5. just heard this… not sure who I thought of!


    n this life, one thing counts


    In the bank, large amounts


    I’m afraid these don’t grow on trees,


    You’ve got to pick-a-pocket or two



    You’ve got to pick-a-pocket or two, boys,


    You’ve got to pick-a-pocket or two.





    Large amounts don’t grow on trees.


    You’ve got to pick-a-pocket or two.



    [FAGIN (spoken)]


    Let’s show Oliver how it’s done, shall we, my dears?



    [sung] Why should we break our backs


    Stupidly paying tax?


    Better get some untaxed income


    Better to pick-a-pocket or two.



    You’ve got to pick-a-pocket or two, boys


    You’ve got to pick-a-pocket or two.





    Why should we all break our backs?


    Better pick-a-pocket or two.



    [FAGIN (spoken)]


    Who says crime doesn’t pay?



    [sung] Robin Hood, what a crook!


    Gave away, what he took.


    Charity’s fine, subscribe to mine.


    Get out and pick-a-pocket or two

  6. PS re ICT game cancelled due to stadium.. I should have been called off earlier took me twice as long to walk to Parkhead into the wind… I wouldn’t want to be keeper standing waiting for it to fall off. Nearly happened to me playing down park. Head an almighty thump a few feet behind me. A large branch fell from tree, about 2 ft diameter. We abandoned game.. Later that day a car was destoyed by same tree, luckily no one died.

  7. RWE…



    BMCUW, will have been sitting with his hands tied behind his back so he can’t type, think of the money he will save on Guinness :))

  8. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Here’s the reply I received re incident of part of roof coming loose previously at Ibroke.



    Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2014 16:00:16 +0000


    To: eddieinkirkmichael@@@@@@@@@@




    Subject: [CASE:40362] 40362 – edward @@@@@ – General Enquiry




    Hi Edward



    Many thanks for your email and for highlighting your concerns.


    On receipt of your email I asked my colleagues in the Venue Management team to investigate further. I have subsequently been advised that on Saturday 11th January at the Rangers v East Fife football match, a steward noticed a piece of roof cladding had been partially detached on the Broamloan Stand of Ibrox Stadium and was moving about in the wind. The damage was assessed and as result 300 supporters were moved from the Broamloan Stand to adjacent areas. I can confirm that following the match repairs were carried out on the affected area and further checks were carried out on other parts of the stadium to ensure the safety of all the supporters.


    I should highlight that Glasgow 2014 must comply with primary legislation for the safety of spectators at all Venues and are working closely with Glasgow City Council Licensing and Rangers Football Club to ensure the safety of spectators and those working at this Venue. There is regular planned inspections and safety meetings to ensure due diligence in respect of safety and we are confident that this Venue will remain in good operational order for the Commonwealth Games and beyond.


    I hope this information is helpful, if I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch.


    Kind regards




    If we can be of any further assistance, you can get in touch by emailing the team at



    William Nichol


    Contact Centre Administrator




    Telephone: 0303 333 2014| Fax: 030 2014 0001


    Glasgow 2014 Limited, Commonwealth House, 32 Albion Street, Glasgow, G1 1LH

  9. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    These people who replied to you Eddie



    Was it them who prevented safe standing over last couple of years?

  10. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Blantyre, no it was the Commonwealth organisers who replied. GCC didn’t even send a reply

  11. 16 roads…,


    Agree they all have their own propaganda running through the narrative.


    But I do consider the RT to make the least amount of unsubstantiated claims, they generally back up their claims with expert opinion from across the board. Whereas the west expects us to believe unquestioningly because they said so.


    What RT were saying months ago are now becoming the accepted truth across the board and that’s happened too many times now for me to simply dismiss, my first stop for news is RT, then Al Jazeera, then euronews, then bbc, then cnn in that order.


    A bit like going straight to CQN for Celtic news.

  12. Thought to put this on this thread…since Geln Hansard’s Manhattan gig had been raised..



    The man from Yorkville, Manhattan…a wee 2.5 minute video





    Thanks for checking it out.






    Celtic40 me



    Can you expand re Francis



    Sorry, you’ve lost me a bit there, I was talking about Mark Zuckerberg and his new-found conscience

  14. Eddie Kirkmichael



    thanks Eddie for your reply and insight into the ol H&S aspect regards there stadia,i would assume inspections will be getting carried out at mo with urgency,they cant ignore this,especially if it happens again and endangers viewers.Your correct to contrast treatment with us re inverness gamemany years would think that mob would learn from history.


    hope all is quiet on the road :-)




  15. millerston tim on

    Lennons passion and kjam



    Mr stokes and Mr Allan had an altercation in which an injury occurred. It was not reported but someone got there ar*e kicked and someone had a sore face.. Work it out for yourselves bhoys. Sent 10 rolls of gaffer tape by DHL this morning over to the south side.hope it helps out as we are a caring club. HH.

  16. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Spread reading on train





    Crossed wires, you posted your comment just after someone posted about Pope Francis



    My bad

  17. Interesting article Paul.


    No doubt with a degree of self interest, Brian Dempsey did warn that the present Celtic Park would be a high maintenance project.

  18. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Spread reading even


    Spreading my posting between Bridgeton and Dalmarnock tunnels :)

  19. Phil Gormley gets a new job at 200K per annum.



    Already, the Police Federation are suggesting he will fail because he doesn’t know Scotland.



    “In the past we have expressed concerns that policing in Scotland has had its unique identity diminished due to a lack of understanding of our own challenges and issues.”



    Some people might suggest that bringing in some other outside-Scotland influences could help remove some of the unacceptable aspects of that “unique identity”.




  20. A lot of chat today about safety issues at Ibrox.


    This has surface quite a bit on here in the past.


    Serious question is, where has the stadium licencee, glasgow City council been all this time.


    Possible one of its former leaders was too busy having a word with HMRC to go easy on the Ibrox club.

  21. THE EXILED TIM on 2ND DECEMBER 2015 11:57 AM
















    That’s where you went wrong , see if you had said it a thousand times :-)























    Lol god I think your right mate , to be fair. I did say IMHO . Btw you gave the game away there , your the guy who doesn’t scroll by my posts , ;)

  22. A wee thought on Britain joining in the bombing of Syria.


    Mission Creep will almost certainly make boots on the ground inevitable.


    With the above in mind, it would be interesting to know how many of today’s Ayes have direct family members in the Armed Forces.


    My own guess is damn few.


    Given that like Iraq, there will be billion pound fortunes to be in reconstruction projects, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.


    There may even be a post World War 11 solution to Berlin, where there were American, French, Russian and British sectors.

  23. Weeminger thanks for the info, it is the Brimstone missile that the RAF have that the others want to use, apparently it is “Super Smart” whatever that means. A total shambles in Syria, gonna end in tears – all round. H H Hebcelt

  24. Hebcelt



    its sobering eh ,this ‘austerity’ lark does not seem to hinder the war machine!hope all is well with you




  25. An Tearmann on 2nd December 2015 12:40 pm



    Stadia maintenance



    is this not the 2nd or 3rd time metal has attemted to smite hundom lol



    what are H&S doing about it?



    do we have to wait until injury or even worse death,i really hope not.



    *the last time that happened they got a rebuilt stadium oot of it.

  26. A while since he’s been on these pages I think but those of you who know Albert_Kidd might be pleased to know him and my wee sister had twin girls today. Happy days! (sleepless nights)

  27. Only £800k repiars and maintainence costs per annum for a venue the size of Celtic Park ?


    I am suprised at that, honestly thoughts about well over a million and a half.



    Having said that , since the old huns died I suppose we dont replace seats, toilets, cameras, facilities, doors, and having to paint after visits.

  28. AN TEARMANN on 2ND DECEMBER 2015 4:34 PM







    its sobering eh ,this ‘austerity’ lark does not seem to hinder the war machine!hope all is well with you










    In fairness to Cameron and Osborne, it is not just in Britain that money grows on trees when it comes to wars.




    In the poorest countries on earth, despite millions starving, there are always plenty of weapons of death.



    – See more at:

  29. AN Tearmann as well as can be expected in a very blustery Hebrides, the blog has been imo pretty poor of late but hey ho scroll by the dull uninteresting egotistical ones – whoops tin hat on. Keep on keeping on. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  30. TONTINE TIM on 2ND DECEMBER 2015 4:38 PM


    An Tearmann on 2nd December 2015 12:40 pm







    Stadia maintenance







    is this not the 2nd or 3rd time metal has attemted to smite hundom lol







    what are H&S doing about it?







    do we have to wait until injury or even worse death,i really hope not.







    *the last time that happened they got a rebuilt stadium oot of it.



    I imagine that if it had the stomach for it Glasgow council could shut the place tomorrow.



    – See more at:

  31. quonno



    ‘how it all pans out’



    haliburton already made there buck the first time,but bein cynical i suppose they will’bomb’into a new round of tenders just like they did after the war criminal Blair and Bush messed up the first time.



    Donald Rumsfield did he not say something to the effect it was a problem having ‘our’ oil under the ground of other countries!


    Oil and the continuation of its flowto petrobased economies is a must for the U.S friendly economies like ours imo.


    it has been this way since the Saudis threatened to stop the oil in 1973 during the Yom kippur war,it caused chaos in our economies for years after.


    lets not kid ourselves they dont give a s**t bout isis its about the resources,their free movement to us that must not be hindered


    Civilization eh


    just my own view





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