The unfortunate shredding of documents


The report on Rangers on tonight’s Channel 4 News by Alex Thomson put meat on the bones of what has been going on at Rangers over the last decade or more.  Former chief executive, Martin Bain, was revealed to have written to then-chairman, John McClelland, in late 2003 asking that his pay rise is paid through the club’s Employee Benefit Trust, which is not subject to Income Tax or National Insurance.

Bain goes on to make a sinister note to McClelland, “at the end of the meeting I gave her back the letter addressed to me from you that stated my contractual increase for her to shred.”

Shredding documents?  Oh dear.

Bain declined to answer questions from Channel 4 but yesterday offered to drop his contractual claim against the club, suggesting his issue was with Rangers new owner, Craig Whyte.  It was the most self-serving drivel I have read in a while.

If this was how he behaved as Rangers chief executive Whyte was right to suspend him last year.  How Bain had the front to pursue Rangers for over £1m knowing the consequences of his letters to John McClelland beggars belief.

I wonder how HMRC view instructions to shred documents that could inform a view on a tax claim?  These documents prove Rangers directors knew how EBTs worked, understood what they were doing and the consequences.

Paul Baxendale-Walker walked straight out of a Carry On movie to give a great cameo performance. In a couple of years some poor casting director is going to have to try to find actors to play Baxendale-Walker, Whyte, Bain, Paul Murray and Zsa Zsa himself. Could any actors do justice to these bizarre individuals?

I’d be interested in your suggestions. Zsa Zsa for Sir David is a given.

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  1. philvisreturns on

    West Wales Celt – Thank you, my Welsh bhoyo friend in Celtic.



    Good link there too. I wasn’t a huge fan of Mr Hitchens but as an old hand of the GUU Dialectic Society I did absolutely respect his oratorical verisimilitude. (thumbsup)

  2. Knoxy



    God bless we Oscar and all of ye. I hope and pray the treatment works out as you hope and that you keep getting all the help you deserve.



    One thing though, before he points it out himself. What were you doing fastening the last button on his waistcoat in the wedding picture? No, no, no. That’s sartorial sacrilege.

  3. Ally McCoist………….played by Rab Ha’ ( but only after he’s cut out the carbs for a wee while)

  4. philvisreturns on

    hamiltontim – You flatter me, sir. Any ostensible perspicaciousness on my part was entirely serendipitous. (thumbsup)

  5. Grumpy old Tax Dodgers.



    Eddi Lizzard as Whytey & Danny Devito as Minty.



    In the mould of Matthau & lemmon- comedy about two old fiscal shirkers sharing an empty stadium in the tough South Govan Projects.

  6. Paul67



    Michael Crawford = Sir Minty



    Chuckle brothers = Bain & Greig



    Gregor Fisher(baldy man) = McClelland



    David Jason & Nicholas Lyndhurst = Walter & Ally



    Alan Partridge character = Craig Whyte.

  7. lubos leather jacket, the payment protection partnership " getting money back that's rightfully yours," on

    Sorry to hear of Stan Petrovs illness, my prayers are for your health and recovery. Stan the man can beat this!


    Stan YWNWA

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    well made a point of buying my new top without the Tennant’s pish last Sept. Wore it for 4 games then disappeared.



    Miss Prestonpans just found it in her room, that’s right £40 for three months ware………………………………………………

  9. Sorry to tell everyone



    FACTS currently are



    CWHYTE owns the club or 85% of


    Admin has no authority to sell C Whytes shares



    All talk of buyers must have say so of CWHYTE



    therefore if you really want the club talk to Craig no one else



    Ignore the admin peeps go to the source the source CW will say naw

  10. I don’t know if it knew something that others didn’t but the old KTF site regularly implied that there was something not quite kosher about MB.

  11. Pjbruce on 30 March, 2012 at 23:14 said:


    Sorry to tell everyone



    FACTS currently are



    CWHYTE owns the club or 85% of


    Admin has no authority to sell C Whytes shares



    All talk of buyers must have say so of CWHYTE



    therefore if you really want the club talk to Craig no one else



    Ignore the admin peeps go to the source the source CW will say naw





    I was wondering about this today and reckon that the only way they can force a sale is via liquidation, i.e., in order to obtain best possible outcome for creditors. Even so, we’re talking about the sale of assets as opposed to sale of the company, surely??

  12. The wee ‘Kit’ man played by Marc Almond……..and siginging his signature song “Tainted Titles”……………

  13. the glorious balance sheet on

    EBT The Movie Starring



    Alfred Hitchcock as John McClelland


    Leonard Rossiter (Rigsby from Rising Damp) as Martin Bain


    William Roache (Ken Barlow from Coronation St) as Richard Gough


    Timothy Spall as Ally McCoist


    Peter Mandelson breaking in a new career as Hugh Dallas


    John Candy as Jim Traynor


    Trevor Muirhead (on day release) as Hugh Keevins


    Roy Cropper (Coronation St) as Dave King


    Robert Duvall as Chick Young


    Hugh Laurie as Graham Speirs


    Stephen Fry as David Murray

  14. West Wales Celt on



    Hitchins is cognitively advantaged but Gorgeous makes up for it with oratory and street fighting guile.



    A good watch.



    Nos da tovaritch…

  15. Actually thought Baxkendale-Walker was going to be Donald Findlay with the pipe thing going on

  16. philvisreturns on 30 March, 2012 at 22:58



    Absolutely no doubting that.



    Adversity is there for us all. The Lord does not put in front of us anything we can not overcome.

  17. After two disappointing results


    i hope whatever happens tomorrow


    we have a great time on Sunday.


    The Celtic Story goes on.


    Thinking of Stan.



  18. philvisreturns on 30 March, 2012 at 22:55 said:



    Philvis, I usually scroll by your posts, cause I’m getting old and i really can’t be arsed with people with seemingly no human compassion, but fair do’s, you appreciate the process. 56% of Bradford voters reject the establishment,. come Sunday, 100% of the inhbitants of Celtic Park will reject the Scottish establishment. People who care can change things. GBNL

  19. philvisreturns on

    West Wales Celt – I still enjoy seeing Gorgeous George’s molligation of the US Senate.



    He made them look very silly indeed. (thumbsup)

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Auld Neil Lennon heid on 30 March, 2012 at 21:08 said:





    Thanks so much for your efforts in keeping your fellow,but distant ,Tims,in the loop.


    Much appreciated.

  21. John Malkovich – Martin Bain


    Albert Finney – John McLelland


    Christopher Plummer – David Murray


    Jonnah Hill – Ally McCoist

  22. Regan, Doncaster,Duff and Duffer et all must be praying that the BTC hits very soon so they can pull the pin on that lot, otherwise theres gonna be some shifting on the seats when questions are asked, the longer the FTT keeps them waiting the better.

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