The unfortunate shredding of documents


The report on Rangers on tonight’s Channel 4 News by Alex Thomson put meat on the bones of what has been going on at Rangers over the last decade or more.  Former chief executive, Martin Bain, was revealed to have written to then-chairman, John McClelland, in late 2003 asking that his pay rise is paid through the club’s Employee Benefit Trust, which is not subject to Income Tax or National Insurance.

Bain goes on to make a sinister note to McClelland, “at the end of the meeting I gave her back the letter addressed to me from you that stated my contractual increase for her to shred.”

Shredding documents?  Oh dear.

Bain declined to answer questions from Channel 4 but yesterday offered to drop his contractual claim against the club, suggesting his issue was with Rangers new owner, Craig Whyte.  It was the most self-serving drivel I have read in a while.

If this was how he behaved as Rangers chief executive Whyte was right to suspend him last year.  How Bain had the front to pursue Rangers for over £1m knowing the consequences of his letters to John McClelland beggars belief.

I wonder how HMRC view instructions to shred documents that could inform a view on a tax claim?  These documents prove Rangers directors knew how EBTs worked, understood what they were doing and the consequences.

Paul Baxendale-Walker walked straight out of a Carry On movie to give a great cameo performance. In a couple of years some poor casting director is going to have to try to find actors to play Baxendale-Walker, Whyte, Bain, Paul Murray and Zsa Zsa himself. Could any actors do justice to these bizarre individuals?

I’d be interested in your suggestions. Zsa Zsa for Sir David is a given.

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  1. Answers to round 2 (I hope you realise there’s nae winners, this is just for fun!)



    Wee repost




    1) 3-0



    2) Rogan, Miller, Coyne



    3) Nesbit



    4) Coyne (allegedly)



    Prestonpansbhoys ye should have stuck with your first choice :-)





    Do ye want another one?

  2. Buddy Morrisey on

    If we are onto casting Rangers: The movie then it can only be that Sully from Monsters Inc plays the big guy outside the big house on Admin Day.

  3. Paul67,



    Apols for not reading the article first but I just knew it was going to be exceptional and my childish instinct got the better of me. Go for the podium.

  4. Holy Moly, not only did Rogan score, but he got Coyne away for Miller’s goal as well.



    With the game last weekend, I was remembering this week and how my face hurt from so much smiling – but I’d completely forgotten the Rogan goal.





  5. johann murdoch on

    Don’t worry bhoys and girls I am sure the newly installed SFA president Campbell ogilvie will all over this Rangers ebt stuff like a rash…hold on…….wait a minute !!!!

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    hamiltontim on 30 March, 2012 at 22:29 said:



    dependings on who is winning???????????//

  7. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    Agent Craig “Green and” Whyte!! on 30 March, 2012 at 22:02 said:




    hen1rik on 30 March, 2012 at 21:33 said:


    Bhoys surely Sir Walter should be asked if he had an EBT.



    If the myth had an ebt.


    Do you think he’d ask for his cash in a brown envelope?




    Lads. I think it unlikely.



    Smith was absent from Ibrox when EBT use started in 2000 and his arrival in 2007 saw the ebt contributions half.



    Not that I think he had anything to do with that, suspect it was more to do with a growing realisation they were dodgy. That does not rule out the possibility but set expectation phasers to stun rather than kill.

  8. Magnificentseven, 22:17


    Scottish Cup v the Huns. ‘Bomber’ Brown booted him as he ran back from celebrating and not a thing was done of course. Paul Elliot, outstanding game

  9. mhaddog Is Mise Niall Lennon on

    My wife who has followed some of the RTC stuff was flabbergasted by what a sleazy character PBW was. Who would take any kind of advice from him.

  10. Jinky's A Legend on

    Stan Petrov, once a Celtic player ,always a Celtic player. Please pray for this good man.

  11. prestonpans bhoys on

    Auld Neil Lennon heid on 30 March, 2012 at 22:33 said:



    are you sure on that start date – not in the 90’s?????

  12. Steinreignedsupreme on

    petec on 30 March, 2012 at 22:00:



    Regan has an unenviable task on his hands. He is surrounded by duplicitous characters, who are no doubt trying to halt any progressive thinking.



    I have no doubt the SFA just assumed they had hired another ‘yes man’ but I believe Regan will stick at it. I’m sure Regan has been truly shocked at the levels of corruption inside the SFA, but he has to tread carefully to make any progress at all.

  13. Magnificentseven on

    O.G.Rafferty on 30 March, 2012 at 22:33 said:


    Magnificentseven, 22:17


    Scottish Cup v the Huns. ‘Bomber’ Brown booted him as he ran back from celebrating and not a thing was done of course. Paul Elliot, outstanding game




    I loved him as a player..always gave everything

  14. mhaddog Is Mise Niall Lennon on 30 March, 2012 at 22:34 said:



    Snigger. It did occur to me as I was watching it, that for all the rancid rottenness that’s being uncovered, perhaps the most embarrassing of all would be their association with that PBW.

  15. Auld Neil Lennon heid on




    Shreddies for breakfast is it?



    Now would the same folk provide the SFA with all the remuneration details required by registration rules and risk the SFA had a shredder or would it be a do it yourself job?

  16. midfield maestro on



    Merci beaucoup. I can now head to French Alps tomorrow with a wee skip thanks to your efforts. Merci, deux vin blanc monseuir.

  17. guys


    anyone from the mourne area of back home on here now?


    hearing theres a huge fire burning in the mountains???

  18. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    Listening to STV news. Talking about bids etc, McCoist talking about being around in five to fifteen years time but no mention of Ch4 discovery.



    I think McCoist knows liquidation is inevitable.



    The next battle will be no SPL parachute.

  19. philvisreturns on

    reilly1926 – Re: Stan.



    On my drive home from work today, I learned the awful news.



    The local radio station read out this part of the statement from Aston Villa:



    “Stiliyan is cherished by many and he will get from Villa every ounce of love and support that we have to help bring this to a positive conclusion.”



    I couldn’t have put it better myself.



    It seems only last week that he was a lonely teenager who spoke little English, working nights on a burger van in Glasgow to give himself some company and help acclimatise to a strange city.



    It seems only yesterday that he was a rampaging box-to-box midfielder in Martin O’Neill’s legendary Celtic team.



    I hope and pray that Mr Petrov will beat this. He’s still a young man and in excellent physical condition, those things will be a major factor in his recovery. (thumbsup)

  20. midfield maestro on

    Prestonpans 22.33


    More wine, yes please, started Lent a week early, finish a week early. Just like the SFA/SPL, make up your own rules.

  21. philvisreturns on

    petec – Apols for not reading the article first but I just knew it was going to be exceptional and my childish instinct got the better of me. Go for the podium.



    That’s the spirit, Pete. It’s almost as if you’ve attended my seminars on winmanship. (thumbsup)

  22. Just watched Broony’s press conference today, 6 minutes of what he openly admitted to them- I’m here talking nonsense.



    A question every 10 secs. Didn’t rise to the bait once



    Assembled Poodle’s notepads were empty.



    A true captain’s job- well done Scotty.

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