The Vanhaezebrouck miracle, too late for legal advice


Anderlecht have appointed Hein Vanhaezebrouck manager. I like this guy. He took Gent to one of the most unlikely league wins in 2015. For many, this was a one-off, but Vanhaezebrouck
wasn’t finished. He steered Gent from pot 4 in the Champions League group stage, to the knock-out round, eliminating Valencia and Lyon from the competition in the process.

All of this was achieved with Rami Gershon in central defence, so it wasn’t as though he inherited a squad of undiscovered brilliance. Anderlecht will be vastly more effective when they visit Glasgow in December. We will still have enough to take care of them, but the Belgian’s home game to Bayern Munich on 22 November will not be a stroll for the visitors.

I’m in despair at Newco ‘taking legal advice’ after their friendly in Canada was cancelled due to insufficient ticket sales. I know there’s a clue in the used name (“Newco”) but have these people no real-world experience?

The time to take legal advice is when you contract to an undertaking, especially if you are asking fans to book flights. If the event organiser can put your money in escrow or put sufficient guarantor in place, sign the contract. If you, you know the game may never happen.


Kevin Graham is back with a new CQN Podcast from Saturday. He talks to supporters on the bus on the way to Parkhead, interviews John Paul Taylor outside the ground and captures the atmosphere and action inside the ground before getting some more supporters’ views on the bus home after an eventful afternoon at Celtic Park.

Apologies for a few sweary words in this podcast near the end.


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  1. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    I just typed a huge full detail post that explained it all in detail, but then lost it before I could post, grrr.



    Quick answer is no. There is too much drag caused by the other Scottish clubs’ pathetic record in qualifying games for us to make up the ten places in the ranking list, required to lessen our qualifying burden.



    The gains that our own co-efficient creates are 1) Being seeded in the qualifiers, and 2) perhaps a pot three or two ranking for the group stage draw.




  2. I thought the best man on the park on Saturday was McGinn. Very much doubt he could hold a candle to our captain. I think we should see how Kouassie develops before we look to McGinn.

  3. glendalystonsils on

    I see ‘Black Affrontit’ F.C. have fallen out with the Beeb again.



    Only they could fall out with someone they’ve already fallen out with.

  4. McGinn is probably Hibs best player but he is no better than we already have in that position. I do not see any point in Celtic buying him.



  5. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    BlantyreKev on 4th October 2017 10:00AM



    I think SPFL will twist the knife, should we advance past Hibs, by making your 9 in 31 -10 in 31. The Thistle game due on that cup-final weekend will be changed to the midweek before Christmas, 20th Dec at a guess.



    In other imaginings, Tommy Tuchel for the Bayern Munich hot-seat would raise the profile of our two games against them.

  6. Thanks to all who commented on my earlier point re number of games.



    I do hope players such as Johnny H , Eddie et al show enough that we can trust them in some of the SPL games following European ties .


    The squad is the key to this continuity of success

  7. Twists & Turns



    Interesting the beneficial effects or the toll that those extra games can have.



    As has been pointed out not only is it the amount of games extra but that those games are played at a higher level…



    – Final Stages Of Domestic Cups


    – European Competitions


    – Internationals.



    It reminded me of the great Spanish Teams Run.



    European Champions 2008


    World Cup Champions 2010


    European Champions 2012



    Done while most of their players were playing Extra Club Games, Especially The Barca & Madrid Guys.



    It was phenomenal how this group of players went from performance after performance at Club and International Level, year in, year out, Season after Season.



    It was the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup that brought it home to me, they were favourites and playing incredible Football.



    I looked at that team and thought, when was the last time these guys got a break? A serious break?



    The thing was they just seemed to get better and better – performing at the highest level for Club and Country seemed to improve and galvanise their performance.



    Now, as phenomanol as they were, interestingly enuff, they seemed to run out of steam at the end of that Competition and certainty the 2014 World Cup was a Tournament too far…



    Brilliant a run at Club and Country Level as it was and their athleticism and skills were honed to the max through that period… Yet even the greatest seemed to need that break.



    Hail Hail

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