There is worse to come


Neil Lennon said we didn’t deserve to lose 4-1, as we dominated large parts of the game against a team who have lost their last four games (not against Celtic), conceding 14 goals in the process.  But oh, Neil, we absolutely deserved to lose by at least that margin.

Our disorganisation is a marvel.  Scott managing to start his jump goal-side of a dropping ball and ending up wrong side.  Callum playing three onside.  Kris A. not committing to block the cross (forgiven, trying to cover two positions), Chris J. attempting to intercept with the wrong foot (forgiven, fitness).  Hatem reliving his Ferencvaros highlights.  Full backs who are never back and produce few assists; there is no defensive midfield, unless you count the goalkeeper who feels the need to leave his box and play that position, just a midfield of nomads.

The team is a collection of individuals unencumbered by a workable strategy.  Opposition managers have their game plan written: defend deep, play on the counter and put numbers forward at set-pieces.  If we could defend counter-attacks and corner kicks, we would be having a legendary season, but we can’t, so everyone looks awful.

In sport, if you have evident fatal flaws and persistently fail to resolve them, you deserve every setback that comes your way.  It is hard to recall a Celtic team that deserved to lose more.  Let me give you a cheery prediction, you will soon forget about last night, as there is worse to come.

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  1. Scotsman:



    Odds tumble on ex-Everton boss as Neil Lennon prepares for Ross County clash,



    Former Everton and Hull City boss Marco Silva has been instilled as the second-favourite to replace Neil Lennon at Celtic, according to the bookmakers.



    The Portuguese coach has been out of management since leaving Goodison Park in 2019 and is a new name in the Betfair odds list for the next man to fill the Parkhead hotseat.



    Silva sits at 3/1, behind ex-Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe whose status as front-runner has been strengthened with him gaining odds-on status at 5/6.

  2. ROCK TREE BHOY on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:44 PM



    Yes, I do. I’m not sure if you’re being deliberately obtuse but I didn’t think it’d need spelling out or saying twice.



    In my dream scenario, Lennon would stay in the job and we’d win every game between now and the end of the season, delivering another treble.



    However, what I think will happen is we’ll win the next few winnable games (on paper) and get a thumping at Ibrox. When Paul67 says things can get worse, I think this and/or a cup shock maybe what he’s alluding to.



    I don’t want this to happen. Do you?

  3. We’re at the point now where the blame for losing this title lies largely with Lawwell and Desmond for their arrogant refusal to accept what everyone else can see – Lennon needs to be go.



    Desmond and Lawwell are clueless eejits. I can’t watch this nonsense anymore – Monday morning a letter with my season card will find it’s way to CelticPark. I’m wasting no more time watching this comedy act.



    We’re run by a clique that treat fans with utter contempt. Well they won’t be getting a penny of me until everyone one of them is removed from our club. I’m done.

  4. ERNIE LYNCH on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:23 PM


    AULDHEID on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:13 PM



    If I may be so bold.



    When did you start to get the measure of Peter Lawwell?




    It started in 2013 with Celtic’s response to Canalamar’s Res12.



    It did not align with what I expected following a meeting with PL in May 2013.



    Proof of suspicion, because I like to be as sure as possible, took until May 2018.



    It’s all on the timeline on the Res12 Archive if you look from April 2018 onwards.

  5. 67 European Cup Winners on

    I accept it’s easy to jump on here and offer advice – we are all experts


    But one of the main reasons I jump on is to get an insight into the workings of our Board thinking, PL in particular – I think we all accept that Paul67 has a hot line


    So when I see stuff like today it really frustrates me – because I do not know how to interpret the message



    But i will offer a couple thoughts



    1) PL has a Manager lined up but cannot get him until the New Year – so we stick with NL until we can get the other guy in


    2) Pl and DD have been caught sleeping at the wheel and are surprised by events – they are now scrambling to get a new manager but its work in progress – could take a couple of months


    3) PL and DD have accepted our predicament and will not invest any more money – in fact they will generate income by selling in the New Year and sticking with NL


    4) PL and DD really do believe this is saveable and are sticking with NL



    There are probably a few more options but I have ran out of ideas



    But I cannot believe the message is “take your medicine and shut it”



    This is a bigger collapse than Nokia




  6. Auldheid


    My thoughts remain the same he is up to his neck in this, either he has been promised a UEFA gig or what he did was at the behest of the plc and if supporters find out then the board are at a bare minimum toast, maybe something much worse.


    He asked bring the smoking gun, basically tell me everything you are doing collecting and planning, then when it was done and he was presented with the findings he put a halt to it going any further, ungenuine is a kind description of him.

  7. i got an email from Celtic saying we can access Premier Sports app for the game vs Ross County on Sunday.


    Email says UK and Ireland but the app very clearly says UK only and won’t allow you to enter Ireland or Eircode



    I’ve signed up anyway with my parents Postcode in Scotland



    See what happens on Sunday. Hesgoal has every Premier game anyway

  8. 67 European Cup Winners on

    AN DÚN on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:52 PM


    I hear you and have commented before that we are on the same page


    This site cannot afford to lose your voice


    Your passion is evident – stay around for the ride



    Hail hail




  9. GEEBEE1978 on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:52 PM



    I wasn’t that surprised at what you posted more that it went unchallenged,



    listen, I’m not having a go at you, you are as entitled to your opinion as anyone else

  10. 67 European Cup Winners on

    NOTTHEBUS on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:56 PM


    Christmas is too late



    Hail Hail




  11. lets all do the huddle on

    We’re run by a clique




    ‘clique’ is probably a good word to describe it



    Celtic are a PLC



    and the purpose and agenda of those few folk who run a PLC is to protect their own self interest in terms of money and power



    PLCs are basically protection rackets ran by and for it’s executives



    Celtic aren’t been run any differently



    thats not to say i think we would be better off not being a PLC



    we would be better off morally



    but morals dont win trophies




    My own theory is that Lawwell didn’t do his job properly when appointing Lennon – ie looking through and interviewing other candidates.



    A sacking now is a huge admission of incompetence and his ego won’t allow it. Deep down he can probably see the writing is on the wall but would rather close his eyes and hope for the best.

  13. NOTTHEBUS on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:56 PM


    Dreaded public vote of confidence from the board…he will be gone by xmas!






    That’s the thing, the board are so cowardly that they haven’t publicly backed him. Opting instead to brief journalists.



    A zoom call this morning to discuss how to fix things ? Jesus wept, Lennon is now getting tactical advice from our CEO and major shareholder !



    We’re an embarrassment on the field and off it.

  14. Manager Neil Lennon says he, chief executive Peter Lawwell and major shareholder Dermot Desmond remain “totally united” despite Celtic’s Europa League exit by Sparta Prague.



    Celtic can no longer qualify from their group and have now only won twice in nine games in all competitions.



    But Lennon has had “long chats” with his squad and leading club figures.



    “We’re totally united, totally together and totally determined we’ll make this into a good season,” he said.



    Lennon revealed he had spoken to Lawwell and Desmond on Friday morning on his return from Czech Republic.



    “Obviously disappointed at the result last night and the run of results we’ve had recently, but we are very determined to turn things around,” he said.



    “I don’t think it’ll take that much. I just think the players in some aspects of the game are lacking a little bit of confidence, but it’s nothing terminal here.”

  15. 67 European Cup Winners on



    How are you my old friend


    i hope the constant drip of disappointment has not dampened you spirit


    You have always stood by NL in the hope of a corner being turned


    So each defeat is a hard hit punch


    i am slightly more fortunate as i am expecting the disappointment



    we are not dissimilar our pain is shared



    but the pain will remain with NL



    Change needed




  16. ROCK TREE BHOY on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:59 PM



    Why should it have been challenged? Other people obviously read it how I intended it and you’ve read it another way.



    I meant it as I’m worried we’ll win all the games before Ibrox, paper over some cracks then get thumped by Sevco.



    You seem to have read it as me not wanting to win the games prior. Of course I do, I want to win them all AND win at Ibrox.



    No hard feelings here mate, honestly but you’ve clearly misinterpreted what I wrote.



    Let’s just leave it there. I don’t want to be one of those guys who goes back and forth in silly arguments…..it’s not what I’m here for and I’m guessing you aren’t either 😇

  17. AN DÚN on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:52 PM







    ‘Desmond and Lawwell are clueless eejits.’







    Whatever else they may be, neither of them are clueless.



    They’re both very smart and very determined. And one of them is exceptionally rich.



    So you have to ask yourself why things are as they are.



    With every objective factor in their favour Celtic are now second in a one horse race.



    I may be paranoid, I may be delusional, but i can’t help thinking it’d because that’s where they want to be.

  18. Auldheid


    Thanks for replying.


    I remember your reaction to Lawwell at last years AGM that certainly told a story.

  19. The zoom call started with Lenny asking DD and PL – did you watch the game last night – when the reply was no – 🤔

  20. Neil ,” what people would perceive to be bad times'” seems to be have lost all sense of reality.

  21. JERSEYBHOYS on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 3:16 PM



    Don’t forget we were “excellent for 35 minutes yesterday” too 🙄

  22. 67 European Cup Winners on



    agree with your post


    But not sure you can advertise a job when it is still occupied


    As long as NL is in the job – you cannot advertise it as available



    NL would need to be moved on contract paid and the job vacant



    So PL and DD need to operate under the table




  23. AULDHEID @ 2:13 PM,



    Thanks… the post is below…



    A couple of points, it was in response to Auldheid and Coneybhoy’s view on how thinking about your failure can lead to errors and ultimately become self fulfilling.



    I’ve edited it slightly it was in the wee small hours and my examples were more pronounced that the points I wished to make – still are really.



    The other thing is of the toxic culture at Celtic that Auldheid talks of…



    For me there are two aspects to this, both conjoined imo, but the post below refers to the corporate culture rather than the “dark arts” element.



    CHAIRBHOY @ 6:10 AM…



    CONEYBHOY @ 2:22 AM,






    Fair point on the fear of failure being an enabler for failure



    I read the book ‘ why do England miss penalties!’ and they made the point that if you think about missing them you will



    A GAA player also told me that the brain can’t think of an action in a negative syntax



    E.g saying to yourself ‘don’t miss’ ; the brain hears ‘miss’



    The German lads think ‘which way will I score?’ The brain just hears ‘score’



    This is a crucial point, Celtic… Dermot Desmond, Lenny etc have talked about the psychological issues at the Club – but just how much do they understand it and how do they go about “fixing it”.



    So the first point negative syntax, a crucial insight there…



    In many fields not least autism support this is crucial to understand. Let me give you an example…



    You are supporting a person with autism, you are going shopping, they have poor impulse control, they see a shop across a busy road they want to visit, they urgently leave your side and make a b-line for the shop, seemly unaware of the cars and other dangers of crossing the road.



    You shout… “don’t cross the road!”



    Well, first they will process, “cross the road,” then after further processing the “don’t”.



    Of course many people with autism can be slow, often very, very slow to process this type of information, by the time they have processed the “don’t”, things could be dire…



    Worse some people can’t process the negative at all. The fact of something “not”, doesn’t compute.



    If you say jump, that is an instruction most could understand.



    If you say don’t jump, that can be a huge problem…



    They think, how do you “not”, the concept of “not” is unreal… to do something, I get that, the “not”, what’s that about, how can you not? It’s an alien concept to some.



    Some people will process the negative slowly, some not at all, all of us, after the main instruction… whether that is “cross the road” or “jump”.



    People are often thought obtuse or downright disobedient in these circumstances, when the issue is processing.



    In the situation with the person with autism darting across the road, depending on the individual, a clear instruction “wait!”, followed by, “we will cross when the road is clear”, may firstly stop the person in their tracks and secondly assuage their impulse control.



    So what has that got to do with top professional footballers… well the processing, decision making and reaction time is crucial for these players. With fear of failure or lots of negativity around it can and will effect that crucial split second thinking.



    The next point is a more general aspect but none the less crucial. I’ve referred to that in the past as the “toxic culture” at Celtic.



    Now maybe my negative syntax didn’t help. All I meant by that is there seemed to be a lack of a strong support structure, personal regard and a win~win culture at the Club… now, you may say we are talking fitbaw here, what they need is a good kick in the maw-haws!!



    Well, the fact is that works, yet it’s results are limited and the effects short term.



    Also without these positive, proactive structures in place you get unfairness, inconsistency and alienation.



    Let me give you an example… Moussa Dembele



    During the Rodgers’ era he was arguably our best player, he was certainly the most valuable.



    BR talked him into coming to Celtic [we got him for a song remember] by waving a number of carrots… trophies, UCL football, top quality coaching etc, etc, and of course the main one; come to Scotland, get the experience, do well and you’ll get a lucrative move to a top European Club.



    Now when the time for his move came along things had pretty much gone to plan, yet he hadn’t hit the Barca, Chelsea, Bayern Munich heights some thought him capable of, so the manager had different ideas, he wanted to keep this prized asset, keep his development going and offered Dembele a luctrative new contract – BR thought he had buy in from the Board.



    Now we know what happened, the thing was a mess. While the manager and his staff were trying to persuade the player to stay, the Board were negotiating Dembele’s transfer, while his agent was working overtime to get the move done.



    BR was preventing Dembele moving and pressurising him to sign a new contract, Dembele was threatening to down tools.



    So in the last week of the transfer window things came to a head, BR vetoed the move, the Board, Lyon, Dembele and his agent forced through the £20m move. Result the bad relationship which had developed between the Board and the manager broke down, the relationship between the player(s) and the manager broke down.



    Dembele was seen as the wronged party and was invited to the end of season treble treble party!!



    Now it may be ancient history but there is a point. Schisms within Celtic Football Club had led to this total mess, if the Board and Footballing department had worked together they may have persuaded Dembele to sign a luctrative new contract, if not, they may have worked together and sold him for closer to the £30m he was no doubt worth. They didn’t, they happily knocked lumps out each other, damaging Celtic’s standing and finances.



    Yet, what does that do to the psychology of the players, the N’tcham’s and Boyata’s that never got their move… the Football department that didn’t get their Castagnes or McGinn’s. The players and staff in general.



    What we saw with the Dembele fiasco was not a badly handled transfer transaction, what we saw was just a single strand of a complex web, a manifestation of a poor corporate culture and bad operational practises.



    The knock-ons



    What happens when it’s Eddy’s, Dembele’s friends turn to get a move. The Board insisted on the Dembele move, they over rid the manager, they worked with Dembele’s agent and other Clubs to ensure the move happened.



    But Eddy’s not getting his move, he downs tools, he’s still not getting his move. He looks at the reception his friend Dembele got, he looks at how he’s been treated and he says sod this for a game…



    Then what of Ajer? What of Christie? What of Calmac? etc, etc



    Now, add to that the level of training, tactics and performance has dropped dramatically as Board cack handedly try to reduce costs.



    The results become worse, manager throws the players under a bus, the performace becomes even worse and we are now in a downward spiral… yes the psychology is bad, but how do you change that?



    Try to persuade them that trying a leg is in their own best interests, give the players half an hour with a sports psychologist, to gee them up.



    No – it’s far beyond that, performance and trust have broken down.



    What of the change of culture… well sure the Board may well think the culture needs to change but unless they can look in the mirror and see where the problem is and dramatically change, then the culture isn’t changing. This culture comes from the top. The poor psychology of team is not to do with the individual players, it won’t be “fixed” by tweaking at the periphery it’s to do with the (sorry) toxic environment they have to work in.



    That’s how come the Club scratch their head at Bolingoli… no idea how that happened, nuthin’ to do with us!!



    Demdele, Bolingoli, Eddy… the teams, fitness, tactics, performance. The team’s, the coaches’ and the manager’s psychological well being all a manifestation of a poor corporate culture at the top of the organisation.



    Hail Hail

  24. 67 European Cup Winners on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 3:11 PM


    Ernie you have posted similar before – but if that theory is true the game is up ??




  25. Auldheid



    Do you have a poem about the pain suffered in lower limbs when they, totally avoidably, shoot themselves in the foot.



    HH jg

  26. Go tell the Spartim on

    Not to put a dampener on things, Lenny has previous for getting grubbed by Ross County in the cup, I’m at the stage now where a Celtic win is a total feckin surprise.



    It doesn’t happen on here often but I concur with Ernie, the big fix is in

  27. 67 European Cup Winners on

    GEEBEE1978 on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 3:01 PM


    Yep Ego before success – what a dictatorial prat (PL not you)



    Hail Hail




  28. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on




    Correct , of course – it was more a general observation about what should happen if and when the time comes to recruit for the managers role again.



    If there is an outstanding candidate they think would be interested and that they can contact discretely before there is a vacancy, well we know that goes on in the football world.




  29. 67 European Cup Winners on

    CHAIRBHOY on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 3:23 PM




    My own theory on our Board is comparing it to Nokia


    PL is the Nokia CEO


    Worldwide dominance followed by being sold for peanuts in the space of a few years




  30. 67 European Cup Winners on



    Yep same page




  31. I guess that there are a Board of people pleased that the AGM to be held on 14 December will be on a “closed” basis. Lawwell, however, will miss the opportunity to provide his annual anti sevco quip to his small group of sycophants.




  32. The season ticket holders , the merchandise buyers and the box holders have far more influence in the direction the club takes compared to shareholders, do not underestimate that and let PL know what your are thinking in regards to the issues at the club.

  33. Anyway enough about our problems..what about Sevco blowing a 2 goal lead..twice



    Surely that’s the big story of the week



    ERNIE LYNCH on 27TH NOVEMBER 2020 3:11 PM





    Ernie you have posted similar before – but if that theory is true the game is up ??






    If what I suggest is true then they are doing what they are doing for what they consider to be the best long term interest interests of Celtic fc.



    So short term pain, not so much for long term gain, but rather less long term pain, which is what the absence of credible competition from the huns would mean (in their view).



    There’s a logic to that hypothesis which is absent from any other explanation I have seen.



    Remember that Celtic have been operating from a position of financial strength throughout, so it’s not like they’ve been forced into doing crazy things like the huns have, reacting to ever more urgent and difficult problems as they arise.

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