This is the world Celtic has to operate in


There was a fascinating and completely unfounded angle to the Daily Record’s story today about Celtic’s forthcoming AGM, “Celtic’s directors insist Rangers (sic) were dealt with fairly”.

Oh no they don’t.  This is an incredible dose of poison to inject into the Celtic family.

The matter in question is a resolution before the AGM urging Celtic to write to the SFA and Uefa regarding club licencing for season 2011/12.  As a result of this resolution Celtic’s written response to the AGM confirms that they questioned the SFA’s licensing at the time directly with the Association, a fact which had not previously been revealed.  The matter was also raised with Uefa.  Both bodies backed the SFA actions.

I knew how this played out at the time and I was keen for the matter to reach the AGM, where questions could be asked and responses given, but lines like “Celtic’s directors insist Rangers were dealt with fairly” are put out just to mess with you.

The Record addresses another point in the same article, “the Scottish champions are also acutely aware of how official action would heighten tensions between fans of the two clubs”.  If you think Charles Green was the only one on the receiving end of threats and intimidation last year, when these matters came to light, you’re wrong.

Celtic pursued the licencing question as far as they were permitted to do, this is quite different than insisting Rangers (sic) were dealt with fairly.  The SFA are not interested and Uefa are not interested.  As a result of this resolution, this issue can be properly examined in front of the supporters.

The club’s public comments, or often, the lack of public comments, put the safety of their employees and supporters, which was already acutely in focus, first.  Not so long ago office staff at Celtic had to go through training on how to open the mail following specific attacks.

Despite popular mythology, Celtic don’t control the SFA, re-orientating that organisation will take a while.  The issue of licensing in 2011 was pursued as far as the club were allowed to do so.  Get along to the AGM, look the board in the eye and ask your questions on this.  Celtic also have a responsibility – and a lot of formal security advice – to staff, each other and all of us when it comes to public comment.  This is the world Celtic has to operate in.  The sooner we are out of here the better.

Sean Fallon: Celtic’s Iron Man, drink in the legend:

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  1. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on

    chaos in hunland


    Cara Sulieman‏@carasulieman2m


    Lord Tyre has granted an interim interdict preventing the AGM from going ahead on Oct 24.

  2. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    Kojo my pal..



    It’s not about ‘Rangers’ it’s about fairness?

  3. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Whatever you want it to mean.



    Ambiguous definitions.

  4. wee spiersy – still doing his bit for his mob……………



    words very carefully chosen, with all the right soundbites left in place for the mouth-breathers…………..

  5. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Cara Sulieman ‏@carasulieman 1m


    Judge also ordered Rangers to pay petitioners’ expenses.



    Wonder if they have enough money to cover this lol

  6. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Is there anyone who doesn’t think that FIFA, UEFA and National Associations are corrupt?



    I contend that there are club(s) in every association who benefit from this corruption.



    I also suggest that this is the scenario that every club has to operate under, if they wish to engage in the sport/ business of Association Football.



    It is nowhere more apparent than in Scotland, where one club, old and new, have been favourably endorsed by the SFA.



    Grandstanding and sabre rattling by Celtic would achieve absolutely nothing positive for the club.



    It may cause some of our support to feel that a blow has been struck for Truth, Transparency and Justice.



    But, that would only resonate in our own minds.



    I don’t know what the end game will be. Who does?



    However, I feel that Celtic will not simply roll over.



    Two points about Canamalar’ Resolution strike me.




    Not even the author felt, at one time, that it would reach the stage of being accepted for the AGM.







    “Unnecessary ” is an interesting choice of word.



    It suggests that there is an alternative strategy in play, that would render the Resolution, well, unnecessary.



    They could have said, ” irrelevent” or “irresponsible” or ” unhelpful”, but didn’t.



    I think that they want the subject to be raised, at AGM level, but for strategic reasons, don’t wish to officially endorse it.



    My original view was for a shareholder(s) to raise the point directly with UEFA, rather than compromise the club.




    Celtic, like every club in World football are at the mercy of those who run the game.



    Either we accept their rules, or we throw our hat at it at fold.



    BC or DC. Everything else is compromise

  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Its about going after the SFA within law. Obviously Scottish courts would be a waste of time so it would have to be within the EC. An added complication would be that the PLC would not be helpful especially with their three monkey attitude but I am sure that could be ably demonstrated why they have adopted their stance.



    When you consider the amounts involved then maybe some law firm would do it on a pro bono basis. It is certainly going to be a growth industry in the very near future.




  8. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Lord Nimmo Smith defends impartiality of panel looking into Rangers alleged use of EBTs


    Lord Nimmo Smith, the Scottish High Court judge in charge of the independent investigation set up by the SPL to look into the charge that Rangers may have failed to disclose Employee Benefit Trust payments to players from 2001-11 – in breach of the rules – has issued a strongly worded defence of the impartiality of his panel, which also includes two QCs, Nicholas Stewart and Charles Flint.



    By Roddy Forsyth



    9:24PM BST 21 Sep 2012



    The statement says: “In most cases, it would not be necessary to discuss this topic, but in the circumstances of the present case we think it appropriate to do so.



    “It is fundamental to the constitution of a body with investigatory and disciplinary powers, such as the present Commission, that it must act independently of the person or body appointing it.



    “We must of course operate within the terms of our remit, and apply any rules which are applicable, but in reaching our final determination of the Issues, and in making any incidental decisions, we shall exercise our own judgement, on the basis of the evidence which is adduced, in accordance with the principles of natural justice, and unfettered by the influence of the Board or of anyone else.



    “None of us would have accepted his appointment on any other basis. We have the use of SPL premises and are assisted by SPL staff, but this is because we have given instructions to that effect; the members of staff, in particular, act under our instructions.”



    In another section of his statement, Nimmo Smith buttressed his argument by use of legal precedent:



    “We can think of many similar hypothetical examples”.



    Lord Nimmo Smith’s statement appears in full here.








  9. I’m just glad I’m of a similar mind to some of the posters on here that I respect and admire. I don’t like having the feeling of being strung along and I think Celtic will notice a few more empty seats next season.



    Remember this quote, it used to be quite popular on CQN?



    “If there’s a part of Celtic that needs Rangers, then it’s a part I can live without”



    For me it applies to any other new club that is followed by Rangers FC’s erstwhile supporters.

  10. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on

    Phil MacGiollaBhain‏@Pmacgiollabhain4m


    A while ago I said we would witness the very public spectacle of Sevco eating itself. There was another helping served today.

  11. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    I doubt any law firm would be interested,even on a paid basis,tbh.



    The amount of hoops-sorry-to go through are enormous,and that would only be to achieve recognition as an entity legally entitled to raise and pursue a motion of complaint.



    Nothing wrong with exploring every avenue,but we are very much up against a closed shop.

  12. Well done Canamalar on this resolution,I would not mind reading the full resolution on here?



    The reasons being the press lie.look at what the Express wrote about the resolution,absolute nonsense. just confused writing from start to finish they did not even have the proper resolution



    Look at the release from jabba’s last professional job(the rekkkord),this morning,absolute tosh.I would advise this hun loo roll to keep its ‘group’ patter for the assortment of drug barons and tax cheats currently vying for the cleaned up google award of hiheiddupedyin!



    SMS -silly mendacious statements


    WTC – wee tax cheat(him wi the crombie)


    BTC – big tax cheat(ask sars if they think he is fit and proper)


    wtb – wee tax bill – still o/s


    btb – big tax bill -o/s

  13. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on







    That one has me beat.



    Obviously you’ll need to explain it or I’ll get the hump awe ffs you didnae think I was gonna pass up an open goal!

  14. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Arbitrator/Tribunal chairman


    Sole or joint arbitrator in contractual disputes (including agents’ commissions), disputes on dissolution of business and international sporting issues. Member of FA Judicial Panel (chairs Regulatory Commissions and Appeal Boards), British Olympic Association tribunals on eligibility for Olympic Games. Licensing Appeal Panel of UEFA; Panel of Arbitrators (Chairperson List), Sport Resolutions (UK)






    Charles Flint QC appointed to the UEFA Club Financial Control Body Adjudicatory Chamber



    06 Jul 12



    The UEFA Executive Committee has announced the appointment of the members of the UEFA Club Financial Control Body (CFCB).



    Their term of office runs from 30 June 2012 to 30 June 2015. The CFCB has an Investigatory Chamber and an Adjudicatory Chamber for the judgement stage of the proceedings.



    The tasks of the CFCB are to oversee the application of the UEFA Club Licensing System and Financial Fair Play Regulations. The CFCB can take disciplinary measures and its final decisions may be appealed directly to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne. Importantly the CFCB is competent to impose disciplinary measures in case of non-fulfilment of the requirements and decide on cases relating to club eligibility for UEFA club competitions.

  15. Sevco really are the gift that keeps on giving. Who the **** would want to invest anymore into that loss making shambles. lol!,

  16. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    I remember a really good post you made a while back. You mentioned how you’d heard for years that the OO would walk off the face of the earth and their disappearance was imminent.



    I was told, and have heard the same thing, for as long as I can recall. Sadly, they (the Huns) will be going nowhere as long as there’s officialdom in all aspects of life to aid them.

  17. The lead article makes it even more apparent we would be committing cultural suicide by voting for independence.

  18. Paul67,



    Imo, this is the most important article you have written for CQN. My only concern is we have nowhere to go. All we have is one another. We have to try and get the support of the other teams to see justice and integrity becoming standard ways of behaviour in Scottish football for once.



    While Scotland is in thrall to the unseen hand of the masonic cabal, there is little chance of that.

  19. Cultsbhoy



    Boy.. it is Aboot ‘Fairness”…is it, Raally?? Hmmmmmmm



    You Know,and Ah know . that “Fairness” is Entirely.. Subjective..



    Whit is good fur the Gander.. ye kin Bet Yer sweet Patootie..in



    No in the Least .. “GOOD” , fur the Goose!



    so it follows.. that..



    Celtic Supporters are awe upset because .. We are Being treated So Unfairly..



    But.. Hiv ye thought of this..



    Kojo thinks..



    Mebbe,it wiz the Best Thing In the World.. fur Us tae Be Treated ..



    So ..Unfairly..by the Powers that Be and the Rangers..



    in Retrospect.



    Think Aboot it..



    Ye Hiv?






    So Ye Now Agree wi Kojo..



    That is wiz Fur The Best ..as Faur as Celtic wur Concerned that the The Rangers and Thur Cohorts Treated Us.. So . “UNFAIRLY”?



    Still.. Don’t Get It?



    Let me Explain..



    If the Rangers and Thur Enablers hid No Gotten Away wi Treating us So Unfairly ,and (Ah agree.. they Sure Did that, no Question.)




    Then.. The Rangers hiv bin Sorely Punished fur Thur Depredations agin us..



    In Spades, Diamonds,Hearts and Clubs!



    Fur, Their Very Acts of Chicanary And Cheating..



    Hiv Lead them.. Straight Into the Hellish Mess.. Financially Speaking.. in Which they Noo Find Themselves..



    So Enmeshed..



    And Ah mean .. Enmeshed.. Fur they are in such a Mess..



    It looks tae me.. that things are Only Gonna Get a Loat Worse ,Fur Them..



    Fur.. They Hiv No Credit Line.. n Not Much hope of Getting Wan..and .. Everybuddy Needs a Credit Line..


    They are well and Truly …well ..there is A word that Describes wit they ur.. But Ah propriety forbids me tae Use it!



    Yes.. It wid Not be wrong ..



    If One wid come tea the Conclusion..






    It Soitenly wiznae A BAD Thing.. Fur Celtic tae be .. treated



    So…”Unfairly”… By the Rangers and Thur Enablers,in the Past..



    In fact.. Perhaps is wiz.. A Very Good Thing !



    At least ,that is How..



    Kojo, Sees it…



    But, Ah hiv Said oan here Many A Time



    Kojo ,usually Thinks A wee Bit Differently frum the Majority oan here..



    Ah don’t know whether that Is a Bad Thing ..or.. A Good Thing…



    Again.. mebbe, that is Because…



    That’s a Very Subjective Thing..













  20. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    I agree and I am pretty convinced it will NEVER happen. It would need to become internationally popular for it to gain any momentum. I think thats a possibility considering how anyone with even a little bit of intelligence and morality is pretty disgusted by the whole sport and especially how it is governed. Without garnering popular support outwith Scotland it would be a waste of time. CAn our wee resolution be the seed of the triffids ????




  21. zombie on zombie action



    watching sevco eat its self from within



    2 factions at war



    who will be crowned the winner?



    will there be anything left for the winner to claim?



    just cannot reason why they all want a piece of a new club with 1 title


    runnining at a £14 million pound loss per season



    time for the SFA to answer a few questions


    could put an end to this farce once and for all ;-))))



    the response will be:-


    we never knew


    no one told us


    there was nothing we could do



    they are all too busy hiding under their desks







  22. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    The unseen masonic hand = the bigot brothers for the rest of Scotland who have no interest in Rangers. As far as tehy are concerned they have hijacked the entire game. Grease the palms of the blazers and we are willing to play that particular game (lets call it an entertainment show as its not a game) because Rangers cannot win all the time that would be boring now.



    And you cant blame them witnessing what we are witnessing




  23. I wouldn’t get my hopes up about joining another league.



    England doesn’t want us.



    There’s no sign of a European super league and if there was, would we be invited ?



    I have my doubts.

  24. canamalar prays Oscar can do it again on



    You claim to know what happened but appear to refuse to answer my simple question, did the Celtic board approach the CFCB maybe you might also know why they chnged the resolution without permission ?


    I will be taking legal advice on this as I’ve been advised it is against the rules

  25. Che (Standing Beside Wee Oscar) on

    AGM papers received in the post today (for those asking earlier its clearly not alphabetically as my surname is after yours)


    I cant make the AGM but have registered to use my proxy online, id urge others to consider doing likewise if you cannot be in attendance on the day.

  26. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    I genuinely think that PL and the blazers (ours and theirs) believe that they can resanitize the game here in Scotland and be seen to do so. They are the disciples of spin and PR and have an audience that must be the most stupid in the history of history. So they think they can get away with it … clearly for as long as it is profitable and remain at the top table. Blazers neatly pressed , Bonuses despatched, EBTs forgotten about .. same old same old



    The contempt that they show for us is despicable



    They clearly believe that they are smarter and better than us as people.



    Its their “Let them eat cake” and is akin to give them their bigoted bile its what the proles want and if they are daft enough to pay for it then who can blame us for taking their money of them.



    The bang for buck story goes much much deeper




  27. Che (Standing Beside Wee Oscar) on

    well forget that last suggestion, having just registered for eproxy it appears online voting is now closed….thats handy given I only got the papers today!

  28. ASonOfDan


    16:23 on


    14 October, 2013


    The lead article makes it even more apparent we would be committing cultural suicide by voting for independence.



    Sorry my friend in Celtic I see the hun as the biggest symbol of the union




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