This is the world Celtic has to operate in


There was a fascinating and completely unfounded angle to the Daily Record’s story today about Celtic’s forthcoming AGM, “Celtic’s directors insist Rangers (sic) were dealt with fairly”.

Oh no they don’t.  This is an incredible dose of poison to inject into the Celtic family.

The matter in question is a resolution before the AGM urging Celtic to write to the SFA and Uefa regarding club licencing for season 2011/12.  As a result of this resolution Celtic’s written response to the AGM confirms that they questioned the SFA’s licensing at the time directly with the Association, a fact which had not previously been revealed.  The matter was also raised with Uefa.  Both bodies backed the SFA actions.

I knew how this played out at the time and I was keen for the matter to reach the AGM, where questions could be asked and responses given, but lines like “Celtic’s directors insist Rangers were dealt with fairly” are put out just to mess with you.

The Record addresses another point in the same article, “the Scottish champions are also acutely aware of how official action would heighten tensions between fans of the two clubs”.  If you think Charles Green was the only one on the receiving end of threats and intimidation last year, when these matters came to light, you’re wrong.

Celtic pursued the licencing question as far as they were permitted to do, this is quite different than insisting Rangers (sic) were dealt with fairly.  The SFA are not interested and Uefa are not interested.  As a result of this resolution, this issue can be properly examined in front of the supporters.

The club’s public comments, or often, the lack of public comments, put the safety of their employees and supporters, which was already acutely in focus, first.  Not so long ago office staff at Celtic had to go through training on how to open the mail following specific attacks.

Despite popular mythology, Celtic don’t control the SFA, re-orientating that organisation will take a while.  The issue of licensing in 2011 was pursued as far as the club were allowed to do so.  Get along to the AGM, look the board in the eye and ask your questions on this.  Celtic also have a responsibility – and a lot of formal security advice – to staff, each other and all of us when it comes to public comment.  This is the world Celtic has to operate in.  The sooner we are out of here the better.

Sean Fallon: Celtic’s Iron Man, drink in the legend:

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  1. Philbhoy - Bring it on!!!! on

    Doctor Whatfor



    Invites are being recieved by shareholders just now.



    I don’t know if they are sorted alphabetically, however, I don’t have mine yet and my surname begins with K.

  2. 67 European Cup Winners



    I don’t read that rag….and like I said, ive had enough of all that don’t rock the boat nonsense.


    I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, and im beginning to fear that our board might/have an Old Firm agenda, and that in my opinion, is a betrayal of supporters who have no truck with sectarian bigotry.


    Anyway….the truth will out




  3. at what time did uefa investigate this farce? did they accept the sfa done all thing correct in this matter? if this is the case then football is finished or as i suspect the sfa could make trouble for uefa regarding it,s own corruption regarding football, this is bigger than sevco but has the possibility to bring uefa down and a lot of barricades have been erected


    to save sevco via sfa.

  4. The other thing Paul Larkin spoke about which struck a chord was that some fans are much more “dialled in” to what’s going on in the world of Celtic, Sevco, the SFA, etc etc.



    One of the dangers of being obsessives like most of us is we believe the whole Celtic support is the same. There are very many who don’t know or care about the intricacies of the debates had on here and in the wider Celtic Cyber World.



    That became abundantly clear to me when I moved back to Scotland almost two years ago.



    Sales of newspapers are declining quickly (the world over, not just in Scotland) but how many copies of the Record and Sun and the rest are sold every day. How many are read by more than one person? So what size is their audience?



    Don’t underestimate the power of the “incredible dose of poison to inject into the Celtic family”.



    CQN and it’s likes are a part antidote to it but nowhere near a full antidote.




  5. Sorry Paul



    Your understanding of the boards position with regard to going as far as we could on the UEFA license may be correct.



    However that does not excuse the sitting back and allowing all the other corrupt dealings with the now dead club.



    For instance why did our board not object to in the strongest and most transparrent way, the matter of the dead club keeping their history and name.



    We all know it is not the case however Celtic and every other club in Scotland has allowed the media and the dead co. fans to trumpet that they never died.



    I am now ashamed of our clubs response to all of the corruption that allowed that vile club to still be in existance today.



    I am not naive and do know that they would always be here in some form or another so please do not patronise the Celtic support by claming they were acting on behalf of Celtic staff and fans and looking after our welfare.



    The fact is that the vile support of that dead club has attacked our fans and murdered many,particularly in the last twenty years. They will always hate us no matter what we do, so let us at least be honest and stand up for the integrity of our club by challenging every corrupt little deal they come up with.



    I say this to Peter Lawell et all. You have done wonders in your postions with regard to setting the club on a sound financial basis.



    However you have let the clubs support down by sleeping in the same bed as the cheats and remaining silent while they have pillaged and raped all that is decent in Scottish football and indeed society.



    As a once happy clapper this has saddened me.

  6. gallowgate mad squad on

    CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever


    13:55 on


    14 October, 2013





    My approach would be for our Board to issue a statement that makes it clear we have fundamental difficulty in fulfilling Celtic’s ambitions while in the Scottish domestic league structure. It could go further and state that the relationship between club and fans ( the lifeblood) is endangered as their is a complete lack of trust in the administrative body from the Celtic fan base. Therefore it is the club’s duty and ambition to seek an alternative playing environment.


    Until such times as this becomes possible CFC will play it’s full part in SFA abiding by rules as set out.



    That statement would go a long way to appeasing fans who are entirely disenchanted with the current situation. It is also open and fair should the opportunity arise and would act as a ‘come and get us ‘ statement to other leagues, TV brokers etc.


    Have we ever actually tried to get in to bottom tier of another league structure?





    ———–Good points. I would say however a PUBLIC come and get us plea serves to undermine the financial value of the league and would backfire if we failed to get a move.


    The ‘old firm’ tried to get into the fourth tier of English football when Martin O’Neil/Advocatt where in SPL, but of course it was rejected. This after a move to EPL was tried.

  7. Bawface should stick his neb into drekk from the tabloid which seeks to cause unrest.




  8. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts



    14:01 on 14 October, 2013



    Big Nan



    13:58 on 14 October, 2013



    Well done




    At least they will now be aware of something that has been swept under the carpet for too many years. The concerns of many non-Masons about the unhealthy influence and preferment of freemasonry.

  9. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    As a result of this resolution Celtic’s written response to the AGM confirms that they questioned the SFA’s licensing at the time directly with the Association, a fact which had not previously been revealed. The matter was also raised with Uefa. Both bodies backed the SFA actions.



    What an nobody within the Celtic, SFA and UEFA organisations leaked this information to the MSM ?



    If true that stark fact alone indicates how much we are in cahoots with the 5 way agreement.



    Its not looking good.




  10. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Seconded. Wonderfully put.

  11. Swanseabhoy


    In five years time the huns will be back and there is every reason to believe we will become the double act all over again.


    If we get a move they will be hanging on to our coat tails. They sour everything they touch

  12. 67 European Cup Winners on

    The Green Man


    After 40 years of paranoia I have decided that our club will act in our best interest (naive – I know) so I have lost the paraniod emotion – it feels good – but I still dont trust tHe SFA or UEFA – I also dont read that Rag


    Hail Hail



  13. Leftclicktic


    I wonder where Moonbeams & whyte along with others came up with their plan?





    @corsica1968 No wonder you’re sick! King bought Amazulu FC for 1 SA rand back in 2000-02.




    That’s to good to be forgotten




  14. Bobby Murdoch..







    Pal.. ‘The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men… etc,”



    Everybuddy, knows that..



    Nothing in this World is PERFECT.



    Look at the Fine Mess.. That Parliament is Getting the U,K intae..and as fur the Good Old U.S.A?



    The Congress and the Senate. the President.. and,Even wi the Help o’ Michelle. Canny get The Ship of State Righted..






    Like Ah said.



    Two Heids are . Bettah that Wan.. and a Bunch of Guid Heids. are a Damn sight Bettah than even Two..



    Like Ah Said..



    Ye jist hiv tae Trust yer Reps.. tae dae the Right Thing..



    Fur if ye dinna.. well..



    Ah Canny suggest anything else that ye kin Dae.. then..



    That’e Life..



    Noo ,if ye dinna Trust Anybuddy ..



    Then Ye ur a Bloody Paranoiac.. and



    Ah don’t wanna go intae Awe that.. Again!



    And Ah happen tae Trust the Celtic .. Brains Trust.



    It has Performed very Well,in these extremely Difficult Financial Times.



    The Celtic Board,in Ma opinion.. are the Best Board of Directors in the Land.



    Let them dae thur Joab..and



    Quit the Sniping..



    Heck.. Wan kin Find Fault wi’ Anything..and Anybuddy..



    Are Ye Married?



    If ye ur.. then ye Know EXACTLY, how TRUE whit Ah am Sayin’ Is!



    Even Kojo..who Is No Married.. Knows How True THAT is!



    And ..



    That is Probably Why..



    Kojo, Nevah MARRIED!



    Let the Celtic Board Dae thur Thing.. and Let it Be.



    Nice Chatting






  15. Hugh Bonkle fae Dallas on

    It seems whenever we are presented with an inconvenient truth about the state of play in Scottish football the same old lines are trotted out.



    We did all we could…we need to get out of Scotland. How are we any further forward with that strategy than pre-zombie time.



    Never interrupt your enemy whilst he’s making a mistake….I have a horrible feeling that in two years time we’ll wake up from our slumbers and find it was us that were making the mistakes and the zombies will be in the CL.



    I’m sick of this sh*t, we are still at the back of the bus so long as we allow ourselves to be intimidated from doing the right thing.

  16. There cannot be one poster on CQN who does not know about the corruption we have endured for years…the sevco scandal is just the tip of the iceberg.


    So how can you expect supporters just to roll over and be quiet…those days are over.


    We should stand up to these people who think they can sweep it all under the carpet as per usual, enough is enough.


    I wont buy in to the Old Firm agenda whatever happens, and I wont let them revise history either….I will always remind everyone how they destroyed football in this country, I wont turn the other cheek, and I wont forget about it either.


    Stand up to masonic corruption, Stand up to bigotry, and most of all. Stand up for Celtic


    No Old Firm….Rangers are Deid




  17. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    It’s not that I don’t trust anyone-that,as you say,is the road to madness.



    But I don’t trust anyone whose previous actions-or lack thereof-have fallen considerably short of expectation.



    Naturally,I forgive,and if proven to be an aberration,I forget. I don’t see that from our board,nor from any of the authorities in whom we entrusted our game.



    All I see is a constancy of inaction against a known serial offender,and accommodation,rehabilitation,etc.



    If that’s paranoid,I’ll wear that badge with pride. Again.

  18. clink\o/



    14:18 on 14 October, 2013


    Will we be allowed to leave only if we take them with us




    This is my fear also. There had been talk of a European League with sixteen teams. I dread that when this takes place they will want the “old firm” for television if nothing else.

  19. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Are we now to be labelled as paranoid from our own.



    Is that the price of keeping the Old Firm alive ?



    We were not paranoid enough, correct ?




  20. …agreed on the O F bit about us only being allowed to leave if we take the basket case with us……….

  21. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    I knew how this played out at the time and I was keen for the matter to reach the AGM,




    So we were all being manipulated on the pages of CQN.



    Thats confirmation.




  22. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    Great article, Paul ……. I have always felt ‘security’ was one of the reasons our Board stayed silent PUBLICLY……let sevco get on with destroying themselves….they are going down the same road as a former Scottish club, (and it can’t happen soon enough for me), since there are similarities in the way they run their business / behave…

  23. Awe Naw



    Correct….we were not paranoid enough…..and we will pay for it in the end





  24. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    I knew how this played out at the time and I was keen for the matter to reach the AGM, where questions could be asked and responses given



    I never seen Paul67 never seen encourage Canamalar on these pages or encourage people to sign up at any stage.Journalism its a durty business eh.



    I am glad to trust my OWN instincts. More on here should try it



    You and Phils are NOT to be trusted ?????? To be clear I dont trust what you write and haven´t since the 5 way agreement.



    I think I might have to get back to a real keyboard for the next few weeks.



    I was delighted to hear who is advising the “Honest Rebels”



    It wont come cheap but it will be paid for and in advance.




  25. Tractorbhoy



    totally agree on your post..it concerns me that the real questions might not get asked at the agm never mins answered..there’s always people asking daft questions that end up wasting time in the q an a..we should draw up a set of questions other than that of camalars to be addressed and i think a petition should be circulated to all supporters groups and fans making them aware of whats being asked and for them to get the message to the plc on how strongly we feel about whats went on in the last few years..i’d start with getting a full enquiry in to the LNS verdict hh

  26. Bobby Murdoch



    Pal.. Ah hear ye.



    It appears tae me.. That…



    Ye ur jist dis satisfied wi how the Celtic Boatrd Are Handling things..



    According, tae YOUR Lights.. that is..



    Well.. Mebbe, ye are Correct..



    How Kin A Tell ye .. that you urnae?






    Ah simply Go wi Ma Ain Instinct oan this.. Ah TRUST oor TRUSTEES~



    Look.. Celtic, are A Well Run Club.. Financially Speaking..



    That cannot be Argued.



    Well… Mebbe,, It kin be..well.. Argued.. like Ah hiv Already Said..



    Wan kin Find Fault if wan looks Fur..well.. Fault.






    Ah Jist pit Ma Trust in the Celtic Board..



    In Ma Opinion. that is awe A Fan kin Dae…



    Noo..if the Celtic wur in the SAME POSITION .. Financially Speaking..as oor Rivals are.



    Then ..



    Ah wid be the First Guy oan Here tae JOIN UP wi’ the Band of Irate Celtic Fans


    ..Protesting Ma B.V.D.s Aff!



    But, Celtic are FAUR ,FAUR, From Being … in the Same Position ,Financially Speaking as oor Hated Rivals..



    In Fact.. Celtic ,are Enjoying a Rejuvenation in oor Financials..



    We are Actually.. Making a Profit!



    And in these Doleful.. And Unhappy Financial Times..



    That is Approaching .. Miraculous Territory!



    This Board has Performed Bloody Miracles.. in keeping us Solvent..when loats and Loats of Ither Clubs are .. Going doon the Drain.



    So ye kin see..



    Kojo , is No Being a Daftie..



    When He says that He Pits his Trust in This Present Celtic Board..



    and. Ye kin Say whit ye Like..



    It is ALWAYS aboot the MONEY, HONEY!



    As long as Celtic, are Daeing Well .. Financially..



    Then Ah am a Happy Camper.



    And Celtic ,are Doing Jist GREAT.. Financially..



    So. That is ALWAYS the Bottom Line..






    When ..Poverty, Swaggers in the Front Door..



    Happiness.. Sneaks oot the Windae.




    And.. Ah am Very Happy wi the Way that the Celtic Board are Handling oor Finances.






  27. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    There’s a difference between conducting business in public and open communication with you customers..

  28. Looking for some help if possible



    A good friend was arrested over the weekend, looking at the Sheriff court rolls he is/was in court today. Given what I have heard about the circumstances of his arrest, it is likely he may have either been released on bail or remanded in custody. If what I am hearing is true I suspect he will have been remanded in custody.



    He doesn’t have any family as such and I am very concerned about him. If he has been remanded in custody he may need support etc.



    I need to try and find out if he has been remanded in custody or if he is able to get bail, I am at work. If I call the Sheriffs Clerk asking for any information are they likely to divulge?

  29. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    I think you are straying into dangerous territory here. PAUL67 does not need me to defend the tone of his articles,nor would I.



    Indeed,I have questioned them myself previously.



    But to say he is not to be trusted is wrong,IMO.






    As do I. Talking to your brother recently confirmed that he has too,and we were broadly in agreement on much of what we discussed.



    The resolution is going forward,the board are opposing it-as expected,btw-and the plan was never to win. It was merely to force their hand.



    Anything else is a bonus.



    If the resolution fails,we can add the board to the list-sorry,folks-of those we hold responsible for the continuation of the rot which is Rangers.



    Paul is not on that list.

  30. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    We can politely agree to disagree.



    Phils another one.




  31. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    I have frequently praised the board for their financial acumen. I still do.



    I read the rubbish from Walter Smith the other day saying that Rangers spent money they didn’t have-he didn’t mention the last bit,mind-because the fans would accept no less.



    I don’t expect Celtic to spend money we don’t have.



    But I certainly don’t want us squirrelling it away for a rainy day.



    For starters,not spending our profits merely means we are taxed on them.



    Now,is that sensible?

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