Toure’s Ivorian connection with Bayo


And then there were four.  Ivory Coast’s Vakoun Issouf Bayo (22 tomorrow) arrived yesterday on a four year contract from  Slovak club Dunajska Streda, bolstering Celtic’s striker count to four, after the arrival earlier this week of Timothy Weah.  With the continued absence of Leigh Griffiths and injury to Odsonne Edouard, the club were forced to play teenage winger Mikey Johnston as striker last month.

I normally avoid YouTube videos of a prospect as they are notoriously edited, but we are able to view all of Vakoun’s goals online.  What’s clear is that a higher percentage of his goals are headed than any player I’ve known.   He made his Ivory Coast debut as a late substitute in a African Cup of Nations qualifier in October.

Celtic’s policy here was to be fleet of foot.  They spent a reported £2m on a player who left African football 10 months ago and has played only 32 games in Europe.  Had they continued to scout the player – and his form continued on its current trajectory, competition for his signature would have grown exponentially.

What has been more important on this occasion was the player’s African connections.  Ivorian superstar Kolo Toure continued his stay in Glasgow as a Celtic coach after his playing career ended.  He also coaches the Ivory Coast national and under-23 teams, so has witnessed Bayo’s progress through the ranks.

Every deal is a risk, but with Kolo’s assistance Vakoun has an excellent chance to settle into life in Glasgow.

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  1. !!BADA BING!! – Squad fillers? IS US College Football likely to provide us with first team players that we need now? Can’t see it myself. Good luck to them both and may they prove me wrong.

  2. South Of Tunis on

    Money .



    Radio tells me that Liam Boyce – who played upfront for Burton last night is paid £156 K a year . Same source stated that the average salary for a GP in the UK is 102 K a year.

  3. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    Worrying comments from BR on LG:



    “I just need to see where it is all at because he is not on holiday. I think it’s one where I will take a deep breath and look at it.



    It’s very important he understands why he is off and why he has been given the time off and why he has to maximise that time in terms of getting better.”

  4. I think there is a case to be made that, currently, the USA is the place to scout for new talent.


    I lived there for a year and liked their sportsmen`s attitude.


    Generalising, I know, but I think their attitude would allow them to cope with the special pressures in play at Celtic Park.


    Cheerio for now.



  5. THE HANDS CANT HIT WHAT THE EYES CANT SEE – BR was responding to a question about LG at the horse racing, you can understand his frustration.

  6. HOTSMOKED – You may well be right regarding the USA. But if the collegiate system feeds into the pro teams (as it does in NBA, NFL etc.), should we not be looking at the players who have already made the transition and playing at a higher level than college football? These two young men are “projects” which I think most on here agree is not where our focus needs to be when we have a bloated squad and desperately need first team players.

  7. KT’s injury is a result of the roughhouse treatment he receives from the hammer throwers in the league who scythe him down with impunity on a weekly basis. It was inevitable that one or more of our star players was going to get crocked.


    I think Brendan should be a bit more vociferous in his condemnation of the perpetrators and also the referees who encourage the thuggery.also the players could be a bit “cuter”when fouled. Put the referee under more pressure to take action. An example was when Ryan Christie was stamped on by Morelos. Initially he held his back but instead of staying down he turned and appealed to Beaton who then knew he wasn’t badly injured. I’m not advocating Porto style rolling about, but the refs and sfa aren’t doing their jobs in protecting our players.

  8. SOUTHSIDE – Correct. The tackles allowed on KT last season were astonishing. Likewise on Scott Brown who was being assaulted weekly especially after Levein’s comments. Scott was in too much of a hurry to jump up and play to the gallery instead of staying down, getting treatment and demanding protection.

  9. USA USA — way to go.



    As well as scouting the players we should also scout their coaching set ups.


    Plus we should look at setting up a feeder club in their second string competition.


    Or link up with the soccer programme at ND Uni — if they have one.


    The Irish angle would be a bit twee and plastic but it would get us noticed.



    Another market we really should go after is Iran.


    The Nautical College trained half of their navy so they know where we are.


    Not sure about their president though — might be a PT fan or possibly even worse.


    Their flag would fit in at CP no problem.

  10. USA NT — WT would be an interesting option.


    Compare and contrast his talents / abilities / experience vs CMcG.



    CMcG is not a full / proper DM but he can pass and move.


    WT seems to play a similar role — not sure if he is a better DM though.



    Regarding our need for a proper DM …


    VW — we can but dream.

  11. Is there a “pool” of multi-monikered wrong-uns’ – jist hingin’ abooot waitin’……….????



    It feels like that.


    When wan “character” feels like a breather………anither wan pops up. Bold as brass an’ jist as sleekit.



    It’s a right laff tho’.





  12. I am always moaning at games that we get fouled and


    even if our player is still on deck we try and play quick free kick


    making it easy for ref NOT to do his job correctly.



    Even more frustrating is instead of taking quick free kick and incisive pass


    we then proceed to knock it around working it back to Craig Gordon



    Yours frustrated



    I M Jolly





    DENIABHOY on 10TH JANUARY 2019 10:00 AM


    SOUTHSIDE – Correct. The tackles allowed on KT last season were astonishing. Likewise on Scott Brown who was being assaulted weekly especially after Levein’s comments. Scott was in too much of a hurry to jump up and play to the gallery instead of staying down, getting treatment and demanding protection.

  13. DB @ 10.00



    The problem with the team at the moment is the fact that it comes to the physical dimension of football we are a one man band and it has degenerated into a game for the rest of the SPL.



    Who can kick / hurt a CFC player the most.


    Side bets from the MIB Ludge regarding who allows the worst tackle without a booking.



    If it is a game then we need to prepare accordingly.


    Stiffen up the team and make sure any action has a reaction.


    Any game against us should not degenerate into target practice for the local clogger.



    Unfortunately too many games have gone this way this season.

  14. MADMITCH – Agreed. Can you imagine the likes of Morelos playing against Balde and Mjalby? Our CHs are more likely to injure themselves than anyone else.

  15. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    What’s this?



    Surely ‘fans favourite’ Lee Griffiths isnae ripping the pish??

  16. I thought Leigh’s racing indiscretion was in October ?



    By the bye, Leigh needs to get off social media and get on with his recuperation. The MSM won’t stop looking to goad him.



    Get yourself fixed, get fit and come back and slay more orcs fella.



    That would be the best response to the media and Brendan wouldn’t have to respond publicly.

  17. Madmitch



    Wow, you do your moniker justice ?



    The flag of Iran flying over Paradise? To even contemplate that, in jest or otherwise is a kick in the teeth to our army of females in the Celtic family.


    Liberty, equality and fraternity.




  18. Reading back ,some right trumpets on here last night.WTF do they come from.Actually working out the money the Huns will spend after theybwin the league,to get into the CL.One defeat,in 13 with a seriously depleted team,and their knickers and beds are wringing.Spacemen.


    American athletes are just that.Dont think any of the USA guys mentioned will be anything but in superb physical shape.Add in good footballer,and its probably good to go in the SPFL.Hopefully KT fit for Valencia game,but the newcomers have a great chance to play in our first 3 games,Airdrie,St Mirren,Hamilton,all at home.

  19. Big Wavy – Leigh was at Newcastle races last week and photographed drinking and betting, posing for selfies etc. hence Brendan’s comments yesterday about him taking his time off seriously and not treating it as a holiday.

  20. GP @ 10.41



    We have to worry about regarding the GB / Clearasil Warriors / Physical force fetishists than the state of Iran.



    I am not proposing that we endorse their legal system.


    More a case we look for a RB / LB / CB and a proper full on DM.


    Cast our net wider and look for value.



    Please be very careful regarding your concerns for women’s rights.


    It could cause quite a few issues closer to home if you get too pious.


    The 32 counties have never been in the vanguard regarding women’s rights.





    Glass houses


    Stone throwing.



  21. Deniabhoy



    Ah, thought it was MSM up to their old tricks but if last week then come on Leigh fella, screw the nut on, disappear, get off social and get yourself fixed.

  22. I understood the LG story from last week had used pictures from last October.



    I read BR’s comments. He didn’t speak at great but I thought he said far too much. I’d have much preferred ……



    ‘No comment. We’re respecting his privacy at this point. Why can’t you?’



    End of.



    A subsequent conversation between the two men – based of facts rather than MSM stories – could of course be far more frank.



    HH jg

  23. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Exactly what do you know about women’s rights in Iran?



    Looks to me like you know only what the meeja tell you, try looking further afield for sources before you lump them together with Saudi.

  24. Greenpinta- Iran is in many respects far more liberal in their view towards women than other Muslim countries that get a far easier time in our press. I regularly work with senior Iranian academics and at least half are female.

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