Training Compensation, withdrawn rant, Celtic action on the streets


Football clubs tie themselves in knots sometimes.  Newco Rangers fired off with an incorrect rant on the same club/new club debate yesterday, only to be told to withdraw it a couple of hours later – which they promptly did.  Dundee United signed Charlie Telfer on a free contract and were due to pay Training Compensation to his previous club, for the player’s development from when he was 13-years-old.

Football operates a Training Compensation system whereby clubs signing players up to 23-years-old have to make a payment for the development of the player since they were 13.  The payment is made in its entirety to the club which previously held the player’s registration.  The receiving club is then obliged to pay any previous clubs for their portion of the player’s development.

Dundee United contested the rate at which they had to pay for Charlie Telfer, incorrectly, as it turned out.  They did not contest that they were due to pay the entirety of Telfer’s development to the preceding club.  No mechanism exists to forgive Training Compensation obligations in the event a preceding club no longer exist.  Any monies due remain payable, ultimately to the club’s creditors.

Those at Newco who fired off the statement in haste yesterday will now consider that they have collected payment for services fulfilled by oldco.  It is up to Rangers’ liquidators, BDO, to recover their portion of the money from Dundee United on behalf of creditors.

A condition which Newco signed up to, to gain membership of the SFA, was that they become responsible for all Rangers’ football financial obligations.  This includes paying down Training Compensation, as well as the still-uncollected £250k fine levied by the Nimmo Smith Inquiry.

That £250k fine has become something of a football ‘football’.  It is a football debt due to the SPL, which has since folded its liabilities and obligations onto the SPFL.  The SPL was not in a position to enforce payment as newco never played top flight football, so the matter was parked until it became actionable.  I don’t know the current position of the Nimmo Smith £250k debt but faux bravado can only encourage others to ask the question, “Where’s our £250k?”

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The whole ‘More than a club’ business takes life on the streets of Scotland, the schools of Africa and lots of places in between.  You need to watch the video to find out how.

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  1. Livi@10.53


    Have to say I felt that Gazza was “more to be pitied than scolded”.


    The fact that Allah had seen fit to leave more than a few slates off his roof meant that he was easily manipulated by those who knew exactly what they were doing and the reaction it would engender.



  2. Any newspaper that has that dirge Matt Lindsay, as chief “Sports Writer”,is kidding itself on.iI know it takes some doing,but he really is the worst out the lot of them.


    Remember seeing the joker tweet,just prior to The Rangers inaugural match at Brechin,”Hey bears,Big Amo is up at the Hedge”.Total idiot.


    Remember Paddy Barclay recently stating ,that if you are a cheerleader or PR spinner for anyone or any club , then you are in the wrong game.Wont be seeing Paddy Barclay writing for any of or rags anytime soon.

  3. corkcelt



    10:52 on 11 December, 2014




    Hi fella.


    Well, it goes as simple as this….


    Don’t give the club any SB money and, buy out the ‘bored’ / DD or whoever is in control with the, with-held SB money and, make it clear that ‘NO’ money will be invested in Celtic PLC by the fans as you want them………gone!


    No SB money – fans not going to CP – Empty stadium pics broadcast all over the globe and, then see how much the shares are worth in a club that the fans don’t believe in anymore.


    In fact, that last bits wrong…’s not a club anymore, it’ the toy of a rich abesentee land lord who would have the huns in the same league as Celtic quicker than you could say…..


    “Sack The Bored!”


    I’m not saying put the Celtic Trust in control of Celtic FC – I’m saying if, someone of the ilk of, Dr Jeanette Findlay was in control of the club then, Celtic FC would be rediscoverd and, ‘that’ version of Celtic FC would not bee the anti-Celtic establishments punchbags.


    All of the above is – imho


    Hopefully thats of some help – Hail Hail

  4. gearoid1998



    Gazza strikes me as a guy who just wants to be loved.


    Feel pretty sorry for him now. His mind is totally gone.


    Anything he done at the bigotdome was told to him by players like McCoist. Cracking footballer though.




  5. weeminger,



    i was wondering about the youth development company. Was this not separate from the old club and owned by two or three folk who put cash in? So could Green have bought it as part of the assets deal? Not sure …

  6. Captain Beefheart



    I’m sure it won’t be anywhere as incoherant and unworkable as that proposed by George Osborne last week.

  7. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family



    10:58 on 11 December, 2014




    With the greatest respect – the celtic that we grew up with and loved – don’t exist anymore.


    I’m asking you and yer like to, explain to the kids that…”you might have to sacrifice a few games till the medicine man has done his work.”


    That is all.


    A statement of intent from the fans – followed by action, just like 1994 will see DD and co, who don’t have the belly to fight the corruption….head for the hills, they’ll melt.



  8. Hope all and sundry were suitably educated after 2 hours of Charlie Miller.Question of the year on SSB.


    Who has done the most damage to Rangers—Craig Whyte or Ally Mccoist?


    Miller was so traumatised he was unable to answer.Dont think he has been able to speak since.Quality

  9. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    The old board ripped us off even more than this one. They lied to us on a weekly basis…



    How much did they take off the supporters.


    We where more like sheep then. Blind faith. People now are more likely to question the board as they are to question teachers etc.

  10. ACGR 11.01



    Ha ha ha! I see family groups like that in Ayrshire all the time these days.


    Do you think that was taken just after their narrow defeat to Alloa? Maybe someone stole their chips. They have definitely suffered enough.

  11. Livi@11.09


    Was going to say the same thing re a guy who would do anything to feel loved.


    Then I remembered the allegations of domestic violence.


    That tends to temper my views somewhat I have to say.

  12. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon


    11:10 on


    11 December, 2014



    No it was wholly owned by Rangers Football Club, who met the running costs. I think the investors were classed as ‘bond holders’ or something and were supposed to get dividends bases in sales to other clubs or the Rangers 1st team.



    That’s why it was only ever an on paper exercise to improve the club accounts by providing a value to players brought through the youth system. If the costs were £2M/year and no players were promoted to 1st team that’s what RFC provided for running it. If however they ‘bought’ 2 players for £500k, the running costs would only be £1.5M but overall it still cost RFC £2M. Except now the squad value was boosted by £500k.



    I don’t know for definite that RYD was bought by CG but it was wound up in 2013 and the last name attached to it in Companies House was Andrew Dickson, so I think it was.

  13. Captain Beefheart aka John “Tory” O’Neil



    Why do you always try to derail the blog with your rabid Tory/Daily Mail garbage?

  14. judester




    11:06 on 11 December, 2014




    Any newspaper that has that dirge Matt Lindsay, as chief “Sports Writer”,is kidding itself on.iI know it takes some doing,but he really is the worst out the lot of them.


    Remember seeing the joker tweet,just prior to The Rangers inaugural match at Brechin,”Hey bears,Big Amo is up at the Hedge”.Total idiot.


    Remember Paddy Barclay recently stating ,that if you are a cheerleader or PR spinner for anyone or any club , then you are in the wrong game.Wont be seeing Paddy Barclay writing for any of or rags anytime soon.




    Paddy Barclay is a journalist. Matt Lindsay is an announcer – he reads out PR statements. I think that’s the key difference.

  15. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family



    11:17 on 11 December, 2014




    Agreed – thats why I say “Sack Them.”


    But, when the ‘bored’ get away with kidding-on the shareholders with some


    throw away remarks about Rory Bremner then, I’m afraid….the ship has sailed.


    A Celtic support who turn the other cheek then, the same again…..well, I’m afraid


    they are doing what the huns fans did to their club – deluded themselves into thinking


    they were invincible.


    So sad.

  16. Advent Christmas choon countdown _Strictly Vinyl 45 -Day 11 .



    Horace Andy —Christmas Time ( Money Disc )


    The Cables ——–Christmas (Studio One )


    The Silvertones -Christmas Feeling ( Studio One )


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    Sunny , 14 degrees, cold breeze -way down south.

  17. KevJungle – Walk-on in the Jungle is magic, just magic


    11:25 on


    11 December, 2014



    Here’s the one glaring problem with your plan. You can’t guarantee that DD won’t just sell his shares to the highest bidder. Somebody that might actually be worse.



    And if nobody actually bought STs at all. The club would end.

  18. weeminger



    11:30 on 11 December, 2014




    No money would come into the club – leaving DD as the pricipal shareholder / owner, to pick up the tab, then you would see the real color of him.


    Put him to the test or, be happy – parked on the hard-shoulder till the huns return as though nothing had happened.


    imho – Hail Hail

  19. £145 for a hospitality package in the Kerrydale Suite before the Semi Final. Hot buffet breakfast included.

  20. gearoid1998



    Agreed. Unexcusable.


    The man is destroyed though. Not sure that marriage was a good idea.




  21. Europa League..



    Wee item on a Napoli Radio station re tonights –Napoli v Slovan Bratislava .



    Napoli have already qualified but tonights games will decide who gets top spot .



    Radio pundit forecasting a record low crowd for a Napoli game – ie -less than the 9,400 who turned up to watch Napoli v PSV in 2012..



    That was followed by a wee vox pop with a Napoli ” fan ” re why he wouldnt be going tonight ———–” I paid to watch Real Madrid on Tuesday , I paid to watch Barca and PSG last night , I am not going to pay to watch the Fat Spanish barrista s Napoli play Slovan Bratislava at 9 o clock on a Thursday night two weeks before Christmas “

  22. Thank you Kev. So you are advocating a total Boycott of Celtic, bring the present incarnation to ruin, in the hope that the present owners will capitulate and ride into the sunset and at least leave us the stadium intact so a Co-Op headed by someone of the ilk of Dr. Jeanette Findlay could take over and re-build a Club more to the ethos of the original founders.



    A very noble aspiration but an extremely dangerous path, the easy part is the destruction of what is there, however once you head down that road it is extremely difficult to predict how those presently in control will react. The madness of Sevco is likely to be replicated at Celtic Park, rich men don’t roll over easily and we could end up losing all our assets including our team and our Stadium.

  23. KevJungle – Walk-on in the Jungle is magic, just magic


    11:34 on


    11 December, 2014



    Or he’d sell to the highest bidder. Or not pick up the tab and put the club into admin.



    No matter what path The Rangers had followed at some point their return was inevitable.



    On an emotional level that was/is completely undesirable for many of us.



    On a business level I’m afraid everything points to their return as fast as possible being extremely desirable. Provided that’s done within the rules, my business head isn’t that bothered about that.



    If they do achieve promotion, they’re a club that’s started in Div 3 and made their way up and that’s how I’ll treat them. If I had any say how the club was run, I’d suggest they do the same. I would not be giving them 7500 seats for a start. They’ll get the maximum we’re required to give by the rules and no more.

  24. corkcelt



    11:43 on 11 December, 2014




    You and I built the stadium – not Fergus, DD or any of the other charlatans who have taken it in turns to, quell the rebellious spirit of the Celtic support to the extent that, only what…200 or so, bhoys & ghirls of the Magnificent Green Brigade can be bothered singing anymore.


    It all comes down to bluff and, its time the hierarchy’s was called.


    imho – Hail Hail

  25. KevJungle – Walk-on in the Jungle is magic, just magic


    11:54 on


    11 December, 2014





    Are you permanently beeling?

  26. weeminger



    11:44 on 11 December, 2014




    The huns miberry assisted will be back to cheat us next season, heaven forbid…maybe twice this season as well?


    The huns shouldn’t be playing ‘anywhere’ after what they did.


    When, the huns were granted a licence…Celtic should have threw in the towel, brought the game in this country to its knees and, with one act of ‘refusal’…could have emptied the can of worms called Scottish football onto the world stage and let it be known what kind of country this is. The bravery came from – Turnbull Hutton FFS


    The Celtic hierarchy – at the minute the huns got a licence – should have walked out of the game.


    How long before the SFA would have been emptied by FIFA /UEFA?


    How long before Celtic found themselves in a ‘new’ environment?


    Anarchy was the card to play – not the kow-towing one they did play.


    imho – Hail Hail

  27. My friends in Celtic,



    Nostalgia is fine, but we must accept times have changed.



    The old jungle is confined to history and good riddance I say. Nowadays we would never tolerate the levels of drunkenness, the gang fights, the urinating and our kids having to wear crash helmets.



    We have one of the best stadiums in the UK and we have received numerous complements from the worlds top players on our atmosphere. Our ST sales are still the envy of most clubs.



    Our main problem is our domestic environment. I am not saying that everything in the garden is rosy, far from it, but a sense of perspective is called for.






    PS : Ref the previous D&D debate. Why is it compulsory for the French to carry breathalyser kits, yet our police actively discourage their use. ? We are all aware that they are un-calibrated and are only a guide.



    BCW : apologies for the late reply. Yes I stay in Glasgow but am currently in Aberdeen.

  28. Gazza?. A. No user and an attention seeker, and a Liberty taker, back in the day that’s what he would have been called, PC brigade line up with all the knowledge that its some thing diff. Now a days, he is now what he has allways been a fekin idiot, be thankful it wasent your mum, sister gran or wife with who had so clean up his sheet and mess he left at Celtic Park that he and Ally thought was a laugh.



    Charlie Miller? A bitter wee HUN, who at the drop of a hat would give you any sectarian song from there hymn sheet, if he can get away with it, .



    He tried it in my pub in Canada, and the rest is history.