Training Compensation, withdrawn rant, Celtic action on the streets


Football clubs tie themselves in knots sometimes.  Newco Rangers fired off with an incorrect rant on the same club/new club debate yesterday, only to be told to withdraw it a couple of hours later – which they promptly did.  Dundee United signed Charlie Telfer on a free contract and were due to pay Training Compensation to his previous club, for the player’s development from when he was 13-years-old.

Football operates a Training Compensation system whereby clubs signing players up to 23-years-old have to make a payment for the development of the player since they were 13.  The payment is made in its entirety to the club which previously held the player’s registration.  The receiving club is then obliged to pay any previous clubs for their portion of the player’s development.

Dundee United contested the rate at which they had to pay for Charlie Telfer, incorrectly, as it turned out.  They did not contest that they were due to pay the entirety of Telfer’s development to the preceding club.  No mechanism exists to forgive Training Compensation obligations in the event a preceding club no longer exist.  Any monies due remain payable, ultimately to the club’s creditors.

Those at Newco who fired off the statement in haste yesterday will now consider that they have collected payment for services fulfilled by oldco.  It is up to Rangers’ liquidators, BDO, to recover their portion of the money from Dundee United on behalf of creditors.

A condition which Newco signed up to, to gain membership of the SFA, was that they become responsible for all Rangers’ football financial obligations.  This includes paying down Training Compensation, as well as the still-uncollected £250k fine levied by the Nimmo Smith Inquiry.

That £250k fine has become something of a football ‘football’.  It is a football debt due to the SPL, which has since folded its liabilities and obligations onto the SPFL.  The SPL was not in a position to enforce payment as newco never played top flight football, so the matter was parked until it became actionable.  I don’t know the current position of the Nimmo Smith £250k debt but faux bravado can only encourage others to ask the question, “Where’s our £250k?”

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The whole ‘More than a club’ business takes life on the streets of Scotland, the schools of Africa and lots of places in between.  You need to watch the video to find out how.

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  1. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    I cannot believe I share a car to games with a Podium Chaser.



    JJ ( Who got all excited when he logged on and saw `0` Posts).

  2. The boy genius would be a sensational signing for us.Would raise our profile,and raise our attendance figures dramatically.Big Ronnie seems quietly confident.Him,Guidetti,VVD staying,until the summer,maybe another signing,Lustig fit,Forrest staying fit,,Johansen maintaining his form,Biton keeping the game flowing,as he does brilliantly,we could have a very good 2015.

  3. Dundee Utd should formally ask the SFA/SPFL definitively to whom this compensation should be paid and publish the reply – a full and frank answer should establish their (SFA/SPFL) position, vis a vis the old/new club.

  4. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    If the boy was out of contract why should anyone get compensation ?


    If he was as good as the money they demanded they would have sold him or kept him, I was wondering where Thompson was coming from when I read his response last night but now see what he was talking about.

  5. Up-date on the crap storm is that its suddenly become so dark here that I’m thinking of going back to bed. Hold on white stuff now falling .

  6. More fun and games over at the huns.Turnstyle figures showing 15,000 odd at the game,but Sommers saying”I dont know where that figure came from,I would say it was nearer 19,000″


    EH,it came from the turnstyles.

  7. Paul67



    You want the £250k from a corrupted Commission paid?



    Have they not been punished enough or (as it seems) at all.

  8. Weather same here.Deluge of biblical proportions for 3 days.Nightmare trying to get my devil dug out to do her business.She is a huge beast,and will not be dragged.As I speak,the sea disappearing again.

  9. Gary67,



    From previous.



    I was under the impression that griff missed out last 2 squads through illness.

  10. Wee interview from the next CQN Magazine…




    CELTIC hero Stiliyan Petrov is hoping his old club can triumph in the Europa Cup this season.



    But the Bulgarian also believes the lack of a consistent challenge from Rangers could wreck the Hoops’ dreams.



    Petrov, who played in the dramatic UEFA Cup Final loss against Porto in Seville in 2003, said: “There are still so many good teams in the competition.



    “And without Rangers being in the top league and pushing Celtic to go and get bigger and better players, it will be very difficult for the club to challenge for the Champions League again.



    “It seems Celtic are not playing the sort of football the fans expect just now.



    “However, the players they have at the moment are way too good for the league.



    “And that presents a problem when they get into either of the two European tournaments.



    “Then they are going to meet stronger teams, better teams which will make things hard.



    “But, as a Celtic fan, I would love them to go as far as they can.



    “I can only hope that they do. That’s my wish.”



    Petrov, who joined the Hoops from CSKA Sofia for a bargain £2.8million in 1999, recalled the players who made the Parkhead club a force again in Europe under Martin O’Neill.



    He revealed: “I wasn’t fit enough when I first joined Celtic and I had to work hard on that aspect of my game.



    “But I had good team-mates and good people around me. They showed me the way to do things.



    “Luckily, I managed to learn from the best.



    “For instance, Henrik Larsson was a great example to anybody. He taught me how to train, how to treat my team-mates and how to respect people.



    “Craig Burley and Paul Lambert were two of the main midfield players when I arrived.



    “There were others such as Lobo Moravcik and Eyal Berkovic. I was learning from players who could perform in the defensive side of the game as well as the offensive.



    “I learned from all of them and, of course, it was a great experience.



    “Actually, it became a big family in Glasgow. It is a wonderful club.”



    The 35-year-old, who was signed by O’Neill for Aston Villa for £6million in 2006, thanked Celtic for his development as a player.



    He said: “Of course, I was homesick at first. I missed my family, but I wanted to improve as a footballer to make my dream come true.



    “I wanted to become someone in football, to play alongside good players and to play against good players.



    “It took me a long time to adapt and to understand. But I also knew if I didn’t do it, I would never make it.



    “Some players come into a new country and try really hard to learn the language and understand the culture.



    “But some people don’t. There are some players who are in the country for five or six years and they can barely speak the language.



    “I think when you go to another country, you have to show a bit of respect, a bit of appreciation and you should want to be part of that.



    “There are different fans with different passions and you want to fit in. Some people don’t make that effort and it is so frustrating.”



    Petrov, who won eight major tournaments at the Glasgow giants, admitted playing for the club early in his career actually cost him money.



    He added: “I used to buy all my own boots at first. I was a young boy from Bulgaria and the players didn’t get the treatment you get here.



    “So, I always paid out of my pocket for my boots, six pairs every three months.



    “John Clark, the famous Lisbon Lion who was also the club’s kit man, discovered this one day.



    “He took me aside and told me: ‘You don’t have to do that. The club will take care of these things.’



    “It took three years before I discovered that the club would buy my boots.”

  11. Wc,



    I caught Stan on thon sky thing on Sunday with Ben Shepherd and kammy.



    Some guy so he is. I’m proud he wore the hoops and he appears he is too.

  12. winning captains





    13:16 on



    10 December, 2014


    Just as well great footballers don’t have to be clever eh? I wish someone would ask why the challenge has to come from the monkeys? They’ll not be much of a challenge for a few years, even if they do survive.

  13. Mmmm,



    Roma v Manchester City .



    Just heard a radio interview with a spokesman for the Rome Riot Police –



    ” Any advice for the 2k plus visiting fans ? ” .



    ” Yes , try not to stand around looking like a Manchester City fan ”



    Man should have added that the Rome Riot Police are just as dangerous as some of the we like violence nutters who support Roma.

  14. mullet and co 2 on

    how did the 250 k become payable by the Newco?


    I was sure LNS made sure the SPL became a creditor?

  15. The Battered Bunnet on

    I see yet another Director has skyed the park down Ibrox way.



    The Chemists and Physicists amongst will be able to calculate the half life of a Sevco board. With around 15 board resignations in the 2 years since incorporation, the half life seems to be around 48 days.



    I think a new unstable radio-isotope has been discovered: Sevcovium has a nice ring to it, sitting between Actinupium and Laphinatthum. It’s one of the few metals that has no known liquid state, and is essentially ephemeral, existing only for a short period if time before decaying into a new element altogether.

  16. The Honest Cover-up on

    In an age where players rarely move for a fee between Scottish clubs isn’t £170,000 extraordinarily expensive for a kid who had one first team appearance (as a substitute)at a team playing in the third tier?

  17. WC



    Good extract about Petrov who was a terrific Celtic player.



    However this



    And without Rangers being in the top league and pushing Celtic to go and get bigger and better players, it will be very difficult for the club to challenge for the Champions League again.



    is indicative of the kind of thinking that is holding Celtic back.



    Rangers are never going to be able to out wage Celtic in the foreseeable future as long as our gates match or out match theirs. They only did so in the past by using tax payers money and unpaid debt.



    That means, if money is a key factor in football success Celtic do not have to spend much more than TRFC and that the quality of player purchased will not be much better than we already have. What we already have is Europa League level .



    The cost of CL level players outweighs the financial benefits of having them so Celtic’s aim should be not TRFC as some sort of benchmark but clubs at the higher end of the Europa League spectrum like Red Bull who outplayed us at CP.



    This fixation with TRFC is what has all but killed our game, yet it is being put forward as the medicine rather than the poison it has been.



    Not that I’m criticising Stan personally to be clear but football think has to change to reflect the new conditions that are likely to prevail in Scotland in next 5 years.

  18. The Battered Bunnet



    How about Lambegius and it’s isotope Efflutium 1690 which only occur in July?




  19. Auldheid



    I know, I know.



    Of all the former players I’ve heard talking about them only Big Yogi will say he never wants them “back” and never wants us to play them.

  20. TBB



    Perhaps it is the Walter White rather than Craig Whyte influence that is the cause?



    Breaking up rather than breaking bad.

  21. The Battered Bunnet




    13:32 on 10 December, 2014



    What would the properties of Sevcovium be ?


    Half Life : 48 days


    Extremely toxic


    Will not bond with other elements


    Explodes in most atmospheres


    Acts as a catalyst for violence

  22. S o T



    If Roma fail to make the last 16 of the CL and drop into the EL, I hope and pray that we do not draw them.



    Their ‘fans’ are bad enough, but the Lazio lot are even worse.




  23. Auldheid



    13:41 on 10 December, 2014:



    I heard Stan say that on Sunday and analysed it right away. As you state he said without Rangers but he did not say that he wanted or were needed back.



    I personally think he was only trying to say that each of them raised their game when playing each other and knowing they had to win certain games against other teams to try and ensure they had the best chance of winning the league.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

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