Uefa deliver Lisbon Lions Dividend


Yesterday Uefa announced a series of revisions to the Champions League from the start of season 2018-19.

The headline initiative, which was trailed in the media for some weeks, is that the top four qualifying nations are guaranteed four entrants in the group stage. At the moment the top three nations are guaranteed three entrants each, with a fourth team entering the tournament at the play-off round. The fourth placed nation is guaranteed two in the groups, with one more team in the play-off round.

In effect, all this means is that Italy gets one more team in the tournament, while the likes of Tottenham don’t need to go through the anxiety of a play of qualifying, even if the outcome is pretty much inevitable.

How teams earn coefficient points, and how they earn money are both changing, with Celtic standing to gain more than any other team in Europe. At the moment part of each teams’ coefficient is made up of an average of their nations’ entrants over the previous five years.

This penalises Celtic more than any other team in Europe. No other country has one team in the Champions League group stage, while all other teams failed to qualify for all group stages over the previous five years. From 2018 coefficients will no longer be dependent on the performance of other teams from your national association.

There’s also a Lisbon Lions Dividend. Teams who have won the European Cup will earn four monetary coefficient points. If they have won the Champions League within the previous five years, the bonus will be 12 points, and if they were European champions earlier in the Champions League era, the bonus will be 8 points.

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lisbon, it is astonishing that the achievement of those men is still bringing benefits to Celtic in ways no one could have dreamt of back then. I’ve said it before, but it’s impossible to overestimate what they did for Celtic. Without them, we would have been as relevant to Scottish football as Hibs.

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  1. Off topic Bhoys and Girls but I’m hoping to draw oon the vast wealth of knowledge that CQN is!




    A friend of mine here is taking here two daughters (6 + 3) to the West Highland way next April, she asked me about weather and stuff of course I haven’t got a clue being away so long.




    So if any one could point me in the direction of a good info source for the West Highland way or has any ideas how the weather is up there in April I would be really grateful.




    She’s driving I guess but wants some insider knowledge and what to pack etc.




    Many thanks in advance.




    Sorry<y tae interrupt the songs debate and my take on that would be not what's being sung but why is it being sung and why now??




    Hail Hail





  2. STARRY PLOUGH on 10TH DECEMBER 2016 12:06 PM





    It’s not really the weather you need to worry about it’s the midges. April should be OK.

  3. So I see the CIA are now trying to blame Russia for Trump winning the election. Is there anything the Russians don’t get blamed these days?




    Putin blamed for Celtic fans singing rebel songs.



    Russians blamed for supplying Celtic fans with pyro.



    Celtic fans blamed with aiding Putin in his annexation of Crimea.



    Celtic top of league due to Russian state sponsored doping.



    Craig Whyte(ski) was a Russian plant say SMSM – KGB fed Keith Jackshun false information.

  4. 50 shades of green on

    Glad Cqn wasn’t about when they tried to make us remove the Tricolour from our stadium. What next I wonder?








    People are of course entitled to an opinion about the rights and wrongs of our ” Songbook “, as are the Fans who sing them ( dont go quoting the OB act) .Whilst it is never pleasing to hear other fans songs or chants being sung I dont get myself too upset about it, I either boo them or start a song of our own, Sticks and Stones comes to mind.




    So really if a song at a football ground upsets you so much dont go or mute your TV and LET THE PEOPLE SING.




    Slow typer so a c@p from last thread. Lol

  5. Fresh from several posts around expectations management now we have this latest hypocracy from paul67. The changes to the CL are an abortion for those who believe in fair competition. This brings the cl to a sort of closed shop environment and is simply one step closer to a European super league (which is inevitable).



    I find it appalling that CQN, which has so often complained about these movements, is wallowing in this drivel because Celtic have been thrown a bone.



    Either we believe in fair competition or not. It seems that CQN and the Celtic only believe in fair competition when it makes money for them.



    Absolutely disgusting, hypocritical stance taken by Paul67.



    Are you simply an agent for propaganda Paul? Does it make you proud?

  6. Thanks Bhoys..



    I’ll pass it on to her, she speaks pretty good English I’m sure she’ll be fine, her weans tho are fromEthiopia so the cold and all, that stuff.



    Midgies in April HT would that be a thing??



    Cheers CQN the worlds greats info box!

  7. Anyone else note the increase in the number and frequency of Reb songs being belted out by a large section of our away support last night is proportionate to the amount of “hand wringing tut tutters” comments posted in regards to our song book in Manchester :-)



    Personally I am not going to criticize anyone for singing the very same songs I used to. Like them or loath them they, right or wrong, are part of some of the young bhoys definition of being Celtic supporters. Who are we to disagree?

  8. Back on from parents and gym. Unlike Jobo. My 5k was hamstring curtailed. No rhyme nor reason, did all the usual warm up, it just started hurting 15 minutes in. Unlike last time, I stopped and put ice on. Must just be old age.


    So back to the cross trainer for a couple of weeks.


    Start again tomorrow….


    Listened to Brendan last night talking about the wee Jamesie hamstring injury. As suspected, the type of intense bursts of pressing that Brendan demands of his front 4 leads to wear and tear on the dynamic muscle groups.


    This type of player needs different methods of training and recovery. Juergen Klopp also talks of this.


    This would suggest that as the season progresses we will see more of this type of injury and will mean the likelihood of going through the season undefeated is less likely.


    Hopefully not.

  9. Thanks for the birthday wishes to Conall…now enjoying his first legal pint with me and Mrs. LB.


    It could get messy…:)


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  10. saltires en sevilla on

    Seems the bit where Celtic gain some benefit is based on merit, on actual achievement..



    Players reared on our streets and coached/developed by our coaching staff.



    Got to like that kinda thinking…

  11. Strathclyde parkrun results for event #333. Your time was 00:21:47.


    Congratulations on completing your 179th parkrun and your 99th at Strathclyde parkrun today. You finished in 27th place and were the 23rd male out of a field of 174 parkrunners and you came 3rd in your age category VM50-54. Take a look at this week’s full set of results on our website. Your PB at Strathclyde parkrun remains 00:20:08. Your best time this year remains 00:20:54.

  12. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    I’ve just been ‘identity thefted’ to the tune of £120 off a playstation account – luckily playstation are going to refund



    bloody russians

  13. jeez jobo,



    179th park run…..and yer runnin bakwards…..cumutatively?…..hav you run into the past ;-)(







  14. Well CQNs resident trumpet on again having another go at Paul67.Celtic getting a Pot 3 place and extra money now has him in a state of flux.His hate list now includes,PL,The Board,Paul67,UEFA,and hopefully me.


    Someone posted earlier that he was talking”Unadulterated pish”.Far to good a vintage to be wasted describing this trumpets utterances.

  15. Makes me feel warm and rosy that the Monkey hordes are bemoaning the fact Clint Hill will be missing today against Hearts.


    I mean,how bad do you need to be?.

  16. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    done it many times lurkintim – at least one finds somebody who agrees with one




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