Watt ready to push Hooper


There were so many pleasing aspects to yesterday’s performance.  Perhaps most importantly, we won a game and scored goals without our primary creative fulcrum, Kris Commons, and without playing our backup fulcrum, Charlie Mulgrew, in a creative position.

Several players will return for Wednesday’s Champions League play-off decider against Helsingborgs but Tony Watt has given Neil Lennon plenty to consider.  He was by some magnitude the best player on the field, and was considerably more threatening than his strike partner, Gary Hooper, who has had no genuine competition for the main striker position since arriving at Celtic two years ago.  I’ve felt for some time that Gary needs to be pushed.  Tony might be the man to do this.

Do you remember six years ago we mocked Paul Le Guen’s Rangers with, “You’re fourth in the SPL…”  Poor Sevco are fourth in the fourth tier of Scottish football.  Give that guy McCoist another 5% of the shares, he’s absolutely priceless.

We Oscar 4 Life’ have organised a bucket collection for Dundee home game at CP on 22nd of September and require a Lorry Load of Volunteer collectors. To volunteer as a bucket collected please email us at weeoscar4life@gmail.com.

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  1. wonkyradar


    always knew I had a good reason for staying on the train at Anderston and getting of at Exhibition centre…

  2. i agree ie hooper, does so much of the ball that he is sometimes under appreciated. not his fault he’s isolated at times, but agree he played well with watt yesterday, i think he put himself aside to help the young lad out. bit of tangent here, but as i’m from inverness, i have to comment on the ict strip, being an inverness thistle fan, i never followed ict after the amalgamation, absolutely nothing in that team that is the jags, you have the eagle crapping on the thistle and after seeing the strip yesterday even less red in it that represents thistle, so they can go take a jump, and they play like the caley of old, ironically called the rankers of the north years ago, cloggers then cloggers now. and inverness isn’t that bad, well not all bad hahaha

  3. anyone tell me how to get back to normal on the page plzz


    i,ll getting all this tweet stuff and cant follow the blog


    maith sibh in advance


    DTs herecomrades ,help

  4. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    mighty tim



    20:25 on 26 August, 2012



    Awe, mighty tim, thank you……the last time I heard that song was 40 odd years ago……when my father had a wee drink in him he would bring out his Rebel LP’s and we would all sit and listen to them……The Dying Rebel was his favourite……THANK YOU …… I was in tears half way through that ….it brought back so many memories…….INDEED “God Bless The Cause For Which He Died”



    Hope you like my favourite of the time …….




  5. Lennybhoy, am based in stirling, the coatbridge pupil I have is at stirling uni. She also had a great story of a coatbridge primary school having a school trip a few months ago where all the kids were given a bar of dairy milk chocolate. But one wee guy gave it back then all the others gave theirs back as well.y? Cos the union Jack was on the wrapper. Hee hee.

  6. MightyTim:



    The traditional Irish music always gets me…everytime. Reminds me of nights in front of open fire wae ma granny/uncles/aunties beltin oot their auld favourites…love the WolfTones/The Fureys…Sean South is a stunningly beautiful song…love everything from BOTOB to Fields of France…sweet sixteen to the Dying Rebel…it stirs a fire deep in these old Celtic bones.

  7. Silver City 1888 on



    I’m assuming you are using Internet Explorer. I’ve had to switch to Google Chrome to get things to work normally. Firefox works too.

  8. bigbones8867



    Install google chrome m8 am on iPhone rite enough but been workin fine for over 3 months

  9. Just popt into rm and ff.


    I no its sacrosanct to fellow posters,its a laff though.


    It takes me back,its ally ally gtf.


    How sweet is it waking up on a monday morning knowing the hole they are in.hh

  10. And so to a tale of setting sun, rising moon, desolation, fear and what happens when one man has too many beers and gets lost in a strange enchanted country where they laugh at you for putting milk in tea.



    Forget ‘where eagles dare’ or even ‘angels fear to tread’.



    Dismiss ‘to boldly go’ or ‘one small step for a man’!



    You are now about to to enter a world of mystique, taboos, curses, and sacred trespass.



    One picture, a few words to explain the tale of derring do, a confession of one man against society and its superstitions and ……at the heart ……..A CELTIC MYSTERY!



    YOU will be the jury…..YOU will address the question of my guilt or innocence in breaching societies mores…..YOU will sift the evidence…..and YOU will decide ….”How the feck did that get there”?



    After I’ve made another cup of tea.



    Hail Hail




  11. the ‘refresh’ functionality doesnt seem to be working for all browsers, i’m using iceweasel (firefox) 10.0.6 and without being logged in, there seems to be one post on the last page that doesn’t budge (as if new comments aren’t arriving) ..

  12. Haw…Canamalar….



    ” I Want To Be Like David Watts..” ????



    First you’re up in a tree,holding hands with Saint Julian Of Assange…



    Now you’re burnin’ a candle for “David Watts”….



    Are you collecting ‘gay icons’ this weather..?



    Uncle Philvis will be wanting another word in your ear.




    And What Would Dear Brother Walfrid Have To Say…?










    The Singin’ Sea Cucumber… ;-)

  13. BT



    Watching them on the betting site, the wife has the remote…







    Never noticed till tonight.



    11 on the bench, way to go.

  14. The Singing Detective etc….



    It might be my browser, Chrome but unlikely as I’ve checked your posts in IE, Mozilla and Firefox. The problem is that you may need to shorten your name because when you post you seem to have dropped an ‘e’.



    Mind you….:-)



    hail hail




  15. 67 Heaven



    Thanks for that mate My wee ma used to sing me to sleep with that. I love it the old ones are the best.




  16. The Comfortable Collective on

    Kojo @21:18



    looks like you’re flirting with Canamalar,



    Why don’t you two get a room.

  17. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    mighty tim



    21:25 on 26 August, 2012



    God bless all our old ma’s, who did so much for us, under very difficult circumstances….

  18. The great thing is Green needed Sally on board to sell ST’s ,and he has invested in Sevco (carpetbagger same as CG ).Sally is basically unsackable , which is wonderful as he couldn’t run a bath.The fun continues…

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