We hired a builder


When looking for a new manager, Celtic usually try to fix the biggest shortcoming the previous guy had.  In May 2019, Neil Lennon’s biggest asset was his “eye for a player”.  There were other attributes. he twice got Celtic into the Champions League group stage where he delivered some of the most memorable nights in our European history, but Celtic’s decline started with his predecessor’s inability to sign quality players after the arrival of Scott Sinclair.

When it fall apart last season, Neil seemed unable to imagine how to organise a squad that was performing significantly below the sum of its individual parts.  Apparently simple tasks, like how to organise at defensive set pieces.  The answer to that particular question was Eddie Howe.

Howe took a team of lowly £17m misfits and marshalled them into a very solid unit.  He also had other attributes, but that ability to defend a corner kick was very convincing.

I spoke to Peter Lawwell soon after Brendan Rodgers left and again after Neil Lennon’s departure.  Neither Neil nor Eddie fitted the bill he was initially looking at.  On this occasion, Ange Postecoglou fits perfectly.  Technically proficient, capable of withstanding the intensity of our game, with an ability to make us a far better team three years out than we were when he took over.

It’s that last attribute we recruited yesterday.  Neil and Brendan both left teams that were poorer than two years previous.  We hired a builder.

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  1. DAVID66 on 14TH JUNE 2021 9:25 AM




    I had a wee feeling that you were late on this morning cos of too much Sun and maybe too much drink etc LOL ?


    I hope that you had a great time with the family…Im sure you did.



    What you need Today is a ” Curer” LOL ?


    I also hope that Scotland win, although I wont be going Radio rental at my TV IF/when they score…or NOT Score ?


    I have the added interest for BETTING Purposes obviously.


    Cheers Mate.



  2. TheLurkinTim on

    Big J…yer like a dug wae a bone…I expect you’ll get yer payout…even if it’s only ’cause it’s cheaper than the negative publicity 🤣




  3. Park Road 67 on



    Best wishes to your aunt and and a good recovery for your cousin 🙏

  4. McCoist’s co-commentary useful for those who like a drinking game with mates.



    Down a shot everytime he says:


    1. Absolutely


    2. Astonishing


    3. Incredible


    4. Unbelievable



    A double shot if he combines two of the above.

  5. Gene on 14th June 2021 11:05 am



    There you go again asking difficult questions, he’ll be here in plenty of time at least 24hrs before our first euro qualifier. Now be a good little supporter, renew your season ticket and be quiet.










    absolutely,astonishingly,incredibly and unbelievablely accurate shout on mcoist.


    I’ve got to say that he says ..”i’ve got to say..”


    regularly too

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Turkeybhoy …..



    Not a Hun player in site.A Tim manager,and a host of Tim minded players.Whats not to like?






    Bit of a I.M. Jolly response but here goes



    First off, I fully respect the right of any Celtic fan to support the national team.



    I don’t.



    They’re possibly right.



    I’m possibly wrong.



    Not to like ….



    Celtic players ….



    … off the back of a traumatic season



    …. requiring significant re-energy levels to meet demands of our new manager



    … playing intense matches in June



    …. weeks before our season start




    All to represent an organisation (SFA) who wouldn’t spit on us if we were on fire.




    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    We’re Not Half of Anything






    We share a city AND NOTHING ELSE

  8. squire danaher on




    With all due respect – honestly.



    You can say “ We’re Not Half of Anything” and


    “We share a city AND NOTHING ELSE” at the end of every post you make between now and Kingdom Come.



    Celtic can also say the same for public consumption between now and Kingdom Come.



    Their actions suggest otherwise.