We hired a builder


When looking for a new manager, Celtic usually try to fix the biggest shortcoming the previous guy had.  In May 2019, Neil Lennon’s biggest asset was his “eye for a player”.  There were other attributes. he twice got Celtic into the Champions League group stage where he delivered some of the most memorable nights in our European history, but Celtic’s decline started with his predecessor’s inability to sign quality players after the arrival of Scott Sinclair.

When it fall apart last season, Neil seemed unable to imagine how to organise a squad that was performing significantly below the sum of its individual parts.  Apparently simple tasks, like how to organise at defensive set pieces.  The answer to that particular question was Eddie Howe.

Howe took a team of lowly £17m misfits and marshalled them into a very solid unit.  He also had other attributes, but that ability to defend a corner kick was very convincing.

I spoke to Peter Lawwell soon after Brendan Rodgers left and again after Neil Lennon’s departure.  Neither Neil nor Eddie fitted the bill he was initially looking at.  On this occasion, Ange Postecoglou fits perfectly.  Technically proficient, capable of withstanding the intensity of our game, with an ability to make us a far better team three years out than we were when he took over.

It’s that last attribute we recruited yesterday.  Neil and Brendan both left teams that were poorer than two years previous.  We hired a builder.

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  1. park the bus n blooter it reshape simples on

    Good to see that Ange has arrived and also hope that Paul 67 is correct and Ange is indeed a builder.


    I still also feel that the ‘move on’ dynamic has started to alter the focus away from the scathing scrutiny that the PLC must be subjected to. With a delay in purchasing season tickets by up to six weeks as suggested by the Green Brigade.


    We have to be 100% focused on the Celtic PLC reaction as to whether the Huns get into Champion’s League groups and get their hands on the apparently much needed financial payout and this is the crucial bit for us – what will Celtic PLC do if the Huns fail to get that much needed financial payout?


    If the Huns don’t get that much needed financial payout, will Celtic PLC pull the transfer window rug from Ange like they did with Brendan recently with John McGinn etc etc and everybody before Brendan, although WGS didn’t complain about the Willo Flood transfer window that handed Sir Walter a much needed first title of a much needed 3 in a row for Sir Walter with the collapse of RFC still not being avoided but so far going unpunished apart from a £250k fine which remains unpaid to this day for the Huns theft of £140+ million from HMRC which was used to cheat Celtic fans and Celtic’s directors have still not defended their cheated fans at any opportunity since all of this shambles began. Rory Bremner jokes don’t cut it!


    I personally blame US Celtic fans for not pulling the plug on the directors of the PLC who’ve facilitated Hun corruption since 2008 and a fair few Celtic fans have been aware of this since at least the ‘honest mistakes’ season in 2009/10 under Mowbray when our directors on the PLC simply looked the other way, and we fans have waited until 2021 to get angry about PLC directors the same ones who looked the other way away back in 2008.


    Maybe Celtic fans deserve to be cheated robbed mugged humiliated?


    Ange has arrived and guess what?


    The Celtic fans who’ve been cheated robbed mugged humiliated by the collusion of the directors on the PLC since 2008, the fans are again doing what seems to be all that they ever do these days – moving on – this time because Ange has arrived.


    Its as though these Celtic fans were desperate for any manager to arrive so that they can then bury the burning issues with the PLC and rally behind Ange, not in relief about the arrival of Ange because he’s the clubs number 1 target which he certainly isn’t but these Celtic fans will bury the burning corruption issues because these Celtic fans are as big if not a bigger threat to the integrity of Celtic FC, than a bunch of corrupt directors who cement Old Firm collusion from the PLC executive offices.


    Maybe corrupt directors on the PLC, and cowardly season ticket purchasing fans are the perfect couple for escorting Celtic FC through what could prove to be the death throes of a club which is now nothing more than a rich mans pawn in a game of deceit lies muggings betrayal corruption stabbings and deaths.


    The Fools The Fools The Fools.

  2. TheLurkinTim on

    Welcome to Celtic, Ange Postecoglou



    That’s a ballsy move from the other side of the world…but I feel it’s not enuff for the permanent negatonians and doom sayers…fuk them



    I hope yer given enuff time to stamp yer authority and style on the squad…but suspect that the entitled arseholes amongst us won’t giv u it (u know who u are)




  3. park the bus n blooter it reshape simples on

    THELURKINTIM on 14TH JUNE 2021 3:42 AM



    Canny be bothered being “ballsy” enough to identify who your talking about?


    You must be one of the “ballsy” Tims who can’t find his balls to sack a Hun facilitating Celtic PLC board?


    Are you still capable of looking into a mirror without the mirror cracking?


    If there’s another fifty odd thousand like you “ballsy” n that its no wonder Celtic’s deader than the dead zombies innit? But you knew that right?



    Fakeful through n through

  4. TheLurkinTim on

    Park the Bus…u are the sort who have totally missed my point…shock horror…;-()







  5. TheLurkinTim on

    Park the Bus…uf you’re in Glasgow…I’ll b more than happy to meet u ;-))



    WasteoftimeCSC lol




  6. TheLurkinTim on

    Percieved history….jesus christ….the odds of getting a Quadrebel is near zero, the odds of getting close to10 in a row is marginally closer…it’s been an extraordinary time to be a Tim and anyone who hasn’t enjoyed the journey is a hun..



    This is a hill am prepared to die over ;-))



    Next chapter? am gonna park my reservations and live with hope in my heart ;-))




  7. SFTB from way back.



    Good Morning.



    I may not be a master tactician, I may not have coached at any level and I may not be privy to inside information.



    I do have the ability to recognise failure when it is blatantly obvious. Last season was a failure.



    A failure from the players who participated and underachieved, a failure of our collective management team and a failure from our custodians to plan for the inevitable.



    Squirrels abound, but this was a quadruple winning team who were boosted by expensive loan signings and additional buys.


    No perceived failings, but actual failings by any measure.



    Cheers and HH.

  8. TheLurkinTim on

    GP…can u not accept that we would never win the league ad infinitum….it’s a blip…;-))




  9. TheLurkinTim on

    Homer shaking Bart…”it’s a blip….so far” lol







  10. TheLurkinTim on

    Morning update ftom D66 is late from gods own garden…hope he’s ok ;-))



    Direct sunlight into my livingroom is blinding and roasting ;-))




  11. FRED C. DOBBS on 13TH JUNE 2021 9:47 PM


    Hope Big Jimmy cashed oot.







    Hail Hail.




    Funny that you should mention that issue FRED, as I will be making a Complaint later this morning to my Online Bookie ( Bet365) via my Telephone.



    I had placed a ” LUCKY 15″ Bet on Saturday morning, on Four CORRECT SCORES involving four Games obviously.



    Denmark to win 2-0….LOST.


    Wales to draw 1-1….WIN bet @ 11/2.


    Belgium to Win 3-0…WIN Bet @ 14/1.



    Finally I was waiting for Holland to win 2-0 last night v Ukraine @ 13/2,, to get 3 out of 4 Correct Scores Correct ?


    When the Dutch went 1-0 up….I went Online just to see ” How Much” bet365 were offering for ” CASH OUT” ?


    There was NO “ICON” , so NO Possibility to ” CASH OUT” was available ? Which was very strange ? I wasnt about to ” Cash Out” at 1-0, but I was just curious to see what the bookie was offering ?


    I Logged Off and Logged On the Site 2 or 3 times in quick succession, during which time…Holland went 2-0 Up !


    NOW, I was really interested in possibly ” Cashing Out” as there was still around 32 minutes to go, and I feared that MORE Goals would be scored ?


    I tried 7/8 times to ” CASH OUT” at 2-0, and I also Phoned Bet365 to speak to someone to ASK ” Why cant I see the ” MY BETS” ICON, which would allow me to ” Cash Out” on the Site ?


    All I got on the PHONE was a Audio Message, saying that the Customer Service wasnt available just now…Apologises etc ?


    So I gave up.


    With 15 Minutes to go, I watched as Ukraine scored their 1st Goal in the 75th minute. I wasnt a happy Man at being DENIED the opportunity to ” CASH OUT” on 58 minutes when Holland went 2-0 up !


    So I will be phoning Bet365 Office this morning…it should be a very interesting Conversation, as I will be Complaining that I ” Lost Out” on MAYBE £45/£50…..IF I had been able to ” Cash Out” as NORMAL ?


    I will be asking Bet365 to be ” Honest” and REVEAL and/or Offer Me whatever the ” Cash Out” Figure was at the time Holland were winning 2-0, and will they ” Honour my Bet/Missed Opportunity” ?



    NOTE… I ALSO had another Correct Score ” Lucky 15″ Bet on yesterday Morning……with England to win 3-2, Scotland to win 3-2, France to win 3-2….and Finally….Holland to beat Ukraine…3-2…which obviously came up at Odds of 33/1.


    So I am waiting for Scotland and/or France later tonight to also win 3-2 ?



    In the past, whenever I have a Complaint with Bet365, they will offer “£5” as consolation…Not this time, as I will be looking for a lot more than a Token “£5” Gesture ?


    HH Mate.

  12. TheLurkinTim on

    Big Jimmy…I woulda bet (bet responsibly children) you’d cashed out at 2-1 Dutch last nite…that’s a sore yin…guid luck trying to prove their App effed u ;-))



    Hav u got a new date, for a frenzy (drink responsibly children lol) yet ;-))







  13. TheLurkinTim on

    Decisions, decisions….nope, I couldnae care less about Scotlands result later




  14. The last Major ” Dispute” that I had with Bet365 was when Celtic drew 3-3 with Man City at Celtic Park.


    I had the CORRECT Score of 3-3, with Tierney to Score at ANYTIME ?


    I think the Odds were around 110/1 ?


    Young KT ” Scored”, and for a few minutes HE was LISTED as the Goalscorer on TV and BBC Teletext.


    However, after MANY Replays, it showed that KT’s shot had taken a ” deflection off a Man City player. It was then DEEMED to be an ” Own Goal” ?



    I phoned Bet365 the next morning and ” Put my Case”…I argued about the MINUTES that were available to ” Cash Out” on KT scoring at ANYTIME as a ” Single Bet”…BEFORE it was eventually deemed to be an ” own goal” after MANY Replays ?


    More to the point, I argued that the ” Own Goal” scenarios in football were very AMBIGUOUS as ” IF ANY Player shoots for goal etc, and the opposition Goalkeeper gets a A Touch before the ball hits the Net, it is NOT deemed to be an Own Goal…..as the ” Shooter” WILL be deemed as the GOAL SCORER in history Books and by Bookies ?


    KT WAS an attempt to shoot for Goal, and the Ball took a very slight deflection off a Man City defenders leg, and NO ONE can argue that KT’s SHOT was Goal bound or NOT ?


    So it was/is a very ” Grey Area” ?


    I argued that ANY Goal Keeper in any match can ” Get a TOUCH with ANY part of his Body while attempting to save a shot etc BEFORE the ball ends up in the Net, and in that scenario NO ONE Deems it to be an OWN Goal”…as the Credit is given to the ” Shooter” , and that rule applies to a Betting scenario ?


    over the history of Football….HOW MANY Legit Goals would be CHANGED to OWN GOALS IF a Goal Keeper got a slight touch on any shot before the Ball hit the Net ?



    I eventually got a small ” Token gesture from Bet365″,, as a result of my Complaint. NOT the 110/1 odds sadly !





  15. Lovely article on CQN





    A real hero.

  16. THELURKINTIM on 14TH JUNE 2021 7:26 AM


    Big Jimmy…I woulda bet (bet responsibly children) you’d cashed out at 2-1 Dutch last nite…that’s a sore yin…guid luck trying to prove their App effed u ;-))





    NAW Mate…I was TRYING to ” Cash Out” at 2-0 to the Dutch. I did go ONLINE out of curiousity when the Dutch went 1-0 up,and while I was doing so…The Dutch scored again to make it 2-0 and THEN I was REALLY interested in Cashing Out as there was STILL 32 Minutes to go…and the Dutch were well on top…at that point, so I felt that2-0 would NOT be the FINAL Score…Hence, why I wanted to Cash Out ?


    HH Mate.

  17. GREENPINATA on 14TH JUNE 2021 6:21 AM



    “I may not be a master tactician, I may not have coached at any level and I may not be privy to inside information.



    I do have the ability to recognise failure when it is blatantly obvious. Last season was a failure.”



    If the three `mays` are correct, do they not call that `ability` into question?

  18. TheLurkinTim on

    Big J…was in north stand upper that night…we all thought it was a Tierney shot that deflected in…still not convinced it wasn’t ;-))




  19. Greenpinata



    I have to go now so if any response requiring a reply is necessary, I will do so later.


    Cheerio for now.

  20. I am hoping that Bet365 have a ” RECORD” OF me being ON the Site on numerous occasions as I kept logging In and Out, to see if the site would UPDATE itself and FINALLY show the ” Cash Out” Option…it DIDNT !



    It eventually did ” UPDATE”, But by that time it was 2-2…and obviously my bet for Holland to win 2-0 was gone…but I was CLEARLY DENIED the opportunity to cash Out at 2-0 to the Dutch.



    As I said earlier, I INTEND putting my case to Bet365 very shortly via the Phone. I SUSPECT that there MAY be others who also attempted to Cash Out when it was 1-0 and/or 2-0 to Holland…but couldnt ?


    its strange that there was a FAULT with their Site/App…and at the same time NO ONE was available to chat to on their phones in their Customer Service Dept ?



  21. TheLurkinTim on

    Hot Smoked…is that where three mays make a difinitive article…am sure u taught that ;-))




  22. Morning



    Its a shame yer no botherin about Scotland TheLurkinTim.if yer Scottish that is!



    Heard Tierney is injury scare.hamstring



    Come on Scotland

  23. TheLurkinTim on




    I equate the Scottish national team with the FTSFA…so not for me…;-)) Hope that helps explain it




  24. “Haw,Bonnie Scotland,Bonnie Scotland,we”ll support you evermore,


    We”ll support you evermore.”


    Not a Hun player in site.A Tim manager,and a host of Tim minded players.Whats not to like?


    One thing you can bet on,there will be “No Huns at Hampden”.Playing,or supporting.

  25. TheLurkinTim on

    An unusual request….can I ask y’all for positive thoughts for strength for my aunt. My cousin 30s (her son) collapsed 2 weeks ago whilst on a bender and without the swift intervention of his mate would be dead. He’s just come of the ventilator and will b ok, but has a long hard road ahead. To make matters worse, her “friends with benefits” partner of decades passed on Friday, may he rest in peace.



    Thank you




  26. TheLurkinTim on 14th June 2021 9:07 am




    Just said a wee prayer.




  27. Good morning Bhoys from a sunny Springburn as I am now at work.



    TLT and Big Jimmy – All good in The Good n The Bad, just got up later today.


    The weekend took it out on me all that sun and drink as I’m not getting any younger.



    The way the SFA have treated our club over the years you would think I would not want anything to do with Scotland, but I do want to win.



    So I will be supporting Scotland but not as much as I used to because of the corrupt to the core SFA.



    D :)

  28. THELURKINTIM on 14TH JUNE 2021 7:54 AM


    Big J…was in north stand upper that night…we all thought it was a Tierney shot that deflected in…still not convinced it wasn’t ;-))




    I take your point mate BUT on TV it looked as though the Ball was NOT Deflected from some angles, but when the TV showed footage from behind the goal, it was clear that there WAS a slight deflection from a Man City Leg.


    My ” Argument” with Bet365 was that KT was CREDITED as the Goal Scorer on TV and on BBC Teletext for a few minutes…UNTIL replays showed the slight deflection. I also argued with Bet365, that NO ONE will EVER KNOW…IF KT’s shot WOULD have ended up in the Net WITHOUT ANY Deflection ?




    The phone lines to Bet365 are STILL unavailable this morning, so I have been forced to send a very long Email to their Office, explaining my Bet and THEIR FAULTY Site etc, which DENIED Me the Options of ” Cash Out” when Holland went 2-0 up…and WHY it was ONLY AFTER Ukraine scored their 2nd Goal ( by which time my Options to cash out were long gone), that THEIR Site and Cash Out Options were back in place…funny that ?


    I suspect that perhaps OTHER PUNTERS may also have Missed out on Cashing OUT when the Dutch went 1-0 and/or 2-0 up , and they lost a lot more Money than I did ?