What happened to Martin O’Neill?


Football is a results business and Sunderland’s results have been rotten for months, so we shouldn’t be surprised that Martin O’Neill was dismissed as manager on Saturday.  But he is Martin O’Neill, who appeared to be able to walk on water when at Celtic.  What happened?

Martin’s teams played the same football at Sunderland as they did at Celtic and Leicester.  Direct and, if supported by excellent players, incredibly effective, but Martin was the antithesis of the tinkerer manager.  He had his plan and stuck to it, a fact which Alex McLeish successfully exploited.

Of all the recent dismissals in England his was least surprising.  Sunderland thought they were heading for relegation but still have a fighting chance, the right change could produce the short-term boost required.  As for our old pal Paulo, I’m in David Milliband’s camp. He and ‘Arry can go the same way.
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  1. Joe Ledley’s tireless running, covering and closing down adds so much to the team. Watch him closely and see both how much work he puts in and how often he is available to take a pass from a team mate. He has chipped in with a few goals this season too.

  2. Kojo…….. Stoksey has played very little football this term but in that time he has been responsible for quite a number of goalscoring assists.


    When you look at Bangura and the likes of Miku who came to the club as so-called goaladors but have failed. Stokes has always been a twenty- goal a-season and you could say he hit the ground running when he came to the club.


    No, not selfish Kojo.

  3. Doctor Whatfor on




    bmcuwp is probably like me. In denial that he ever actually left. Broke my heart.

  4. I must say I was aghast at the boots being put into MON when he is down.


    Shame on you.



    Even a wee dismissive dig at Wim Jansen. Look at the first trophy at Parkhead in 3 yrs.


    3 mths after Mr Jansen’s arrival. He signed more then half the players on the field that day, including all three goalscorers.


    There wasn’t a lot of money there, but WJ spent it well.



    HH Wim Jansen. Celtic Hero.


    KOJO 1548



    That is your opinion,to which you are perfectly entitled.



    However,I asked you to name one solitary example with which to back up your opinion.



    I’m still waiting…….

  6. Ah wid..



    Pey fur the Taxi.. that wid.. Tak




    Victor, Izzy, Wilson, Hooper and Stokes.. and Ledley..



    tae the Airport..



    Of Course.. Ah wid deduct the cost..of the Taxi… fae the Money Ah goat


    Fur Them oan the Transfer Market!



    Oan second Thoughts..



    Cancel the Taxi..



    Ah wid Need a Bus!






  7. I get Joe’s work-rate, closing down etc but all players should be doing that. The best teams defend from the front and when we are in the mood we do it too. Joe for me is at his best ghosting into the box and running beyond our attackers but alas not often enough.



    We don’t require two sitting players in the SPL and I feel he should be scoring more goals.

  8. Ledley hid do well yesterday I forgot he was playing



    When CFC are playing well Ledley shows up …when we’re not playing well and need players to front up ….absent …IMO he’s spent half his CFC career hiding



    16:05 on


    1 April, 2013



    Brilliant, buying that for my holidays when Joe signs his new deal.

  10. Ntassoola



    Quite agree with your sentiments about Wim – a Celtic Hero indeed! Even with the dodgy perm!



    Signed some not bad players – including an unknown (in Scotland) Swede with dreadlocks.



    His name escapes me.











    I had the pleasure of meeting his Dad last month in Cardiff.



    The lad loves the club.



    I doubt that leaving is even being considered by him.



    Blinkin’ hope not!

  12. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    A few posters today saying sell ledley. Wtf! One of the first names on the team sheet shurely??! Team ledley for me.

  13. Interesting, Joe Ledley is the highest paid player at Celtic. Anyone know if Celtic pay better than clubs in the English Championship?

  14. Bobby Murdoch.






    Ah believe the it is Pure Nonsense tae Speculate that


    a Professional Celtic Player..



    Wid be so Stupid tae HIDE.. or Huff…



    In a Game..



    Why should A Professionl Player Hide?



    What is that Aboot?






    Huff?.. A Professional Player…could and probably can that of course, but it is an Insignificant Failing..


    when all is said and No Said..






    Ah am Sure the Stokes . has never Hidden..



    Why should He..?



    If He has Huffed… well.. Ah hiv never Noticed.,




    Pal. Ah explained what Ah mean by Having the Right Attitude..




    It has Nothing tae Do with.. This Hiding and Huffing which you are so Hung Up Oan




    The Right Attitude is..



    A Player. Being ..UNSELFISH.. AND Strictly. Being a



    TEAM PLAYER….with an Never Say Die. Attitude tae boot..







    Still.. Laughin;

  15. BMCUW



    …Pfayr says I should ask you the name of that Swedish player who was with us for 7 years from the late 90s-early00s!




  16. hankray


    16:11 on


    1 April, 2013



    Thought Broonie was highest paid, Ledley one of the highest though. We probably pay more than most in Championship, the exception being those teams with players they signed whilst in the EPL





    PFAYR is only being smart because he always gets a taxi home from Troon when he’s pashed.



    Admittedly,so do I-but only after a wee walk roon the toon to clear my head and miss the last train!





    I thought PFAYR’s comment would be enough to send me to ma cot wi a smile-that one trumps it…….



    Cheers,and offski.

  19. Off oot!



    Hospital visit to ma auld auntie and her new hip.



    Big Milan fan!




  20. di was a class player worth admission fee, a ball playing footballer with everything needed to get bums off seats, far more exciting to watch than the modern day wingers with bags of pace and a cross sometimes. he is a bit mad but would walk into our team everyday of the week.



    MON done very well for celtic had his way of playing and won more than he lost. p.s. man u have being playing the same way since i was a wee bhoy. for the most part players win games not managers, MON bought well, seen, used and improved the players in squad by adding the right mix i.e. sutton to partner henkie, tommo to supply etc…, made petrov goal scoring midfielder, agathe as wingback. biggist dig, left us with a shodow of a team.






    by august 2013 NFL with have to by about 15 new players with all the transfers out o celtic: so far we have
































  21. corkcelt



    Like you I often find myself fending off the doom and gloomers around me. Faither Out Law in particular who is a complete pessimist. Every time we lose a goal, a point or god forbid a game he says “I could see that coming’. But he also saw it coming in every game in which we are victorious, so that’s not much of a gauge.



    Heck, he even had Andy Murray written off after 3 points in the match yesterday – and of course at every lost point along the way. Then had the audacity to cheer when he won.



    I’ve learned over the years it’s his way of dealing with the disappointment rather than any genuine grumble about the team or individuals (though Sammi still gets it even when he nets the winner).



    HOWEVER, there are some games in which my defense is weaker than the old sieve. And the last few games have been poor. Strangely the malaise seems to set in when we’ve scored early, almost as if that triggers the attitude that we can win without trying too hard.

  22. Gene's a Bhoy's name on



    You’ve got plenty of fathers in law on this site – me included

  23. I would personally walk to Martins home to beg him to take the Celtic job if Lenny left.



    MON smited the most expensively assembled Huns side ever.


    Gave us Euro fitba after Xmas for the first time in a quarter of a century.


    Gave us Seville.


    Gave us a treble .



    He gave me my happiest times attending Celtic matches.



    He left us in a period of transition and I believe he has some unfinished business with us.



    There is no vacancy to fill , but if there was he would answer the question posed by some .



    Would he be willing to work within Celtics current financial restrictions ,and would he succeed?


    Does he still have the desire to do the job at his age?





    I believe that he would , and does.



    I love the Mhan.




  24. Eurochamps67 on

    Roy C


    We do need two sitting players in the SPL when both full backs play as ours do. Adam and Izzy. Are asked to create more than defend.


    When asked to defend ( v Barca, Benfica) they can, in a more compact unit.


    Unfortunately, due to our lack of a play making No. 10, Lenny tends to get our full backs to provide width but leaves holes in behind defensively. Everyone we play knows that.


    I think Lenny would like to play a central defensive triangle of Efe, Kelvin and Vic67.


    He has never settled on his left footed left side any 3 from 5 of Izzy, Chas, Joe16, Sammi and Kris.


    Hoops is always central but plays more and more as a second forward and our right side has been decimated with injuries to Adam, Lustig, Broonie and James.


    Some very decent players in our squad, many not even mentioned here, so Lenny has some big decisions to make.



    Time for us all, especially, those who put his name in our monikers, to trust the manager.



    A double will do.







  25. Ledley, Never..which is a Strong woid..



    Makes his Presence Felt in a Game..



    And that, Guys.. Says it all .



    We need Players who at least..



    Give it the Old College TRY. .. tae Make a Lasting Impression..Each time



    They Participate in A Fitba Game.. whenever they






    Noo, Ah admit it is Quite Impossible fur an Individal Player , tae Mak that Lasting Impression, In



    EVERY GAME.. that is a Given..



    Howevahhhhhh.. There Should Be at least.. Quite A Few Games ,where a Player who wears a Celtic Shirt… will achieve that Feat.



    In Ma Opinion.,



    Ledley, Has Never Done So.




    Noo,in Yesterday’s Fracas..



    the Only Celtic Player, In Ma Opinion.. Who



    Made His Mark in the Game…






    Kris Commons.. unfortunately, he went off injured..



    Thereby ,Hangs the Reason Why we



    As a Team Played so Damn Badly…



    We had Only



    One Solitary Player who was Making his Presence Felt…



    and he was. as Ah said. Kris Commons.




    Na.. hivin’ a Player sich as Ledley ,in oor Team is an Extravagance which we canny Afford.







  26. Kayal33



    Correct regards Ledley. Unfortunately Vic + Beram do the exact same thing meaning we have 3 defensive midfielders in our line up.



    With KC likely to be out for a few weeks, Rogic or McCourt must be in the starting XI next Saturday against Hibs.



    Otherwise we are all set for another boring 90min performance.

  27. TinyTim



    16:29 on 1 April, 2013



    ‘I would personally walk to Martins home to beg him to take the Celtic job if Lenny left.’




    I wouldn’t bother unless you could bring John Robertson back with him.

  28. Re our old pal Paulo. There are one or three who post on this very blog who would appear to espouse the same political views as Oul mad Di Cannio.



    Fondly remember him cause one of the best ever terrace songs of recent times was about him.



    ‘When the balls in the net if its not Jorge Cadette its Di Cannio,


    When the ball is the air if its not big Pierre it’s Di Cannio’



    However his politics really do wiff a ‘wee’ bit




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