White, male, entitled violence


24 hours after a fan assaulted Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish, the English criminal justice system was able to arrest, charge, try and jail the 27-year-old assailant.  No politicians, football administrators, or clubs were involved.  Nor was alcohol, the perennial bogeyman.  Days were not spent discussing Strict Liability.  Only the police and courts were required.

We know lots about the perpetrators.  There are many women at football now, but these people are always male.  There are many people of colour at games, but not among the offenders, this is a white crime. And, they feel entitled to be violent by throwing coins, bottles or punches.

West Midlands Police and the Birmingham Magistrate’s Court have shown us how to react.  Their action will not end what currently ails football, but it is appropriate.  The politicians can ponder at their leisure why an underclass of white males erroneously feel entitled to carry out violent acts, on our streets as well as our stadiums.

Calling this a football problem, when it is obviously societal, will not wash.  It is not new either, violence like this has come and gone in waves for generations.


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  1. Neustadt-Braw on

    McGinned and then McConnelled…..



    smiley object thrown on the pitch at Ibpox. Looks like a towel thing





  2. Good morning,



    Sevco have won nothing in their entire existence.


    Since their creation in 2012, they have won zero, zilch, nada.


    Though, to be fair they did reach one national final, only to lose to Hibs.



    They are NOT the peepul!


    They are, and have always been, at best, a very average, second rate outfit.


    No amount of lies, deceit, collusion, support or assistance from the SFA, SPFL, SMSM, compliant judiciary or lack of scrutiny from Police Scotland can disguise the fact that as a footballing outfit, they are very much inferior to Celtic.



    You know it, I know it and more importantly, they know it.



    Their eternal penance for their continuation myth is that every second of every day they have to live the lie.


    Liquidation denial comes at a heavy price Sevco suckers.



    Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch of scrofulous hillbillies (DBBIA).




  3. ” after edging out Aberdeen”……………



    the Score was 2- nil…… Two – nowt…………twa – ZERO



    Shirley, “edging out” is appropriate at 2-1…………



    2 – Zip is just gettin’ beat…………fair and square!




  4. Hang on, according to the SMSM we were drawn to play Sevco in the semi finals



    Wit appen?

  5. 50 shades of green on

    I know, float high baws into the box in a 75mile an hour gale, that will get us back into this game, lafferty get striped yir on.







    Stoopid scouse git

  6. Hard gig replacing Beendone Fraudgers as the most unpopular Irishman in my house, but step up Ruby feckin’ Walsh!! ( or ‘get up’ may be more apt). Grrrrrrrrrr.

  7. So no horses for me today. Heading out to see that documentary about free climbing that won an Oscar, but it’s not on at my local cinema so don’t know vertigo.

  8. Regarding the increasingly ridiculous comments and articles in the SMSM …



    Just laugh at them and then laugh some more.


    They are at the wind up, they are at the madam, they are having a nervous breakdown.



    Consequently just laugh at them.


    Especially the sleekit ones at the BBC and the SFA.

  9. People under pressure — step forward AMcG of the TFOD2.1.



    Hibs goal — looked very poor, nothing attempt to make a save.


    Sheeps No.1 — looked to shrink as the shot went in.



    Shouting and moaning all night long — something not right.


    After all the plaudits he got about getting them in the EuL he seems to have regressed significantly.


    Very uncomfortable watching him throughout the game — on edge at all times.



    Has the elastic snapped and he is regressing to the norm?

  10. Madmitch



    I think Hartley (Motherwell), Ferguson (Sheep) and, of course, big Kris A could confirm that “something’s not right”.

  11. Daily Express, September last year



    “McGregor’s kick went unpunished during Celtic’s 1-0 victory on Sunday and SFA chiefs stunned Sutton by opting not to take action.



    “Never mind Allan McGregor – this was more like Connor McGregor,” the former Celtic striker told the Daily Record.



    “I defend Scottish football to the hilt but this is embarrassing.



    “I can’t see how that can’t be deemed excessive or even brutal. They’re saying you need to break someone’s leg or inflict serious injury to take action.”

  12. And they will still be subsidising Defoe’s wages next season too…..watch them try and renage on that deal….

  13. So a chance to play at home in your brand new stadium in the Champions League final blown big-style.



    What a shame.

  14. El Howlowcanyougo will only appeal once the result has been 3-0 reversed due to Aberdeen having an improperly registered supporter at the game. ( New rule being written, backdatable, obviously).

  15. A decent wee 6 minute animation on the financial woes of the Klubs playing out of Ibrox. If you ignore 1 or 2 of the debatable points (e.g. they were demoted…) it’s actually a pretty good summary of recent years.




  16. “if you ignore 1 or 2 of the blatant lies (e.g. they were demoted. . .)



    There, fixed that for you, Jobo!!

  17. So much nonsense in there, and still going on.



    ” the future looks bleak for the most successful club in Scottish football history”.






    “Rangers went into administration on February 14 and were consigned to liquidation earlier this month”.



    There’s noooo fewtcha for yooouu.

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