Why Morgan was bought now instead of on a pre-contract


What’s the difference between Celtic signing Lewis Morgan now, then loaning him back to St Mirren, or simply signing him on a pre-contract agreement to join the club on 1 June? Primarily, it is about the player’s training regime.

Celtic are paying St Mirren for the privilege of telling them how Lewis should train, what dietary rules he should follow and what developmental objectives to prioritise. He will train, rest, eat and sleep according to guidelines Celtic set out.

The cumulative effect of sports science is difficult to quantify, but it forms the basis of much of what the technical staff do at Lennoxtown.

NEW! The CQN Podcast: A Celtic State of Mind (EP28) with former Celtic director Tom Grant

A Celtic State of Mind presents its 29th instalment of insightful discussion around the culture of Celtic Football Club, the city of Glasgow, and fans of the reigning treble-winning Scottish champions.

Paul John Dykes and Kevin Graham are joined by Celtic’s ex-director, Tom Grant, who offers a fascinating insight into the running of the club in the 1980s and 1990s.

Tom Grant explains exactly why Celtic refused to complete the Mo Johnston transfer in 1989, and lifts the lid on audacious efforts by Billy McNeill to recruit Peter Beardsley and Steve Bruce.

Tom Grant also dissects his relationship with Fergus McCann, and the impact of the ‘Celts For Change’ movement in overturning the ‘family dynasty’ board in 1994.


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  1. Bada


    Thought Budge might have had something to say about their accounts and them getting a euro licence for this year, but then Hearts needed a mysterious benefactor to give 2.5million to keep them in the black then this became 4.5 million , I wonder who would do such a thing and why?


    jayden stockley starts for EXETER in english cup today.he is leading goalscorer in competion to date with 5 goals.




  3. Every window Sevco ‘spend’ more and more money, but it’s only ever spent in SMSM.



    The truth is Sevco have spent nothing bar season ticket money installments or never never land.

  4. SOT – was rummaging thru some old football stuff there and came across a sticker of the great Marco Tardelli….



    Just looked him up can’t seem to find what he is doing now.



    Any idea?




  5. Dessybhoy- can you imagine Man C living from hand to mouth, and bringing de Breyne in a January Window? This BS wouldn’t happen in any other country.

  6. Just reading the Times now and spotted a piece by Matt Hughes on the Virgil Van Dijk transfer. Interesting numbers about Southampton get Paris and over what timeframe less agents fees etc.


    What it does demonstrate is that Celtic who sold him for £11.5m( too cheap in my opinion ) immediately receive £6m so I suppose we should comfort ourselves by positioning Virgils departure as a £17.5 m move. That has been good business but the fact that he had to go to a minor EPL club to prove his worth still sticks in the craw.

  7. Tontine Tim: Re the Kevin Barry building.



    It’s on Parnell Square (named after Charles Stuart Parnell) and is just off O Connell Street (named after DAniel O Connell). These areas are central to modern Dublin but also the Easter Rising.



    I went to school a hundred yards from Kevin Barry hall and Belvedere College, which Kevin Barry attended, is a couple of hundred yards away. In between are the Rotunda Hospital and the Garden of Remembrance and many other great historical places to visit.



    Next time you are over give me a shout and I’ll give you a guided tour.

  8. South Of Tunis on




    Marco Tardelli does fitba related media stuff..Follows his own line and isn’t scared to Put the boot into the establishment.He was very vocal before ,during and after Italy’s disastrous World Cup Qualifying disaster. He is also Very vocal re left of centre politics and seems to be someone who remembers What it was like to be Poor.

  9. JamesGang, myself and family had thw pleasure of your company at the Easter Rising function organised by ClogherCelt and Almore. I have a nice photo of us together that I can forward on to you. You can get my email from Lennybhoy.



    Tontine Tim


    I am sure Cloghercelt has more details on Kevin Barry i just know that he lived in 8 Fleet Street that is now Temple Bar He obviously came from a well off family.



    Just seen Almore’s post and would love to meet up with you with Almore who is great coy.





  10. Bad a/SOT, Tnx bhoys.



    Just know that he won every trophy at the highest level and had sand.



    Mid coach for BR?

  11. onenightinlisbon on

    CHAIRBHOY on 6TH JANUARY 2018 2:04 PM






    When you think that Willie Morgan kept Jinky out of the Scotland Team… Tragic



    The only thing that kept the wee man from playing more games for Scotland was his religion and the fact he wore the hoops…. Willie Henderson anyone?

  12. Just seen a couple of posts which suggest all is not well re Sevco and the Brighton Boy. What is the story there?




  13. One night



    Willie Henderson was a very good player and was better than Jimmy when Jimmy was breaking into our team- that’s when he was first pick.



    One of the facts we overlook about the pitiful low number of caps for our Lisbon Lions is that Jock used to routinely withdraw many of them on the grounds that they owed their first duty to Celtic.



    It certainly was not ALL down to religion.

  14. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Falkirk slumped 2cnd bottom of the SPL then Jimmie Nicol jumps ship for sevco and would you believe it Falkirk currently 5 -1 up against 2cnd top Dundee United. Lets hope Jimmie has the same effect on sevco.

  15. onenightinlisbon on




    Good point but playing for Celtic never really did well for international careers…

  16. Cathach/Tontine,



    I attended the Removal of Kevin Barry and the other members of ‘The Forgotten Ten’ from Mountjoy Gaol in 2001.



    Nine of the Ten were buried with full State Honours near to the entrance of Glasnevin Cemetery.



    The Forgotten Ten are Kevin Barry, Patrick Moran, Frank Flood, Thomas Whelan, Thomas Traynor, Patrick Doyle, Edmond Foley, Thomas Bryan, Bernard Ryan, and Patrick Maher



    The striking thing about any of the artefacts I have seen about the men of that time is their faith. Not a sectarianism, hate or bigotry but an almost childlike love of their faith.


    This was evidenced by the fearlessness that they demonstrated at their executions.



    Kevin’s last letter was written on October the 31st 1920 the night before his execution on All Souls Day 1920.



    “Dear Boys, I had quite a crowd of visitors today and a crowd from the college prayed and sang outside the gates but perhaps you were there. Well boys, we have seen some good times, and I have always considered myself lucky to have such a crowd of pals. It’s the only thing which makes it hard to go, the fact of leaving you chaps and other friends behind. Now I charge you thank anybody you know for me, who has had masses etc. said. Everybody has been awfully decent and I can assure you I appreciate it. Also say just a few more prayers when I go over, and then you can rest. … Your pal, Kevin.”



    Mick Collins tried to organise an escape for Kevin from the prison. Kevin’s death was a key factor in the events of the 21st of November 1920 when Collin’s men moved against British Military Intelligence in Dublin. That day was to become known as Bloody Sunday and the rest is history…

  17. SFTB- I remember Willie Henderson and he was a very good player, I also remember ‘Scotland Fans’ chanting his name when Jinky was on International duty, in those days the Tartan Army had a slightly tangerine hue. I cannot explain for certain about the pitiful number of caps for the Lions, however, by 1974, Jimmy was the best and had just destroyed England at Hampden – Ormand not playing him in Germany still stinks to high heaven of the establishment whose genes still perform a half helix at the SFA.

  18. TimHorton


    Byron Jackson? Possibly before my time. Came here for the Pre season tournament in Hamilton 94, met my wife and started driving a bus. Member of the Toronto#1 CSC.


    Believe you are related to Mr and Mrs Cowiebhoy, who I met in Lisbon. Actually it was mentioned to me in the club that a picture of the TV documentary from Lisbon, that showed me and the Cowies was being discussed by relations in Canada. She was surprised to see me in the picture. Her name is Gail – originally from Penilee.



  19. CATACH:


    Happy New Year to you, I have text Jamesgang your e-mail addy, not delivered as I am guessing he is in the Maldives. When he returns I will resend him your e-mail addy.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!




    If my memory serves, I think you are wrong on one point. When Jimmy was breaking through, Alex Scott was holding the Scotland number seven spot. In fact, even after Henderson was in the Huns’ first team and Scott in the Huns’ reserve team, Scott was still picked for Scotland!




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