Why this is the finest Celtic team in 47 years


You and I have seen some special Celtic teams. For me, the double winning team in 1977, the Centenary team and, of course, the Martin O’Neill team, were without doubt above anything we’ve had since the 60s.

I am in no way disparaging Gordon Strachan’s remarkable achievement of twice reaching the knock out stages of the Champions League. This was down to Gordon’s superior ability as a manager; the wee man didn’t have a squad to compare to the others on the list.

By contrast, this team, in its embryonic state, finished fourth in the Champions League group, but that was then. Now, they are within touching distance of winning an undefeated treble. This is the finest Celtic team I’ve seen.


The ’77 team wasn’t so much a team as a support act for Kenny Dalglish. A season later, without King Kenny, they finished fifth, without even a Uefa Cup spot as compensation.

It was sheer force of Billy McNeill’s personality which drove the Centenary team on, but they returned for preseason without their elixir.

It was like going to school watching Martin O’Neill’s team. We learned so much about the game that we’d never seen at Celtic. This was a guy who knew how to get results. But without another King, we discovered that team too was built on a single foundation.

There are no Kings in this Celtic team. They are a team in the true sense of the word. Last night, without Dembele, Armstrong, Tierney, Lustig, Simunovic and Sinclair they rolled around the Firhill surface like a machine from the 22nd century.

It was breathtaking. This is the greatest Celtic team since the one which walked off the Hampden pitch in front of 136,000 fans in 1970.

I saw a preview of the BBC documentary film, Glasgow 1967: The Lisbon Lions, which airs across the UK on Wednesday 24th May. It was heartfelt, entertaining and inspiring. I intended to review it today, but I was so annoyed at the coverage some in the media gave it, I thought I better step back to do the job justice.

They had some of the Lions, of course, and some wives too, but they sat a microphone in front of a few of our more experienced CQN’ers Some of the best things you have read on this site come to life on the screen. We’ll talk about it again next week.

Stunned and humbled at the support for the marathon, which takes place on Sunday morning, to benefit the Celtic Foundation. I just don’t know what to say. There are spectacular donations (here) there – a simple thank you does not seem appropriate, but I know every donation, large or small, means someone has taken the trouble to spend hard earned money.

It is appreciated, thank you.

If you’d like to get an historic week off to a unique start I hear there’s a projector screening of the original live broadcast and whole 90 minutes from Lisbon in a Govan warehouse tonight (Friday, 19th), it’ll run from around 6.30 till 9. If interested drop an email to cqnopen@gmail.com



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  1. Thunder Road on

    Buick Makane



    The Big Star with the other 5 smaller ones orbiting it like a wee halo will do me.

  2. Hi Bhoys



    I’m happy if the stars are wearing the strip.







    Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the fianl round of games in GFS2. Good luck to everyone. 3 separate things for you today –



    1. The main competition – prize £500


    Subject to any final assurance checks before confirming the eventual winner, we think that the current state of play at the top end of the table is as shown below. The table only shows those currently within 6 points of the top. Of course, it’s possible that someone further down could yet triumph if say, a Swansea put 10 past West Brom. All will be revealed…..



    So here are the choices made by the current top 15 –


    Moniker Points Selection


    bognorbhoy 32 Liverpool



    Celticrollercoaster 30 Liverpool



    Smashing Milk Bottles 29 Leicester


    20 hats 29 Dundee


    The Token Tim 29 Inverness



    gerryfaethebrig 28 Celtic (J)


    Angelgabriel 28 Chelsea (J)



    AuroraBorealisChumps 27 Chelsea


    pogmathonyahun 27 Manchester City



    Channelislandcelt 26 Chelsea (J)


    Jobo Baldie 26 St Johnstone (J)


    CiaranF 26 Southampton


    BeCeltic 26 Manchester Utd


    LogicAl 26 Liverpool


    postie148 26 Manchester Utd




    2. The ‘final 3 rounds competition’ – Prize £50


    With only 3 points separating the top 22 competitiors it really is still anybody’s game here. Not really practical to list all 22 picks. However, of the top 9 who are all currently sitting on 9 points I can exclusively reveal that 3 have chose Liverpool, 2 have gone for Celtic and the other 4 have plumped for Leicester, Chelsea, St Johnstone and Tottenham.



    Interestingly 4 of the 9 are pretty much out of the running for the main prize but have performed better in Rounds 7 and 8 so hopefully the idea for this 2nd prize has served its purpose and kept more folk involved right to the end.




    3. All of this week’s final picks


    Finally, here’s where all of this week’s choices have gone – and a new record as the picks are spread across 19 (NINETEEN) different teams.



    Saturday May 20th


    Hamilton v Dundee [2]


    Inverness [5] v Motherwell [1]


    Kilmarnock [1] v Ross County



    Sunday May 21st


    Celtic [19]v Hearts (12.30)


    Partick Thistle v Aberdeen [1] (12.30)


    St Johnstone [7] v The Rangers [1] (12.30)


    Arsenal [13] v Everton


    Burnley [2] v West Ham [1]


    Chelsea [7] v Sunderland


    Hull v Tottenham [5]


    Leicester [7] v Bournemouth


    Liverpool [28] v Middlesbrough


    Manchester Utd [4] v Crystal Palace


    Southampton [2] v Stoke


    Swansea [4] v West Brom


    Watford v Manchester City [4]



    Thanks for all of your support. And Hail Hail to Wee Shay!



    Jobo and Celticrollercoaster

  4. Thunder Road on

    Jobo and CRC



    Thanks for the time and effort you put into this.


    It has been good fun.



    Best of luck to everyone that is still in the running!



    Except Gerry as he will be intolerable if he wins it!

  5. IniquitousIV on

    HEBCELT – If you are lurking, bon voyage with FlyMayBe from Steornabhaigh. I’m heading your way from June 16 to June 28, and will be staying on Lewis Street. If you fancy a pint or several in the County Inn or watering hole of your choice, send me an email at iniquitous@verizon.net



  6. Watching the Guinea v Korea under 20s world cup game.


    The athleticism and skill level is very high.


    Korea are 3-0 up and have been great to watch.


    They have physically matched their opponents and shown some brilliant technique particularly in the midfield and attacking zones.


    It is a market we should look at.



    As an aside it could have been 4-0 but one goal was ruled out on video replay.


    In an earlier game Argentina v England an Argentinian was sent off for an elbow not seen by ref but caught on video which was reviewed and red card given.

  7. Thunder Road on




    If you mean with the art, nah, missed the boat on all of that a long time ago.


    Just like trying to do a wee bit to help now if i can.



    Goin back to finish my shift now.



    Take care of yourself Pete.


    Never know what the heck is goin on in that head of yours but you have much more than normal goin on right now by the sound of it.




  8. Borussia Dortmund are Flourishing.






    I know my Dad Loves my Rangers Supporting Grand children.



    Dad is the best ever Human, except Mum.



    allow it?

  9. Arrived back on the island this morning, 5:30 at Heathrow. Killing time in the big smoke before getting over to Gatwick for the final stage of my trip back to Glasgow. Went to my usual haunt the Travellers Tavern before getting my bus to Gatwick. Sitting resplendent in my Celtic top I see Sky decided to screen the highlights of the 2011 2-2 cup game against the huns – the day The Broony was born \o/ brought a very large smile to my face.

  10. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    don’t want this season to end – gonna enjoy every second of tomorrow

  11. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    I’m watching green and white (sort of hoops ) of Bremen against Dortmund . 2 1 to Dortmund so far. Great finish by Aubyamyang for Dortmund’s second from a chipped pass from future star , Ousman Dembele .



    Our Moussa is a very good player but Dortmund’s Dembele is even better .

  12. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    50 shades , ok on reconsideration , you’re right.

  13. EKFC equalise. All square in the League 2 play-off. Updates being kindly provided by The Battered Bunnet, oft of this parish, on Twitter.



    ‘Mon the Kilby.

  14. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    The Blue Brazil 1 EKFC 1 so far in the League 2 play off game .

  15. 50 shades- well done for putting that troll Dallas Dallas in his place :-)



    Just picked up 6 white and 6 green solar lights for the garden.



    Just trying to see what layout looks best :-) Think I’ll need more.

  16. Things you learn watching the English League One play off.



    1. Bradford’s Marshall was banned for 2 years after taking an over the counter diet pill (harsh)


    2. Jazzie B (of Soul II Soul) son plays for Millwall

  17. Seriously


    Marshall played for PV the previous season – and impressed – unfortunately couldn’t afford to keep him –

  18. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Art of War , that’s your card marked , you bounder and blaggard .



    Clydebank beat Shettleston 4 1 today to win promotion to the top West league.



    They celebrated their own 6 in a row today by winning their sixth game on the trot to win their league

  19. Gene on 20th May 2017 3:49 pm



    3. McCall’s a hun




    I didn’t learn that watching this game :O)

  20. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jobo, I hope EKFC do it.



    My junior team won promotion today and hopefully EKFC make it a double celebration for me today.

  21. 4. Millwall’s Steve Morrison spells his surname with one R – Morison. Spell checker does not like that.

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