Why this is the finest Celtic team in 47 years


You and I have seen some special Celtic teams. For me, the double winning team in 1977, the Centenary team and, of course, the Martin O’Neill team, were without doubt above anything we’ve had since the 60s.

I am in no way disparaging Gordon Strachan’s remarkable achievement of twice reaching the knock out stages of the Champions League. This was down to Gordon’s superior ability as a manager; the wee man didn’t have a squad to compare to the others on the list.

By contrast, this team, in its embryonic state, finished fourth in the Champions League group, but that was then. Now, they are within touching distance of winning an undefeated treble. This is the finest Celtic team I’ve seen.


The ’77 team wasn’t so much a team as a support act for Kenny Dalglish. A season later, without King Kenny, they finished fifth, without even a Uefa Cup spot as compensation.

It was sheer force of Billy McNeill’s personality which drove the Centenary team on, but they returned for preseason without their elixir.

It was like going to school watching Martin O’Neill’s team. We learned so much about the game that we’d never seen at Celtic. This was a guy who knew how to get results. But without another King, we discovered that team too was built on a single foundation.

There are no Kings in this Celtic team. They are a team in the true sense of the word. Last night, without Dembele, Armstrong, Tierney, Lustig, Simunovic and Sinclair they rolled around the Firhill surface like a machine from the 22nd century.

It was breathtaking. This is the greatest Celtic team since the one which walked off the Hampden pitch in front of 136,000 fans in 1970.

I saw a preview of the BBC documentary film, Glasgow 1967: The Lisbon Lions, which airs across the UK on Wednesday 24th May. It was heartfelt, entertaining and inspiring. I intended to review it today, but I was so annoyed at the coverage some in the media gave it, I thought I better step back to do the job justice.

They had some of the Lions, of course, and some wives too, but they sat a microphone in front of a few of our more experienced CQN’ers Some of the best things you have read on this site come to life on the screen. We’ll talk about it again next week.

Stunned and humbled at the support for the marathon, which takes place on Sunday morning, to benefit the Celtic Foundation. I just don’t know what to say. There are spectacular donations (here) there – a simple thank you does not seem appropriate, but I know every donation, large or small, means someone has taken the trouble to spend hard earned money.

It is appreciated, thank you.

If you’d like to get an historic week off to a unique start I hear there’s a projector screening of the original live broadcast and whole 90 minutes from Lisbon in a Govan warehouse tonight (Friday, 19th), it’ll run from around 6.30 till 9. If interested drop an email to cqnopen@gmail.com



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  1. A Stor Mha Chroi on







    MON’s team were Hun Skelpers!



    Brendan Rodgers team are Hun Skelpers!

  2. buick makane on

    Forgot Brendan Rodgers,Peter Lawwell,Pep Guardiola,all the agents and Man City representatives,Kieran Tierney is the ace Celtic have up their sleeve to get Paddy Roberts to sign on again,pretty sure KT will be ‘nippin Paddys heid’ to become our new number 7,let the bromance continue ☘️☘️




    I think from now until after the SC final we on CQN and elsewhere should put in place a moritorium on posting anything relating to the Huns. Yeah it is a never ending laugh but for this short period of the next 7 days we should just celebrate our team, our players and our history, forget about that mob.



    That said that idea will probs go up in smoke if BTC appeal announced in next week.



    Hail Hail the champions. This season you have brought me joy.




  4. Stornoway Black Pudding and Harris Gin packed – beware Teuchter Tims bearing gifts!!! Midday flight, nice wee dinner with Ms Hebcelt tonight,early night and then tomorrow!! Quick meet with ACGR then on to Paradise, watch the Bhoys stroll up the Celtic Way,watch them win comfortably – 5or 6-0, pick up winnings and have a few libations and reflect on a terrific season and there is still next weekend to come!!! It’s good being a Celtic supporter. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  5. MWD Thanks have’nt felt this good about our team for many along year, let’s all just enjoy the next 7 days. H H Hebcelt

  6. Good morning friends from a damp, drizzly and grey East Kilbride.



    Unable to make the trip through to Cowdenbeath this afternoon but fingers crossed that EKFC get the win they need to join the Big League next season.

  7. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    if br adds to the squad, we stay fit, ss works on finishing from 10 yards, we have paddy, cmcg continues to grow (up), eric learns how to improve, cg stays fit etc. we will have a very different time in the champion’s league

  8. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    i won’t post them but the hunosphere on youtube are still banging on about tactics and caixhina needs to do this and that – even sky commentators are openly stating how dreadful newco are, no sign of penny dropping yet

  9. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    paddy’s got a helluva job ahead of him adjusting to high quality defenders wherever he goes next

  10. fergusslayedtheblues on

    Good morning fellow tims .


    This wee gem from a sevco fans site fair cheered me right up




    We should remember that the winners of the Europa League get access to the Champions League.



    It’s another avenue into the CL, so it’s very important to us.



    Where to start









    When they get pumped out then they’ll focus on the domestic game and realise that it’s Groundhog Day.




  12. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    HEBCELT on 20TH MAY 2017 7:23 AM



    Where’s ma black puddin, ya big shoite ……. hahahaha….just kiddin’ … hope you are well !

  13. What is the Stars on

    I agree


    Lets have moratorium on hunguffery for the next week !!!!



    Sure havent they suffered enough

  14. 1 year today, Brendan Rodgers was named as Celtic Manager.


    Difficult to believe the progress that’s been made in just one year, and how good that year has been.

  15. Marrakesh Express on

    Couldn’t help tuning in to two Sevcodgers in the shop earlier.. Some of their comments


    .. It’s a constant nightmare mate, while they party every week…. Only gonny get worse…. Pedro’s a dud, hunt him and get Micinnes or Souness back….


    Then to cap it off, one of them makes a mumbled groan while he’s getting served and the latest Alternative View is staring at him from the counter.



    Happy days

  16. Marrakesh Express on

    I had a pint with my uncle last night. He’s 83 and very frail now. Great person. Anyway he told me today is the 50th anniversary of him and two mates setting out for Lisbon in his Ford Corsair.I said I’d give him a mention. Some on here may even be familiar with the names. Jimmy Dougan, Mick Barrett and George Williams. Jimmi said that as soon as the game finished the only place they wanted to be was back in the Gorbals for the celebrations and parties.



    Speaking of Lisbon, me and my wee mate are flying from Manchester 17.45 Tuesday. Hope to meet some cqn punters at the bar. Hh

  17. Good morning CQN, had the pleasure of attending The Celtic Supporters Association’s 69th Annual Rally. In the company of some CQNer. It was great to see The Lions that are still with us and family of those who have gone to a better place. Unfortunately Billy and Stevie could not attend but family were able to join the Celtic family to celebrate the greates ever victory in our unbroken 130 year history.


    It was also great to see some of our new Legends in attendance and congratulations to Scott Sinclair who stepped up to collect his Player of the Year.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  18. South Of Tunis on

    LISBOA ?



    Those who are up for eating , drinking , dancing and feeding their head are highly recommended to visit a club catering for men / women with roots in Angola / Mozambique / Cape Verde etc .. Most open @ midnight and remain open to @ 6AM..

  19. I’m betting St. Johnstone tomorrow, mainly because I think they will beat sevco….but I will leave with another thought…if sevco win they will finish on 67 points…do they want that on their short history in this the 50th Anniversary!


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  20. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    HEBCELT on 20TH MAY 2017 9:46 AM



    Hahahahahaha….. wait ’til I see that Gordon ……. are you going to the game tomorrow, certainly hope so, my MHAN … HH

  21. South Of Tunis on




    50th anniversary / Ford Corsair …



    My wee group of four left Carrington Street in a Ford Zodiac 50 years yesterday . We went to the dancing in Ladbroke Grove that night . 50 years ago today we were en route to Calais.


    So glibby says all the season ticket money will be spent on transfers does that mean pay offs for the govan gallactios to get them off the books


    In answer to an earlier question from one of those Dubs they haven’t suffered enough and they never will!

  24. For A People And A Cause –



    Are you sure he said that? I thought he promised that all of the season book money “will go on players”. But as their current squad’s wage bill is apparently something like £10M he’s probably not far off the truth! For a change.

  25. *** GOALS FOR SHAY 2 ***



    A wee shout out to INCHTURE BHOY being the only pick we’re still waiting on for this weekend’s Final Round. C’mon, c’mon….

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