Win over HJK worth at least £6m to Celtic


Celtic will receive £1.65m from the Uefa revenue distribution system for participating in the Champions League play-off round against Helsingborgs.  Add to that around £1m gate money and the guarantee of at least three Europa League games, with Uefa distribution money, you can calculate the value of Wednesday’s win over HJK Helsinki as no less than £6m (all figures are net of vat).  Quite a prize for one game.

Compare this to the projected income from newco The Rangers, who claimed to have sold 25,000 season tickets.  If all sales were at full adult prices (£258 in vat), net income would be £5.375m.

Should Celtic overcome Helsingborgs and reach the Champions League group stage, the club will return to a remarkably strong financial footing.

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  1. hamiltontim



    18:10 on 11 August, 2012


    Can I make a wee request that regardless of performance or result tonight we show a degree of perspective on here and remember that this Real Madrid team humiliated AC Milan last week?



    Thank you kindly :-)




    HT I’m raging that we’re playing this match when we have the 2 Helsingborg games coming up.


    Naw happyCSC

  2. Pinch a point



    Snatch a point



    Grab a draw



    Rescue a point



    Some of the headlines for Sevco




  3. BIG-CUP-WINNERS on 11 August, 2012 at 16:28 said:







    Do you meet any of them, speak to any of them ? Every single one I’ve encountered is angry, hostile and in denial. They are removed from normality. Frothing at the mouth and howling at the moon for a fair number of them is accurate.



    For decades they have been able to cheat others but more tellingly themselves too. How the Hell could they countenance anything but continue the charade, that is their “sporting” idyll ?




    To be fair I don’t talk to that many of them these days. I live and work in a pretty mono-religious area. As I said in the post, it was the way my mind works that made me think that. I was not long in correcting my utterly innacurate opinion. It’s what they should have done, but they don’t know any better do they?



    Mort – I agree, we should not be watching them. I admit to having watched part of the brechin game but I am resolved not to watch them again unless they are playing us in the cup. We should not buy in to their myth, but we should always leave room to rejoice at their calamities.



    Hail Hail, off to enjoy my evening. Hopefully catch a bit of the game and get our viewing figures up!!!!

  4. Benfica v Dusseldorf friendly abandoned after Benfica player attacks the referee.



    Wee Gollum doesn’t realise how fortunate he is.

  5. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    …oh ye of little faith!!!



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Having a BBQ on a night like this is ‘like a new singeing’ Mark Worrall Hately.

  7. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    We have our reserve team on tonight …… I think we should show Real more respect…..LLOOLL

  8. Sevco is really annoying me the amount of dodo hun tops I seen around Johnstone & Paisley made me want to scream YOUR DEAD!!! you morons can you lot not understand that



    This farce of dodo still being the huns really needs to be spellled out to these fools finally and forever or until BDO liquidate them into extincion

  9. CQN has been quality reading! Anyway a polite reminder ;)






    It’s back!



    CQN fantasy league :-



    To all those who played last year, its a simple 5 minute job to re-register and set up your team, most of you will have probably forgotten your passwords so just type in your email and a recovery password will be sent to you.



    New players just register normally, will take no longer than ten minutes.



    To join the league the code is :- 721106-181775



    Enjoy :0)

  10. Why is Itv talking about a dead club?



    Some welcome for the team.



    Mon The Hoops!











  12. Scarf oot rum poured and here we go. C’mon CELTIC get into these dieg er deig er spaniards.



    Weefra HH

  13. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Just seen the team Neil’s putting out against Real Madrid….help ma boab!


    Is he trying to prove a point to PL?! FFS!



    C’mon the Hoops (from behind the couch)!!




  14. This Real Madrid vs Celtic friendly being shown on ITV4 on terrestrial!!!!!




  15. What will make the headlines tomorrow?



    Sevco drawing with Peterhead or Celtic reserves losing to Real Madrid in a friendly.

  16. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Let’s hope Daryl does not run riot the night and leaves some goals in his locker in case we get the Spanish aristocrats in a ECL Gripu of Death.

  17. vmhan



    The missus’ daughter has just asked why are Celtic playing a game against Real Madrid in America.



    I think she supports your theory :-)

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