Helsingborgs indifferent domestic form


Helsingborgs IF are sixth after 17 games in the Swedish Allsvenskan, seven points off Elfsborg and Malmo, who ended Scotland’s interest in the Champions League last season.  Our opponents clearly play it tight on the road, they have lost only eight goals away from home, considerably fewer than anyone else in the league (Malmo: 19), although their home goals for and against are not unusually low (scored 14 to Malmo’s 16 at home, conceded nine to Malmo’s one).

Helsingborgs have lost only three league games, fewer than anyone else.  Four draws from nine home games appears to have cost them most ground in the title race.

Celtic can expect to face a tight defence who are well versed at shutting teams out in the second leg in Glasgow where they will need the creative talents of Kris Commons with perhaps Paddy McCourt p[laying a role.  A big European-night atmosphere at Celtic Park will be invaluable.

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  1. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    We are The Borg. We will add your individual distinctiveness to our own.


    Resistance is futile.

  2. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    All agents are insured– or have to have a bond with the SFA. At one point, that bond had to be for £100,000– I don’t know what it stands at today



    just a wee thought, but I wonder if any agents had their bonds waved or have sums outstanding\unpaid. Could certain agents have been treated differently



    any way to find out

  3. Attractive tie from our point of view.


    Convenient trip. No climate issues. Henrik connection.

  4. I agree we need a CB but I also remember a year and a half ago all the hype about Neil chasing Kelvin Wilson and trying to get a Jan deal and then it was a pre contract and he was going to be the saviour etc etc.



    For whatever reason, it hasn’t worked out.



    I personally, am happy with any 2 from 3 of Rogne, Charlie or Victor. However that is assuming that all 3 are still with us and not injured or suspended. If we sign a CB, he needs to be better than any one of them. In today’s market I would be looking at a minimum of £3-4m for Rogne so if we are going to better any of them, we are looking to spend prob £5m unless it is an out of contract player in which case you need to ask why he is out of contract?



    I think if we qualify for Champions League , then the class of player we will be able to attract will be better than if we only have SPL and Europa to offer.



    Of course, the huge spanner in the works was Victors sending off – if either Charlie or Rogne are injured, who will play in Central defence?

  5. Surely when the Club look at a draw like Helsingsborg, the board should be able to see that it will be tricky, but we SHOULD be able to progress. Surely then, a couple of new quality signings should be pulled in asap (ie BEFORE the tie) in order to maximise our chances of progression (and all the money that goes with that).



    With a couple of quality additions, we would be firm favourites to progress. Worst case would be europa league group, and if the Club is ambitious, we would SURELY be aiming for Europa League knockout stages?? (given the lack of spl competition). If so, the new signings would surely be justified whether we are in the CL or not.



    BUT – if finances are really that tight – then Ki could be sold in the event of CL failure, and we would recoup the outlay on the previous 2 signings. (ie we could hedge against our financial outlay).

  6. It’s back!



    CQN fantasy league :- fantasy.premierleague.com



    To all those who played last year, its a simple 5 minute job to re-register and set up your team, most of you will have probably forgotten your passwords so just type in your email and a recovery password will be sent to you.



    New players just register normally, will take no longer than ten minutes.



    To join the league the code is :- 721106-181775



    Enjoy :0)

  7. Canamalar



    You only need to have PI insurance for 100k or the bond.



    If you didn’t pay the bond, you wouldn’t be licensed. It’s deposited with the regulatory body or FIFA, can’t remember which

  8. The Pantaloon Duck on

    Helsingborg is a good one.



    If any of you are planning to go there, consider going via Copenhagen. It’s closer than Gothenburg, there are loads of trains from CPH airport to Helsingborg and you get to travel across The Bridge, which is pretty cool, especially if you watched The Bridge on the telly.

  9. LuxCelt on 10 August, 2012 at 13:39 said:



    I agree in principle but what you are saying in effect is to make a couple of big money signings, put them straight into the team ahead of others and assume that they play better than that player they replaced , all in their first couple of games for Celtic.



    I think it takes too long for players to settle in – all it takes is for an injury in training and you have suddently squandered a whole lot of money! Lets qualify and when we do, then buy the players that will help us over that campaign and not just the 2 qualifying games.



    Remember Henrik’s first game???

  10. Paul67



    28 points taken out of a possible 51 and they lie sixth in the table.



    We will horse them!

  11. @ bobbycfc



    I agree with you, I don´t think a couple of signings at this late stage will make too much of a difference.

  12. Was in town when I got the news, so being the sort who sits on the realistic side of optimism I nipped into the library, logged on and checked the flights and prices……



    ….. for the Final at Wembley on ……would you believe it ……the 25th May!!!



    Exactly 46 years after another famous 25th May. And if you think about that number, 46, it is a mystical number…add the digits and what do you get



    4 + 6 =10 then – and this is the tricky bit….multiply the digits of the that sum…..



    1 x 0 = 0



    Well stone me a big fat zero and just how many huns are there in Europe this year….



    There’s no huns in Europe, oh there’s no huns in Europe….



    Haunting I call it. An omen in fact.



    Anyway, the airlines had obviously got wind of my early attempt to beat their Celtic supporter premium surcharge system and they wouldnae quote me a figure ….the fools suggested that I made them an offer.



    The mistake they made was smiling smugly to each other as if they had just had a frenchie behind the filing cabinets.



    So I offered to pan their windaes in the night.



    I made my excuses, left and decided that I would walk it.



    I reckon twenty miles a day from April 25th should see me there with time to take some pics on route.



    Having said that, the Europa League final is in Amsterdam but I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve been there….in fact I’ve forgotten being there at all.



    Wembuleee Wembulee, we’re the finest Glasgow Celtic and we’re goin tae Wembulee!!



    Hail hail



    Estadio (confident but not overly so)!

  13. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    pantalonio- ‘The Bridge’ was a great piece of TV.



    DBBIA/Saga Noren CSC.

  14. In the swedish media everyone connected with Helsingborgs mouthing off it is the perfect draw for them. ‘A dream lottery’ as they put it.



    I hope we destroy them over the two games.

  15. The price is coming down!



    Pisa -Gothenburg @€115 return! Do NOT tell O’Leary that there are Tims in this part of the world! The price will quadruple within seconds!




  16. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on




    I think the American version may be a Bridge to Far



    Hame Time

  17. The Pantaloon Duck on

    Dontbrattbakkinanger on 10 August, 2012 at 13:59 said:



    Hooray! and Boo! respectively.

  18. I will post 1 witness statement from the Irish War of Independence Bureau of Military History 1913 – 1921 as published by the Irish Government on 7th of August 2012. There are 1700+ statements so this will take me/us a few years to get through. But since I find this fascinating I’m going to stick with it. I’ll post statements in Alpahabetic Surname order. This way I will make sure I will get to reading them all. Each Statement posted will be in format below.






    Irish War of Independance 



    Witness Statement of Artur P Agnew. (1 statement. 10 pages)



    Member of I.R.B and I.V. Liverpool and F/Coy Dublin Brigade.





    a) I.R.B and I.V. Liverpool pre 1916. 



    b)1916 Rising – Dublin





  19. MWD



    Thanks for posting them yesterday. I was working last night so didn’t see your post until the early hours when I got home.



    I’ll have a proper read later after I’ve walked the weans!

  20. Fanadpatriot


    Only the “penthouse” in the camper van. No ensuite though. Will I put your name down?

  21. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on





    so the sfa dont hold \confirm bonds for fifa


    so no chance of similar accommodations such as past manager tranfers, or favours for preferred goat people.

  22. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    I think we have to draw a line in the sand here,,no more Henrik played for Helsinborg,,blah blah blah,,they are blocking our way into the Champions league,they are nothing to us,not a friend but a foe!!!



    Come on Celtic destroy this mob home and away!!!




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