You live in a land where “Accies against the Act” is a prohibited phrase


You will not need me to remind you of an SNP government minister’s desire to “equalise” political chanting in status with criminal acts was one of, if not the primary, motivation for the Offensive Behaviour at Football’ Act.

The Act has been justified at every turn by an insistence that it exists to keep sectarianism and hate away from football games, despite sectarianism and hate chanting being well covered by existing legislation. Yesterday, this presumably shield against hate crime, was used against Hamilton Accies and Celtic fans, holding banners proclaiming “Repeal the Offensive Behaviour Act”. Among other prohibited banner slogans were “Fans not criminals” and “Supporting your team is not a crime”.

I have been appalled at this Act, from the early concepts of the Bill, to its ineffective passage through courts, to this highly Offensive manner it trampled on the Human Rights of Celtic and Hamilton fans to silence political dissent.

You are living in a land where “Accies against the Act” is a prohibited phrase, where both sets of fans, acting in unison, offending no one apart from those in power, are hassled by the police.

Thanks to everyone who donated to my Celtic Foundation fundraising page (still open) for yesterday’s Great Scottish Run, it is enormously appreciated. Well done to the thousands who lined the streets offering support, and on occasion, peeled oranges. Society, a concept we were told was dead in the 80s, is alive and well in Glasgow.

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  1. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Scullybhoy @ 7:52


    Does the Report give any possible explanations for the attainment differentials?




  2. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Morning Bhoys from a dull and wet Central Scotland.Having watched the improvement in Leigh Griffiths and his eye for goals should we now be giving Leigh the famous no.7 shirt and playing the famous music when he scores ? H.H.

  3. Joe Filippis Haircut on 6th October 2015 9:46 am



    Bit late since Ciftci already has it.

  4. Well the authorities sometimes have a wee purge I’m told and UK residents found in pubs without a drinks license end up with 3 months, could be a scare story but the don’t exactly fawn over you.

  5. Many happy returns to ole CQN legend bournesouprecipe.


    Thanks for all your humour and all your witty…..well, witticisms.


    You always make me smile.


    Happy birthday bud!

  6. This is exactly what RD was saying in that management lecture that did the rounds a couple of months back:



    Guillem Balague ‏@GuillemBalague 4m4 minutes ago


    Johan Cruyff on players development: “first is the person. And 99.9% of clubs don’t care enough about the person”

  7. Delaneys Dunky on




    Many happy returns.






    There will only ever be one Magnificent7 and it aint Ciftci!

  8. Delaneys Dunky on




    My favourite Who album, and one of my favourite records of all time.


    Thanks for bringing the bad weather up the road with you! :)





    Do you always open other people’s presents,you bounded?



    Sorry about the weather,but I need a coupla days off from the garden! Didnae work,btw. Still sawing.



    You having a curry in Charcoals first on Saturday?

  10. Saw someone mention stag ..



    Any bhoys on here recommend somewhere in Europe for load of late 20’s early 30’s group of fellas ?



    Not to August next year but just trying to draw up a potential list.



    Budapest sounds pretty cheap and lively ..



    Ruling out Prague ,Kraków and Hamburg as most of us been to them.

  11. DAVIDOPOULOS on 6TH OCTOBER 2015 10:57 AM





    I was buzzing when he signed .. Didn’t live upto the reputation..same as Keano.



    Great strike and finish thou in that video.





    ‘Many of those hit by a cut to the winter fuel allowance might “not be around” at the next election, said Alex Wild of the Taxpayers’ Alliance.


    And others would forget which party had done it, he added.’





    That is just unbelievable!



    I thought at first it was from The Daily Mash,utterly beyond satire and utterly despicable.



    Beyond that,I’d better say no more. I’d get barred for life.

  13. Proudbhoy



    I am going to Helsinki at the end of this month on a stag – seems an unusual [expensive] choice but i’ll report back once I have recovered…

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    Haha. Get your anorak on and get sawing. :))


    Family duties will preclude me fae the pre bevvy munchies in Charcoal.


    Where you watching the Polska match?





    Market Inn,Ayr.



    You’ll be sorted. Two ‘lands of my fathers’ and your country of birth and upbringing fighting it out for two places. You canny lose,according to Meatloaf.

  16. JAMESGANG on 6TH OCTOBER 2015 7:41 AM



    This added a ray of sunshine so it did……









    Yup an excellent bit of research that reminded me ……






    I speculate but based on behaviour that a court might find criminal and a chairman with a criminal record, who is to say where the money is coming from?

  17. Delaneys Dunky on




    Won’t make Ayr in time after work. Will settle for Chandlers Clydebank, next to the Polish Solidarity Plaza.

  18. proudbhoy-the Algarve,Albufiera,you have the busy strip,and loads of bars in the Old Town,great flight times with Jet 2 from Glasgow,still cheap compared to other places.HH