You live in a land where “Accies against the Act” is a prohibited phrase


You will not need me to remind you of an SNP government minister’s desire to “equalise” political chanting in status with criminal acts was one of, if not the primary, motivation for the Offensive Behaviour at Football’ Act.

The Act has been justified at every turn by an insistence that it exists to keep sectarianism and hate away from football games, despite sectarianism and hate chanting being well covered by existing legislation. Yesterday, this presumably shield against hate crime, was used against Hamilton Accies and Celtic fans, holding banners proclaiming “Repeal the Offensive Behaviour Act”. Among other prohibited banner slogans were “Fans not criminals” and “Supporting your team is not a crime”.

I have been appalled at this Act, from the early concepts of the Bill, to its ineffective passage through courts, to this highly Offensive manner it trampled on the Human Rights of Celtic and Hamilton fans to silence political dissent.

You are living in a land where “Accies against the Act” is a prohibited phrase, where both sets of fans, acting in unison, offending no one apart from those in power, are hassled by the police.

Thanks to everyone who donated to my Celtic Foundation fundraising page (still open) for yesterday’s Great Scottish Run, it is enormously appreciated. Well done to the thousands who lined the streets offering support, and on occasion, peeled oranges. Society, a concept we were told was dead in the 80s, is alive and well in Glasgow.

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  1. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    TIMMY07NOTED: There are buses from Pilar de La Horada to Cartagena which I am sure go through Los Alcazares. Check at the bus stop which nearest to you and there will be a timetable.

  2. Regarding Craig Gordon


    I think maybe SW and JK are maybe over looking the big keeper when it comes to set pieces against us, it was the same with Fraser with his time in goal that the defence seem to try and deal with the high ball even in the 6 yard box, as a goalkeeper myself I was taught that the entire box was my house so it was up to me to keep it tidy I think maybe with a bit more training and confidence big Craig can control the entire area easily, the management should be insisting on this everytime imo if your keeper knows his job that’s half the battle… HH

  3. BMCUW,



    That sounds like a very good idea to me. Put his cheating on the internet for the world to see, sending copies to the likes of the Guardian, which might report it. Can’t see any the SMSM touching the material, never mind the mainstream Scottish media.

  4. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Will somebody please tell Ronny to stop with the Ronny Roar – its embarrassing


    When we win the league fine – The Scottish cup fine – The Europa League absolutely


    Beating Hamilton 2-1 Come on








    It’s definitely worth trying,IMO. No sport should have rules applied differently depending on who you are or who you represent.

  6. Sevco cannot return to where they have never been in the first place. Mind your language Gentlemen please.


    Just voted for the Clumpany and Phil as best blogging sites. Make” succulent Lambism” a thing of the past.


    HH Celts everywhere.

  7. 67 European Cup Winners @ 5:34 pm



    “Will somebody please tell Ronny to stop with the Ronny Roar – its embarrassing



    When we win the league fine – The Scottish cup fine – The Europa League absolutely



    Beating Hamilton 2-1 Come on”




    Someone did tell him and he stopped for a bit. Middle aged men like us may well find it a bit embarrassing but then we never like the new Celtic strips either.



    The Ronny Roar emerged as a bond between a young manager and fans, the away fans, in particular. Most will agree that it is no longer necessary after a routine unimpressive win but I think some fans enjoy it after a tense win or a big league match too. So saving it just for finals seems to be depriving some fans of a wee bit of pleasure just cause we grumps prefer to rustle a Werthers original instead :-)



    No need for it at every match but no need to restrict it to 3 occasions a season either. This was the first RR outing for a while.

  8. 67heaven…,


    In spite of the cheating from the ref we won, when the crowd stop roaring in reply will be the time to stop.





    Any time,bud. I’ll let you know if I get word back. If that comes up blank,I’ll ask around locally over the next few days.



    I am with you on the Ronny Roar. First time was at Aberdeen when we won with the last kick of the Ball, I got it and thought it appropriate. That was 9th November. Fast forward to Motherwell 6th December, we won 1-0, uninspiring victory. As I left the game that day said to my mate CM67 I’m not buying it when he did the roar.


    I agree when we win something that’s fine but there are exceptions, Aberdeen on 9th November was one of those occasions as the adrenaline was pumping. Motherwell 6th December, no adrenaline, damp squib, roar not appropriate.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  11. .






    Sorry my Signing Young ‘Jack of all Trades’ quote was taken from the BBC website.. I forgot to Quote them for their Quote..



    I Agreed with You.. Benteke Etc are Hardly Jack of all trades Players..






    Ps.. Re; Ronny Roar.. I would like some of the Players do it after a Hard Fought Victory No Matter who the Opposition were..

  12. Sitting in airport with the Whife, heading to London then onto Grenada tomorrow morning


    Catch you all in a fortnight or so


    Hope we play better on 17th, Dermot I’m coming to your place to watch the game :-)


    And I want a word



    Hail Hail

  13. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    gavinsbhoys on 5th October 2015 5:28 pm



    I think Craig is looking less rock solid than he did last season because of the new – and ever-changing – men lining up in front of him.



    Once our back 4 get themselves sorted out, and Ronny decides who they are, he’ll be back to his considerable best.



    I don’t think Ronny is naive, I like him and his honesty, but when he said he didn’t know who his first-choice back 4 is I could imagine Craig burying his face in his huge goalie’s gloves.



    Also think that once Simunovic comes back we will soon see a settled back 4. I think the guy is class.

  14. I didn’t see the game, only got snippets of highlights but with the week that’s been in it ( as they say in these parts) I’m guessin’ Ronny felt like letting off a wee bit of steam after securing result on a duff pitch against a thorny side following a tough run of games…………?



    If he didn’t I suspect we’d have some speculatin’ he was ………


    -no’ enjoyin life in scoddland…..


    – had lost the fight….


    -lost the dressing room…..



    etc etc

  15. Summa of Sammi….



    Fired up players, paid a heck of a lot more than anyone else in this League?



    I cannae wait until Ronny has his Actual team out there.



    It may not happen, if it does, Wow.



    Patience is a virtue, I’m delighted Ronny is patient despite having to put up with so much nonsense.

  16. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox on 5th October 2015 6:10 pm



    Agree completely. As a fully time-served auld fert, I find Ronny’s Roar cringeworthy sometimes.



    Then again, I’m usually watching it on a TV in a bar in Oslo and I’ve not made the effort to get myself to Aberdeen or Inverness or wherever to support the Bhoys through thick and thin, so if it’s an acknowledgement of those lhads and lhasses, which I think it is, then you roar away, Ronny.

  17. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Timmy7noted, not sure about public transport as I hire a car. There are trains in cartagena but not sure about Los Al.



    The Catedral resturaunt is fantastic and the roman ruins are worth a visit. Its a lovely city.



    Hope you enjoy Los A. Its nice at this time of year and not overly busy. A fine wee place indeed.








    Thanks very much for your help this morning,mate. Didn’t realise you flew out today,sorry about that!



    Hope you both have a belter-bit tight taking the missus to a motorway service station,mind…

  19. TOMMIE20 on 5TH OCTOBER 2015 4:17 PM



    Irvine Celtic supporters



    Iam looking for a gentleman J. B.



    A good Celtic man for a lot of years



    his trade was a pipefitter on the



    oil platforms please help me









    you about bud, mibbies you could help

  20. Snyde saying St.J horsing Aberdeen was obviously a fluke,no mention of the beatings from Ross County and Hibs.

  21. Bada Bing – I’m amazed they’re not saying that the pumping RIFC was less bad and therefore they’d be immediate title challengers if they got promoted.

  22. !!Bada Bing!!



    I think they will slip up again at Ross Co. on the 16th with us needing to beat Murderwell to go top…



    Normal service resumed CSC