3m rule for Celtic only. Farrygate but from the Government this time


Coverage of Neil Lennon’s press conference was curated to show the manager angry and apparently confused about the health of his squad.  The reason for his anger was omitted from the snippets available online yesterday afternoon, then mocked by those who should know better.

Neil clearly explained what upset him (full transcript from GlasgowLive).  The country is following medical advice to maintain a 2m social distance.  Football has followed this rule and it was the determining factor in isolating Ryan Christie and Kieran Tierney when they were within 2m of infected Stuart Armstrong with Scotland in October.  Only Christie and Tierney had to isolate as the rest of the squad were not within 2m of Armstrong for any period of time.

Clubs across the UK have made travel arrangements accordingly, keeping a 2m distance between players where possible, or accepting the risk if packing them in any tighter.  The 2m rule has been absolute and continues to feature in public health adverts.

What happened politically after Celtic left for Dubai is why you saw an angry Celtic manager yesterday.

On 5 January, Nicola Sturgeon used her daily PR conference to reference photographs of Celtic players in Dubai poolside, and while admitting she had no actual information to backup what she was saying, questioned if Celtic were following her rules.  Celtic were following the rules, but that is irrelevant to the Show Trial the First Minister launched.

As Neil Lennon explained, the Scottish Government turned on Celtic, creating a brand new 3m rule for them, while every other club in Scotland with a positive case has been asked to observe a 2m rule.

This is the reason our number of excluded players was as high for the Hibs and Livi games.  It is the reason we were subsequently forced to keep players 3m apart when travelling, or 3 players to a 52 seater bus.  The rule change was not announced by the First Minister at her PR conferences and has not been forced on any other club, it was delivered below the radar on a vulnerable club with a baying mob (including former players who care nothing for us) ready to lap it up.

Despite the acres of gorging media coverage, no one has solicited a comment on Neil’s claim from the Scottish Government.  The Celtic manager appears in front of the country’s media to explain how the Government apply one rule to Celtic and another to the rest of the country, and the headlines are all about his anger!  Do you want Tony ‘Take it on the chin’ instead?

The First Minister is on the hook for this.  She promised action on Celtic despite knowing they followed her rules, and she followed through with this 3m punishment. It keeps eyes away from her day job.  But Neil did the inverted commas sign and he’s having a nightmare season, so some would rather mock, speculate about his mental health or drinking habits.  I hope it’s worth the clicks.

Maybe my views were forged when the SFA’s Jim Farry had one rule for Celtic and another for everyone else, but I think the only acceptable reaction to this from a Celtic manager or supporter is seething anger.  This is no different in execution or consequence.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Madmitch – I’m showing my ignorance here.



    I have absolutely no idea what that Sly Sports employee actually said?

  2. I had no real problem with Lennon’s interview. Wasn’t his job to say it so why was he put in the firing line?



    What I would say, is I wish he’d shown that passion on the touchline or in post-match interviews this season.



    Still, January review and we’ll soon be “recruiting” our way out of trouble….right?

  3. B2B @ 9.26



    AW on SKY — game against Hibs made repeated derogatory comments about CH and his failures on the park.



    Not sure why he picked him out but he focused on his performance and highlighted every mistake / poor judgement / poor decision.



    Quite relentless.


    With slow mo’s and re-runs to emphasise his points.



    AW has form as long as your arm.



    Variable geometry commentating — same type of incident just different opinions depending on who it involves. Breathe on a TFOD2 player and he sees it as a penalty all day long.



    Impede a CFC player and RP was just holding his ground.



    No matter his history — AW was wound up to the nines regarding us on Monday.


    Full scale trouser snakery with the CH bullying on top.



    Reptile of a guy.

  4. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    DREW1967 on 19TH JANUARY 2021 7:33 PM




    Blackberry Smoke..first iv heard of them.that was a tune mate.be lookin them up for some more of that.




    Always a pleasure to Spread the Smoke man :-))



    Here’s one I hope you like – it was the first Blackberry Smoke tune me and WeeBGFC ever heard, and we’ve seen them since in Glasgow (twice), Manchester, Munich, Castle Donnington and Antwerp – absolutely brilliant live rock band.



    Great song title too :-)))



    “Shaking Hands with the Holy Ghost”













  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    MADMITCH @ 9:50 PM.



    Thanks for that.



    I know we occasionally disagree on some things (which is healthy) but I’m 100% with your evaluation of that Sly Sports employee.



    Funny thing – the Kris Boyds of this world actually don’t bother me and they never have.



    One knows how knuckle dragging white trash are going to behave long before they say or do anything.



    There is no surprise nor perplexion.



    The guy you mentioned comes from a really good family.



    His father would turn in his grave.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    CONEYBHOY on 19TH JANUARY 2021 9:37 PM



    Leicester going top tonight. Rodgers was and still is the real deal





    Coneybhoy – agreed.



    Brendan Rodgers is a very decent coach.



    I’m glad he was our manager for a spell.



    Personally don’t wish him any ill will.



    Don’t know though if I could stretch to wishing him well at Chelsea?






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  7. glendalystonsils on

    Showing snow in Livingston on Scottish weather report on BBC . Game tomorrow could be a doubt methinks .



    Nitey nite.

  8. BGFC



    Quality mate.Read they supported Skynard and ZZ Top, 2 great bands..cant beat a bit of southern rock.




    Indeed. Thank God the people who voted for brexit knew what they were doing and not just a bunch of moronic racists who are going to make everyone in this county suffer from willingness to sell out their kids’ future just so that can get on their knees to bastards like Johnson and Mogg who wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.

  10. *that they can get*



    (note to self, I shouldn’t post about brexit as it makes me so angry I can’t even type properly)

  11. Neil will be hurting immensely atm… And I’ve no doubt this episode in his Celtic career will haunt him forever more.


    His celtic career will be over in the summer.. he will always have my backing whilst he represents our club

  12. JAMESGANG on 19TH JANUARY 2021 8:07 PM




    If you’re about….


    Am I remembering correctly that you’ve been on a strict diet?


    If so, can I ask what your daily calorie allowance was?


    HH jg




    JG, I’m not on here the way I used to be but came on tonight to catch the general mood so saw your question, see end of post.


    I think BB’s insight into the seating arrangements on the plane was very interesting reading if somewhat ignored by those on here who would prefer to play the victim card. These are not normal times and what grates with me is that as a football Club, and I include NFL in this, we have put up with years of cheating from the huns and their friends at the SFA and meekly accepted brutal assaults on our players and said nothing, but in a time of severe difficulty for everybody else the dummy is spat out when we have been rightly criticised for making that trip to Dubai.


    Such a rant/impassioned outburst would have been more acceptable to the support at another time and had it been done from a position of strength instead of weakness. To say something is seriously wrong at the heart and soul of our beloved Club is an understatement.


    Now in answer to your question, remember that? 😉:


    I started the diet on 19/06/20.


    For the first 12 weeks I was on, as prescribed, 800 calories a day, this was increased to 1000 – 1100 calories a day for the next 6 weeks then up to 1800 calories a day.


    I will tell you I was religious with the diet and alcohol free during the first 3 months. You must also drink between 2 – 3 litres of water a day during this period.


    Up until Christmas I had lost approximately 33.5kg in weight but I have put on a couple kg since then which I will lose again. My wife felt I had lost too much weight so I’m not to fussed about the couple of kg. My main concern was reversing my type 2 diabetes and maintaining my weight loss to ensure this.


    Take care,




    I will also say I was generally disappointed with the response to AT’s post (twice) about Mick1888 and the tragic loss of his son at this time. Though I do know some on here have responded to the post at the Just Giving page.



  13. ROCK TREE BHOY on 19TH JANUARY 2021 5:06 PM


    Everybody knows we need a new manager, but these so called Celtic fans continually putting the boot in to Neil Lennon – spoiled brats every one of them – they should join up with the ‘the rangers’ fans who also love putting the boot in to Neil, march on Celtic Park unified – a united Old Firm – waving banners demanding Neil leaves Scotland immediately – well done Neil, you have finally united the Old Firm in a common goal, for that you should be made a knight of the realm – or even better – Sir Neil Lennon!






    Utter nonsense.

  14. ROCK TREE BHOY on 19TH JANUARY 2021 5:09 PM






    I’ve no problems with anyone who has a different opinion than mine – none whatsoever – but please tell me why you feel the need to insult our host?






    According to what you said above in my post, it seems you do have problems with anyone who has a different opinion than yours.

  15. DREW1967 on 19TH JANUARY 2021 11:01 PM





    Quality mate.Read they supported Skynard and ZZ Top, 2 great bands..cant beat a bit of southern rock.





    DREW1967 on 19TH JANUARY 2021 11:01 PM






    Love this one






  16. Just logging in for today, and skimmed through posts from this morning that carried over from yesterday.


    My observations…



    Clinko\o/ @9.25


    Agreed about NL’s comments. As Ernie posted @ 10.21…


    “ He was pointing out the inconsistencies in the rules and in their interpretation and application when it comes to Celtic.


    He wasn’t criticising Hamilton or St Johnstone.”



    Squire @ 9.47


    NL’s comments became more vociferous as the media briefing went on, so to describe it as a rant would be accurate. Agreed.


    I disagree that NL took swipes at Hamilton & St Johnston (see above). I agree he lost “control if his emotions”. I also agree that it was self-justifying – though I think he is entitled to defend himself. I also agree that it deflects attention away from other important matters – though I believe this was a consequence rather than an intention. I also agree that the club/PL should have made a statement earlier about the inconsistencies that see our club treated unfairly.



    The Blogger…GM @ 10.09


    There are better ways of expressing a differing opinion. Play the ball, not the man. Your personal insults are unnecessary and unacceptable, imo. I believe you owe Squire an apology.



    St Tams @ 10.46


    See above in response to your post.




    To those (eg Big Wavy/Big George) using hindsight to criticise the team selections for our last 2 matches – c’mon guys…get a grip!


    We were missing 13 players, including ALL 4 recognised forwards. I have NO issues at all, given the circumstances, with the team selections. We tried a kid upfront v Hibs – he was ineffective, and subbed/replaced by another kid who was equally ineffective. I’m not criticising the lads…they tried. But there is no competitive league for them to play regular football. These kids were unprepared. So I have no issue with us going with more experience v Livvy. Yes, NL could have played MJ upfront with TR deeper. Would it have made much difference? We’ll never know. But we brought a kid on later in the game, who then missed a great opportunity to score from Ralston’s cross. So I’m not going to criticise team selections when options were so limited in the circumstances.


    I’ve also read criticism (a) for dropping Welsh and playing the more experienced Bitton….even after we kept a clean sheet in the game! and (b) for not having a regular keeper and playing Hazard in goal? Doohan was the only alternative – Barkas & Bain were unavailable!!



    Timmy7Noted @ 10.56


    I agree…more responsibility needs to be taken from above for what is wrong at our club. We have yet to see actions taken (ie replacing NL/PL). This does not necessarily mean that wheels are not already in motion. A manager can be relieved of his duties relatively quickly…not so easy to appoint a suitable replacement. Much negotiating is done these days, which are often protracted, especially when the current structure isn’t to the new guys liking. I hope we’re now in the process of talking to suitable candidates to replace NL (whose time I agree is up). Time will tell.


    Replacing a CEO isn’t so straightforward and takes a lot of time. To suggest otherwise would be naive.



    David66 @ 10.59


    You sound like Super Sally with your repeated demands to know “who are these 60+ people who went to Dubai – we demand their names” …good grief!



    Well…now that I’ve got that lot off my chest..I’m off to bed lol. Back tomorrow for more lurking.








    Alright Pog hope your good mate.hope Thanks for your posts on mick1888 boy.


    Mymate lost a grandson recently,a hole.gone.



    Will get a meet when this is over Pog




  18. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on




    Hi guys – agree re posts for mick1888 – worth repeating at every opportunity – too easy to have good intention but miss the opportunity to support.



    Just Giving page.







    Pog – underrated band was the ZZ top. Heavily into Credence Clearwater Revival right now.



    Here’s Fortunate Son









  19. I wasn’t a NL rejecter when he was appointed but I think it’s time for a change and NL is only partly and not entirely to blame.


    (1) He shouldn’t have but he did accept coaches not of his own choosing.


    (2) His wanna go players were playing fine until they were told that they couldn’t go and then things changed. NL stated this publicly was they reason they had sort of downed tools. How could he animate them after criticizing him? Hence his demeanor a lot of the time during matches – the situation could only get worse and the fans could only get more critical.


    (3) As if the above two weren’t enough we had Covid which led to many problems and in fact exacerbated the problems of coaches and wanna go players


    (4) PL and our chief scout are responsible for some poor signings Boli Boli especially – how could he be expected to replace KT? I think GT was proably not the right buy – with good coaching who knows he could have surprised us but he was never an attacking player and unless the scout thought he had it in him to become one he was never going to be a good fit for Cletic or a good replacement for KT. No right back for such a long time. I liked Lustig but ageed he wasn’t worth a new 2-year deal as too slow. Unfortunately TR is still here and doing what Tom always does – falls about, tires too soon and shows a touch of brilliance now and again – we need more. Well I don’t need to go on but the thing is NL must have had some say in the transfer market and he shouldn’t be taking on players that he knows aren’t going to do it. I’ve said here often enough we should forget loans and buying players who haven’t played competitively for over a year we don’t have the coaches and NL must know this to rehabilitate players and any way especially in 10 IAR season we needed players to perform right away. We have thrown money away.


    (5) NL should not have been allowed to hold that press conference and say what he said. It was obvious he would get too emotional and that would become the focus. Someone cool and collected perhaps PL should have conveyed what NL correctly conveyed and made it count. Otherwise the narrative was always going to be changed.

  20. Good morning cqn from a snow covered Garngad



    BGFC – An Tearman – Pog – Agreed shamedly I scrolled past yesterday I have now read the post with a tear in my eye. May Jack Rest In Peace.


    May the Lord look after his family and friends at this time.


    A small sum donated.🙏



    D :(

  21. POG – Good post earlier about Celtic and the club, spot on.



    Call me Gerry – I sound like super swally wanting to know who the 60 odd were on the trip to Dubai 😂 to be fair I actually do 😂. Point taken Gerry.



    Big Jimmy – I hope you are well my friend.



    Melbourne Mick – same to you I hope you are ok, get oan here and let us know what’s happening doon under.



    Right shower noo for the auld grindstone.



    Have a good day yall.






    D :)

  22. Game day.



    My sporting favourites have not been in winning form recently. John Higgins. The Aussies cricket team. And then there are the two draws for Celtic utilising a COVID-depleted team.



    In the words of The Stranglers, Something Better Change.



    And tonight should be the start of it on the pitch. 3-0. (Assumes the all weather surface survives the weather).



    Followed by swift changes off the pitch tomorrow.

  23. JIMMYNOTPAUL on 19TH JANUARY 2021 5:40 PM






    I hadnt seen the St Johnstone statement BEFORE I Posted.


    I am just further confused as IF St johnstones Dressing Rooms ARE Spacious enough, why Neil mentioned their name and Hamiltons I will never know ?


    I give up.


    HH Mate.

  24. DAVID66 on 20TH JANUARY 2021 6:29 AM



    Call me Gerry – I sound like super swally wanting to know who the 60 odd were on the trip to Dubai 😂 to be fair I actually do 😂. Point taken Gerry.



    What is the problem with wanting to know the names of those who were on the trip to Dubai? If there are sensitivities regarding the disclosure of individual identities would it not be possible for supporters to know the respective roles of those who made up the entourage. For example, the number of players, coaches, physios, sports scientists, directors, agents, friends and family, etc.


    Asking for myself



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